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The two extraterrestrial guests who had just been taught a lesson by Tendo Pain wandered all the way to Country of Fire.

At this time, they also saw this battle from afar.

“Father, is this wood release”

“It is indeed wood release, but the problem is…”

Toneri’s father looked down with a stunned expression.

Decades ago, there was a major change in Ninja World’s system.

It evolved from Warring States Period’s clan fight to a country and a village system.

The Otsutsuki on the moon was also paying attention to this.

At that time, they were still hoping that this could bring peace.

But in fact, it increased the scale of the war and increased the number of casualties.

The military strategy of a country and a village was far more powerful than clan-oriented warfare.

As the two men who single-handedly established these two systems, Senju Hashirama and Uchiha Madara, the Otsutsuki had relevant observations and records.

Toneri’s father also knew the name of Senju Hashirama.

This Bloodline Limit, which can control wood and controlled power that was extremely close to God Tree’s, was unimaginably powerful.

He could be said to be the first echelon below the Six Paths.


“But that guy should have died a long time ago.

Asura’s chakra has disappeared for dozens of years!”

Toneri’s father looked ahead in shock and anger, “Moreover, this wood release seems to be slightly different from God Tree’s power…”

There was no doubt that Ninja World’s extraordinary powers originated from God Tree and Kaguya.

However, it was fine if Senju Hashirama’s terrifying wood release appeared once again, but why did the nature of wood release change

Toneri said worriedly, “Father, is Ninja World so dangerous It’s fine if it was Rinnegan, but why did wood release, who is close to God Tree’s power, come out…”

He didn’t have eyes, but he could sense the scene below through his Chakra.

It was an incomparably huge wooden statue, so fierce that it was frightening.

There was also a similarly terrifying wooden dragon wrapped around his body as a ‘decoration’…

This kind of power…

Will he fight against these guys in the Ninja World in the future To kill these guys and destroy the entire Ninja World

I’m afraid he has to have a pair of Tenseigan himself, then control the giant Tenseigan on the moon, and rely on the power of the two Tenseigan to fight, right

“Don’t doubt yourself, Toneri.

This is your destiny, and Tenseigan’s power will only be stronger!” Toneri’s father also had some doubts about life, but he still tried to comfort him.


At this time, they saw the existence standing on the black wooden statue suddenly raise his head and look at them.

This gaze made them feel fearful.

They were afraid that this fellow would suddenly rush up.

“Those two fellows are a bit strange.

As expected, it is the Otsutsuki clan…”

Xu looked up and revealed a look of realization.

Counting the time, it should be about time.

In the original story, Toneri had indeed visited Earth when he was young and also met the same young Hinata.

That was why in the future,

To dig out Hanabi’s eyes and put them on himself, evolve into Tenseigan, and at the same time kidnap Hinata to marry her.

Digging out the eyes of his youngest aunt and saying that he loved Hinata and wanted to marry her…

This kind of thing…

It could only be said that he was worthy of being Toneri.

“The pure-blooded Otsutsuki clan is really attractive…” Xu sighed.

Toneri had one ability, which was to transplant a highly pure Byakugan and evolve it into Tenseigan.

However, if it was dug out of his body, the Tenseigan would revert back to Byakugan.

For the time being, it was impossible to determine if other Otsutsuki clans had this ability.

Because the highly pure Byakugan was something only Hinata and Hanabi possessed, and only Toneri had transplanted it.

Xu was very interested in this question.

“He discovered us” Toneri’s father was extremely vigilant and raised their altitude once again.

They had come to Konoha to observe the Hyuga clan, not intending to get involved in this kind of battle.

“Senior, what are you looking at”

At this time, Minato made his move.

It was Shuriken Kage Bunshin no Jutsu(Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique) again with countless kunai thrown out.

Gamabunta also pulled out his short knife and rushed over, fiercely striking the wooden statue leaving a scar.

This big toad was obviously excited and nervous, “Opposing someone of this level…”

In the next moment, it was entangled by the wooden dragon.

The wooden dragon bit down, causing Gambaunta to let out a miserable scream.

Immediately after.

Minato threw out several kunai.

“I’m going to make my move.

Although the difficulty of using this technique is very high… Hiraishin: Rasen Senk Ch Rinbuk Sanshiki(Flying Thunder God: Spiralling Flash Super Round Dance Howl Style Three)!”

These special kunai immediately erupted with dazzling yellow lightning.

