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The three of them passed through the lush forest of the Fire Country and appeared in the Rain Country with Obito’s time and space techniques.

To be honest, even Yuuji was envious of this ability.

It was too convenient.

This was a crying country.

The closer they got, the more frightened the rain became, drowning everything.

“Obito, what are you going to do after seeing that guy Join Akatsuki directly”

Halfway through, Black-Zetsu spoke with a hoarse voice.

The eyes of the bloody vortex under Obito’s mask glanced coldly at Black-Zetsu.

His eyes revealed a trace of resentment and fear.

“According to the method you used on me, as long as you distort his thoughts first, it will be easy to control him.”

The three tomoe in Obito’s eyes gradually changed into three straight hooks, “If it’s Rinnegan, we have to control him no matter what.

This is a good weapon for us to seize Bijuu.”

“Black-Zetsu, Rinnegan… It seems that Madara told you a lot of interesting things when I was not here.”

The body of Yuuji, who was called “Xu”, looked like a living mask at first glance, dragging the black robe and moving.

Without a body, the only physical body was the mask itself.

“When you see our goal, you will understand.

Rinnegan is the end of Sharingan’s evolution, the second pair of supreme eyes after Rikudou Sennin, and now it has been transplanted to a Uzumaki Clan.”

Only when facing Yuuji, Obito would not be so impatient and say a few more words.

Black-Zetsu and White Zetsu both closed their mouths tightly, especially Black-Zetsu, who had been silently observing Yuuji.

There was a problem that he had never solved – Yuuji, this guy, the bloodline awakened in his body, was it Hagoromo’s or Hamura’s bloodline

Mother came from an alien planet, Ninja World.

To be able to survive in such a dangerous place like the universe, Shiranui Yuuji must have her blood on him…

Black-Zetsu thought silently.

Although he had never left Ninja World in his entire life.

And the accompanying giant beast in Yuuji’s body… did such a thing really exist in this world One on one and two sides of the world

A group of three,

In silence, they stepped into the land of Rain Country.

White Zetsu had long found the coordinates of Akatsuki’s base camp.

When Yahiko and the other two were discussing how to take action and find a way to get more food.


Nagato suddenly turned his head.

Rinnegan, which was in his eyes, immediately saw through everything and locked onto the uninvited guest.

Under the pouring rain,

Yahiko, Nagato, and Konan immediately stopped and prepared for battle.

“Nagato, which village’s ninja is the enemy Konoha Or Iwa ninja or Suna ninja” Yahiko asked in a low voice.

“No, I can’t be sure.

These three people are very strange, and the chakra on their bodies gives me a very uneasy feeling…” Nagato whispered.

Yahiko’s face turned cold as he cursed in his heart.

Nagato had Sage’s eyes, and someone who could make him feel uneasy… Who would the enemy be Why would such an expert find them

At this time, three figures slowly appeared in front of Yahiko and the other two.

“We finally meet…”

Obito appeared out of thin air in the form of swirling vortex.

It was as if a plant had emerged from the ground.

Yuuji, on the other hand, was dressed in a wide black robe, slowly growing out of the ground – it was really growing.

Except for clothes and masks, everything else was growing out bit by bit.

This way of appearance was completely unfathomable, and it was obvious that he was a big shot.

Yahiko and the other two were stunned.

“I wonder what the three of you need our help with.”

Yahiko took a step forward and acted as politely as he could while being on guard.

However, Obito did not even bother to look at him.

He directly looked at Nagato who was behind Yahiko.

“It must be very painful, right Rikudou Sennin’s descendant…” Obito said coldly.


“What You guys are here for Nagato!”

The expressions of Yahiko and the other two changed greatly.

Obito said indifferently, “Don’t try to hide it.

Those eyes can’t fool people.

Rikudou Sennin’s Sage eyes have been born with a great mission since they appeared.

They have to bring peace to this chaotic and wrong world.”

“A great mission… peace…”

Nagato subconsciously touched his eyes.

This was the first time since he had these eyes that someone had clearly told him what to do.

Even the Jiraiya of the past had never told him this.

“The three strange fellows directly came to us and said something even stranger… Who are you guys” Yahiko directly interrupted Nagato’s thoughts.

Obito slowly raised his head.

The light emitted by Sharingan pierced through the pouring rain.

“You should have heard of my name.

My name is Uchiha… Madara.”

“I am Zetsu and i absolutely good at scouting.”

“You can call me’ Xu ‘.

I am best at… watching the show.”



The heavy rain poured down, dyeing the entire place into a blurry shape, as if only the figure of Rikudou Sennin was left in the world.

For a moment, everyone suddenly did not know what to say.

A certain atmosphere was forcibly interrupted.

Finally, Konan could not help but say, “Uchiha Madara! that person should have died a long time ago!”

“When I fought with Senju Hashirama, I was seriously injured.

My body has not recovered yet.

Of course, this is not important… The important thing is that you, Nagato, have Sage’s eyes.

You have the power of these eyes and also shoulder your mission.”

Obito immediately said.

At the same time, he extended his hand towards Nagato.

“Nagato, come with me.

With your eyes, you can see through this chaotic world and see the path to the future… If it were foryou, you would definitely be able to do it.

And I will lead you to the other side of peace remember my name, Uchiha Madara!!”

The three tomoein Obito’s eyes continued to spin faster and faster, gathering terrifying eye power.

This also stimulated Rinnegan, and a power that was above Mangekyou was surging.

“Yahiko…” Nagato hesitated for a moment and looked at Yahiko.

Yahiko sneered: “Enough, you three, we don’t trust you at all, there is no truth in your mouth, please leave.”

A trace of coldness flashed through Obito’s eyes.

He was clearly about to persuade Nagato.


you dare asking me to leave A guy like you who is self-righteous.

