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When the manager saw Su Bei, her attitude changed.

“Su Bei, Im sorry.

I was just angry.

Xiao Bai, dont take it to heart.

Everyone, lets take a step back.

Im still busy with something, so I wont talk with you guys anymore.”

With that, she quickly slipped away.

Since that was the case, Su Bei could not pursue the matter with her and could only bring Xiao Bai aside to comfort her.

Xiao Bai did not want Su Bei to worry.

“Im fine.”

“Thats good.” Su Bei handed her a tissue.

“But I did hear the contents of her call.

Its a big secret,” Xiao Bai said in a low voice.


Xiao Bai said softly, “Isnt Li Junyu preparing his doctoral thesis I heard his manager contacting ghostwriters to find someone to write the thesis for him.

Moreover, it seems that his previous masters thesis was written by someone else too.

Thats why his manager flew into a rage out of humiliation when she saw me.

Fortunately, I was smart and insisted that I didnt hear anything.

Otherwise, I dont know what would have happened to me.”

Su Bei frowned.

“So Li Junyus image as a top student was faked”

“From what the manager said, that must be the case.

I really didnt expect him to have bought his persona.” Xiao Bai pouted.

Su Bei was disappointed in this production team again.

This time, she was seriously considering breaching the contract.

However, the rest of the crew were all working hard.

She felt too sorry for them to breach the contract.

However, before Su Bei could worry too much, Tan Tian replaced all the staff members who treated her sincerely the next day.

The new hires were all sharp-tongued and good at stirring up trouble.

After stirring up trouble, they would apologize to her.

After a whole day, Su Bei was exhausted just from dealing with these people.

Su Bei had no time to study the script and film properly.

Su Bei was already thinking of retreating and could not be bothered by those unscrupulous people.

Why was Tan Tian still provoking her

“Hubby, lets go on a trip in three days, okay” Su Bei called Lu Heting.

“Ill handle my work and make time.

So, are you planning to leave the production team Ill transfer the penalty fee to you.”

Su Bei shook her head.

“I dont want to pay the penalty fee.

I want to use the money Tan Tian gives me to go on a trip.”

“What are you going to do” Lu Heting was interested.

He knew that kittens would show their claws when they were forced.

“Wait for me.” Su Bei hung up.

Xiao Bai looked at Su Bei excitedly.

The next scene had Su Bei and Li Junyu filming together.

Ever since she found out that his thesis was fake, Su Bei no longer had a good impression of him.

This scene was a showdown between the two of them.

From the beginning, Su Bei completely suppressed Li Junyu.

She held the sword in one hand and strangled him with the other.

“So, is this the truth of the matter Tell me! I want you to tell me yourself!”

Facing her powerful aura, Li Junyu could not respond at all.

“Cut!” The director said anxiously, “Junyu, whats wrong”

Li Junyu couldnt explain it clearly.

He just felt that Su Bei usually acted well, but this time…

Su Beis performance today was too domineering, making him unable to respond at all.

However, Su Bei was following the script and role… She did not do anything rash.

After a few times, Li Junyu was sweating profusely.

“Okay, okay.

You can rest first.

Well get others to film first.

Su Bei, youll shoot the scenes with the supporting characters first.”

After changing scenes, Su Bei got into character again.

In the next scene, when the two supporting characters faced Su Bei, they would both be killed.

Facing her overly domineering eyes, the two of them were even worse off than Li Junyu and completely forgot their lines.

The whole day was chaotic.

The next day, the situation continued and worsened.

Li Junyu didnt even know how to act anymore.

As soon as Su Bei arrived on set, he would be terrified.

The other supporting actors trembled at the thought of Su Bei.

Since Tan Tian was the producer of this movie, Li Junyu naturally had connections with him.

A few supporting actors were also his people.

Otherwise, Su Bei wouldnt have been troubled by so many people before.

These people could not take on their roles at all.

Their confidence was thwarted, and their beliefs in life were about to collapse.

Their managers collectively went to look for Tan Tian.

“Producer Tan, we cant go on like this.

Before Su Bei gets dispirited, itll be our artistes.

It wont be worth it.”

Tan Tian said angrily, “Dont you know how to cause trouble for Su Bei Isnt this embarrassing! There are so many of you, but shes suppressing them alone!”

“Weve found all the people we can.

Maybe she just has a warm personality She doesnt get sad or angry.

She does what she needs to do.

But our artistes have been ruined by her.

Why dont you fire her”

Tan Tian naturally hoped that Su Bei would not be able to withstand the pressure and compensate for the breach of contract before leaving.

But now, it seemed that he really had no choice but to make a move.

Currently, a lot of things had already been delayed.

The artistes and managers had collectively been defeated.

If this continued, when the investors received the news, Tan Tian would be the one to suffer.

“Fire Su Bei!” He finally made this decision.

When Su Bei came to the set again, she brought Qiao Mei along.

She smiled and said, “Sister Qiao Mei, please help me negotiate the penalty for breach of contract.”

“No problem!” Qiao Mei couldnt wait.

Tan Tian had no choice but to pay the penalty fee and finally got Su Bei to leave.

However, the outside world was in an uproar.

Even an actress of Su Beis status was fired.

How high were the requirements of this production team

Tan Tian took this opportunity to hype up the TV show and said to the reporters in a public statement, “During this period of filming, Su Bei had been having problems getting along with the other actors and actresses, so shes not up to the job.

The two sides ended their cooperation in a friendly manner.

Next, well choose a more suitable female artiste to be our female lead.

Please pay more attention to A Tale of the Qin Dynasty.”

It was clearly others who caused trouble for Su Bei, and the actors and actresses couldnt take on Su Bei when filming their scenes.

However, Tan Tian made it seem as though everything was Su Beis fault.

Tan Tian instructed the production team to buy some trending topics to prove that Su Bei didnt like the filming of TV shows.

She couldnt get into character for nearly a month.

He even said thatour production is small and cant accommodate the high requirements of a movie star, firmly connoting Su Bei.

Some people who did not know the truth also felt that Su Bei was now famous and had started to act like a big shot.

She even looked down on TV shows now.

[I wonder how ambitious she is.

Im afraid only a cosmic movie can satisfy her now!]

[Tsk, tsk, tsk.

When the water is full, it overflows.

When the moon is full, its at a loss.

No matter how capable Su Bei is, shell lose everything sooner or later if she keeps this up.]

[Well, she has a rich husband.]

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