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As time passed, the entire atmosphere of Konoha became tenser and tenser.

Although many ordinary people did not notice it, the real high-level people have long been waiting for it.

The day of Kushina’s due date was getting closer and closer.

The entire Konoha higher-ups were extremely nervous and did their best to prepare.

“Don’t worry, Minato.

There won’t be a problem.

We have already set up a large number of barriers around the delivery room.

With Konoha’s strength, no one will attack it at this time.”

Hiruzen comforted.

He even arranged for his wife, Biwako, to help Kushina in her delivery.

Minato was in charge of guarding the delivery room while Hiruzen brought people outside the barrier.

He really didn’t believe that anyone could break through this level of defense.

The only thing he had to worry about was whether or not Kyuubi would take the opportunity to break through the seal and escape.

“Understood, Sandaime-sama.

I’ll be counting on you this time.” Minato had a grave expression.

Minato pondered over all the details and calculated all the people who knew about Kushina’s due date.

Indeed, he did not find any loopholes.

Minato’s slightly anxious heart slowly calmed down.

That afternoon, Ninja School.

Yuuji came to pick up Kabuto and Yamato from school.

“Hey, isn’t this Uncle Ikkaku You came to pick up Iruka” Yuuji looked at one person in surprise.

Umino Ikkaku also looked at Yuuji in surprise, “Oh, I didn’t expect to meet you here.

I haven’t seen you for a while.”

They left the Ninja School and came to a barbecue shop.

The expression on Yuuji’s face was extremely normal from beginning to end, without any clues.

Even if it were already October 10th.

“Iruka should be able to graduate soon, right

He’s already in the fifth grade, or should he wait until he was sixth grade before he graduates”

Yuuji looked at this somewhat reserved youth with interest.


The teacher who had a great impact on Naruto could even be said to be an important spiritual pillar for Naruto not to go black.

Now, he was just a brat.

“Iruka, I often hear Uncle Ikkaku mention your name, but I have never seen you before… This meal is on me, order whatever you want to eat.”

Yuuji smiled.

Iruka was still very cautious.

He carefully sized up the three people before him, and his heart was extremely nervous.

Shiranui Yuuji was the strongest newcomer in Konoha’s history.

These series of names were enough to make the young Iruka tremble all over, not daring to look at Yuuji.

As for Kabuto and Yamato, needless to say, they were geniuses in the school.

Even if they were only in the first grade, they had already beaten up the seniors.

Compared to Yuuji who was far away, Kabuto and Yamato were the two people that Iruka was incomparably envious of.

In school, he was just a little transparent.

His strength was poor, his popularity was bad, and his academic results were barely passable.

He yearned to become a star student.

While Yuuji and Ikkaku were talking loudly.

Kabuto pushed some roasted meat to Iruka.

“Iruka, right I’ve heard of your name, a fifth-year student from Class A.” Kabuto adjusted his glasses and said gently.

“Eh, you’ve heard of me” Iruka was pleasantly surprised.

Yamato picked up a piece and stuffed it into his mouth.

He said vaguely, “Of course.

He had the names and identities of everyone in the school in his head.

“This, so powerful…” Iruka looked at Kabuto, who was much smaller than him.

With Kabuto, this guy with high EQ, they would never worry about awkwardness.

The three of them quickly became familiar with each other.

Looking at the state of the three of them, Yuuji smiled and looked at Ikkaku, “So, Uncle Ikkaku and your wife have already become Jonin”

Ikkaku tried his best to be reserved, but he could not hold back his pride, “That’s right, that’s right.

Although it’s only Jonin and can’t compare to you, it can finally be considered an important force in the village.”

“I see… I really miss the time when I became a Jonin when I was 12 years old.” Yuuji smiled.

Sure enough, Ikkaku’s old face collapsed.

Both sides were very satisfied with this meal.

After Yuuji paid the bill, the group walked out of the barbecue shop.

“Uncle Ikkaku, are you interested in carrying out a patrol mission with me” Yuuji suddenly said.

Ikkaku was slightly startled, “Patrol mission”

“Yes, the Hokage-sama just issued a mission today, asking me to patrol the village.

I will be very bored alone.

You are now a Jonin, if you are interested, you can come with me.”

