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As soon as he closed his eyes, he was alive again.

Danzo felt that it was very magical, ‘Who exactly was it He knew that this old man had worked hard and had done everything for Konoha, so he deliberately used Impure World Reincarnation to resurrect this old man’

‘No, the person who could use this forbidden technique that defied life and death might be an enemy.

This person clearly knew that this old man was extremely strong, so he specially revived this old man’

“It really is you, Orochimaru.

You won’t die so easily.”

Danzo slowly raised his head.

His ice-cold face twisted slightly, and he saw Orochimaru who was using the technique.

“After thinking about it, only you can cast this technique.

You actually summoned me back to the world of the living and then dealt with my student” Danzo looked at Yuuji expressionlessly.

Yuuji scratched his head, “Ah, actually, I also didn’t expect that the one who came out from Impure World Reincarnation Technique was actually you… This time, I originally planned to kill Orochimaru again.

This guy is always staring at me, no matter what, it will be very troublesome.”

“It seems that you understand this Impure World Reincarnation Technique very well, and you are not surprised at all… Right After this old man died, you should have inherited this old man’s position and obtained the ninjutsu that this old man has collected throughout his life.”

Danzo felt this state of his own, especially the nearly endless amount of chakra in his body, which made him fascinated.

At the same time, he quickly assessed the current situation, looking at Yuuji’s body size and estimating Yuuji’s age.

Did he die about…three years

Three years was enough for Yuuji to get the position of Root Leader, and then learn a lot of secret techniques.

Orochimaru sneered, “Danzo, you should be grateful to me.

If I didn’t summon you from the Pure Land, you would have really died, forever sleeping in that world.

Now that you can return to this world and take a look at this world, shouldn’t you be happy And this body can help you return to the peak.”

“Returning to the peak is too exaggerated.

This old man was very strong when I was young.”

Danzo coldly snorted.

In this short period of time, he had more or less adapted to this body.

He frowned and said, “Orochimaru, what kind of inferior goods did you use to summon this old man This old man is simply unable to display my strongest strength.”

Since he was resurrected, Danzo naturally wanted to have the strongest state.

He wanted to have the two characteristics of immortality and infinite chakra, and he wanted to get rid of Orochimaru’s control.

Although this was very difficult, once he succeeded, the benefits would be incomparably astonishing.

He would return to Konoha, and then he would have an unlimited lifespan and super strength to realize his ambitions.

“I didn’t expect to fight you…” Danzo’s eyes looked meaningfully at Yuuji.

He desperately hinted.

[You and I will work together to find a way to get rid of the Impure World Reincarnation control and regain my freedom!]

“Stop talking nonsense, Danzo.

Kill this guy! I need to get his cells!” Orochimaru said in a hoarse voice.

According to Orochimaru’s speculation, Yuuji’s cells were likely to be treasured no less than the cells of the First Hokage.

“Hmph, there’s no other way.

I never thought that one day I will be controlled by Orochimaru… Yuuji, this old man is going to make his move.

You have never seen this old man use his full strength.

You must be more careful because this old man is very strong!”

Danzo immediately revealed his right hand, “The First Hokage and Uchiha’s Bloodline Limit are both on this old man.

If you are careless, you will be easily killed by this old man.”

“… Understood, Danzo-sensei.

I will do my best to avoid being killed by you.”

For a moment, Yuuji didn’t know what to say.

He could only say this.


Danzo immediately rushed out, his hands forming seals.

“Fton: Shinkha(Wind Release: Vacuum Wave)!”


Danzo spat out a few airwaves with a powerful penetrating ability.

At this time, all the coffins in front of Yuuji were opened, and five mini-version wearing different masks stood in place, indifferently facing the fierce Danzo.

Azure, White, Vermilion, Black, and Sky, possess five bloodlines: Wood Release, Sharingan, Uzumaki, Byakugan, and Kaguya.

“So this is Kumenj(Nine Masked Beasts) I didn’t expect that in the three years that this old man died, you had already created five of this kind of Summoned Beast.”

Danzo coldly snorted, full of confidence.

Kumenj(Nine Masked Beasts) was just so-so.

Ever since he fought with Sage eye, that Chikushd(Animal Path) Summoned Beast was the most terrifying with having the ability to survive and split.

No matter how strong Kumenj(Nine Masked Beasts) was, it was impossible for him to be stronger than Sage’s eye technique.

But reality soon taught Danzo how to behave.

Jken: Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven(Gentle Fist: Hakkesh Kaiten)!


The Mini-version, who possessed Byakugan, stretched out his claws and sent out a large amount of chakra to destroy these vacuum waves.

Five figures rushed toward Danzo from different directions.

“Excuse me, Sensei.

Now you are just a tool used by Orochimaru.

