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Lin Xiruo asked Su Bei, “Wheres Gun Gun and Da Bao”

“They went to see their great-grandpa and great-grandma.

Ill bring them to see you next time.”

“No need, no need.

The smell of the hospital is too strong.

Ill meet them after Im discharged.

Theres no need for that now,” Lin Xiruo quickly said.

“Thats good.

Ill bring them to visit you then.”

After Su Bei came out of the hospital, she changed into mens clothes and went to Nirvana Entertainment to take a look at the situation.

Everything was fine now, so there was no need to worry too much.

After sitting for a while and looking at the company documents, Su Bei was about to invite Yue Ze and Xu Zhiqin to dinner when her phone rang.

It was Old Master Lus number.

He probably wanted her to pick Gun Gun and Da Bao up.

Su Bei swiped her finger and pressed the answer button.

She didnt hear what she expected to hear.

Instead, she heard Old Master Lus anxious voice.

“Su Bei, Gun Gun is gone!”

Su Bei was shocked.

“Gone where Whats going on”

“I took him out for a walk.

I lost sight of him for a moment and he disappeared.” Old Master Lu blamed himself.

“Ill be right there.” As Su Bei called the police, she ran toward the parking lot.

Her heart was clenched, and she couldnt breathe.

When Lu Heting called, her fingers were a little stiff and numb.

It took her a while to answer the call.

Her tone was distant.


“Ive already called the police and arranged for as many people as possible to look for him.

Dont worry and dont panic.

Can you drive If not, stop for a while.” Lu Hetings voice was also very tense, but he still suppressed his impatience and nervousness to comfort Su Bei.

“Im fine, Im fine.

Ill go where they went first,” Su Bei said.

She took a deep breath and tried her best to control her emotions, but tears welled up for no reason.

It took her a lot of effort to restrain her emotions and drive to the place Old Master Lu had mentioned.

When she got out of the car, she was numb.

If Gun Gun really went missing… She could not think about such pain.

When they arrived at their destination, the Lu family members were already everywhere.

The police had also arrived.

A moment later, two bodyguards appeared in a hurry with Gun Gun in their arms.

“Gun Gun!” Su Bei finally felt relieved.

She hugged him and cried even harder than before.

Seeing this, Lu Hang, who had arrived first, hurriedly cleared the area.

“Young Madam, Mr.

Lu is on his way.”

“Call him first and tell him not to worry,” Su Bei said hurriedly.

Only then did she have time to ask Gun Gun, “Where did you go What if something had happened to you”

Gun Gun carefully took out a small flower.

“I went to eat with Great-grandpa and saw that the flowers on the top floor had bloomed so beautifully, so I picked a small flower and wanted to give it to you.

Im sorry, I wont do it again.”

Su Bei was too anxious just now, and her voice was a little heavy.

When she saw the little flower in his hand, she could no longer be angry.

Her tears fell even more fiercely.

Fortunately, he was fine.

Only then did the two bodyguards standing at the side recognize that the person in mens clothes in front of them was Su Bei.

They said, “Young Madam, that man sent Little Master here.

Little Masters phone and watch had dropped into the water, so he couldnt be located.

Thats why the old master was in a hurry to call the police just now.”

“Really” Su Bei looked at the man over there and found him familiar, but she couldnt remember where she had seen him before.

“Yes, its that uncle on the top floor.

When he saw me, he asked me where I came from and carried me down.

Otherwise, I wouldnt have been able to come down,” Gun Gun said.

“I have to thank that uncle.”

“You have to thank others properly.

Its very dangerous for children to be alone outside, especially in a place like that.

You cant go there next time, understand”

“I know.

I wont let Bei Bei worry in the future.”

A moment later, Lu Hetings car arrived.

Because he already knew that Gun Gun had been found, he looked very relaxed when he arrived.

However, when she saw Gun Gun in Su Beis arms, he still felt a lingering fear.

He went forward and hugged the mother and son at the same time.

When he felt their presence, he asked, “Were you okay just now”

He was asking Su Bei.

Gun Gun felt like a third wheel.

“My legs are weak.” Only then did Su Bei feel that she had completely lost her strength.

She didnt know how she rushed over just now, but when she relaxed, fear overcame her.

Lu Heting picked Gun Gun up by the waist and said, “Lets go back to the car.”

Su Bei sat back in the car, drank some water, and rested for a while before feeling much better.

“By the way, we havent thanked that person yet.

Ill go see him and give him some compensation,” Su Bei said.

No matter what, she owed him a big favor.

Lu Heting had no objections.

“Then you can go over first.”

Su Bei got out of the car and asked the two bodyguards, “Wheres the man who brought Gun Gun back just now”

“Young Madam, he left.

We couldnt stop him.”

“In which direction”

“I think he went to the top floor.”

Su Bei walked over.

The bodyguards hurriedly followed.

Knowing that she was Su Bei, the two of them did not dare to let their guard down.

She soon arrived at the top floor of the building.

The layout of the top floor was more complicated.

There were plants everywhere.

If Gun Gun were not careful, he would have certainly gotten lost.

The protective barrier was very low, and it was easy to slip and fall.

She was even more glad that the person had sent Gun Gun downstairs.

Su Bei looked around and finally found that person.

“Sir…” Su Bei shouted.

The man turned a deaf ear and climbed up the protective barrier.

“Sir!” Su Bei rushed over and used all her strength to pull back the person who was about to jump down.

The man was very surprised.

After being pulled back, he looked at Su Bei, who was lying on the ground.

He held his head with both hands and cried.

Su Bei endured the pain and stood up.

“Im here to thank you for sending my little friend downstairs just now.

Dont take it too hard.

If youre facing problems, just tell me about them.

Ill try my best to help you.”

He held his head and didnt seem to care about anything else.

He only whimpered and cried bitterly.

Su Beis heart skipped a beat.

She decided to wait until he calmed down.

After a while, she spoke again.

“Sir, is there anything you want to tell me”

The man finally raised his head and shook his head.

“Its useless.

Its useless.

Everything is useless.”

“If you dont say it, how will you know if its useless” Su Bei tried her best to persuade him.

“Tell me about it.”

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