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Although Orochimaru was annoying, he was indeed a genius.

When Yuuji tried to remove the curse seal on Anko’s neck, he confirmed this again.

Relying on Jugo alone, he was actually able to do this.

“Through the curse seal, I can pry into the mysteries of natural energy… If there is a choice, it is best not to enter Mount Myouboku.”

Yuuji pressed Anko down on the operating table, causing her to fall into a coma as he pondered.

In which Sage Region you practice senjutsu, there would be a sign of evolving into a creature of the said Sage Region.

Even if Naruto obtained Sage of the Six Path’s Yang energy and removed his eye shadow, then obtained the true perfect Sage Mode, the horizontal line that represented Mount Myouboku’s toad characteristics still existed in his pupils.

Right now, he wasn’t sure what this meant, but Yuuji felt that Sage Mode from the three Sage Regions was more like using the three Sage Regions as a “middleman” to draw in natural energy and naturally dropping a level.

Because it was the downline of the “middleman”, it must carry the corresponding middleman characteristics.

“Under the premise of not being sure of the deep meaning of this, there is no need to take this risk before officially following the Yondaime to Mount Myouboku.

It is better to find an opportunity to get close to Sage Mode and then let me become the “middleman” who can directly touch the natural energy.”

Yuuji moved while thinking.

The so-called Sage of the three Sage Regions were essentially a group of monsters who had mastered natural energy and chakra.

Yuuji never minded looking at the three Sage Regions with malicious eyes.

Transplanting the curse seal and letting Kazue grasp the power of the curse seal was what Yuuji did to observe natural energy.

In the closed laboratory.

Kazue stood beside Yuuji and activated Mangekyo Sharingan to observe Anko’s state.

The main point was to look at the curse seal on Anko’s neck.

“A very powerful chakra is gushing out from this curse seal… Is this natural energy that Yuuji-san talked about The curse seal absorbs natural energy and then combines it with Anko’s physical and spiritual energy, creating Senjutsu chakra…”

Kazue’s eyes were shining as she looked at the scene in front of her with excitement.

Although she was already very powerful now and in Konoha’s eyes, her strength was at the top.

Because of her Mangekyo Sharingan, almost no one in this world could kill her before her eye power was exhausted.

However, Kazue was still full of interest in more powerful power.

For this reason, after receiving Yuuji’s notice, Kazue even went through all the ancient books of the Uchiha clan and found some clues about Senjutsu.

‘The most recent record of senjutsu in the clan was the Sage Mode of the First Hokage, but it was only mentioned in one stroke.’

“Can I become Sage through this curse seal” Kazue clenched her fists, looking forward to it.

Yuuji said lightly, “It can only be said to be a fake Sage.

The amount of Senjutsu’s chakra obtained by relying on the curse seal is very small, and the quality is extremely low and unstable.

There is also a time limit, and the erosion of the body is also very astonishing.

This requires a price.”

Kazue said with a smile, “Yuuji-san, don’t worry,

What I am least afraid of is damage to the body and soul.

My eyes are enough to repair all of this.

In other words, the power of the curse seal is actually very suitable for me… right”

Inferior Unstable Corrosion Short time Danger

This was what Kazue was least afraid of.

“As long as my eyes are here, I can pay this price.” The Mangekyo Sharingan in Kazue’s eyes began to rotate.

“Since you have decided, then let’s begin.

Combining the power of curse seal and your Susanoo, you can increase the strength of Susanoo by a level.”

Yuuji stretched out his hand, and the moment his palm touched Anko’s neck, it began to melt.

Half of his hand seemed to merge into Anko’s body.

Ninp: Sh Utsushi Harano(Ninjutsu: Erasing the Original Technique)!

A large number of cells belonging to Yuuji poured into Anko’s body and immediately began to swarm toward the curse seal on her neck.

His cells had the characteristics of infection and plundering the genes of healthy cells.

After seizing or infecting Anko’s cells, they would constantly replace and assimilate, carefully cutting and separating the parts that were wrapped around the curse seal bit by bit.

They were constantly transferred to a piece of flesh and blood.

This required a lot of energy, and he had to be careful.

Halfway through, Yuuji’s cells naturally suffered from the corrosion of natural energy and showed signs of being out of control.

“Natural energy, what a violent power.

Chaos and disorder…” Yuuji raised his eyebrows.

He felt the distortion and death of his cells.

Strange lines began to spread out from the curse seal quietly.

Just as it was about to spread in a large area, Yuuji successfully isolated the curse seal.

