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Chapter 15 - There Is Something Come Outta YouIn the territory of Uchiha.

“Damn it, why didn’t I lead the superior Ninja Is it because my talent is not enough However, it is enough to be in the same team as Rin!”

Obito hugged his head, laughing foolishly for a while, and then his face was full of dissatisfaction.

‘Even a guy like Yuuji could lead a team to endure, why can’t I….’

“Ah, Grandma, why are you out so early! Don’t move if you are not in good health!”

Obito shouted and hurriedly ran over to support his only relative.

Grandma looked kind and pleased.

“I only hope to see you one more time before I die… Looking at your expression, are you with Rin That girl is good.

You have to cherish her with your life.

Use your life to protect her…”

“Ah! Why are you speaking like that You are still young! And, of course, I will risk my life to protect Rin!”

One old and one young, they snuggled up to each other.

Their shadows merged into one and stretched for a long time under the setting sun.

This scene was happening every day, and no one felt that something was wrong.

Only Obito was heartless.

However, he subconsciously felt that what his grandmother said today was a little strange.

However, with his IQ, he could not understand it with his IQ, so he just did not think about it.

He just needed to cherish the present.

“Hehehe, Obito, what a good child…”


After Obito entered the house, Grandma narrowed her eyes and raised her head.

The corners of her mouth split open, revealing a terrifying smile.

She immediately sensed something and quickly disappeared.

She turned her head to look.

Yuuji’s three-man team happened to pass by.

“Yuuji-san, did you discover anything just now” After walking far away, Kazue said in a low voice.

“No, it’s a very trustworthy old man…” Yuuji lowered his head and laughed.

“That person is Obito’s grandmother, a very kind person.

There will be no problem,” Guy said.


After the three of them left, Grandma closed the door with a smile.

Her body began to twist, and a white thing separated.

The white thing quickly merged into the ground.


“Madara-sama, things have gone smoothly beyond imagination.

If that guy loses his grandmother and lover in succession, he will probably go crazy.

You are really cruel.”

White Zetsu came out of the ground.

“Shut your mouth.

You are just a poor replica of Senju.” Uchiha Madara said coldly.

“Oh, so fierce… But, Madara-sama, why do you think so highly of Obito I think Kazue is more suitable.

She opened her eyes when she was ten years old, and Kazue also has a sister.

It is suitable to give birth to the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan.”

White-Zetsu looked puzzled.

“Why is it Obito Not Uchiha’s new star, Kazue Maybe he can have another pair of Rinnegan…”

“At my level, the eternal Mangekyou can no longer change the overall situation.

What I need is a sole person who has fulfilled my will.

He has abundant emotions that are far beyond ordinary people, but he has tasted the pain of losing one after another.

I searched for decades before finding Obito.

He will be the most suitable candidate.” Madara sneered.

Obito had been selected by him.

In the entire Uchiha clan, all of them were good at acting tough, but there were very few people who had such abundant emotions like Obito.

“However, Uchiha Kazue… can you pay attention to her properly Have you put White Absolute Spore on her”

“Of course, when I brushed past you just now, I had already made my move.

Madara-sama, I am almost a disguised master.

I have been deceiving since I was born…” White-Zetsu laughed innocently.

Madara-sama said coldly, “This time, I will personally make a move.

I want Obito to feel the pain of losing his family at close range!”

“Eh Eh Eh But you’re about to die.

Can you escape from the Gedo Statue and run to Konoha”

Madara didn’t say anything but directly began to form seals.

Ninja Art – Elephant Transformation!

Innocent White Zetsu, who was standing at the side watching the fun, let out a miserable scream on the spot, and his whole body was covered with endless dust…

In the next moment, he became an old Uchiha Madara.

“I can’t even bear 10 of my chakra in my old state…”

Madara shook his head.

Madara instantly disappeared from where he stood.

Uchiha Clan.

As the three of them walked, Yuuji naturally received the gazes of many Uchiha clansmen, but when those Uchihas discovered that they were Kazue’s teammates, their gaze immediately softened.

Oh, the companion of Uchiha, the strongest genius of the new generation Then there is no problem.

“Looks like I’m safe for now…”

Yuuji calculated silently and heaved a sigh of relief.

He already knew the fate that Obito was about to suffer.

Grandma and Rin could be said to be the two people that Obito loved the most.

Using the deaths of these two people to provoke Obito was indeed a good method.

However, he did not expect that Madara to start planning so early.

However, this had nothing to do with Yuuji, and he would not expose it.


“Sister, who are they”

“Are you Little Izumi I am your sister’s teammate and also your friend.”

“No, no, no, my friend is only Itachi now —”

When they arrived at Kazue’s house, Yuuji saw the adorable Izumi, but before he could say anything, he was dragged away by Kazue.

“Yuuji-san, give it to me…”

“Do you really want it now”

“Of course, I can’t wait anymore…”


Guy had a face full of question marks.

He looked at Kazue from time to time, then at his respected Yuuji-san.

“Guy, you go guard the door.”

Yuuji stared at Kazue for two seconds.

After a moment of silence, he began to form seals.

Yuuji’s palm was immediately filled with a cloud of radiation that could not be seen by the naked eye.

Then, he slapped towards Kazue.


The moment the radiation touched Kazue, it stimulated her body, affecting her genes.

After many attempts, the two of them finally found a suitable speed…

“That’s right.

This is the feeling.

The eye power is surging.

I can feel that I have become stronger…”

Kazue trembled all over.

This was the feeling of strength.

—Only this kind of thing, the intense stimulation to the body, can make her feel different and have the possibility of getting rid of the ordinary track.

“My Kekkei Genkai is very dangerous.

You have to be aware.” Yuuji said while observing Kazue’s state.

‘If she suffered from this level of radiation for many years, Kazue would end up worse than death.’

‘Unless… the speed at which Kazue was evolving was far faster than the speed of the mutation, and he was guaranteed to monitor and transform his body closely.’

“Kazue, my speculation is right.

You are a genius, a true genius.” Yuuji praised.

It seemed that Kazue’s talent was all concentrated on forcefully increasing his potential by enduring intense stimulation.


“Kazue, something strange is emerging from your body.

It’s white.”

Yuuji pointed at White Zetsu, who had emerged from Kazue’s body with a serious expression.


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