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Chapter 58 - Chakra Alike

Sandaime Hokage and Danzo completely did not understand why Yuuji chose this technique.

Kumen Sowaka, in essence, was a special Summoning Technique.

According to the Kanji order of Blue, White, Vermilion, Black, Sky, Three, South, North, and Jade*; he summoned nine summoned spirit beasts to fight.

[*TL Note: each Kanji corresponds to one spirit beast or one divine. Kanji Sei (Azure/Blue) summoned Seiryū (literally meaning: Azure Dragon); Kanji Byaku (White) summoned Byakko (literally meaning: White Tiger); Kanji Shu (Vermilion) summoned Suzaku (literally meaning: Vermilion Bird); Kanji Gen (Black) summoned Genbu (literally meaning: Black Tortoise); Kanji Ku (Sky) summoned Kinja (literally meaning: Golden Snake); Kanji Gyoku (Jewel) summoned Tennyo (literally meaning: Celestial Maiden); Kanji San (Three) summoned Shinigami (literally meaning: Death God); Kanji Hoku (North) summoned Hokuto Sennin (literally meaning: Northern Sage); and  Kanji Nan (South) summoned Nanto Sennin (literally meaning: Southern Sage).]

If Yuuji was a ninja who used the summoned spirit beast as his main fighting force, it would be very suitable to learn this technique.

“Since you insist, I won’t say anything more.”

Sandaime Hokage nodded slightly and directly unsealed the part of Kumen Sowaka.

A large number of words began to appear in front of Yuuji.

Yuuji quickly began to remember and learn.

Kumen Sowaka, in essence, was Summoning Technique, and Summoning Technique was also the most shallow space-time ninjutsu.

Learning this technique, as long as you can master Summoning Technique and know how to sign a psychic contract, you can actually learn it.

“That’s right.

It’s this technique…”

Yuuji confirmed that this was what he needed.

The strongest psychic ability!

Kumen Sowaka, the background that appeared was that Obito attacked Naruto, and then he used the “Gentei Tsukuyomi” technique to pull Naruto into an illusory world.

In this Gentei Tsukuyomi world, in the history of the Ninja World, Akatsuki had fought a group battle for the first time and accepted Konoha’s employment to besiege the black Naruto.

In the end, the black Naruto used Kumen Sowaka’s technique to summon the nine spirit beasts, but they were forcefully taken down.

Halfway through the battle, Akatsuki retreated because the difficulty of this mission was not right.

This technique of Kumen Sowaka was exactly what Yuuji needed.

“With this technique, I can achieve the goal of dividing Godzilla.

If it goes smoothly, I will be able to grasp the method to create the sub-body Godzilla.”

Yuuji quickly memorized this technique and nodded to Sandaime Hokage.

“I hope you can also use this technique to show your will of fire to your heart’s content.” Sandaime Hokage revealed a smile.


After saying goodbye to the Hokage, Yuuji followed Danzo all the way to Root’s base.

“I can understand even if you choose the absolute forbidden technique of Edo Tensei or something like that.

But why is it Kumen Sowaka Even if this is the strongest psychic ability, it is not worth wasting this opportunity.” Danzo said calmly.

Yuuji smiled and said, “Danzo-sensei, everyone has their own choices.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand now.

In the future, you will definitely understand.”

“Hmph, cunning little brat.

However, you are only qualified to be this old man’s disciple.” Danzo nodded, and it could be said that he had gained a bit of approval.

Finally, it was not another idiot who had been brainwashed by Hiruzen’s will of fire.

Otherwise, it would be very difficult for him.

‘Hiruzen, it seems that even if you want to take action from this old man’s disciple in the future, it is impossible to achieve the goal of limiting or even controlling Root….’

Danzo revealed a cold smile and no longer asked Yuuji for the reason why he wanted Kumen Sowaka.

In any case, if Hiruzen didn’t give him the forbidden technique in the Book of Sealing, he could give it to him.

