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 Chapter 47 - EscapeIt had to be said that Hiruko was very conflicted right now.

The current development of the situation was completely out of his expectations.

“These Iwa ninjas really appeared at the wrong time…” Hiruko gritted his teeth.

He was just a mediocre superior Ninja, and he could not resist so many powerful enemies.

Because of this, a certain thought in his heart grew stronger and stronger.

‘I originally planned to find an opportunity to attack Yuuji, but these Iwa ninja have disrupted my plans…’

‘Garild I think of a way to escape with Yuuji and then use the Ghost’s Art to seize Yuuji and Blood Succession Boundary’

‘Was this just a simple accident, or was it also Orochimaru’s doing’

Hiruko used all his strength to resist Gari’s attack with difficulty.

In the battle with Gari who had the Explosive Blood Limit, Hiruko had fallen to a disadvantage from the very beginning.


Another punch.

Gari used the Thunder Fist in succession, causing a large area of an explosion, forcing Hiruko to retreat step by step.

“Hmph, he isn’t strong, but his ability to protect himself is pretty good… What a troublesome guy.”

Gari punched another substitute and his brows furrowed.

After forcing Hiruko back, his face revealed a look of contempt.

He immediately turned around and pounced towards Yuuji.

The little brat from Shiranui’s family was the first target to be killed.

This guy was simply a terrifying sweeping machine on the battlefield!

“Little brat, you won’t have a chance to grow up!”

Gari had an awe-inspiring expression on his face as he smashed through multiple layers of earth walls with a single punch and arrived in front of Yuuji with a loud bang.

At this moment, Yuuji was leading his team and constantly dealing with the other Iwa ninja.

Nuclear Release – Vibrating Wave!

The two Iwa ninjas who were hiding behind the dirt wall and waiting for an opportunity to sneak attack were heavily injured on the spot.

Several of them attacked Kunai and nailed him to death.

“Even Gari is rushing over… We can’t go on like this.

We have to think of a way to retreat.”

Yuuji frowned and winked at Kakashi and the others.

He said, “You can actually defeat Lord Hiruko…”

“He is not worth my time.

Little brat, you are the one who is worth it!”

Gari’s eyes shone with a fierce light as he attacked.

The other Iwa ninja attacked crazily, attacking Kakashi and Kazue.

The layers of earth walls became more and more dense.

The earth shook and dust flew into the air.

Yuuji raised his hand and released another vibration wave!

“Oscillating Waves… it doesn’t look like a Wind escape technique.

Is this also Nuclear Release’s blood inheritance escape technique”

However, not only did Gari not dodge, he even formed seals with his hands and increased the speed of his assault.

Steel Escape – Steel Transformation!

In that instant, Gari’s body became incomparably hard, forcefully breaking through the shock wave!

“What kind of technique is this”

Kakashi used lightning to forcefully break through the wall of earth.

His eyelids twitched, and he immediately used lightning to stab at Gari from the side.



The two figures collided, accompanied by the sound of thunder and lightning.

However, when the lightning cut hit Gari, Kakashi’s expression immediately changed.

His always successful lightning cut was actually unable to pierce through Gari’s body!

“Get lost!”

Gari punched out with a backhand, and the explosive blood technique forced Kakashi to retreat.

Root originally did not dare to take it head-on.

If he was hit by the explosion, his body would explode on the spot!

“So that’s how it is.

The explosion and the steel escape… In order to kill me, he really spared no effort.

He actually sent out a dangerous guy like you.”

Yuuji’s expression was grave, feeling that it was a little tricky.

‘The explosive version of Gari appeared in the comic version, and the steel version appeared in the movie version.’

‘And now… F*ck, the explosion and the terrifying defense of steel simultaneously appeared.

This caused the degree of difficulty of Hunting this guy to increase by several times.’

“Elite Jonins were not that easy to deal with.”

“Oh It seems that you know about me… However, my steel escape blood inheritance is top secret information… So, how did you know”

Gari narrowed his eyes and once again used the Steel Transformation Technique, pouncing towards Yuuji.

A decisive look appeared in Yuuji’s eyes as he continuously sent out over a dozen shockwaves, crazily clearing out the area, smashing apart a large number of earth walls, and also slowing down Gari’s attack speed.

“Don’t stop, take this opportunity, everyone scatters and retreats!!”

At this time, Hiruko roared out in a sinister manner and immediately rushed towards Yuuji.

Yuuji’s face sank.

Iwa ninja, who had been attacked by a slap, had been crippled by countless radiations.

Hiruko had already rushed over and stretched out his hand, wanting to grab Yuuji.

“Let’s go, this guy is too strong, he is not someone we can deal with!”

Hiruko said in a low voice, slightly anxious.

“No, Lord Hiruko, you and I will cover the retreat of the others.

As Sannin’s close friend, you will not do something like abandoning your companions to escape, right Kakashi, I appoint you as the temporary captain.

Immediately retreat with the others.”

Yuuji dodged to the side and avoided Hiruko’s palm.

Hiruko really wanted to say that he could really do it.

He immediately became flustered and exasperated.

“Damn brat, do you know how difficult it is to deal with that guy Gari You have to live to have a future!”

Gari resisted the vibration wave, his steel-like body was unbelievably hard, and his face was gloomy and cold at that time, “None of you can escape!”

Kazue and Obito used all kinds of fire-style ninjutsu to try to stop the enemy.

Guy’s face revealed a deep determination, and he planned to risk his life to activate the higher level eight escape armor to fight to the death.

“Yuuji-san, actually, I can…” Guy said.

“No, you can’t.

Trust me, Guy, retreat immediately! You understand that I have a way to escape.” Yuuji looked deeply at Guy.

“… I understand.”

Guy nodded heavily.

‘Could it be that Yuuji-san… was going to use that technique That technique that even made father shudder in fear…’

“Kakashi, Rin, Kazue, Obito, let’s go! We can only hold Yuuji-san back if we stay here!”

Guy said solemnly.

At the same time, he grabbed Kazue and Rin and roared as he opened the fifth door.

He increased his speed.

“Yuuji-san, if you die, I won’t be able to live either.

You know this, right” Kazue said with a smile and left without looking back.


Kakashi used a short knife to cut off the neck of an Iwa ninja.

After hesitating for a moment, he finally gritted his teeth.

“Yuuji, don’t die.

I will come back to save you after I find reinforcements! Obito, we… Obito”

“Ah, I, Uchiha Obito, will not escape in the face of battle! Iwa ninja’s bastards, come at me! ”

Obito had already been forced to the top by this nearly desperate situation.

Not only did he not retreat, but he also madly pounced towards Iwa ninja.

“Yuuji, if you leave one more person behind, you will be able to hold on for more time, right I will not leave you behind!” Rin said, “Quickly run, I will cover you! ”

Obito’s eyes were bloodshot, he first moved himself to a complete mess.

‘Is this guy a fool!’

This sentence appeared in everyone’s hearts.

He had already said it so clearly.

Yuuji had mastered some kind of secret technique and had enough confidence to escape, but this guy actually rushed up

For a moment, Yuuji did not know what to say.


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