“Mm, so it’s like that… Alright, then I’ll partner up with you.

It’s rare for ordinary people to have this kind of opportunity.”

Ikkaku laughed loudly.

Yuuji nodded with a smile.

He brought Kabuto and Yamato back home.

“Kabuto, Yamato, rest early.

I’ll take you two to train tomorrow morning.” Yuuji glanced at the clock and said lightly.

Kabuto and Yamato were a little puzzled, but they still obediently returned to their room.

Yuuji muttered to himself for a moment and left two clones on the spot, just in case.

He turned around and left, then began to carry out the task that Fourth Hokage had assigned to him.

Today, it was already October 10th.

This night, Konoha was fully prepared while Kushina began to deliver.

In the delivery room, a series of screams came out.

Minato and Biwako were sweating profusely, and they used sealing techniques from time to time to try their best to suppress the Kyuubi’s riots.

“Kyuubi, be quiet!” Minato shouted.

“Huhuhu, quiet Damn it, who do you think you are, the First Hokage”

Kyuubi issued a crazy roar, desperately trying to break the seal and rush out.

It wanted to destroy everything.

“Konoha bastard, I was first sealed into Mito’s body, then sealed into Kushina’s body.

How long are you guys going to seal me!”

The Kyuubi was extremely violent and repeatedly hit the seal.

The result was that a large black mark was constantly protruding from Kushina’s stomach.

What Minato could do was use the sealing technique to suppress it.

The strength of several people was wasted in this level of confrontation.

Outside the barrier, Hiruzen, along with Koharu, Homura, and others, guarded seriously.

Logically speaking, such a line-up would not be a problem.

However, the problem was that there were even more dangerous fellows waiting for this moment.

Outside the village.

Two figures appeared like ghosts and indifferently watched this luxurious village.

“Konohagakure, from now on, it will be destroyed.”

The three tomoe in Obito’s eyes stared fixedly, “Xu, you go and deal with the others.

Don’t hinder me… I want to personally strip the Kyuubi and capture Fourth Hokage alive!”

Floating, this fellow was definitely floating.

Hearing this, Xu only shook his head.

It was not difficult for Obito, who had Mangekyou Sharingan, to capture Kushina and strip the Kyuubi from her.

But the problem was how to deal with Fourth Hokage and capture him alive…

What kind of confidence was it that made Obito say such words

“Is that so But considering your space-time ninjutsu, maybe you can see a big play…” Xu nodded slightly, “Then I’ll stall the other guys and try not to hinder you.”

Obito turned to look at him, “You aren’t going to go easy on me, are you You are going to fight your real body with your fake identity…”

Xu paused, “You actually found out.

I know.

I will try my best.”


Obito glared at him fiercely.

Only after a long time did he let out a cold snort.

His figure blurred, directly crossing the barrier before him and entering it.

Xu stood in place and stared for a long time before starting to move.

“It will be very troublesome to delay Konoha’s top combat strength.” Xu shook his head.

Even if he handed Fourth Hokage over to Obito to deal with, in principle, Xu had to deal with Yuuji, Kazue, Sandaime, and others.

It was very troublesome.

At this time, inside the barrier.

Biwako held Naruto, who had just been born, with a face full of gratification.

And Obito, who appeared strangely, instantly killed Biwako and other medical ninjas.

“Biwako-sama! Damn it, who is it” Minato’s face changed.

He hurriedly turned around.

He saw that Obito was already holding Naruto, who had just been born.

“Fourth Hokage, if you don’t want this child to die, give me the Kyuubi Jinchuriki.” Obito looked straight at Minato.

‘I didn’t expect to reach this step, Minato-sensei…’

Minato didn’t move.

He held a kunai in one hand and protected Kushina with the other.

He looked at the other person vigilantly and tried to keep calm.

“Who are you You can actually avoid Sandaime outside and pass through the barrier to enter here… Not many people in the entire Konoha know how to open this barrier.” Minato said in a deep voice.

However, Obito did not give him a chance.

He directly pasted an explosive tag on Naruto’s body and threw it high into the air.

“Minato!” Kushina shouted tiredly.

Minato sighed and immediately rushed over to receive Naruto.

At the same time, he sent the explosive tag away.

