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Obito was too fierce, and he had added himself a buff of “protecting his companions”.

However, he was already surrounded by several Iwa ninjas.

“This guy is also a member of Uchiha’s clan…”

“He didn’t open his eyes.

He’s just a piece of trash.

Hurry up and kill him, then follow Lord Shou to kill that little brat Nuclear Release.”

Several Iwa ninja’s faces showed cruelty.

But what greeted them was a fully-loaded fireball —even though it could not cause any damage.

Obito howled, fighting to fight with them, and if there were a slight flaw, he would be killed in an instant.

But miraculously, in such a near-death situation, Obito actually fought a few rounds and then took the initiative to be kicked away.

“Yuuji, Hiruko-san, come closer to me!” Obito spat out a mouthful of blood and directly pulled off the goggles on his head.

When he raised his head again, the two tomoe Sharingan suddenly appeared!

“Two tomoe at the first glance… Obito, you are really a powerful ninja with external nature.”

Yuuji did not know what to say.

He and Hiruko were being hunted down by Gari, and after several confrontations, they seemed to be in a rather sorry state.

Under the cover of Hiruko, Yuuji finally met up with Obito, standing back to back.

“Brat, if you have any hidden techniques, quickly use them.

I can’t hold on any longer.”

This time, Hiruko was struck by Gari’s punch.

A terrible explosion occurred on his shoulder, and his flesh and blood flew everywhere…

“Troublesome fellow, are you not dead And your body is very strange…”

Gari said with a cold smile.

The combination of Explosion and Steel Escape allowed his combat strength to rise to an incomparably powerful level.

This made him very confident that as long as he was given more time, he would become the new Kage-level of Iwa ninja Village.

There were only a few figures that surrounded Yuuji and the other two.

No matter how one looked at it, these three were dead for sure.

Although what Yuuji said about that technique made him very concerned… no matter what technique it was, it was useless in front of his Steel Escape Defense!

“Die, Ninjas of Konoha!”

There was a hint of excitement in Gari’s eyes.

Hiruko anxiously glanced at Yuuji.

But this glance made him feel like he had fallen into an ice cave.


Nuclear Release, Super Oscillation Wave!

This Oscillation Wave was the greatest power that Yuuji had unleashed.

It bombarded the ground beneath his feet without any difference!

The next moment, the ground collapsed, and countless rubble surged, covering all vision.

A violent roar erupted.

“Brat, you -”

Hiruko’s angry roar was also covered by the terrifying explosion in an instant.

This attack was too sudden, and there were no signs at all.


The moment the explosion began, Yuuji had already grabbed Obito and quickly retreated.

He took a few hits from Kunai and rushed out a path.

He suddenly raised his head and looked in the direction of Hiruko with an unprecedentedly cold gaze.

“Let’s go, Obito.

Hiruko-san took the initiative to stay and fought for us… We will definitely survive.”

Yuuji said in a low voice.

He dragged the confused Obito and quickly ran away.

His movements were so decisive that it seemed like he had gone through countless drills…

“Hiruko-san, are you going to sacrifice yourself to stop the enemy for us” Obito looked confused.

At that moment, his second magatama, Sharingan, was blinded and could not see clearly.

‘Is that so’

‘It seems rather weird.’

“That’s right, Obito.

No matter what, we can not fail to live up to Lord Hiruko’s good intentions.

He is right.

Only by living will we have a future.”


Yuuji said coldly.

‘Hiruko… this guy is dangerous… From the timeline, this fellow defected during the Third Ninja War and happened before Obito transplanted Sharingan to Kakashi!’

‘After this fellow defected and heard that Kakashi had obtained Sharingan, he was extremely jealous.

He believed that if he had Sharingan himself, he would be able to become even more powerful.’

‘Counting the time, this fellow defected only in this period of time….

Combined with his performance, there is a high probability that he has his eyes on me.

It is best to deal with such a dangerous fellow in advance.’

Yuuji pulled Obito and shuttled back and forth quickly.

A few minutes later…

Gari appeared with the few remaining Iwa ninja.

One of his hands was stained with thick blood and minced meat.

“Tsk, Konoha’s Ninjas are really hard to deal with.

Those two little ghosts can’t escape far, so hurry up… The mission that was originally not difficult actually became so troublesome.”

Gari’s face was gloomy.

‘That little brat Nuclear Release’s skill was simply impossible to guard against.

Not to mention the power of that super vibration wave, it was used very suddenly.’

He was a little anxious.

‘If we delay any longer, the other Ninjas in Konoha will react and support us, and this mission will be declared a failure.’


Time passed.

Yuuji and Obito carefully set up a trap.

“Yuuji, is this really useful” Obito was worried.

“It has to be useful.

Hiruko can’t stop him.

We have to find a way to stall for time…”

“Then wouldn’t Hiruko-sama die for nothing”

“Obito, this world is not either black or white.

Hiruko has his own will and finally chose this result… When you understand this problem, let’s discuss this problem again.

Maybe one day, we can reach a consensus.”

Yuuji looked at Obito with a smile that was not a smile.

Obito did not understand at all.

However, he would understand in the future.

Many things had already been decided from the moment he was targeted by Uchiha Madara and then noticed by Black-Zetsu.

In this world, a spokesperson needed to make a change.


Gari finally caught up.

He raised his head to look at the two figures in front of him.

“This time, no one will come to save you.”

Gari led several people and attacked with a sneer.

At the same time, the explosion rune trap set by Yuuji exploded, but they were all ignored by Garo using Steel Escape.

It seemed that everything was over…

“Yuuji, you go.”

Obito suddenly said, revealing a smile.

“Although I still don’t understand what you were talking about just now, it looks like I don’t have a chance to understand… You will definitely become an amazing ninja in the future.”

Obito revealed his two magatama, Sharingan.

He was already prepared to risk his life to create an opportunity for Yuuji to escape.

He was about to charge at the enemy, but Yuuji stopped him.

Yuuji’s gaze directly passed Obito and looked at Gari.

He suddenly sighed, “Gari, you shouldn’t have come.

If you hadn’t come, you might have lived for a few more years.”

Tiger Seal-Ox Seal-Hare Seal.

Yuuji made a hand seal.

A terrifying high temperature suddenly erupted.

At this moment, he finally used that technique, which was the ultimate killing of the first generation Godzilla.

In an instant


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