The only troublesome part was that the curse seal and part of Anko’s mental connection had also been forcibly removed.

When Anko woke up, she would definitely feel extremely exhausted mentally and physically, and a serious illness was certain.

“That’s enough.

I’ve already obtained the curse seal.”

Yuuji slowly pulled out his palm.

The three magatamas floated in Yuuji’s squirming palm.

Beside him, Kazue was already impatient and eager to try.

“As long as you plant this on me, will I be able to learn Senjutsu”

“On the surface, it is true, but there is one mistake.

I do not intend to plant this on you.”

Yuuji held the curse seal in one hand and continuously killed and abandoned large amounts of cells invaded by natural energy to stop the spread of the curse seal.

At the same time, he looked at Kazue and said lightly, “The curse seal is a product of the cooperation between Orochimaru and Jugo, so it naturally has the characteristics of the two of them… especially, this curse seal on Anko’s neck once had the soul fragment of Orochimaru residing in it.

Although it is no longer there, it is still a risk in the end.”

“Therefore, Kazue, I plan to plant this curse seal on your Susanoo directly.”


Kazue revealed a surprised expression.

Curse seal… can it be directly planted in Susanoo

“You can see your Susanoo as a special seal, such as the Fja Hin(Evil Sealing Method).

For example, when you don’t activate Susanoo, closing the Susanoo is equivalent to closing the curse seal, preventing it from receiving natural energy.

When activating Susanoo, the curse seal planted on Susanoo will also appear and contact the outside world, then it automatically begins to absorb natural energy.”

This was Yuuji’s idea.

He did not intend to plant the curse seal on Kazue directly.

Although Kazue’s body was also made from his cells combined with Indra’s genes, it could also multiply cells and kill cells to curb the spread of natural energy in her body.

However, risks were risks.

There was no need to do this, especially to be on guard against Orochimaru.

“I understand.

Since it is Yuuji-san’s decision, then I will comply…” Kazue smiled as she pulled up her long hair.

Although she was not afraid of Orochimaru at all, even if Orochimaru wanted to possess her, Kazue was confident that she could rely on Mangekyo Sharingan to kill him.

However, since Yuuji had made a decision, she did not intend to violate it.

In the next moment, powerful eye power burst out from her eyes.


The second-stage half-giant Susanoo appeared in this laboratory.

It gave off a strong sense of oppression as soon as it appeared.

“Second Stage Susanoo… it seems that you have executed my order very well.”

Yuuji observed for a while and praised.

At the initial stage, there were only a few ribs and a skeleton hand stretched out.

The first stage is the half-body skeleton.

The second stage was still only the upper body, but it had already grown muscles and was covered with a simple layer of armor.

Similarly, in the second stage, Susanoo could use its own spiritual weapon, such as the bow and arrow that Sasuke showed when fighting Danzo.

The next stage, the third stage, is very dangerous.

It was still a half body, but on the basis of the original armor, a layer of heavy armor had grown.

When Itachi battle with Sasuke, he reveals the third stage for the first time.

After dozens of seconds, he died because of his sickness.

When Sasuke wanted to kill Kakashi, he activated the third stage.

Kakashi was scared to the point that his whole body was covered in a cold sweat.

But before Sasuke could act tough, his eyes were almost blind.

He could not even maintain three tomoe.

His eyesight was equivalent to a normal person’s myopia of 800 to 1000 degrees.

His vision was blurred.

Therefore, opening the second stage of Susanoo was the most cost-effective.

It could have not only good combat strength but also controlled Susanoo’s spiritual weapons; it also did not seriously consume eye power, which could slow down the loss of eyesight.

Only the second stage was allowed for Kazue to use, and she was strictly forbidden to develop the third stage, which was Yuuji’s order.

Mangekyo Sharingan’s upper limit was the third stage; the fourth stage, where one could move around freely with a complete body and form wings, was already the domain of Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan.

“Of course, I can be very serious and obedient… However, Yuuji-san knows Mangekyo Sharingan so well, and I am very curious about how he did it.

Logically speaking, when Danzo was still alive, it was impossible for him to give such secret information to you, right” Kazue looked at the man in front of her curiously.

Indeed, from the moment she opened Mangekyo Sharingan when she fought Ichibi, Yuuji displayed extraordinary calmness and wisdom.

He seemed to understand her eyes very well.

It was fine for Izanagi; after all, when Kazue accepted Yuuji’s human body experiment, he had wasted her right eye in exchange for a chance to start over again.

