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Chapter 66 - Rush To The East

Obito’s grandmother was dead.

Tears streamed down Obito’s face as he personally buried his last kin.

“Everyone has to die.

Obito, life is reincarnated from generation to generation.” Yuuji patted Obito on the shoulder and sighed.

Obito did not know that he was crying for Madara.

Even the corpse that was buried was just a disguised White Zetsu.

“I know, I know.

From now on, I have no relatives… Yuuji, do you think there is really a pure land* in this world Is there really a place that can let my grandmother rest in peace”

[*TL Note: The Pure Land is the place where the souls of earthly beings generally reside in death.]

Obito cried until his eyes were swollen.

He covered his face with his hands and cried.

“Pure land, of course, exists.

All the souls in the modern world will go to that place.

Maybe you will meet again in the future…” Yuuji comforted.

In the Pure Land, there was not only Obito’s grandmother, but even Rikudou Sennin also lived there.

All the dead souls, along with the fading chakra, finally converged to the Pure Land.

For the Pure Land, Yuuji had always had speculation.

If he recycled the chakra, the chakra of the undead in the Pure Land would be recovered.

But for whether this speculation was true or not, this required Yuuji to personally kill his way into the Pure Land to confirm.

If it were true, then it would be too interesting.

“Pure land…”

Obito clenched his fists and muttered in a low voice.

“Right, Obito, did Grandma tell you anything before she left” Yuuji seemed to speak inadvertently.

“Ah I did say a lot.

Grandma is complaining about the ugliness of this world… Maybe I have read too many papers you wrote, Yuuji.

I think Grandma’s literary talent is terrible.

I don’t have much fluctuation in my heart… Woo.“

Yuuji patted Obito on the shoulder with a pleased expression.

‘Very good.

This kind of Obito is a qualified possessor of the will of fire.’


After the funeral ended, Yuuji brought Guy and Kazue along and calmly walked on Konoha’s street.

“Kazue, have you changed your hairstyle You covered one of your eyes.” Guy pointed at Kazue and keenly discovered the blind spot.

Kazue smiled and nodded.

“It feels very boring to always keep the same hairstyle, right, Yuuji-san”

“Whatever you like.” Yuuji casually replied, “We are now Gennin.

We should still form teams and participate in the new war.

I heard that the war on the front line is getting more and more bitter.

Even a batch of fourth-year graduates from the Ninja School was sent to the battlefield.”

“The war is cruel, but it is the stage for Yuuji-san to display her talent, isn’t it”

Kazue, who understood Yuuji’s will, covered her mouth and chuckled.

Since her human body experiment was successful, she temporarily got rid of the struggle between life and death, and her whole person became much more cheerful.

Every day, her vitality was crazily surging, and the cancer cells in her body were constantly multiplying, which could bring her a terrifying amount of chakra.

Right now, with Kazue’s usual amount of chakra, superior Ninja was directly beaten, and as long as she wanted to take the risk of losing control, she could completely refine the amount of chakra comparable to elite superior Ninja, or even comparable to Bijuu without a tail!

It was still the same sentence, the only risk was losing control, and too much stimulation of cancer cells would cause a very terrible thing to happen.

If Yuuji could not be by her side when she lost control, and once she broke through a certain boundary, Kazue would become a disorderly and chaotic monster, forever losing herself.

“Speaking of which, didn’t Elder Setsuna fill you with what you lack With your qualifications, you can now carry my power without limit, or even take a step further, but Setsuna didn’t say anything” Yuuji asked casually.

At the same time, he was so idle that he casually bought some balloons from the roadside vendors to play with.

He blew one and crushed one.

“Well, as long as I want to, I can do it at any time.”

“But it feels a little strange when it is installed with other people’s eyes…” Kazue smiled.

Yuuji nodded.

‘It seems that that old bastard Setsuna also has some ideas, such as Mangekyou Sharingan… He must also know the method to open the Eternal Mangekyou…’

‘However, there is no need to think about that for the time being.’

Yuuji looked deeply at Kazue.


That night, Yuuji came to Root’s base.

Danzo stood in the shadows and had been waiting for a long time.

This man with a cane in his hand seemed to be carrying the endless darkness behind him.

“I heard about it.

You conducted human experiments on Kazue and almost got into a conflict with that old bastard Setsuna.” Danzo said gloomily.

Yuuji nodded.

“Don’t worry about Setsuna’s matter.

He is an old dog with a half body in a coffin.

If Sensei feels that it is necessary, I can make him disappear right now.”

“Hmph, as expected of this old man’s disciple.” Danzo nodded in satisfaction.

Although the strong will revealed in Yuuji’s words made Danzo, who was used to controlling the life and death of his subordinates, instinctively feel a little uncomfortable.

But this kind of attitude, this kind of awareness, this kind of concept that is so similar to him…

‘Very good, very good.

Hiruzen, fortunately, I did not give this little brat to you.

He was born to be my man!’

“The Uchiha clan, from birth to death, all have the blood of evil flowing in them.

Even my second Hokage Sensei is full of disgust and disgust towards them.

You can use them as you please, but you can’t get close to them.

Don’t cross this line.” Danzo coldly said.

Yuuji smiled and agreed, then said, “Danzo-sensei, don’t you want to ask me what kind of human experiments Kazue has conducted”

“With your knowledge reserves and the things you have in your hands, it must be related to your radiation power.” Danzo shook his head, “Your bloodline is indeed powerful, and you also have abundant chakra.

Presumably, your cell activity is different from ordinary people, but… I am not interested in your body.”

Danzo was very confident, “Even if your physique is comparable to Senju and Uzumaki people, what can you do I have something far beyond your imagination.”

Yuuji nodded solemnly as if he was amazed by Sensei’s unfathomable strength.

Danzo stared at Yuuji for a while and nodded with a sneer.

No matter how strong Yuuji’s physique was, he was only at the level of the Uzumaki clan.

How could he be stronger than Hashirama As long as he had Hashirama’s cells and enough Sharingan, he would have the ability to survive!

“Hiruzen has issued a new task to completely solve the Eastern Front War.

Konoha has no energy to continue the three-line battle.”

“This old man has officially promoted you to a special superior Ninja.

Shiranui Yuuji, as my disciple, you will go to the east line to fight with Kirigakure.

I will assign you a Root team, and you can choose the rest of Gennin.”

Danzo heavily knocked on the ground.

“In your period, Hyuga Iroha will be the vice-captain of your team.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a Root ninja wearing a mask knelt down in front of Yuuji.


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