“Hiruzen has three Sannin as disciples, and Jiraya has Namikaze Minato as a disciple… Your future can not be worse than theirs.

Don’t disappoint me.” Danzo said coldly.

One of the important reasons he took a fancy to Yuuji was that Yuuji had expressed some thoughts to him through Torune, which truly aroused Danzo’s interest.

He regretted that he had chosen Hyuga Hugo to enter Root back then.

If he had made a prompt decision at that time to take down Yuuji… Root wouldn’t have had to go through so much trouble.

However, it was not too late to make up for it now.

Using the method of recruiting disciples, it was reasonable to transfer Yuuji under his command.


Soon, the two arrived at Root’s base.

As soon as they entered, they were filled with underground feeling.

“This is Root’s training base.

As this old man’s only disciple, you have the duty to understand Root and even command it.”

Danzo said coldly, “Everything about Root is created by this old man.

It is buried deep in the ground, delivering nutrients to Konoha.

It is indispensable.

Only when Root grows stronger can Konoha become prosperous.

You have to understand this.”

“I understand, I understand.” Yuuji nodded repeatedly.

Danzo snorted coldly and brought Yuuji all the way.

Especially, he showed some cruel scenes.

For example, human experiments and Root’s ninja blood training.

Yuuji was extremely calm about these things.

He did not have the innocence of an ordinary ninja of the Will of Fire.

Those “How can you do this” and “Everyone is companions.”, he didn’t have that kind of thing.

“Very good, this old man is more and more satisfied with you.” Danzo nodded.

‘Hmph, Hiruzen, if you hand Yuuji over to me, you will definitely regret it!’

‘This old man will also teach outstanding disciples to surpass your disciples.

In the end, this old man will replace you and become the Hokage!’

‘Namikaze Minato’s disciple absolutely could not have another Kage level!’

“From now on, you will receive Root’s training, but as this old man’s disciple, you do not need to be planted with curse seals to prevent secret leaks.”

Danzo snorted.

Yuuji nodded and looked at these cold ninjas in front of him with admiration.

They were all craftsmen trained by Danzo, but it would not take long for them to become his own craftsmen.

“Hey, this person is…”

Yuuji shifted his gaze and looked at the corner of the huge training ground.

There was a stiff person training.

This person seemed to have encountered a terrible change.

His entire body was covered with traces of various human experiments.

His limbs were incomplete, and his face was broken.

Aburame Torune.

“Torune has been crippled.

Because of you, he has lost his ability as a Rank-6 ninja.

I have studied your technique, including the special poison you have.

Although you have recovered your poison from Torune, you can’t hide it from me.”

Danzo said coldly, “This poison that directly destroys human cells should be a kind of chakra ray.

If I am not wrong, this is also related to the operation of microscopic particles… It is to use chakra to wrap the molecules, shoot out microscopic particle stream, and destroy the enemy’s life cells in a large area.”

“Yes, as expected of Danzo-sensei…”

Yuuji praised as if this nonsense speculation was true.

During the Ninja World War Three, the technology mostly stayed in the cellular level.

In addition to biological scientists such as Orochimaru, who paid attention to DNA and mitochondria, the entire ninja world had almost zero research on the microscopic level.

Even if there was, there was only Dust Release: Detachment of the Primitive World Technique.

Even if he observed atoms and molecules, that was all.

The only ones who touched nuclear fusion were Nine-Tailed and Naruto.

To resist Otsutsuki’s first move, they forcibly used the particle mode that could not be closed once activated.

They burned all their lives and burst out the strongest attack in their entire life.

However, the particle mode was essentially a non-existent nuclear fusion.

The principle was that Nine-Tailed used its own chakra to combine with Naruto’s chakra to imitate nuclear fusion and obtain more powerful new chakra.

“This kind of thing like chakra…”

Yuuji looked at Aburame Torune and sighed.


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