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Chapter 73 - The Beginning Of A New Era

Sandaime Mizukage was an enigmatic existence, and he had the least information about him among the five villages.

When he died, how he died, and what techniques he was good at were all mysteries.

This Mizukage with long hair and closed eyes were only summoned by Rikudou Sennin at the end of the fourth Ninja World War in the original work as a tool to summon Team 7 back to the Ninja World.

“Sandaime Mizukage… From this person onward, Kirigakure’s policy began to tighten, and he began to reach the peak of blood…”

Along the way, Yuuji ignored the complicated look in Fugaku’s eyes.

When they caught up with the retreating troops, Yuuji could not help but turn around and look in the direction of the sea.

‘Sandaime Mizukage… is probably already a puppet.’


At this time, the entire eastern camp began to stir restlessly.

On the coastline, the news of the various strongholds falling one after another was constantly transmitted.

It was clear that Kirigakure had already launched an all-out attack and was about to fight a decisive battle.

The battered and exhausted teams returned to the camp one after another.

“Damn it, those bastards of Kirigakure actually…”

“Many of our companions have died.”

“It is said that only the temporary base of Uchiha’s clan did not have any major problems.

They even defeated the enemy!”

“This, as expected of the number one clan of Konoha…”

“But the news I heard is that they have obtained Lord Yuuji’s help.

They relied on Lord Yuuji’s powerful secret arts to kill all the enemies.”

“Taking the initiative to block the enemy.

Such talent, such strength, and such willpower are too strong…”

Among the many defeated soldiers, Uchiha’s side was the only team that sent back good news and saved Konoha’s face.

Yuuji’s name, with Konoha’s status as the youngest superior Ninja in history, resounded throughout the entire camp and became one of the few highlights.

This kind of battle record was too shocking, so much so that many people who did not see it with their own eyes instinctively did not believe it.

What ability was so powerful that it could create a strong poison to kill enemies in a large area Could it be that another Hanzo of Amegakure appeared


In the military camp.

“You said that the enemy launched Bijuudama and was blocked by the two of you”

At the time when he was not joking, Jiraiya was a very dignified existence.

At this time, he looked at Yuuji and Fugaku in surprise.

These two people looked extremely miserable at this moment as if they were still alive after dying.

“Ah, Lord Jiraya, I used a forbidden technique to barely block the enemy’s Bijuudama… we almost die.”

Yuuji was the first to speak.

Fugaku paused for a moment, maintaining his silence, and accepted Yuuji’s goodwill.

After all, he knew very well what his eyes meant.

They could control Bijuu.

Jiraya nodded solemnly and said, “So that’s how it is….

Kinjutsu, hmm.

The old man mentioned in my letter that your forbidden spell will consume your lifespan.

Is your body really okay”

“I can hold on.

Everything is for Konoha!”

Well, technically, it’s not a lie.

In order to use this technique, Yuuji had used up dozens of seconds of his lifespan.

Jiraya was also very touched.

“Amazing, then you should take a rest during this time.

I’m afraid the enemy won’t care about everything and will start a decisive battle…”

What a good new generation, this kind of realization made him extremely moved.

Who knows, when the worst comes, he might even use Yuuji’s forbidden power.

‘Mizukage, Bijuu…’

Jiraya shook his head. ‘When will this chaotic world be peaceful again’

After walking out of the tent, Yuuji asked Fugaku for the hand seal and the method of Chakra flow.

“Silent Killing Technique also needs a geographical environment.

I know about this with the Dark Killing Technique, but I am very interested in Kirigakure’s technique.”

Yuuji politely said goodbye to Fugaku for the time being.

Before the two separated, they looked at each other deeply.

Some things only needed to be buried in the bottom of their hearts.


Yuuji followed a ninja back to his personal tent.

His subordinates were already stationed here.

“Lord Yuuji, the conditions are a bit simple.

Please forgive me.” The Ninja spoke with a face full of respect.

At the same time, he stared at Yuuji in amazement.

“How could that be This place is already very good.

Thank you for your hard work.” Yuuji smiled and nodded.

He watched the Ninja leave in awe.

He sat in the tent and rested for a while.

He adjusted his state to the best.

Then, he suddenly sneered and slapped the ground.

A large amount of radiation surged and began to spread wildly underground.

