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Kyuubi should be the strongest Bijuu.

At least that was what Konan thought.

According to her understanding, when the Ninja Village System was just established, the other villages also tried to snatch Bijuu first and gain the advantage.

Among them, Kumogakure had his eyes on Kyuubi.

The Gold and Silver Brothers took the Treasured Tools of the Sage of Six Paths to attack Kyuubi, but they suffered a defeat.

Then, Xu and Madara went everywhere to capture a large number of Bijuu in one go and discuss with the other villages about the Bijuu allocation.

With that, the first Five Kage Summit was established.

Konoha chose to keep the Kyuubi in Konoha.

They would rather let some villages have two Bijuu than let others keep Kyuubi.

“Hmph, two fools.

They clearly got all of Bijuu.

They clearly have the ability to suppress the entire ninja world with absolute strength, but they still want to balance it out.

Now they have to rely on Nagato, and they have to catch Bijuu again…”

With this thought in mind, Konan flew in the air and headed straight for Kakashi’s team.

She had not fought with any Bijuu or Jinchuriki so far, so she could only make guesses about Kyuubi’s strength.

“Xu and Madara invaded Konoha, causing Kyuubi to be divided.

One of them is Fourth Hokage’s son, and the other Jinchuriki is this guy”

Konan floated high up in the sky and looked down at Kakashi’s team.

Five figures appeared before her eyes.

But what was more important was the current state of the five.

They were completely unscathed after being bombarded by a hundred thousand explosive tags.

The five of them stood together, each of them wearing a layer of Bijuu Coat.

What’s even more surprising was that Susanoo was covering them following the shape of the Bijuu Coat, which looked quite awkward.

Well, one can imagine how… ugly such a Susanoo was.

But it didn’t matter.

Shisui simply didn’t care about this kind of detail; as long as it was useful, it was fine.

“The Susanoo’s Bijuu Coat.

That Kakashi-senpai for you, to actually able to think of this method, otherwise just relying on Bijuu Coat or Susanoo, our consumption will be very huge.”

Shisui looked at the Bijuu Coat on the surface of his body, and his face was full of amazement.

The thinking of a genius.

“This is not something I came up with.

I had once read a file that records the time when Uchiha Madara used this technique.

It is to use Susanoo to cover Kyuubi and fight against the First Hokage.”

Kakashi said in a deep voice.

The others also felt as if they had just survived a calamity.

Being crazily bombarded by 100,000 explosive tags, they absolutely did not want to taste this kind of taste a second time.

In those few seconds of the explosion just now, they really felt that they were going to die here, but they did not expect that they actually survived…

“Unexpectedly blocking this kind of attack, Captain Kakashi actually grasped Kyuubi chakra; Shisui activated Mangekyo Sharingan and can activate Susanoo…”

Hoheto clenched his fists tightly.

In addition to his excitement, a strong sense of jealousy emerged in his heart as he stared fixedly at Shisui’s eyes.

‘This is a pair of Mangekyo Sharingan from the Uchiha Clan!!’

‘Damn it, on what basis’

‘Such powerful eyes appeared one after another in the Uchiha Clan.

They had completed the breakthrough and sublimation of the three tomoe Sharingan.

However, the Hyuga clan, who was also a powerful clan and also known as one of the Three Great Djutsu, was stuck at the level of ordinary Byakugan and could not advance.’

‘Not only that, the majority of the clan members had to bear the restraint of Caged Bird Cursed Seal.

Their Byakugan’s potential was locked and a blind spot in their vision!’

“The eyes that surpass Byakugan… I have to get them no matter what!” Hoheto clenched his teeth; his unwillingness and strong ambition gnawed at his heart like a poisonous bug.

“Be careful; the enemy is here.”

Kosuke said in a deep voice.

Kakashi looked at Konan with fear and said to Shisui without turning his head, “Shisui, how long can you hold on”

Shisui’s eyes were bloodshot.

He immediately said, “Don’t worry, Kakashi-senpai.

It will not affect the following battles.”

“That’s good…”

However, Shisui did not tell the truth.

There was no problem with his left eye.

In terms of vision, it was roughly equivalent to an ordinary person’s 50-degree myopia, and there was almost no effect.

The biggest problem was still his right eye.

It already has terrible eyesight; at this time, because he used Susanoo to resist such a terrible attack, it slid further into the abyss of blindness.

At this moment, his vision was probably… more than 400-degree.

“Shisui, Mangekyo Sharingan still has two eye techniques; you can use these two techniques to kill the enemy,” Hoheto suggested in a low voice.

A troubled expression appeared on Shisui’s face.

‘My right eye Kotoamatsukami erased memories in the short-term, and it is of little use to the enemy.

