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“Lord Mizukage, almost all of our troops in C point have been wiped out.”

A Kirigakure ninja knelt on the ground, trembling all over.

In front of him, a slender figure with long black hair reaching his waist.

His tightly closed eyes were narrow and long, standing coldly in place.

Everyone around, even the seven ninjas, were not willing to get too close to him.

The eyes that moved from time to time contained deep fear.

Sandaime Mizukage, the person who claimed to have inherited the Will of the second Mizukage, had led Kirigakure to a path that no one had expected.

Severe betrayal and slaughter…

“Is that so The C point should be the stronghold of the Uchiha clan.

To think that it would be such a waste to be defeated by that clan…”

Sandaime Mizukage closed his eyes and spoke indifferently.

The next moment, a water escape technique surged out from the sea and killed the ninja who came to report.

“Lord Sandaime, why don’t you let me go With the sharkskin in my hand, I can kill any enemy.”

Suikazan Fuguki suddenly laughed and pulled out the sharkskin on the spot.

The sharkskin knife was Three-tailed Beast’s little brother.

In the past, he had been by the side of the three tails all year round to help the three tails transform external matter and extract chakra to feed it to the three tails.

“No need.

Just destroy the entire C landing point…” Sandaime Mizukage said in a low voice.

The expressions of the others changed, and they immediately retreated far away from Sandaime Mizukage.

In the next moment, blood-colored chakra gushed out from the body of Sandaime Mizukage, and in an instant, half Bijuu transformed, and a huge amount of chakra began to gather in the air.

A shot of Bijuudama was continuously forming, and then, with a loud bang, it shot towards the C point.

The vast sea was split into two, instantly tearing apart.

Even the hard earth had a ravine pressed out.

The power of destruction was descending.


A terrifying sense of oppression surged over.

Everyone saw that the sea in the distance had suddenly caved in.

It was as if the power floating in the air was releasing terrifying gravity.

“Bijuudama It seems that the Sanbi is here.”

Yuuji frowned, somewhat puzzled.

‘At this time, the Sanbi Jinchuriki… who could it be’

The Sanbi Jinchuriki that appeared in the original work, the first one was Nohara Rin.

But she was killed by Kakashi, and the second one was the Yondaime Mizukage, Yagura.

After Yagura died, the Sanbi regained its freedom until Akatsuki’s Deidara and Obito captured it.

But at this time, the Sanbi… was controlled by Uchiha Madara

That would be interesting…

“Everyone, leave this place immediately!” Fugaku immediately shouted and ordered everyone to retreat immediately.

There was no time to rest.

They dragged their tired body and quickly moved inland.

After staying on the battlefield all year round, even if many people had not experienced it, they had heard of how terrifying Bijuudama was.

“Clan Leader, the other party has started to create Bijuudama from such a distance… Can we escape from the enemy’s attack range”

Shisui said in a low voice.

“Maybe… You should leave quickly.

Staying here is a burden.

I will find a way to deal with the enemy’s attack.” Fugaku said in a deep voice.

Yuuji smiled faintly.

“I’ll stay too.

This is the first time I’ve encountered something like Bijuu.

I’m rather curious.”

Fugaku frowned.

“Yuuji, you’re still too young.

This is Bijuu…”

“Lord Fugaku, even if you use some trump cards, you’ll have to pay a terrible price.

If I wereby your side, I could at least think of a way to escape with you when you’re exhausted.” Yuuji said.

At the same time, he handed Byakugan, who was stained with blood, to Kazue, “This eye is very important.

Don’t lose it.

In addition, no matter who asks you for it, you can’t hand it over….

You understand what I mean… Of course, you can also use it on yourself.”

Yuuji said with a smile.

The others did not understand, but Fugaku’s expression changed, and he looked deeply at Kazue.

‘Hiding an eye, was she blinded by the enemy, or… Izanagi’

“I still prefer my own eyes… Please rest assured, Yuuji-san.

I will protect your eyes with my life.”

Kazue took Byakugan over, and then immediately led the group to retreat.

The others had withdrawn, but Duy did not move for a long time.