It flew out from multiple directions and headed straight for Xu.

These lightning bolts that contained a large amount of chakra transformed into dazzling light, greatly confusing Xu’s sight and perception.

“Is this Flying Thunder God Third Form” Xu looked thoughtfully at the influx of kunai with electric light.

These kunai were extremely fast and very confusing.

They drew arcs in the air that connected with each other as if they had turned into a huge yellow electric net.

A large number of thorns drilled out of Xu and pounced on these kunai, striking them down.

“First Hokage-sama, I’ve succeeded.”

Minato continuously shuttled back and forth.

Suddenly, he appeared next to a kunai surrounded by electric light.

The distance between him and Xu had already reached an extremely close level.

In this flash of lightning.

Minato suddenly stretched out his hand and slapped Xu.

He could not confirm Xu’s current state, so he would seal it together.

“Hakke no Fin Shiki(Eight Trigrams Sealing Style)!”


Minato slapped and a large number of seals drilled out in a crazy manner, quickly covering Xu’s entire body.

“In this way, you can’t escape with Clone Technique or the Body Substitution Technique, and you can’t use the secret technique to create a result similar to being intangible.”

Minato had a confident face.

He began to observe the motionless figure in front of him at a close distance.

“Sure enough, the clothes were made of wood release.

The mask is inlaid with a strange ring and this black dress with red clouds… Is it the uniform of your organization Why do you want to join that organization, because you are not interested in this world Are you disappointed with the status quo”

Minato carefully sized him up and repeatedly confirmed that there was no problem with Hakke no Fin Shiki(Eight Trigrams Sealing Style).

Only then did he feel a little relieved and asked in a low voice.

After thinking about it, this was the only possibility why the Konoha’s F2 had joined hands with the Sage eye.

This was the only reason they could do this.

Of course, there were other possibilities, such as Xu being controlled by Uchiha Madara using Sharingan…

Minato could not imagine what level of genjutsu could control the First Hokage.

“Well done, Minato, you actually beat him! But can you help me” Gamabunta was pressed to the ground by the wooden statue and wooden dragon punching him; his face was swollen.

It screamed, almost unable to hold on.

Minato’s eyes narrowed, “Wait, if he has been sealed by me, why are the wooden statue and the wooden dragon still moving…”

“The reason is very simple.

You have not sealed me from the beginning…”

A calm voice came.


“How could this be I used Sage Mode to confirm that this is your true body, not your clone…” Minato’s expression changed greatly.

He hurriedly teleported to a distance and looked at Xu with a solemn expression.

He saw another Xu slowly emerge from a tree trunk.

Minato’s expression was extremely ugly.

Gamabunta, who was about to be beaten to death, had his already green face turn even more green.

“How could this be… Is it a wooden clone No, it’s not…” Minato continuously used Sage Mode to sense it, his face filled with disbelief.

The one that was sealed was the main body, and the one in front of him was still surging with Chakra, and it was also the main body… Or…

Minato vaguely thought of something extremely terrifying.

“Toad, go back to Mount Myouboku first, or else I will really beat you to death.” Xu lowered his head and looked at Gamabunta.

“… I understand.

Minato, you…” Gamabunta opened his mouth and looked at Xu.

In the end, he revealed a look of fear and helplessness.

With a bang, he turned into smoke and disappeared.

Only Minato and Xu were left.

“Those tricks of yours can’t hide from my eyes… If you don’t want to be killed by me, don’t hinder my business.”

Xu’s voice was indifferent.

“Senior, what are you planning to do with Sage eye and Madara Can’t even tell me As for the village, it will definitely help you.”

Minato gritted his teeth and simply released Sage Mode.

Xu paused, “It’s nothing.

It’s just to achieve a certain goal.

This world is now a chaotic world.

There is no need for it to exist.”

Minato’s heart sank to the bottom, showing a complex expression of admiration and helplessness.

Sure enough, only this possibility would allow this person to reach this step.

“In your current state, are you alive or dead Your body…”

“Don’t worry about these details.

Madara hasn’t recovered yet, and I am naturally a little worse.

Yondaime, I will warn you again.

Don’t interfere with my affairs.

There is also Naruto.

He has something very interesting on him.

I still need to observe him for a while…”

After saying this, Xu suddenly looked up.


The wooden statue suddenly began to move.

The giant black tree emerged from the ground, holding the wooden statue in its branches, and rushed into the sky in an astonishing manner.

