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When Lu Yanzhou woke up, it was already dawn.

He hugged Xie Chengze and squeezed into the small bed in Xie Chengzes bedroom.

Many things in Xie Chengzes bedroom had been swept to the floor, so it was a mess.

Xie Chengze frowned, as if he was very uncomfortable.

Lu Yanzhou pinched himself hard.

What he did last night was no better than a beast.

He even ate the person up while he was drunk.

Although he drank alcohol yesterday, Lu Yanzhou was sober from beginning to end.

At that time, he wanted to leave, but Xie Chengze suddenly came to kiss him, so he couldnt control himself.

Getting up cautiously, Lu Yanzhou hugged Xie Chengze and felt Xie Chengzes head, feeling panicked.

Xie Chengze has a fever!

He is completely inexperienced and he was also drunk last night.

Although he tried his best to restrain himself, he still hurt Xie Chengze.

Xie Chengzes own resistance is weak too…

Lu Yanzhou let Xie Chengze lie on the bed, got up and began to get dressed.

He must find someone to come and see Xie Chengze!

Xie Chengze is still sleeping…Worried about waking him up, Lu Yanzhou opened the door of the sterile room and went to the balcony, then called the doctor he knew and asked him to come and take a look.

In the bedroom, as soon as Lu Yanzhou went out, Xie Chengze opened his eyes.

When Lu Yanzhou woke up, he woke up too.

What happened last night was a bit beyond his expectations.

He gave Lu Yanzhou aphrodisiac medicine to just avoid Lu Yanzhou from not responding at all…It was just aphrodisiac medicine, not the kind of medicine that would make others explode and die like in novels.

He didnt expect Lu Yanzhous reaction to be so strong!

Now his head is dizzy and his body is hot, is he going to die

Maybe at this moment, lung infection and sepsis have all found him.

But he didnt regret it at all.

Before death…one should go crazy.

However, Lu Yanzhou didnt clean him up If he died like this, the police could easily find Lu Yanzhou through the traces on his body, right

Xie Chengze usually doesnt like to exercise, now he feels even worse, so he just lays down motionless.

He also thought that if Lu Yanzhou destroyed his body, such as setting it on fire or something…then the police wouldnt be able to find anything.

His mind was in chaos, but at this moment, Xie Chengze felt that Lu Yanzhou was back again.

He closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep, and then he felt Lu Yanzhou tidying up the room.

Immediately afterwards, Lu Yanzhou began to clean every aspect of his body.

Xie Chengze didnt move the whole time, and let him do whatever he wanted.

Lu Yanzhou wiped his body, changed him into clean clothes, and said, “AZe, Im sorry.”

Xie Chengze didnt respond.

Lu Yanzhou said again: “I know youre awake.”

Xie Chengze opened his eyes and looked at Lu Yanzhou: “How do you know”

Lu Yanzhou said helplessly: “Your eyelashes were trembling.” He didnt notice that Xie Chengze was awake at first, but soon after Xie Chengze moved more or less, so he naturally noticed.

Xie Chengze looked at Lu Yanzhou and said, “Kiss me.”

Lu Yanzhou leaned down and kissed Xie Chengze, and then said: “AZe, it was all my fault last night, Im sorry…Dont worry, I will take responsibility.”

Lu Yanzhou had been refusing before because he was afraid that if he was with Xie Chengze, when Xie Chengze recovered his memory in the future, he would have no way to explain it.

Then they might not be friends anymore!

But now that something like this happened, he was already so close to Xie Chengze…He couldnt just give up.

Especially when Xie Chengze really needs him now.

Even if Xie Chengze recovers in the future and was angry, irritated, and beat him up…He will always treat Xie Chengze well in his life.

Xie Chengze was a little at a loss.

He always felt that the situation in front of him was not quite right.

Lu Yanzhou actually solemnly told him that he would be responsible for him

“AZe, would you like some water” Lu Yanzhou poured a glass of water.

Xie Chengze nodded.

Helping Xie Chengze up, Lu Yanzhou brought the water glass to his mouth and slowly fed it to him.

Feeding, feeding, he couldnt hold back and kissed Xie Chengzes forehead.

After he came to this world, he wanted to take good care of Xie Chengze, but he couldnt even touch Xie Chengze before, so he had to control his emotions…

But right now, he can do whatever he wants.

Xie Chengze was even more at a loss.

At this moment, Lu Yanzhous cell phone rang.

He glanced at the cell phone and said to Xie Chengze, “The doctor is here.

Ill pick him up and take him to see you.”

After Lu Yanzhou finished speaking, he kissed Xie Chengze again, and then rushed downstairs.

Xie Chengze looked at the ceiling and felt even more dizzy.

Lu Yanzhou quickly brought the doctor up.

The doctor, who had discussed Xie Chengzes condition with Lu Yanzhou, had a cold face.

He said as soon as he entered the door: “You are too eager! He had just recovered, you cant bear it”

When Lu Yanzhou called the doctor, he told him what happened last night, and now he said guiltily: “Its my fault…”

“Sigh, I cant blame you…” Seeing Lu Yanzhou like this, the doctor comforted Lu Yanzhou instead.

Lu Yanzhou often told him about Xie Chengzes situation.

At that time, he felt that the relationship between Lu Yanzhou and Xie Chengze was not simple.

Now it seems…These two people must have been in love for a long time, they were a homosexual couple.

Although they were together every day, they could never touch each other.

Now that Xie Chengzes illness has finally recovered, its normal to be excited and do something.

Seeing folding beds, desks, and even clothes hangers beside the sterile room on the third floor, Lu Yanzhou probably usually lives here, so it is even harder for the doctor to say anything.