The real useful one was the left eye Kotoamatsukami, but this left eye Kotoamatsukami…’

Was he really going to use this technique, Kotoamatsukami: Guardian Yuuji-senpai

This was a ten-year-long cooldown period.

If he used it now, Shisui estimated that he would not be able to wait until the next time he used this technique.

His eyes might not be able to last until ten years later.

Moreover, without Yuuji’s permission, Shisui was extremely reluctant to use his left eye deep in his heart.

“Focus your attention.

The enemy is about to attack… another two have come.”

Kakashi said in a low voice, helping Shisui out of the situation.

Sasori and Zetsu appeared in front of them.

The three of them faced off against the five of Kakashi’s team.

“It really is Kyuubi Jinchuriki…” A delighted expression appeared on Konan’s face.

Control Kyuubi’s chakra; what was it if not for Kyuubi Jinchuriki

Although she wasn’t sure how much of Kyuubi’s chakra was in his possession.

It didn’t matter; she just needed to knock him out and capture him back.

“It’s just that I didn’t expect a pair of Mangekyo Sharingan would appear here…” Konan glanced at Shisui, and immediately shifted her gaze away, not daring to meet Shisui’s gaze.

‘This is troublesome.’

‘Mangekyo Sharingan has a very powerful eye power, impossible to guard genjutsu, and completely unreasonable single-eye pupil technique…’

When Konan was still thinking.

Sasori was already excited.

“Forget about Kyuubi Jinchuriki.

I didn’t think that there would be people from the Uchiha clan here! Mangekyo Sharingan I’ll take your body!”

Sasori was so excited that he stared straight at Shisui.

‘Killing this man, then transforming his body and mastering his Mangekyo Sharingan must be very wonderful.’

‘This is a much more precious material than Third Kazekage.’

He immediately controlled the tattered Third Kazekage, eager to try.

“How greedy.

Mangekyo Sharingan is not so easy to deal with.” Zetsu reminded.

“Hmph, long-winded.

Not easy to deal with.

It’s not like we can’t deal with him!” Sasori snorted coldly.

Kakashi carefully sized up these three people and continued to observe them.

Especially after seeing the Third Kazekage puppet controlled by Sasori, his expression changed.

“That woman and that plant are wearing the same clothes.

Black clothes and red clouds are the same as Sage’s eyes and Xu’s clothes… Are you all members of Akatsuki”

“If I remember correctly, isn’t this puppet Sunagakure Third Kazekage This makes sense.

Sasori, right You were the one who assassinated the Kazekage of your own village and transformed him into a puppet.

You indirectly grasped his magnet release…”

“So, you two had just fought and reached a certain consensus.

For example… Sasori joined Akatsuki”

Many mysteries had been solved at this moment.

The disappearance of the Third Kazekage was the trigger of the Third Ninja World War.

In order to divert the conflict, the flustered and exasperated Sunagakure directly put this huge blame on Konohagakure, claiming that Konohagakure had murdered their Kazekage.

The Third Ninja World War broke out.

The culprit was now found.

Kakashi’s expression was grave, “Among the known Akatsuki members, there are Sage’s eye and those two, and now there is another Sasori… They specially recruited strong ninjas; what exactly is Akatsuki planning to do!!”

“It’s useless even if you find out.

You will soon become my collection.” Sasori looked at Kakashi with a sneer.

After a pause, the more he looked at Kakashi, the more familiar he felt.

“What is your relationship with Konoha White Fang… Forget it; it’s all in the past anyway.

In the end, I will still kill you.” Sasori recalled that his parents seemed to have been killed by Konoha White Fang.

It just so happened that he could settle the old scores together.

The broken Third Kazekage suddenly began to move.

A large amount of iron sand spewed out of his mouth, turning into sharp blades that pounced toward Kakashi and the others.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

These iron pieces hit the castrated version of Susanoo one after another, leaving some scars on the surface.

“This damn thing, Susanoo, is really hard.

As far as I know, Konoha’s Mangekyo Sharingan ninjas should only be Fugaku and Kazue.

I didn’t expect that there was also you hidden…”

Sasori was very cautious.

He now knew nothing about Shisui’s two Mangekyo Sharingan eye power, so he didn’t dare to make a move easily.

In the sky, Konan also looked down from above.

“I was surprised that Kami no Shisha no Jutsu(Paper Person of God Technique) couldn’t kill you.

But, how long can your chakra hold on using this level of defense”

Konan coldly snorted, and her whole body began to divide into a large amount of paper, which turned into Shuriken.

“Kami Shuriken(Paper Shuriken)!”

A barrage of attacks bombarded the Susanoo.

“Captain Kakashi, what should we do Do we have to deal with the enemy separately But we have too little information about the enemy…” Shisui covered his right eye, and his breathing became heavier.

