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When she was acting with Li Junyu, she could also feel that she was immersed in the scene.

So what was the reason

She walked up to the director and humbly asked, “Director, am I in the wrong state of emotions, or is there something wrong with the way I act”

“Su Bei, actually, youre doing quite well.

However, I have to make a living.

Some things are out of my control.

Dont you know that the producer of our movie has changed” The director carefully told her everything.

Su Bei immediately asked Xiao Bai to find out who the producer of this movie was.

Xiao Bai quickly asked around and said, “I finally understand why.

The producer is Tan Tian.

Hes Xiao Mings good friend.

Previously, during the Golden Crown Film Awards, Tan Tian was the one who gave Xiao Ming the award!”

No wonder.

Although Xiao Ming was scolded by tens of thousands of people, his bad friends did not think that he was in the wrong.

Instead, they felt that Su Bei, who openly opposed him, was being a busybody.

Tan Tian might not be able to cause trouble for Nirvana Entertainment for the time being, but he still had the right to use the legitimate rules to suppress Su Bei.

No matter how confident Su Bei was in her acting skills, she could not openly oppose the director and say that the directors judgment was wrong.

Xiao Bai was furious.

“What kind of person is he Hes deliberately making the crew say that youre not acting well and wasting your time.

Theyd rather stop the TV show from earning money just to make things hard for you.

How can such a person be a producer”

Su Bei said indifferently, “If hes not afraid of wasting time, why should I be Every second wasted at the scene will burn more time.

Lets see what he can do!”

Su Bei regained her composure and resumed filming.

In fact, the director did not want to provoke her at all.

However, it was Tan Tians idea, so he could only say that it was a bad take a couple more times.

However, Su Bei did not find it troublesome at all.

Instead, she was even more engrossed in acting.

In the end, the director was embarrassed.

When he saw that Su Beis acting was not bad, he finally gave her a pass.

However, after filming for an entire day, it was easy for one to feel tired.

Moreover, some staff members who did not know much about scenes would complain more.

After filming, Su Bei found Tan Tians number and called him.

“Did such a thing happen I really didnt know about it at all.

This director is too arrogant! Su Bei, dont worry.

I trust your acting skills! As long as you film well, Ill settle everything else!” Tan Tian was like a particularly loyal friend.

He patted his chest and promised Su Bei.

“I hope youre really doing this for the sake of this movie.

After all, you must be under a lot more pressure from the investors than I am,” Su Bei reminded.

“Of course.

How can I delay the progress and not let this piece of work earn money Ill teach the people below a lesson.”

Since he had said so, Su Bei would pretend that he really did not know about the incident on set.

The next day, when Su Bei was filming, the director didnt dare to make things hard for her, but something else happened.

The screenwriter asked to revise the script on the spot.

They wanted Su Bei to reshoot the scenes she had already filmed.

Afterward, because the small actress was going to be replaced, Su Bei had to reshoot.

They did whatever they wanted.

Moreover, their attitudes were very good.

They kept apologizing and denying that anything else was happening, so no one could find any evidence against them.

The work progress was still maintained, but everyone had to stay up late at night, especially Su Bei.

Her workload was much higher than others.

During filming, it was very important for Su Bei to be in the right state of emotions, especially in the first few days.

However, these people had repeatedly caused Su Bei to be very angry.

She finally knew that Tan Tian was two-faced.

Even if she called him to confront him, he would only say good things.

However, when it came to actual actions, it was the complete opposite.

The director went to ask Tan Tian, “Producer Tan, if this continues, Im afraid our progress will be difficult to manage.

Su Bei is also very angry now.”

“What does her anger have to do with you If she wants to make a fuss, she has to have a reason.

If she doesnt want to film, she can just terminate the contract,” Tan Tian said leisurely as he smoked.

The director could tell that Tan Tian was deliberately targeting Su Bei.

If Su Bei stayed, this job would be difficult to do.

If Su Bei left, she would have to pay the penalty.

“Why bother, Producer Tan Su Beis participation guarantees our viewership ratings.”

Tan Tian sneered.

“Do you think that its guaranteed that if Su Bei isnt in our show, our viewership ratings will be low Or perhaps you dont wish to work anymore”

Speechless, the director took his leave.

Su Bei could guess what Tan Tian was thinking.

He wanted her to be in a dilemma and continue filming.

This job was useless to her, but if she breached the contract, she would have to pay compensation.

After Su Bei realized this, she felt more relaxed.

She continued to film seriously, thinking of countermeasures.

However, she went back very late every night.

Often, after removing her makeup and washing up, she was unable to keep her eyes open even before reaching the bed.

Lu Hetings heart ached when he saw this, but he knew her temper and how she would definitely refuse to admit defeat.

He could only do as much for her as possible to ensure her nutrition and sleep.

When he sent her to the set in the morning, he asked, “Have you thought about what to do”

“Lets wait another two days.

If the situation hasnt been properly resolved, Ill make a final decision.”

Seeing him purse his lips unhappily, Su Bei leaned over.

“You have to believe me.

Ill solve it my own way.”

“If it wasnt because you liked this role so much, I wouldnt have let you join the cast.” Lu Heting helped her tidy her messy hair.

“Ill give you two more days.”

“Okay.” Su Beis fighting spirit was ignited as she entered the production team confidently.

Today, the entire production team did not cause any trouble.

They must be tired.

After all, no matter how much trouble they caused, Su Bei remained steadfast.

While maintaining a good state, she never lost her temper.

This made the rest of the crew reluctant to make things difficult for her.

Instead, they felt like they had a common enemy and wanted to cover for her.

Su Bei was very touched.

She knew that these people had a conscience too.

Tan Tians threats and temptations could not make these people side with him for long.

Todays work was very easy for Su Bei.

However, in the afternoon, there was a small incident.

In the pantry, Xiao Bai was scolded by Li Junyus manager until she cried.

When Su Bei heard the news, she walked past the crowd and pulled Xiao Bai behind her.

Li Junyus manager did not stop.

“Why did she sneak in when I was making a call I was making commercial calls.

If someone were to overhear me, who knows if news will spread A small assistant like her is rampaging everywhere.

She doesnt know how to be considerate at all.

Does she really think that she has special privileges just because shes Su Beis assistant”

“I have no other motive for coming here.

Besides, who would know that youd be on the phone on the balcony of the pantry Also, I didnt hear anything.

If you want to scold me, then go ahead, but dont blame Su Bei,” Xiao Bai retorted aggrievedly.

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