Hiding in a small place like the Rain Country, you are blindly arrogant and know nothing about the despair and mourning of the entire Ninja World.

” Obito said coldly.

Yahiko slowly took off his hood.

“Then there’s no other way.

Even if we fight, I can’t give Nagato to you…”

At this time, White Zetsu shouted, “Hey, hey, hey, Madara-sama, is this really okay You want to fight with the owner of Sage’s eyes No matter how you look at it, our side will be very troublesome! You are seriously injured, and I am not good at fighting, so I look weaker than anyone…”

“… Be careful that I don’t kill you, Black-Zetsu.

I will find a chance to kill your other half and then change to a new White Zetsu.

It should be okay, right” The white mask shook his head.

“It doesn’t matter.

You can do whatever you want.” Black-Zetsu said coldly.

White Zetsu immediately shut his mouth tightly.

He could not die.

He was the first White Zetsu.

He was the main body.

He was different from the other quantitative White Zetsu.

He could see that his status was the lowest.

Even the new Yuuji could kill him casually.

Obito became more and more agitated, and that cold intent began to spread.

“Konan, attack, kill that Xu first!” Yahiko shouted.

Paper Release — Sword!

Dozens of paper swords flew out and rushed towards the weakest looking “Xu”.

“I’ve been underestimated,” Yuuji said softly.

In the next moment, he was drowned by a large pile of paper swords in his hands, and his entire body was pierced through one after another.

“That’s one diwn, Your subordinates are a little weak.” Konan said in a deep voice.

“No… be careful, Konan.

That guy is very dangerous!”

Nagato was the first to notice that something was wrong.

The figure that had been pierced by the countless swords in the hands of the countless paper suddenly stood up again.

“This set of clothes is broken… Akatsuki, remember to compensate me with one set of clothes.”

Yuuji said as if nothing had happened.

Nagato widened his eyes and looked at him in shock.

“All the places that were pierced by the sword in a piece of paper, that part of the body seemed to have disappeared into thin air… What is going on”

“It’s not an illusion…”

The scene in front of them somewhat subverted the three views of Nagato and the others.

“Give up.

If you really want to fight, the three of you together won’t be able to kill me.

Believe me… even if you have Sage’s eyes.”

Yuuji’s voice was calm from beginning to end.

The spell that he displayed was similar to a void-form, and it successfully attracted the attention of Zetsu, He and Obito.

“So that’s how it is…” Obito took a look and quickly understood.

The ability to avoid the sword in a paper hand was essentially an ability to control the flesh and blood of the whole body, multiplying and shrinking the flesh and blood in a specific position to avoid attacks.

Moreover, after Yuuji got up, he did not return the flesh and blood that had deliberately shrunk back to its original state.

This made the confused Yahiko and the others see that the tattered black robe was already full of holes, but through the holes, all they could see was air, no physical body and flesh.

It was as if this white masked man was really a ghost wearing a black robe.

Even if he tore off the black robe, there was no physical body.

“Speaking of which, aren’t you tired” Even though Obito’s mood had changed greatly, he couldn’t help but complain at this moment.

The rain mixed with the strong wind, constantly swinging the tattered black robe.

This guy, Yuuji, actually calculated the movement trajectory of the black robe, constantly adjusting the flesh and blood of his entire body.

So that outsiders could see that through the hole in the black robe, they would never be able to see the real body.

What a dedicated ghost.

“You don’t understand, Madara…”

Yuuji shook his head.

Xu, was the vessel he used to steal Bijuu from Akatsuki.

Moreover, after developing Godzilla’s version of Mokuton in the future, he would focus on controlling Mokuton’s identity.

If the fake identity also had a Godzilla model, he would shoot White Hot Light at any time, raising his hand and sending a nuclear radiation…

Then all of Ninja World’s people would know that Yuuji had opened a side account.

“Xu… Who exactly are you I have never heard that there is someone like you in Ninja World!”

Nagato was extremely cautious and increasingly fearful.

If that vortex masked man was Uchiha Madara, then to treat a person like Madara with such an attitude… Who in the world was Xu!

It couldn’t be Shoudai Hokage, this was too outrageous.

“Forget it, you guys don’t understand now, but you will definitely understand in the future.”

Obito took a deep breath and suppressed the coldness in his heart.

He said coldly, “You are all too young and narrow-minded.

It is a mistake to not see through the essence of this world.”

“One day, Nagato, you will beg me to come to me… You will ask me personally and tell you what to do.”

Obito looked deeply at Nagato.

In the end, he opened Mangekyou and looked at Rinnegan.

The result is obvious.

In terms of eye power competition, Obito didn’t get the upper hand…

“What a pair of beautiful eyes.

It would be a pity if it were foronly for viewing.”

Yuuji also said this.

The next moment, the three people disappeared, leaving only Yahiko and the other two looking at each other.

They stood in the heavy rain and didn’t speak for a long time.

In the distance.

Yuuji stopped and looked at Obito.

“It seems that it is time for me to take action… Obito, don’t interfere.

I will use my method to let Nagato truly understand all of this.”

Obito said, “Rinnegan is very important.

Whether it is Madara’s Infinite Tsukuyomi reading, or the infinite Izanagi you have proposed, they all need to use the moon as a medium to cover the entire Ninja World… And the only one who can do this is Rinnegan, Yuuji.

You will not fail, right”

“Of course, overturned cars don’t exist… To be honest, I admire Yahiko very much and admire him very much.

But as long as such idealists are alive, Nagato will never be able to give birth to his own independent will.

He will always be an accessory to Yahiko.”

Yuuji said calmly, “So, leave it to me.

When I return to Rain Country with Root’s ninja…”

“Let Nagato feel pain!”


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