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 Chapter 63 - Hell FutureHiruko was originally a ruthless character.

In the original work, he relied on Chimera Technique to devour Steel Release of Gari, the Swift Release of Pakura, the Dark Release of Chukichi, and the Storm Release of Toroi, becoming the first person to gather four types of blood limit in one body, and directly declared war on the five great countries, wanting to start the Fourth Ninja World War on his own.

But now, this guy was infected with Yuuji’s cancer cells and was destined to not have that kind of future.

Summoning Technique!

The next moment, Hiruko appeared in the dim laboratory.

“It’s been a long time since we last met.

Hiruko-sama, you are still alive.” Yuuji smiled.


Hiruko was shocked and angry, and he was about to burst out with a terrible power, but the next moment, Yuuji directly made a seal.

Zi, zi, zi!

The cancer cells in Hiruko’s body quickly went berserk and began to proliferate crazily, turning Hiruko into a ball of meat again.

“damn it! damn it! What the hell do you want to do”

The proud Hiruko collapsed.

“I just need to collect some experimental data.

Moreover, I want to extract some chakra from Senior Hiruko…”

Yuuji cut off the flesh and blood of Hiruko.

After observing for a while, he revealed a smile.

Sure enough, Hiruko’s body was being corroded and replaced.

Fortunately, Chimera Technique could slow down the process, but the cancer cells really invaded his body.

What was more interesting was that these foreign cancer cells secreted special egg white enzymes.

They interfered and destroyed other healthy cells, causing the healthy cells in Hiruko’s body to become new cancer cells…

This kind of infection assimilation characteristic was very similar to Hashirama’s cells.

It was very similar to Otsutsuki and Kaguya tying a large number of humans to God Tree and finally transforming them into White Zetsu.

“That’s enough.

That plan can theoretically be established.

Senior Hiruko, give me a little of your chakra.”

In the next moment, Yuuji immediately began to control Hiruko’s body and crazily extracted a large amount of chakra.

This kind of intense control made Hiruko let out a miserable scream, so much so that his spirit was pulled by the new chakra produced by cancer cells and participated in the production of chakra.

A large amount of chakra was extracted into Yuuji’s body.

Then, Yuuji directly removed Summoning Technique and moved Hiruko away.

“I tried to touch White Zetsu’s cells with cancer cells, but the result was that these two cells with strong vitality and corrosive properties exhausted their energy and died while devouring each other.

The DNA chain of both sides collapsed.”

Yuuji lowered his head and looked straight into Kazue’s eyes.

“The cancer cells have spread to every corner of your body.

They rely on the mutual transformation of chakra and cells to maintain your survival and can not be removed.

If you forcibly inject White Zetsu’s cells, the battle between the two cells will destroy the few health cells in your body, causing you to lose the qualification to continue being a genius ninja and even die on the spot.”

Kazue smiled and said, “Although I don’t know what the use of White Zetsu’s cells is, what is your plan”

“Give up on White Zetsu’s cells and directly replace them with my cells.

I will be your external source to control the deterioration of the cancer cells.”

“With this extracted chakra and our chakra, it should be enough… Kazue, remember, no matter what time it is, do not stop refining chakra.

Use your chakra to stimulate as many cancer cells as possible.”

“Hiruko, that guy, has the ability to devour other people’s kekkei genkai….

This is equivalent to seizing other people’s DNA and fusing it into his own DNA sequence.

What you need to do now is to take the initiative to use the chakra zipper to connect the cancer cells, to prevent your DNA from being eroded and destroyed.”

Yuuji directly placed his hand on Kazue’s chest, and a large amount of chakra crazily surged.

At the same time, Yuuji also directly injected his cancer cells into Kazue’s body.

“You are from the Uchiha clan, and there is ancient blood flowing in your body.

This is an unshakable powerful gene essence.

Whether you can survive or not depends on whether you can stimulate the power of the initial gene.” Yuuji said indifferently.

After countless cancer cells entered Kazue’s body, they immediately began to proliferate crazily.

Moreover, they assimilated the original cancer cells in Kazue’s body in a violent manner and immediately started to invade and assimilate with the few health cells.