A white thing was forced out of the ground.

“What a sharp fellow.

You can even find me like this” White Zetsu spread his hands helplessly.

“If I were that person, I wouldn’t be at ease either.

If I’m not wrong, the one controlling Kirigakure this time is also him, right Even Sandaime Mizukage and the three-tailed beast are under his control,” Yuuji said coldly.

According to the normal timeline, it would not be long before Nohara Rin would become a new three tails Jinchuriki under Madara’s arrangements.

If he wanted to achieve this result, he would first need the higher-ups of Kirigakure to implant a three-tailed decree into Rin.

Was he planning to give his own strategic weapon to an enemy and then detonate it

At the very least, Sandaime Mizukage needed to agree.

From this, it could be inferred that Sandaime Mizukage, this enigmatic fellow, had a certain probability of becoming Madara’s puppet.

“The two Bijuudama just now was not to destroy Uchiha’s clan, not to destroy Fugaku, but to kill me.”

Yuuji stared at White Zetsu in front of him.

White Zetsu shook his head.

“No, I’m guessing that Madara-sama is testing your tolerance.

If you can’t even avoid Bijuudama, then you will die… if you die…”

“So, Kirigakure is indeed under your control.”

“Eh Really I didn’t say anything.”

“Forget it.

What does Madara want me to do”

“It’s nothing important.

He asked me to tell you…”

After a long time, White Zetsu planned to leave.

“Go back and tell Madara that I want to meet him and his heir and draw up a plan for his actions after his death….

A luxury like peace is not so easy to get.”

Yuuji stood up and suddenly spoke.

White Zetsu was silent for a moment.

“I understand.

I will tell Madara-sama, but whether he agrees or not is not up to me to decide.”

“I will use methods to get him to agree,” Yuuji said lightly.

White Zetsu left.

Yuuji stood where he was and raised his head to look at the sunlight that came in from outside.

“Don’t do anything unnecessary and wait patiently.

These words of warning… That guy is probably going to make a move on Obito and detonate the decisive battle on the eastern front to speed up the war on the western front.

Is the time needed to create a difference…”

‘Obito… might have already received a new order to head to the Western Front to participate in the battle with Kannabi Bridge.’

The next time he met Obito, it would probably be the beginning of a new era.

“Obito… Although our methods are different, our goals are the same.

I only hope that you don’t stray too far from the beginning….”


At this time, there was a burst of noise outside.

“Enough, don’t hide it anymore! Your people have taken our Hyuga family’s Byakugan! Let your captain come out to see me!”

“I, Hyuga Hizashi, will never condone your evil deeds!”



[Author Note:

Seeing a book friend in front talking about Sandaime Mizukage’s problem, there was a special explanation:

First, the blood mist policy must have started with Sandaime Mizukage.

If he didn’t kill him, he would be 26 years old and be the same age as Kakashi.

Moreover, his policy at that time was to kill a companion before he could graduate.

He graduated at the age of 12.

At that time, Obito had just turned black.

Rin was killed by Kakashi, and the three-tails also died.

Yondaime Mizukage, Yagura, was the three tails Jinchuriki.

It was impossible for Yondaime Mizukage to be controlled by the 12-year-old Obito at this time.

If he didn’t graduate at the age of 10, it would be even more ridiculous and impossible.

Second, Madara clearly said that Rin became the three-tailed Jinchuriki and was killed by Kakashi.

He deliberately let Obito see it so that he could turn black.

He sealed the three-tailed into Rin’s body.

Kirigakure must agree.

This meant that Sandaime Mizukage was controlled by Madara.

Third, Sandaime Mizukage is the three-tailed Jinchuriki, and this is my original creation.

Because according to the original timeline, the first three-tailed Jinchuriki appeared was Nohara Rin.

—-Who was Nohara Rin before From the first generation of the Hokage to the third battle, how did Kirigakure arrange the three-tailed It was blank, and there was no information.

It couldn’t be that these decades were all free, right There will definitely be Jinchuriki, so I made it up like this.

It is better to arrange Sandaime Mizukage, who is controlled by Madara, than to arrange an original character I made up.

Fourth, the troublesome ones put down the steel bars in their hands for the time being and put all their strength into me after I got on the shelf.]


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