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 Chapter 55 - The Old Man Liked Him Very Much!Iwa ninja camp.

The commander, Kitsuchi, was in deep trouble.

He had sent out all the medical Ninjas, and he even asked Tsuchikage, asking for more medical Ninjas.

“Damn it, what is going on Why did these ninjas who came from the battlefield have a large-scale disease.”

While Kitsuchi was angry, he looked at the ninjas who were getting worse and worse.

The pustules on their bodies were proliferating, and their health was still deteriorating.

His heart was cold.

They had clearly come down from the battlefield, so why was it still like this

That little brat’s chakra poison was actually terrifying to such an extent

“Lord Kitsuchi, the test report has come out.

The situation is horrible.

Something is continuously destroying their health cells, and a large number of cells have mutated.”

“I need to know when their condition will improve!”

“Lord Kitsuchi, those with lighter symptoms can still maintain their strength, but those with serious symptoms… may not be able to recover in a lifetime and will be poisoned for life!”

Kitsuchi’s expression changed as if he was struck by lightning.

‘The power of that little brat Nuclear Release was so vicious.’

‘Of the three thousand people, less than a thousand people had died on the battlefield, but after returning to the military camp, there were actually several hundred people who had reacted to the disease!’

‘What was even more terrifying was that the illness on the bodies of these hundreds of people might still imperceptibly affect the other healthier people until all the toxins disappeared….’

‘With this little ghost here, how could this battle be fought!!’

Suddenly, he remembered something and then growled, “What about Konoha Are their ninjas the same”

“No, their ninjas did not have any follow-up problems except for a small amount of discomfort.

We speculate that the little brat Nuclear Release took back all the Chuck poison.”

Kitsuchi became more and more furious, and his eyes were filled with killing intent.

Such a vicious little brat and he was temporarily unable to crack the area-of-effect poison… Fortunately, after he got the information sent back by the spy, he sent out the hunting force!

“Now we are waiting for news from Gari.”

Kitsuchi frowned slightly, “For Gari, those little brats would not be a problem.”

Beside him, Roshi looked impatient.

“You don’t look like you at all when you look so anxious.

Didn’t you say that there was no problem”

“According to the information our spy sent back, there should be no problem.

Only Hiruko, the superior Ninja, escorted Yuuji’s team back to Konoha.” Kitsuchi muttered.

In the previous battle, Iwa ninja and Suna ninja had joined forces to launch a surprise attack on Konoha’s western line camp.

Six thousand against four thousand, but they had not managed to gain any advantage!

In fact, they had already lost this surprise attack without gaining any advantage, not to mention that the number of troops they had lost far exceeded that of Konoha.

“That little brat Nuclear Release is too dangerous.

If we can not control such a dangerous Kekkei Genkai, then we must kill him.”

Kitsuchi’s face was filled with killing intent.

Roshi said with contempt, “It’s just a little kid.

When I meet him next time, I can just kill him with one shot.”

He had the four-tailed beast in his body, and he didn’t care about Nuclear Release.

At this time, a ninja hurried in.

“Lord Kitsuchi, there is news of Lord Gari!”

“Where is he Why didn’t he report it himself”

“Lord Kitsuchi, the news we received was… Lord Gari and his team were completely annihilated!”


Kitsuchi’s face changed, and his eyes widened, “All of them were wiped out Not a single one of them survived Gari had two Kekkei Genkai, and even he didn’t escape Bastard Konoha! Could it be that Orochimaru or Minato took the opportunity to attack him”

“No, Lord Kitsuchi, according to the information we obtained, Lord Gari was killed by Shiranui Yuuji… He was killed with a forbidden technique… That forbidden technique even changed the terrain of the forest!”

Kitsuchi found it even more difficult to accept.

“That little brat Nuclear Release actually killed Gari….”

If Gari were killed by Kage-level or killed by many elite Jonins, then Kitsuchi would at most be angry, but he could only accept this result.

But now… Gari was actually killed by the hunting target

That little brat

“Is that little brat Nuclear Release dead And Kakashi and Kazue, are they dead”

“According to the information we obtained, they didn’t…”

Kitsuchi gritted his teeth.

An elite superior Ninja and a hunting team had not even killed a single person, and they were all wiped out

This wave of losses.

At this time, Roshi was surprised.