“Now, it is time to burn my youth.

Watch me get rid of that big ball.

Death Gate…” Duy clenched his fists and growled.

He wanted to burn himself in one breath and kick that Bijuudama away.

Fugaku looked at this ten-thousand-year-old Genin with a stunned expression.

“Stop, you go too.

Duy, it’s just a single attack from Bijuudama.

Lord Fugaku and I have the ability to deal with it.

This is an order.”

Yuuji ordered.

Duy hesitated for a moment, and finally agreed and quickly left.

“Yuuji, the guy who kept shouting about youth, can he deal with Bijuudama” Fugaku frowned.

“If you say it like that… Yes, he can do it with just a kick.

However, the price is a bit high… Lord Fugaku, please help me keep it a secret.

In return, I can keep your secret.”

Yuuji stood up straight.

The two Nuclear Release clones stood on his left and right respectively and looked up at the astonishing scale Bijuudama.

A shocking dent appeared on the ocean and ground.

Fugaku sighed.

“It seems that you have many secrets hidden on you.

You are like this.

Even the ten-thousand-year Genin who followed you has this kind of power.

And Kazue, I am afraid it is you…”

Fugaku looked deeply at Yuuji.

In the next moment, he opened his eyes again, and a pair of Mangekyou Sharingan appeared.

There were three curved blades in these eyes, and there was a small ring between the blades.

At the same time, white translucent chakra ribs appeared on the surface of his body….

“Aren’t you surprised at all It seems that Kazue has already told you about this kind of eye… Mangekyou Sharingan — Susanoo!”

The ribs on the surface of his body suddenly expanded, becoming more solid and powerful.

Fugaku roared, forcibly enduring the pain brought by these eyes, his whole person brazenly rushed towards that Bijuudama!


The two figures collided with each other.

In an instant, Bijuudama exploded with a loud bang.

An astonishing fluctuation suddenly erupted.

Even the air itself was shaken by the powerful impact, and it instantly blasted out the vacuum zone.

It was as if the end of the world had arrived.

Everything in his field of vision was covered and shrouded by this terrifying void.

All that was left was the stalwart man, who seemed to be victorious.

He carried everything, his figure extremely imposing.

At that time, Yuuji exclaimed, “As expected of Lord Fugaku.

He is really domineering… Ah, Lord Fugaku is flying.”

Fugaku was blown away.

After rolling on the ground a few dozen times, he was covered in dirt and dirt.

After struggling to get up, he spat out a mouthful of blood.

He was panting and his face was pale.

He sat on the ground, covering his bloodshot eyes in pain.

“Phew, he actually blocked it…” Fugaku spat out blood as he spoke.

Most of the chakra ribs on his body were smashed, and the rest were covered in cracks.

“Ah, Lord Fugaku, it  is so weak…” Yuuji decisively stopped what he had just said.

‘Sure enough, the initial form of Susanoo is useless.’

Speaking of which, when Sasuke attacked the Five-Kage Summit, Susanoo seemed to have been smashed by Raikage first and then dissolved by Terumi Mei…

When it came to Fugaku, he took a hit from Bijuudama at the beginning…

‘Well, as expected of a father, the style was different, and when Uchiha Sasuke was born, I had to find a way to remind him to teach Sauke… It would save him.’

In the distant sea, new chakra gathered again, and the second time Bijuudama came.

“Damn, don’t look down on me!!” Fugaku struggled to stand up and roared.

A large amount of eye power surged and began to repair his ribs crazily.

This time, he successfully extended an arm.

At this time, Yuuji moved.

The three Yuuji directly stood in front of Fugaku.

“Forget it, Lord Fugaku, take a rest first.

You are still not familiar with the power of those eyes… Let me do it.”


The three Yuuji quickly formed three seals.

A terrifying amount of chakra began to surge within their bodies, and the surrounding temperature began to rise at an explosive speed.

Under the shocked gaze of Fugaku, the three Yuuji burst out with shocking fluctuations.

Nuclear Release…

White Hot Light!!

Three terrifying white rays suddenly burst out and collided directly with the incoming Bijuudama!


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