“I will deal with that woman.

Shisui, you go and deal with Sasori.

The other three will deal with that half-black and half-white guy, mainly to delay.

After Shisui and I deal with the enemy, we will help you.”

Kakashi quickly judged the situation and said in a deep voice.

The two ninjas of the other side could fly, so they could not escape.

They could only fight.

This was very risky.

In the battle between ninjas, a large part of the content is intelligence warfare.

If you know the strength of the other side in advance, the secret technique and forbidden technique will have a completely different effect on the battle situation.

“The only good news is that they have consumed a lot of strength just now, and Sasori’s condition is definitely very problematic… Shisui, finish the battle quickly! Move!”

Susanoo instantly changed.

Kakashi also withdrew the Kyuubi’s chakra on the other four people and looked up at the sky.

The five of them split up and charged at the three enemies.

“Hey, don’t come at me.

I’m not good at fighting.” Zetsu shouted and immediately drilled into the ground, then came out of a tree, causing Kosuke and the other two to miss.

Kosuke was shocked, “Able to integrate into the ground and trees Isn’t this guy’s ability the same as that one”

“That’s right.

That person who had fought with Yondaime-sama and Yuuji-sama before can indeed travel freely.

But how did this half-black and half-white guy do it” Morino Ibiki’s face sank.

Hoheto uses his Byakugan, “I can’t see any traces of this guy’s movement.

It seems that he can really merge perfectly… Did this guy learn that one’s ninjutsu”

“I’ll kill you.

It was clearly…” Zetsu stood on the tree, but Black Zetsu scolded him to shut up before he could finish speaking.

Black Zetsu looked at the three fishes indifferently, “Since I have nothing to do anyway, I’ll just play with these three fellows…”

The battle broke out.

“Suiton, Suirydan no Jutsu(Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique)!” Kosuke quickly formed a seal.

Having obtained Second Hokage’s legacy, he only used a few seals to use Water Dragon Bullet Technique successfully, and others could only use forty-two seals.

The huge water dragon roared and pounced toward the trees in front of it, destroying a large area of the forest.

“So powerful… This is Genin” Hoheto was dumbfounded as he looked at the scene in front of him in a daze.

‘This old man is strong’

‘Damn it, I was also called a genius of the branch house, but this comparison… how could it be like this!!’

Hoheto suppressed the unwillingness in his heart.

Facing Zetsu, who had just emerged from the ground, an Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven was lunch but only hit the ground, not even hitting a single hair on Zetsu.

Morino Ibiki said, “This guy is very strange.

It will take some time to take him down.”

The battle between these three people and Zetsu was purely Zetsu playing with the three of them.

On the other side, the most crucial four people were fighting.

Even Sasori did not dare to be arrogant at this time, not daring to say that he could deal with Kakashi and Shisui alone.

If the Third Kazekage were unharmed, he would still have some confidence, but now… nine hundred thousand explosive tags were not that easy to deal with.

“If not for your body that attracted me, I wouldn’t have wasted my time here!”

Sasori sneered and controlled the Third Kazekage to charge toward Shisui.

Shisui was about to use his genjutsu to deal with Sasori, but Sasori was very astute and didn’t give him this opportunity.

“Satetsu Kaih(Iron Sand World Method)!”

A large amount of iron sand floated in the air, transforming into a terrifying net, then fiercely stabbing down.

Even if Shisui used his powerful body flicker technique to dodge continuously, he was still in a sorry state.

“These iron sand contains terrifying poison…” Shisui used his Mangekyo Sharingan to observe the poison on the iron sand, and with a bitter smile, he could only use Susanoo to destroy a large amount of iron sand net forcibly.

“Jiton: Satetsu Makigai(Magnet Release: Sand Iron Spiral Shell)!”

An iron sand cone was condensed and began to rotate rapidly, ruthlessly stabbing toward the Susanoo.

The collision of the two erupted with an ear-piercing buzzing sound.

The fierce battle continued.

A battle also broke out between Kakashi and Konan.

Kakashi fought while retreating, bringing Konan away from the battlefield.

“I won’t let you escape, Kyuubi Jinchuriki.” Konan stared at Kakashi with a cold voice, especially at the Bijuu Coat with three tails.

A satisfied expression appeared on her face.

‘There are three tails.

Could it be that this guy has a third of Kyuubi sealed inside his body’

Konan’s judgment of Kyuubi was wrong.

These three tails are just the scattered chakra that Kyuubi poured out…

At the same time, when the Country of Sound was in the middle of a fierce battle.

Konohagakure, in Root Base.

After studying, Yuuji officially began to strip off the curse seal.

He turned his head to look at Kazue.

“Are you ready, Kazue Soon, you will obtain a completely different power… Senjutsu Susanoo!”


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