The black wooden statue stretched out his terrifying hand and grabbed at the two people.

“Father, he found us!”

“Damn it, we are already in such a high position… Let’s retreat!”

It was a bad time.

Ninja World’s current strength had already made the father and son feel angry and deep powerlessness.

“As expected, the key to everything is Tenseigan.

Without Tenseigan, we can’t do anything at all…”

Toneri’s father was extremely angry, and he drove away on the wooden platform.

“Hmph, did they escape” Xu raised his head to take a look.

He couldn’t fly.

“It seems that I have to find some way.

If I fly, I remember one thing…” Xu pondered silently.

“Who are those two people Does the First Hokage-sama know them” Minato had a solemn expression.

This Ninja World was really becoming more and more strange.

There were always some existences that made people feel confused.

“It’s just some foreign guests.

Don’t worry about it.

Yondaime, that’s a guy you can’t touch for the time being.”

Xu said coldly.

His figure also moved all the way to the other sealed body, “Don’t interfere with my matters.

Otherwise, I don’t mind adding you to the goal of elimination.”


Hakke no Fin Shiki(Eight Trigrams Sealing Style)’s seal began to dissipate.

This extremely complicated sealing technique was instantly released.

Minato was not surprised.

Instead, he was even more certain of his thoughts.

“To be able to remove Hakke no Fin Shiki(Eight Trigrams Sealing Style) in an instant, not many people have been able to do it since Konoha was established…” Minato secretly nodded.

The First Hokage’s wife, Uzumaki Mito, was a sealing technique master.

For the First Hokage to instantly remove Hakke no Fin Shiki(Eight Trigrams Sealing Style), well, it was reasonable.

Xu-senpai, you really are the First Hokage!!

Xu’s two bodies began to melt, little by little merging into the black trees.

“First Hokage-sama, although I am not sure what kind of position Konoha has in your current knowledge, I think it is not too good If you do something to harm Konoha, then I can only apologize.

As the village’s Hokage, I will definitely not retreat.”

Minato said in a deep voice.

However, Xu no longer paid attention to him and directly disappeared.

Only the dark forest brewing with a sense of serenity was left, swallowing everything silently.

Minato looked around, looking at this endless stretch of terrifying forest.

He fell into silence.

“The current First Hokage has yet to recover his peak strength, yet he is already able to use this level of strength…”

Minato looked at the continuously melting wooden statue and the wooden dragon.

These two huge monsters silently disappeared at this time.

This was truly a terrifying power.

At this time, the Third Hokage was rushing over with several Anbu elites.

“Minato, is it over Where is the enemy” Hiruzen stood on a big tree and looked around vigilantly.

Minato nodded, “It’s already over.

Sandaime-sama, I can confirm the identity of the other party.

It’s the First Hokage himself.”

“What He actually reached this stage… But why would someone like the First Hokage stand on the opposite side of the village”

Hiruzen’s expression sank.

In that instant, his heart was incomparably complicated.

It was true that he had a strong desire for power, but if the First Hokage was revived and wanted to return to Konoha, Hiruzen could accept the leadership of the First Hokage.

But the problem now was that since the First Hokage was not dead, not only will he not return to Konoha, but he will also faintly break away from all the restraints of Konoha, and even stand on the opposite side…

This was troublesome, and no one was willing to go against the Ninja God.

“I guess he was disappointed.

I guessed that the reason he established the village was to protect the children and to explore the road to peace, but the real situation is the opposite.

The children were sent to the battlefield, and peace was far away.

Even the Ninja God would inevitably be disappointed.”

This was the most reasonable answer Minato could think of.

“I see…” Hiruzen fell silent.

While he was in the office, he won the second and third world wars, pushing Konoha’s prestige to the peak, but it has to be said that he did send the children to the battlefield.

“Minato, what are you going to do” Hiruzen looked at Minato.

Minato pondered for a moment, “First, send a letter to Tsunade-sama and Jiraiya-sama outside to explain the relevant situation.

At least let them be prepared.”

“Then, I have to find a way to strengthen Konoha’s strength.

After all, the enemy is the Sage eye and those two.

No matter how careful I am, it is not excessive.

So… I want Yuuji to go to Mount Myouboku!”

Minato said in a low voice with a solemn face.

He did not tell Sandaime that Xu was secretly training Naruto.

Before he figured out the reason, he did not intend to reveal it.


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