Kazue let out a painful roar, and her entire body shook violently.

Along with the terrifying amount of chakra pouring into his body, the speed of growth of the cancer cells was exaggerated, and the degree of corrosion that Kazue suffered far surpassed that of Hiruko.

“Feel this power, remember the feeling when you opened your eyes back then, search for your most essential sleeping gene.”

Yuuji activated the Art of Suction, at the same time observing Kazue’s state, especially the special pair of Sharingan.

Otsutsuki Hagoromo had directly evolved from three tomoe to Rinnegan, without the process of Mangekyou and Eternal Mangekyou.

Later, because of Indra, Ancestor Uchiha opened Mangekyou Sharingan for the first time.

When it came to Kazue, it was most likely that these dim three tomoe had been forcefully opened because of excessive radiation.

Normally speaking, she would never be able to open her eyes for the rest of her life.

The high-grade bloodline belonging to Otsutsuki Hagoromo was the key to turning Kazue into something magical.

Opening this key was hidden in the depths of Kazue’s genes.

‘Although I can’t be sure how much Ancestral Gene is left in your body, even if there is only a sliver left… Kazue, either be devoured by me or find the Ancestral Gene to resist my power.’

Yuuji crossed his arms and leaned to the side, quietly waiting.

Kazue, who had already turned into a huge wriggling ball of flesh, even her screams had almost disappeared, because things like “mouths” had already been assimilated and drowned by the proliferation of balls of flesh.

Five minutes later, Izanagi started and rewritten reality…

Kazue returned to normal, and a Sharingan had already turned gray.

“… Looks like it failed.” Yuuji nodded.

Kazue took a deep breath.

“No, it’s not a failure.

I more or less understand what Yuuji-san means.

Use the dormant genes hidden in my bloodline to construct the core to resist corrosion.

Then, Yuuji-san will take action to control it and form a stable…”

“That’s right, but the premise is that you need to continue activating this indestructible and powerful ancestral gene.

Otherwise, Root would not be able to resist it with just your own DNA.” Yuuji chuckled, his eyes deep.

The cancer cells are extremely vicious monsters.

Not only will they assimilate the healthy cells into cancer cells, but they will also steal the DNA mitochondria from the healthy cells…

Then, under the stimulation of his chakra, his cancer cells will also connect to her cancer cells through his spiritual and material chains to build a passage…

The source bloodline of Uchiha’s family, because of Indra and Otsutsuki Hagoromo, the DNA of these guys was assimilated by him in silence, or was it violently stimulated and activated

“Since you understand, let’s start the second experiment.

Don’t forget the experience lesson just now… Kazue, remember what I said.

You are a genius.

In terms of using my power, you are a unique genius.”

Kazue had a “special” physique.

He could use the radiation on himself to stimulate the power of the dormant genes.

The second human experiment started.

This time, Yuuji increased the total output of the radiation.

He used the posture of killing Kazue to send countless radiation particles into Kazue’s body.

This made Kazue more and more painful.

The whole DNA almost collapsed under multiple attacks, but in this desperate situation, her unique talent erupted.

That kind of persistence that was unwilling to be mediocre or even crazy, along with this spirit, the born chakra, at this moment, began to use the double-edged sword of radiation to the maximum limit.

Every second was a race against time.

“It will be five minutes soon…”

Yuuji frowned, and then quickly let go.

In the center of this lump of meat, a powerful chakra burst out, with a kind of gloom and cold, accompanied by roars, unprecedented power emerged and fought against the cancer cells like thieves.

This extreme cold, with a deep ominous chakra… It seems that it succeeded, and the only eye left is saved.

Yuuji suddenly smiled.

The Slumber Gene that was close to the source of Uchiha had finally been activated by this unique genius, just like how she had forcefully opened her eyes back then

“Kazue… you are a true genius! However, after becoming my subsidiary creature, you will be in hell every moment.

Only by risking your life at all times can you survive.

Otherwise, if you are not careful, you will either be devoured by me or die from the collapse of your genes…”

“Are you really prepared to embrace such a terrifying and hopeless future where life is worse than death”


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