“Is that so That guy, Gari, was actually killed by that kid just like that… Interesting, what kind of forbidden technique could kill Gari, who has Steel Escape Blood”


Kitsuchi slammed the table and growled, “Now, put Shiranui Yuuji’s hunting list to the highest level below Kage-level! And set a high bounty on the black market.

As long as we can kill this kid, we can pay any amount of money!”

At this moment, Kitsuchi’s heart was filled with coldness.

He had already realized that if he didn’t think of a way to kill this little brat, then he wouldn’t have a chance.

Geniuses weren’t scary because changing their potential into battle power would require a process.

But when this genius had already started to transform his potential into astonishing battle power… then he would have to kill him without caring about anything else.

Otherwise, there was a high chance that it would be another Kage-level in the future.

Even if the little ghost used a forbidden technique that could not be easily used to kill Gari, it was still extremely dangerous!


It was not only Iwa ninja who was shocked and also issued a high bounty.

The news that Gari was killed by Yuuji spread wildly, triggering the vigilance of the major Ninja Villages and then thinking about the plan to kill Yuuji as soon as possible.

“Is that so An elite superior Ninja like Gari was actually killed by a kid…”

“In the new generation of Namikaze Minato’s generation, Shiranui Yuuji is rising….

Konoha is really the cradle of geniuses.

It makes people jealous.”

“If that forbidden technique is a technique possessed by Nuclear Release’s kekkei Genkai, then the value of this kekkei Genkai is very terrifying!”

“Let Kirigakure and the others move out and sneak into the Fire Country to destroy it.

It is best to take the opportunity to assassinate Yuuji and bring the corpse back!”

At this moment, Yuuji’s name began to spread in the scope of the entire Ninja Realm, and it was truly noticed by more dangerous people.


In the west camp, after hearing this news, Orochimaru revealed a strange smile: “He actually survived.

It’s really rare.

I’m afraid that Danzo and Hiruko are going to be disappointed…”

There were already some people who no longer regarded Yuuji as a “little brat” who needed time to grow but a dangerous ninja who grasped the unknown forbidden technique.

At this time, as the center of this small vortex, Konoha naturally had a greater reaction.

The entire village was talking about Yuuji.

They did not know Gari, but this did not stop them from supporting and pampering their own geniuses.

After fighting three battles for nearly four years, even Konoha was slightly overwhelmed.

Its economy withered, Its industry withered, and its population declined sharply.

It was a depressing situation.

Only the various deeds from the front line could make Konoha’s villagers unable to breathe, bringing some comfort and confidence.

Not to mention, this was the deed that symbolized the future generation of geniuses.


In the Hokage Building.

Sandaime Hokage also listened to Yuhi Shinku’s report with a face full of admiration and then combined with the feedback that Anbu Ninja had received from investigating the traces of the battlefield.

The more he looked at it, the more surprised and pleased Sandaime Hokage became.

“Shiranui Yuuji, that child is only 12 years old, but he has already started to grow up Moreover, he used a forbidden technique to kill a dangerous enemy like Gari.

He is really amazing.”

“Hokage-sama, we are not sure what this forbidden technique will cost, but I think the price will be hefty.” Yuhi Shinku said in a deep voice.

Sandaime nodded: “I understand.

Yuuji must have suffered heavy losses by using such a dangerous forbidden technique.

I will ask him later.

Shinku, thank you for your hard work.”

After Yuhi Shinku left, Sandaime Hokage fell into deep thought.

‘Such an outstanding new generation, no matter what, could not be let go.’

Moreover, Sandaime Hokage absolutely believed that Yuuji was the inheritor of the Will of Fire.

Sandaime was very confident, but it was one thing to believe, and it was another matter to hold it tightly in his hands.

However, Sannin and Minato were fighting outside.

Orochimaru, Tsunade, and Minato were on the west line, and Jiraya was on the east line too.

He didn’t have time.

Kushina is Jinchuriki, so it’s impossible for her to accept a disciple.

Moreover, Kushina obviously doesn’t have the patience to teach a disciple…

“Hiruzen, I heard about that matter.

Hiruko actually chose to defect! Root ninja has found evidence of him conducting a forbidden human experiment.

He has failed the village’s trust in him.

Such a guy must be killed.

It’s better to let Root carry out the hunting mission.”

Danzo pushed open the door and knocked heavily on the floor.

He looked very innocent and angry.

“In addition, the descendants of Shiranui’s family are very outstanding.

I like him very much!”


Sandaime Hokage and Danzo looked at each other and fell into deep thought.


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