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Chapter 31 - You're Already Dead!Guy carried Genma and jumped out of the training ground.

He looked at the two figures in the training ground with a serious expression.

Until this moment, he could not believe that Kakashi would become like this.

“Yuuji… can he win Kakashi is simply a madman.

His attacks are very fierce.” Genma asked in a low voice, his eyes open.

“He can win.

Yuuji-san is very strong, very strong! So strong that even I don’t know how much power is hidden in his body.” Guy clenched his fists.

If there was anyone in this world that he could trust, other than his father, it would be Yuuji.

‘If Yuuji really used that technique, even Kakashi would die!’

‘However, Yuuji-san, will you really kill Kakashi Are you really doing this because of Kakashi’s change’


“You seem to have grasped an invisible poison that can continuously weaken your opponent’s strength.

In the end, you will gain the upper hand…”

Kakashi slashed with his saber, his eyes surging with a cold light.

In that case, as long as he finished the battle quickly and ended the battle before he was disturbed by the mysterious poison, it would be fine.

It was a very simple tactic, but it was very practical.


In the time it took for a spark to fly, this blade directly pounced towards Yuuji’s face.

It was incomparably swift and fierce.

That kind of undisguised sharpness was clearly the awareness to kill.

Yuuji didn’t even bat an eyelid.

In his expressionless face, his head slightly leaned back.

As he grabbed out horizontally with his hand, he flew up his knee and fiercely smashed it against the other party’s chest.


The two figures collided head-on, directly launching a physical attack.

Every move was impeccable, far surpassing those of the same age.

The super fast speed of the fight made people unable to handle it.

“This guy’s strength is actually so amazing…”

Kakashi’s eyes showed shock.

The place where he collided with Yuuji was faintly painful.

Even with the cover of chakra, it was still difficult to cover this damage.


“Don’t be distracted.

It will kill you.” Yuuji used his shoulder to hit Kakashi.

When the other side slashed, he did not resist at all and just rushed over.


The white tooth dagger pierced through Yuuji’s shoulder, but Yuuji took this opportunity to raise his hand and punch the shocked Kakashi, sending him flying.

“I already said that you need to be prepared to die in a duel with me.”

Yuuji stood in place as if nothing had happened.

Even though there was blood flowing from his shoulder, his expression did not change.

“You hesitated just now, Kakashi.”

“In order to punch me, you deliberately let me cut you” Kakashi coughed and found that his ribs were broken in his chest.

But compared to this, Yuuji’s actions made him feel shocked.

“Don’t worry about these details.

I am different from you, Kakashi.”

Yuuji directly picked up the white tooth dagger and pulled it out bit by bit.

Every subtle movement could bring out a large amount of blood.

Under Kakashi’s shocked gaze, Yuuji covered the wound with one hand.

His powerful self-healing ability began to activate.

A large number of cells in his body gathered and bred crazily, repairing the wound.

A few seconds passed, and the wound began to show signs of scabbing…

Another ten seconds passed, and the wound that had been stabbed by the dagger had stopped bleeding…

This outrageous self-healing ability shocked everyone at that time.

“This is also one of your blood inheritance abilities… This is comparable to the life force of medical Ninjutsu, then there is no need for me to hold back.

This sentence is also for you, be careful not to be killed by me.”

Kakashi suppressed the shock in his heart and immediately made a seal.

A large amount of lightning gathered in his palm.



“This is too reckless! How can Kakashi use this immature technique on his fellow villagers”

In the Hokage building, Minato looked at the image that appeared on the crystal ball.

His expression changed slightly and he immediately wanted to stop this duel.

“Wait a bit longer, Minato.

Yuuji won’t lose so easily.” Sandaime took a puff on his pipe.

“But, Lord Sandaime, this is not a matter of winning or losing.

Kakashi’s psychological problem has already reached a critical point.

If we continue to let it go, it might lead to irreversible things happening!”

Minato frowned.

Sandaime did not speak and only observed silently.

‘Who would have thought that you, who had committed suicide because of being slandered and unwilling to be humiliated, would leave behind such an outstanding descendant.

However, such a genius had also reached a dangerous level…’

“Hero has never been born out of thin air.

It has to be baptized by blood and fire… Minato, you have to understand this.”

Sandaime said meaningfully.

‘This was a technique that a qualified shadow had to grasp.’

“Look, Yuuji is starting to fight back.

His Blood Succession Boundary is so amazing and powerful, which is full of surprises.”

Sandaime looked at Yuuji who was taking action with appreciation.


On the training ground, two figures rushed to each other.

Accompanied by an ear-piercing roar, the blue lightning flashed, reflecting the two fierce collisions of new generation Ninjas.


Kakashi raised his hand and stabbed at Yuuji.

As long as this strike landed, it was enough to take away Yuuji’s life.

However, in this instant.

“You have already lost, Kakashi.”

Nuclear Release – Oscillating Wave!


Kakashi, who was like a sharp arrow, was sent flying by the terrifying shock wave on the spot.

Even the entire training ground began to show signs of collapse.


Kakashi turned into a puff of smoke.

“Shadow Clone Then the main body should be…”

Earth Escape – Heart Slash!

Two hands suddenly reached out from the ground, wanting to drag Yuuji underground.

But at this time, Yuuji seemed to have already expected it.

He raised his foot and ruthlessly kicked down.


After breaking through the earth layer, he stepped on Kakashi’s head with his foot.

The terrifying force immediately stupefied Kakashi.

“This kind of little trick is useless against me.

All your actions can not escape my perception.” Yuuji said lightly, then squatted down, grabbed Kakashi by the neck, and dragged him out.

It was as if he was dragging a dog.


Kakashi was covered in dirt, and his eyes revealed deep shock and anger.

Lightning gathered in his hands, wanting to take the opportunity to shoot out a thousand birds.

But in the next moment, the chakra in his body suddenly stopped.

His internal organs and every bone in his body seemed to burst out with a terrible disease, erupting with an abnormal temperature.

This intense change in his body directly caused Kakashi to scream and spit out blood.

One of Yuuji’s hands tightly gripped Kakashi’s neck, and the other hand formed a seal.

He said indifferently,

“Kakashi, have you not realized that before you used the Heart Slayer Technique, you were actually already… dead.”


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