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 Chapter 28 - Sure Enough, I Still Couldn'tThey finally met.

Orochimaru looked at Yuuji with interest.

His long tongue unconsciously licked, rolling up the balls one after another, and stuffing them into his mouth.

“Wow! There’s a monster!” An innocent child who was passing by was scared to tears on the spot and ran away while screaming.

“It’s my first time meeting you, Orochimaru-sama.

I’m really honored.”

Yuuji bowed slightly and did not show any peculiarities.

He also did not think about whether this meeting was accidental or deliberate, because it was already meaningless.

“Sensei, it’s this guy.

Last time, I lost the competition because of him.

Damn it!”

Anko’s face was full of anger.

She was eager to challenge Yuuji.

Because she was defeated by a mouthful of blood, Anko was simply a stepping stone for Yuuji to become famous.

“Step down, Anko.

You are no match for him now.

The other party has already started to become famous – Konoha is a genius.

There is no reason for him to lose to you.”

Orochimaru laughed in a low and hoarse voice.

“However, Yuuji awakened the Blood Succession Boundary.

It really surprised me.

He can actually achieve the destruction and distortion of cells.”

When Orochimaru recalled the large number of oral cells he had collected from Anko’s mouth, he felt a burst of excitement.

It had changed.

The cells that should have been normal in the oral cavity had exploded with a certain degree of mutation in an astonishing proportion.

“Thank you so much for the matter with Anko.

Yuuji, if you had taken away that power a little later, I’m afraid that Anko would have been killed by you…” Orochimaru revealed a terrifying smile.

“I’m really sorry.

I don’t want such a thing to happen either…”

“I don’t blame you.

Instead, I’m looking forward to your performance.

Maybe you will become my subordinate.”

Orochimaru stared at Yuuji, as if he was looking at a rare treasure.

‘What did he find’

‘A moving treasure trove that could trigger cell mutation!’

This was a fatal attraction for Orochimaru, who was pursuing immortality and crazily collecting and studying various blood limits.

Cell mutation meant the unknown, and what Orochimaru liked the most was the unknown.

Yuuji smiled at Orochimaru as he dragged Anko away.

Similarly, he ordered some meatballs at the stall and quietly found an empty seat to eat.


The sun was setting.

At dusk, Yuuji got up and returned home.

“Sure enough, Orochimaru still has his eyes on me.

If I were a scientist, I would definitely be interested in radiation.”

Yuuji smiled and shook his head.

This was really bad news.

If he rashly contacted Orochimaru without strength, it would be very easy for him to be swallowed up.

It seemed that he had to seriously consider his next move.


That night.

In the secret laboratory.

As always, Orochimaru carried out his experiments.

He dissected the corpses that he had secretly collected from the battlefield one by one, conducting complicated experiments.


“Orochimaru, I can’t delay Hiruzen any longer.

He needs you to go to the battlefield to share the pressure with him.”

Shimura Danzo walked in with a cold expression on his face.

“Heh, I was already prepared.

As for you, Danzo, normally speaking, aren’t you going to the east to deal with those clowns like Kirigakure Why are you still unwilling to take action” Orochimaru sneered.

Danzo’s face sank.

“I don’t need you to tell me what to do! Don’t forget your identity!”

“… I know, what an old-fashioned guy.”

Orochimaru cut down, dug out a heart from the corpse, and carefully stored it in the vessel.

After a while, Danzo was a little impatient.

“When will you do what you promised me When will the experiment between Hashirama and Sharingan begin”

“Soon, just wait a little longer.

I need more Sharingan as a specimen.”


“Hmph, I will think of a way to get more eyes, but you must get results!”

Danzo glanced at the laboratory that was full of broken limbs and turned to leave expressionlessly.

It was not easy to get Sharingan.

He immediately left for the eastern battlefield.

Over there, the main force of Uchiha’s clan was fighting against Kirigakure’s ninjas.

People would die every day.

“I remember that Uchiha’s new generation genius is a member of Shibi’s team…”

Danzo’s single eye was filled with a sinister intent.

“Torune, although you have just joined Root not long ago, I believe that you have already realized it.

Now, I need you to monitor everyone in Shibi’s team and brainwash Kazue and Yuuji.

Think of a way to let them join Root’s team.”

Danzo walked out of the laboratory and ordered the Root members who were guarding the door.

“Understood, Danzo-sama, everything is for Konoha! Yuuji and Kazue are the ninjas that Root needs, but the Hokage…”

“Don’t worry about Hiruzen.

If the two of them are willing to join Root, even Hiruzen won’t be able to stop them.” Danzo said indifferently.

Torune nodded slightly and silently followed behind Danzo.

His expression under the mask was filled with reverence whenever he looked at Danzo.

Danzo was very satisfied when he felt this burning gaze.

Aburame Torune, a ninja who has mastered nano poisonous insects, is really excellent, and has the awareness to sacrifice himself for Konoha.

Yuuji sat on the bed, his consciousness sinking, and once again entering the dark space.

This time, he stood 90 meters away from Godzilla – it was 10 meters ahead.

“I can’t advance any further.

With my chakra, I can only do this step.”

Yuuji gathered a large amount of chakra, which was comparable to superior Ninja’s chakra.

At most, it only made the big guy in front of him respond a little.

This made Yuuji very helpless.

He was really a terrifying big guy.

The meeting with Orochimaru during the day made Yuuji feel a great sense of crisis, driving him to find a way to get stronger power.

‘The most ideal situation is to quickly obtain Godzilla’s power.

Not to mention turning me into Godzilla, at the very least, I need to have the ability to create an ability similar to a Biju coat…’

He was now an existence similar to the Pillar Force, and following the path of the Pillar Force was a more suitable path in his imagination.


“This big guy is sleeping so soundly.

Other than Chakra, he is not interested in anything else.

This is really difficult…”

Yuuji sat cross-legged at a 90 meter position and pondered for a moment.

His eyes revealed a decisive expression.

‘I need to take the risk.’

‘The source of Chakra of Jubi was God Tree.’

If he wanted to study Chakra, he couldn’t avoid God Tree no matter what, and in his hands, there was something that was related to God Tree.

White Zetsu’s corpse.


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