He shouldnt worry too much about the young couple.

When he came to Xie Chengzes side, the doctor first took Xie Chengzes temperature with a thermometer.

“Thirty-eight degrees eight.

He has a fever.

He needs to take some antipyretics.

Ill take some of his blood and send it for a test.

If its not serious, he wont need antibiotics.” The doctor did a simple check, then took Xie Chengzes blood, and said: ” By the way, if hes hurt, you must apply the medicine.

I brought you the medicine, just take good care of him.”

“I will take good care of him.” Lu Yanzhou said.

Although Xie Chengze had a fever, it was not very serious, so the doctor quickly left after.

Lu Yanzhou sent the doctor away, then brought up a bowl of porridge with beaten eggs in it: “AZe, come, drink some porridge, then take the antipyretic.”

Xie Chengze looked at the spoon Lu Yanzhou sent to him, and opened his mouth.

He felt more and more…that something is wrong.

After feeding him the porridge, Lu Yanzhou asked Xie Chengze to take the medicine, and said again: “Ill rub the medicine on you, then you have a good sleep…I planned to take you out to play secretly, but now you cant go…”

Lu Yanzhou talks a lot.

The more Xie Chengze listened, the more strange he felt.

During this period of time, Lu Yanzhou has been very indifferent to him, and it was even more so last night—he was so active, and Lu Yanzhou wanted to push him away!

Later Lu Yanzhou wouldnt even touch his hands.

He thought at the time that Lu Yanzhou must hate him a lot, but after one night, Lu Yanzhous attitude suddenly changed.

Just as Xie Chengze was thinking about this, Lu Yanzhou wrapped him up in a soft quilt.

Xie Chengze said: “You hug me to sleep.”

Lu Yanzhou…Lu Yanzhou couldnt ask for more.

Xie Chengze frowned as he watched Lu Yanzhou lay beside him.

Lu Yanzhou wasnt afraid that if they fell asleep like this, he would suddenly die

If Lu Yanzhou lay with him like this, wont there be any psychological shadow

He didnt think too much about it.

He couldnt sleep well a few days ago and was so tired from last night, so he fell asleep very quickly.

This nap lasted until the afternoon.

Xie Chengze woke up after he felt something in his ear.

When he woke up, he saw Lu Yanzhou taking his temperature with an ear thermometer.

“AZe, are you awake You have slept for five hours.

Your body is a little hot, so I was just taking your temperature…Your temperature is high again, you need to take another antipyretic later.”

Xie Chengze stared at Lu Yanzhou blankly.

Xie Chengze was very clingy before, but after waking up today, probably because he was unwell, he was very quiet all the time.

Lu Yanzhou was afraid that he would make all kinds of demands like before, but now that he doesnt say anything, he is a little uncomfortable and he really wants to kiss him…

Lu Yanzhou lowered his head and kissed him again.

Xie Chengze: “…”

Xie Chengze fell asleep, and although his body temperature rose again, the feeling of dizziness disappeared after taking the antipyretics.

“Do you want to go to the toilet” Lu Yanzhou reached out to help him.

Xie Chengze was helped into the toilet by him, but he felt that he didnt need someone to help him at all…

Although he had a fever, he didnt feel particularly uncomfortable.

Is this a final radiance of the setting sun1the very happy thing one receives before their death2

He was about to die, why was Lu Yanzhou still so close to him Want to leave more evidence of his murder

No way…Lu Yanzhou is actually so stupid.

He really thinks that doing good deeds will make him better.

He must think that he is already recovered, right

How is this possible!

While Xie Chengze was in a trance, Lu Yanzhou had already helped him put on his pants, then asked him: “AZe, do you want to bask in the sun”

Its already afternoon, and the winter sun is very comfortable to bask in.

Xie Chengze always wanted to stay in the sun for a moment without anything to block him, so he answered immediately: “Okay.”

Lu Yanzhou found a coat for Xie Chengze to put on, then picked up Xie Chengze and carried Xie Chengze to the balcony.

Xie Chengze was in a daze today so he walked very slowly, probably because he was also not very comfortable.

The sun at three in the afternoon shone on his body.

Its not very dazzling but very warm.

Looking out from the balcony, he can see various green scenes in the community.

S City is located in the south.

Although it is cold in winter, it is still full of green.

There is a large garden in front of every villa in this community, and Zhangs villa is also the same.

Looking down from the third floor, he can also see the koi flicking their tails in the garden pond.

Not only that, Xie Chengze also experienced the feeling of the wind blowing on his face for the first time.

He stood stupidly on the balcony.

Lu Yanzhou didnt speak at first, but after a while he said: “AZe, dont stand in the wind for too long, be careful of getting sick.”

After thinking about it, Lu Yanzhou stepped forward and closed the window.

At this moment, Xie Chengze got up suddenly and jumped a few times on the spot.

Lu Yanzhou sighed: “You dont feel well today, so we wont exercise.”

Xie Chengze asked, “How long will it take me to recover”

Lu Yanzhou was a little embarrassed: “Although I was very restrained yesterday, you still suffered a little injury…I read the blood test report, its not serious, so you dont need antibiotics.

You should be fine after a few days of rest…Dont go out these days, you are sick and weak now…”

Lu Yanzhou rambled on and on.

At this moment, Xie Chengze felt that he had been struck by a thunderbolt.

Lu Yanzhou didnt seem to have any intention like he is going to kill him, and he also coaxed him like this, so…

Did he really recover

Can he go out under the sun

If he really recovered and what Lu Yanzhou told him before is true, then what had he done last night


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