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 Chapter 64 - Madara's Illusion

Kazue stood up and sized herself up with the only healthy Sharingan.

‘A healthy body, terrifying physical strength, a steady stream of chakra…’

She felt that she was different.

Although cold and ominous, constantly emerging from the depths of her body, at the same time, that powerful feeling was real and real.

Her entire person welcomed a sublimation.

“This is my body…”

Kazue murmured in a low voice.

“No, you are wrong.

This is my body.”

Yuuji leaned against the wall and smiled, “At least most of them belong to me.

Constructing the flesh and blood of your body and maintaining your life force, most of them belong to me.”


Although this body gives me a very strange feeling, it is so healthy and powerful… Yuuji-san, you have created a miracle.”

Kazue murmured in a low voice and tried to refine the chakra.

Even this chakra became ambiguous.

It seems to have the characteristics of Yuuji…

“You don’t have to think about it.

Most of your body is built with my cancer cells.

Use my cells and your spirit to extract and refine the chakra…” Yuuji chuckled, feeling very happy.

The current Kazue was similar to Obito, who had half of her body smashed and then used White Zetsu’s cells to repair it.

There were two cells in her body that could be used by her to create a lot of chakras.

The only difference was that the cancer cells were Yuuji’s exclusive possession after all.

They were filled with the essence of chaos and disorder, and Yuuji needed to regularly interfere and control them.

Once Yuuji let go, Kazue would become an uncontrollable monster.

She… would forever be Yuuji’s subsidiary organism.

Kazue subconsciously pulled up her hair, covering the colorless Sharingan.

She took a deep breath and smiled, “No matter what, I survived.

Thank you so much, Yuuji-san… But I also want to know what will happen if the second experiment fails again.”

“If you fail again, your two eyes will all go blind.

Either you transplant a new Sharingan and continue to conduct human experiments and gambling, or you will die…”

Yuuji turned around and walked out of the laboratory.

In fact, he still had a card, but it seemed that there was no need to use it now.


When the two of them walked out of the laboratory, Elder Uchiha Setsuna was silently waiting.

When he saw the two of them, he nodded coldly.

“Looks like it was a success, and it only consumed one eye… Shiranui Yuuji, the Uchiha clan will never forget this kindness.”

Yuuji said, “You don’t have to be so polite.

I am just doing what I should do… Also, if this experiment fails, what does Elder Setsuna plan to do Will he lead the entire Uchiha clan to start a war with Root”

Shua! Shua! Shua! Shua!

A dozen of Root’s Ninjas appeared behind Yuuji, their eyes behind their masks coldly staring at Elder Setsuna.

As long as Yuuji gave the order, these Root Ninjas would attack Setsuna without hesitation.

They were emotionless task machines, and there was no hatred for Uchiha, but they would obey Yuuji.

Setsuna slowly said, “No, if Kazue dies, it is only her fate that is bad.

The Uchiha Clan is the pillar of Konoha, and will not take the initiative to do internal strife…”

“Yuuji-san, leave it to me.” Kazue smiled and supported Setsuna.

The two of them slowly left.

Yuuji looked at the backs of the two people and waved his hand.

Many of Root’s Ninjas quickly disappeared.

‘If Setsuna, a radical who left his name in the original work, has not understood my signal… then this guy is a waste.’

Yuuji sneered and then began to leisurely wander around Uchiha Clan.


“Hey, Uncle Teyaki, give me a piece of barbecue.”


Yuuji greeted him.

Teyaki and his wife were also Uchiha’s people who rarely left their names in the original work.

They were a couple who often greeted him when he was a child.

“Hey! Yuuji, I haven’t seen you for a while.

You are now a genius Konoha.”

Uchiha Teyaki sighed and immediately made a barbecue and handed it to Yuuji.

“It’s all for the village…” Yuuji smiled as he handed over the money.

As he savored the food, he walked slowly.

At this time, a memory suddenly came…

“Hmm This is the memory of my shadow clone…” Yuuji paused.

This dissolved shadow clone sent back memories.

Obito’s grandmother seemed to be dying.

Before she died, she said she wanted to see him…

“Is the Art of Elephant Transformation finally unable to hold on”

Yuuji quickly ate the delicious food in his hands and quickly rushed to Obito’s home.


Obito was not there at this time.

Only Yuuji’s remaining shadow clone was waiting on Madara’s grandmother.


Yuuji directly dismissed this shadow clone.

“Obito’s grandmother, you hurriedly called me over.

Is there something No matter what your will is, I will carry it out to the end.”

Yuuji’s expression was solemn, but there was also a trace of sadness.

Grandma Madara slowly opened her eyes and looked at Yuuji coldly.

“I have to thank you for opening the second magatama, Sharingan.

Although this does not match my plan…” Grandma Madara said slowly.

“Ah, what you said is too foreign.

I also hope that Obito will become stronger.

After all, he is a junior that you highly regard.” Yuuji said with a smile.

“… It seems that you have noticed it.

Is it because of the White Zetsu you killed Being too smart is not a good thing.

Before your strength reaches a certain level, you have to know how to pretend to be confused.

As for how much you have noticed, I will personally check it out and decide whether to control your thoughts to leave you to Obito or to kill you completely.”

Madara’s eyes slowly widened, and an astonishing pressure burst forth from his eye power, which was used on Yuuji.

The illusion of Sharingan suddenly descended, and in an instant, it was as if the entire world was only left with that revolving three tomoe Sharingan.


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