It is too dangerous.

I have to think of a way to defeat you.” Yuuji was very polite.

With Kumenj(Nine Masked Beasts), he controlled the five mini-version to kill Danzo.

“Hmph, that’s for the best.

This old man’s current state is too strong.

Once we fight, if you don’t use that giant beast, you might be killed by this old man.”

Danzo immediately nodded with a look of deep understanding.

Even though this five mini-version made Danzo very surprised, that was all.


Five mini-version rushed over and tore Danzo into pieces on the spot.

The mini-version, who possessed the Uzumaki bloodline, immediately activated a sealing technique and slapped his claw onto Danzo’s body.


Many seal lines immediately spread out.

“So that’s how it is.

The “Black” character summoned beast is specifically responsible for sealing… It really is a good configuration.

These Summoned Beast are comparable to an elite team.”

Danzo commented with a cold face.

“But you will never be able to defeat this old man like this!”

Izanagi, activate!

One of the ten eyes on his right hand immediately closed.

Danzo’s originally broken body disappeared, appearing from another direction, once again rushing toward Yuuji.

“Izanagi… Sensei, an Impure World Reincarnated body used a forbidden eye technique to rewrite death.

It feels very absurd and boring…”

Yuuji was speechless for a moment.

‘Although I already expected it, is it true’

‘An Impure World Reincarnate immortal body used Izanagi to avoid death This kind of thing is really…’

Now, one of the ten eyes on Danzo’s right arm was closed.

“The Impure World Reincarnation Technique covered the sacrifice with chakra and DNA, but using the forbidden technique will still cause the symptoms of ‘blindness’.”

Yuuji’s expression changed slightly.

He remembered that after the Impure World Reincarnated Itachi used Izanami in the original work; one of his eyes also turned gray.

‘This is very interesting, the eyes of a dead person could also become blind.’

The immortal body of an Impure World Reincarnated person could not repair the blindness of Sharingan.

Previously, Yuuji had argued that the core of the ninja world’s current power system was chakra.

Taking Izanagi as an example, this technique could change reality and could erase all unfavorable factors then restore the damaged body to before it was damaged.

But the only thing that could not repair was the lost chakra.

To activate Izanagi himself, a certain amount of chakra was needed as a “sacrifice”.

“So, the reason why his eyes are blind is because of the permanent loss of chakra in this Impure World Reincarnate body”

Yuuji had always had speculation and judgment of chakra [Share] and [Authority].

In theory, an Impure World Reincarnated person had infinite chakra, which was itself a dead person, so the source of chakra was very intriguing.

‘Is it refined by using the soul and the sacrifice that houses the soul No, the level of the sacrifice itself can not produce such a huge amount of chakra, so…’

“The soul itself carries a share of chakra in the world.

The proportion and authority of the share increase before death.

After returning to the world after death, it can naturally control these chakras…”

‘Pure Land, tsk tsk.’


Five mini-version rushed out in succession.

“Mokuton: Daijurin no Jutsu(Wood Release: Great Forest Technique)!” The “Azure” character mini-version immediately created a big tree and bound Danzo.

The other Summoned Beast also immediately rushed forward and used Sharingan’s genjutsu and fuinjutsu to restrain Danzo.

The next moment, Danzo once again activated Izanagi to dodge.

A series of battles broke out one after another, and Danzo’s body was smashed again and again.

It was to the extent that even Danzo himself had his brain buzzing.

“Mokuton: Jubaku Eis(Wood Release: Tree Bind Flourishing Burial)!” Danzo’s voice was stern, and he activated wood release ninjutsu, which specialized in taking both sides to death.

It didn’t matter if he couldn’t defeat them.

All he needed to do was to drag these few Summoned Beast to their deaths.

In any case, he was immortal.

He could also use Izanagi to fix his state.

Unfortunately, the Sharingan mini-version with Sharingan glared at him with three tomoe.

Danzo was stunned for a moment before being slapped by the Uzumaki mini-version with a sealing technique.

He was unable to move at all.

“This old man is so weak” Danzo’s expression was ugly.


A Summoned Beast took out a long spine from his tail and smashed it on Danzo’s head.

Danzo was a little doubtful about life.

“These Summoned Beast are too strange.

They grasp a precious Bloodline Limit ability and can cooperate with each other.

Their tactics are perfect… It seems that after you inherited my position, you developed something extraordinary.”

After a few exchanges, Danzo had already figured out the strength of these few Summoned Beast.

It was very tricky.

Even if he couldn’t die, he still felt powerless against the battle that was happening in front of him.


Danzo has been smashed into pieces again.

In a very short period of time, Danzo had already died several times.

“Danzo, you put on the right arm that I studied for many years to create.

You can only use this kind of strength This is also a first-rate work of all my achievements.