“It worked…”

In the next moment, Obito appeared next to Kushina and sucked her away.

He also disappeared.

This series of events happened in a very short period of time.

“Damn fellow, who is the other party And the target is Kyuubi…”

Minato carefully placed Naruto on the baby bed and stared at him for a second.

Then, he activated Flying Thunder God directly and left, trying to track down Kushina.


Minato flew out of the barrier first.

“Minato, did it succeed” Hiruzen frowned.

“No, Sandaime-sama, we have failed.

A mysterious enemy has kidnaped Kushina.

I am going to save her now! Please be on guard.

I am worried that he is not the only enemy!”

After saying that, Minato left in a flash.

Hiruzen’s face sank, and he immediately gave the order for the entire village to be on guard.

“If that’s the case, then it’s too bad.

Who exactly is it that can avoid our line of sight and directly enter the barrier”

Hiruzen’s face was ashen.

When he thought of the scene of the Kyuubi being released and wantonly destroying the village, Hiruzen felt his scalp go numb.

Soon, the entire village began to stir restlessly.

Many ninjas ran back and forth, searching for all suspicious traces.

In this regard, some people who did not know that Kushina had given birth were also alarmed and looked at everything in front of them confused.

“What’s going on”

Fugaku looked at the Anbus who was shuttling back and forth in confusion.

On the other side, Kazue was also standing by the window.

She opened her Sharingan and watched the scene in front of her.

“Did something happen” Instinctively, Kazue planned to look for Yuuji.

But soon, the entire Uchiha clan received the Third Hokage’s order that no one could leave their position.

This made many Uchiha clansmen even more confused.

“It seems that something big has happened.

Otherwise, why would he give such an order…”

Kazue remained calm.

She pondered for a moment and waited patiently.

If Yuuji needed him to do anything, he would definitely give her an order.

Time passed.

After waiting for a while, he finally started to take action.

“It’s about time.

I can take the Kyuubi Chakra later, but I have to get Asura’s Chakra no matter what.”

Xu began to move quickly.

He constantly moved through Konohagakure and avoided the ninjas one after another while constantly approaching the target.

At this time, Naruto should still be staying on the baby bed in the barrier, and no one was guarding him.

After all, no one would be interested in a baby, even if this was a Fourth Hokage’s child.

Obito also came for Kyuubi and Fourth Hokage.

He was not interested in Naruto at all.

This was the best opportunity for Xu.

“After obtaining Naruto’s genes and chakra, I should find a way to make some noise so as to avoid Obito talking about it later…”

Xu who was floating suddenly moved underground.

But suddenly, many bugs drilled into the ground, forcing him to stop and emerge.

“Ah, you are…” Xu raised his head and looked at him.

“Sure enough, it seems that there are more than one guys who sneaked into Konoha.” Aburame Shibi raised a finger, and a bug was crawling in it.

“Interesting, how did you find me” Xu asked.

“The bugs raised by Aburame Clan are never just bugs.

As long as we want, we can control many kinds of bugs.”

Aburame Shibi looked at him expressionlessly, “As long as one bug sees you, I will be able to get the news.”

“It seems that the Aburame clan has really pulled themselves together.

They even dare to raise a lot of bugs that have no fighting ability.” He looked at the person in front of him.

For a moment, he did not know how to retort.

Aburame Shibi frowned slightly, “It seems that you seem to understand our clan very well”

“Of course, I understand… But forget it, it doesn’t matter.

Since you are blocking my path, then I can only finish you off before continuing forward.”

Xu crooked his head.

Aburame Shibi no longer said anything.

He directly activated many bugs, turned them into balls, and rushed toward Xu.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

One after another, bugs crashed into Xu’s body, and a large number of bugs pounced on the surface of Xu’s body, tearing at his clothes and mask.

“Huh” Aburame Shibi’s body slightly changed.

The information that the bug had sent him made Aburame Shibi’s heart skip a beat.

“Hard wood”

Before Aburame Shibi could react.

In the next moment, countless roots suddenly drilled out from the Xu’s body, and they smashed a large number of insects with rapid movements.

“Parasitic bugs, what a troublesome thing… Wood Release: Deep Forest Emergence.”

As Aburame Shibi’s expression changed greatly, a small forest suddenly appeared from nothing!


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