In addition, Danzo was very knowledgeable about this technique.

But the degree of familiarity that Yuuji had with Susanoo truly shocked Kazue.

He was extremely familiar with every stage of Susanoo.

At that time, Yuuji was not the leader of Root, just Danzo’s student.

Theoretically, he should not know so much.

Kazue seriously suspected that even if it were Danzo himself, it was impossible for him to know so much about Susanoo because no one who had opened Mangekyo Sharingan would be so sincere as to hand over all his doujutsu information.

The last person who opened Mangekyo Sharingan was Uchiha Madara!

Yuuji didn’t even raise his head, “You don’t need to ask about this.

You can know; I will tell you.

You can’t know; there is no need to ask me.”

“Understood, it’s really domineering, and I like it very much.”

Yuuji was too lazy to answer these words; he just continued, “After the transplant is successful, use the power of the curse seal to combine with Susanoo, making the seal patterns of the curse seal continuously cover the entire Susanoo.

This is Senjutsu Susanoo.

With your qualifications, you should be able to do this.”

Senjutsu Susanoo appeared at the end of the Fourth Ninja World War.

Sasuke controlled the fourth stage of Susanoo, which had grown its lower body and pulled Jugo along.

Then through receiving the curse seal that had grown out of Jugo’s body, it created a new form by covering Susanoo with the curse seal.

Yuuji planned to copy this process so that Kazue could also have Senjutsu Susanoo’s ability.

“Using the second stage to fuse with the Curse Seal of Heaven, there should be no problem…”

Sasuke succeeded in combining the fourth stage with Jugo.

Yuuji immediately slapped his palm on Susanoo’s right arm.


Three magatamas were stuck on Susanoo’s right arm.

Natural energy began to seep into Susanoo through this curse seal.

“Is this natural energy It’s really violent…”

This was the first time Kazue had received natural energy.

Her expression changed slightly.

With the help of Susanoo, she felt a large amount of violent and disorderly energy pouring into her.

Kazue tried to control this natural energy, but there were many obstacles.

“You need to use chakra to fuse with natural energy… You can’t control the natural energy itself right now.” Yuuji leaned against the wall and calmly observed.

The three magatamas on the right arm of Susanoo suddenly enlarged, and a large number of seal patterns squirmed and began to spread toward the entire Susanoo.

Soon, Kazue’s Susanoo was covered with seal patterns.

After a while.

“I have already adapted to this power…” Kazue murmured in a low voice.


Natural energy was combined with Susanoo.

Although the natural energy was not much, and Susanoo was only at the second stage, the lack of the two was just perfect for Kazue to stabilize control.

At this time, the large number of seal patterns that were spreading out had already gradually stabilized and attached to the surface of Susanoo.

“It seems that you have already mastered the curse seal stage 1.

What about Stage 2 Use the curse seal to completely cover Susanoo and provide your Susanoo with even more powerful strength Although without the guidance of Orochimaru and I directly planted the curse seal on Susanoo, as long as you can draw enough natural energy, as long as you can use Susanoo to control it, you can naturally enter Stage 2.”

At the side, Yuuji nodded, and his face revealed a look of understanding.

This was not beyond his expectations.

Kazue hesitated for a moment and then began to release the speed at which the curse seal absorbed the natural energy.

More natural energy poured in, and dense seal patterns surged, multiplying in large amounts.

Gradually, the Susanoo was covered by a black seal pattern, and it forcibly dyed Kazue’s Susanoo into a strange black color.

Moreover, the black surface of this layer was still faintly squirming, and it was extremely strange.

It was not just that.

The black seal patterns even have the possibility to change Susanoo’s shape.

This was the more powerful stage 2, using more natural energy to change the shape and even grow more organs.

“…I can only initially maintain Stage 2, but if I want to tap this power further, I can’t do it for the time being.”

Kazue tried to use the curse seal to create more body parts for Susanoo under the premise of maintaining Susanoo’s second stage, but she failed.

With a slight movement, the curse seal immediately went berserk.

She still needed more time to control all of this.

Yuuji nodded slightly; from beginning to end, he maintained a calm expression.

Until this moment, he looked at this black-colored Susanoo whose surface was constantly squirming and approved it.

“Kazue, you are qualified.”

Yuuji said, “I am setting up a secret special organization with the goal of acquiring the top power system in the ninja world and even the universe… You are now qualified to change your identity and join in.”

“This organization is called…Eye!”


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