You actually used it like this You are already too old.”

Orochimaru was somewhat dissatisfied.

When Danzo was still alive, could not be considered a Kage level.

He was even crippled in the Second Ninja World War, and his strength fell.

He even obtained the First Hokage cells and Sharingan, can he only exert this kind of strength

As expected, he should not have any expectations for this guy…

While controlling Danzo to fight, Orochimaru did his best to stall the five mini-version.

At the same time, under the protection of Jugo, he slowly retreated.

A pair of fierce snake eyes stared at Yuuji.

He took a step back, and Yuuji took a step forward.

Finally, after Danzo was defeated again, Yuuji took advantage of this gap and moved.

He brought the wood release mini-version directly to Orochimaru.

Orochimaru tried to get Danzo to stop him, but Danzo was surrounded by the other four mini-version.

With a few claws, Danzo shattered again.

“Damn it, what a useless guy…” Orochimaru cursed in his heart.

He didn’t dare to hesitate and ran away with all his strength.

In the hands of the same person, he lost twice in a row.

If he continued to delay, he might really be killed twice!

“Jugo, remember this guy’s appearance.

When you grow up, stay away from him,”

Orochimaru reminded in a low voice.

Jugo’s expression was tense.

His young and tender face was filled with solemnness, and his forehead was covered in fine beads of sweat.

In his few experiences, this was the first time he had encountered an enemy like Yuuji.

Moreover, it was only a clone, yet he was able to force them into such a sorry state.

Jugo said, “Orochimaru-sama when you recover your strength, can you deal with this fellow”

“With my current strength, I can’t do it for the time being.

But when I finish perfecting that technique, it’s not like I won’t have a chance.” Orochimaru laughed coldly.

He turned his head and looked at Yuuji, who was getting closer and closer, bringing about an even greater sense of oppression.

He suddenly clapped his hands.

“Damn it, when have I ever been in such a sorry state Not only have I been controlled, but I have also been suppressed in battle!” Danzo, who was being beaten up by four mini-version on the ground, let out an unwilling roar.

‘Even in the face of Sage’s eyes, I have never suffered this kind of grievance!’

“The information leak is so powerful that I have no advantage at all! “

Danzo felt a strong will control his body, forcing him to move.

He was swallowed by a coffin and disappeared into the ground.

In the next moment, he appeared next to Orochimaru and suddenly drilled out, blocking the path of Yuuji and the “Azure” mini-version.

Danzo appeared again.

“Sensei, Orochimaru escaped.

This is your pot.” Yuuji sighed.

“Hmph, I don’t want to, but there’s really nothing I can do.

If you really want to save me, think of a way to save me.

You can study the Impure World Reincarnation and cast the technique to revive me.” Danzo was also a little annoyed.

Orochimaru was like a snake.

His lower body was long and stretched like a snake.

He dragged Jugo with one hand, his speed ridiculously fast.

Jugo was a rare individual who could absorb natural energy.

No matter what, he could not give him up, and it also involved stage three that Orochimaru had envisioned.

Orochimaru’s running speed was also top-notch in the ninja world.

“The next time we meet, I will show you my most powerful forbidden technique… Even if it is the top Bijuu, I am still confident of defeating him!”

Orochimaru laughed coldly and fled with Jugo.

The eyes on Danzo’s right arm had already been used up.

He only had a Sharingan in his right eye that he could still use.

As long as he died again, he would lose the ability to rewrite reality.


Danzo’s body began to collapse, and his soul rose into the sky.

It was as if he had lost his value, and Orochimaru removed the technique.

“Orochimaru, this bastard!” Danzo was furious.

His entire body had been forcefully pulled by an invisible force.

He was unable to resist and was dragged into the pure land.

“The power of this temporary clone of mine is still too weak.” Yuuji raised his head and glanced at it.

This Orochimaru fellow was too slippery.

He could not kill Orochimaru with just this clone that had been enhanced with a few cells.

After a moment of silence, Yuuji turned around and returned.

With a calm face, he picked up Anko and left the underground base with her.

As they shuttled back and forth, Yuuji found a quiet place, placed Anko on the ground, and waited patiently.

“But I didn’t come for nothing,” Yuuji touched his chin.

He had obtained Jugo’s cells, and he could start to cultivate a person who specialized in receiving natural energy.

After a while.

Anko woke up and immediately jumped up.

She pulled out a kunai and looked at him vigilantly.

“Yuuji Why are you here…”

“Ah, I just found something wrong and passed by.

If I had been a little late just now, you would have been in trouble.”

Yuuji replied.

“Is that so… Wait, where is Orochimaru That guy is resurrected! He…”

“He was almost killed by this clone of mine,” Yuuji replied calmly.


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