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Orochimaru had no time to be jealous.


Yuuji charged over.

Ao also charged out, charging straight for Orochimaru.

“Looks like i’ve been underestimated.” Orochimaru spoke.

Manda was furious.

She looked up at the sky and let out a terrifying hiss.

Then, she suddenly lowered her head and looked at the two little bugs.

“You have angered me!”

Manda began to roll around.

Her terrifying figure continued to roll over.

It was as if a mountain had rolled over and crushed all the barriers.

The earth shook.

“Mokuton – Explosive Spear Tree!”

A large number of trees grew out of Ao’s Spirit Beast’s body, and the wooden vines were even more dense, continuously grabbing at Manda.

Ao raised its right hand, and its entire arm began to expand, turning into a giant tree that blocked the ten thousand snakes on the spot.

An existence that was like a small mountain was stopped on the spot by the densely packed and proliferating trees.

At this time, Yuuji activated his half- Godzilla transformation.

He swung his tail and ruthlessly struck at the giant beast in front of him.

Nuclear Release – Particle Cut!

The entire tail surged with a bluish-purple light, condensing a powerful edge that suddenly struck towards the myriad snakes.

Particle Cut was a technique that could directly harm Bijuu.

With a single strike, it slashed towards the Manda that was temporarily obstructed by Ao.

That terrifying blue brilliance turned into a long ray of light that hacked over.

“Little demon, you!!”

Manda felt a strong sense of crisis.

It wanted to dodge, but that Ao Spirit Beast had tightly bound it.

Every time an old tree broke, new trees would immediately grow.

The next moment.


With a loud sound, the flesh and blood of the ten thousand snakes were severely injured on the spot by the particles, and a deep wound was cut out.

A large amount of blood, along with minced meat, poured out.

The long body was divided into two, and flesh and blood splashed everywhere.

The scene was spectacular.

“I will remember you, you damn brat, I will kill you sooner or later!!”

The Snake screamed.

Half of her body was cut off by this attack, and she was seriously injured.

The giant snake stared at Yuuji with vicious eyes, and deeply engraved the appearance of Yuuji in its mind.

Then, it disappeared with a bang, dragging half of its body, and barely escaped back to the Dragon Earth Cave to recuperate.

As long as it was in a dragon cave with a large amount of natural energy, it would not die, but its strength would definitely drop greatly.

This would severely reduce its status in a weak place like the dragon cave.

Presumably, the other snakes in the dragon cave would be happy to take the opportunity to kill the ten thousand snakes and devour everything.

“You don’t need to remember me.

Sooner or later, I will go to the dragon cave…”

Yuuji was calm.

This was the problem with the Summoned Beast.

Once the situation was unfavorable, the Summoned Beast could immediately escape back to its nest.

After the snake escaped, only a mess was left on the ground.

Looking around, there were traces of chaos everywhere.

At this time, Orochimaru finally seized the opportunity.

“Evil Snake Fist Explosion!”

A few large snakes suddenly appeared and immediately bit down on Ao.

In the next moment, Orochimaru made a seal with one hand and shouted.



A huge explosion sounded, and a terrifying heat wave engulfed Ao.

“We’ve temporarily delayed one of them.

Next, we’ll have to deal with you…”

Orochimaru’s eyes revealed a trace of anxiety.

There’s no time left.

Those guys chasing him must have sensed the movement and are rushing over frantically.

Every second they delay, the more dangerous his situation will be.

However, as long as we can get Yuuji’s body, all of this risk is worth it…

“Come, Yuuji, merge with me and give me everything you have!” The malice in Orochimaru’s eyes almost turned solid.

In the face of Yuuji’s grab, it was enough to tear him to shreds.

This poisonous snake exhausted the last of its body to withstand this attack, dragging its tired body to wrap around Yuuji.

Once again, he once again abandoned a layer of shell.

In a short period of time, he used multiple body doubles to exhaust all of his preparations before he defected.

Later on, he had no choice but to consume a large amount of chakra to stimulate the cells in his body to temporarily reproduce.

In other words… his current body’s lifespan had been rapidly shortened and it was basically crippled.

After this battle, he had to change a new body.

It was imperative to activate the undead reincarnation technique to seize Yuuji’s body.

“It’s useless.

With your weak strength, you shouldn’t have been able to cause me any harm.” Yuuji looked at Orochimaru, who had coiled around him several times, and his expression didn’t change at all.

He was now in semi- Godzilla mode, and his body shape had already turned into a small Godzilla.

With this level of attack, none was unable to break through the surface of his body.


Yuuji planned to use another particle cutter to end this poisonous snake.

However, Orochimaru circled around his tail and wrapped it around him twice, barely stopping him for a moment.

Yuuji, “…”

“You’re wrong, Yuuji.

I never planned to use this method to get rid of you.

I’m afraid you haven’t realized what will happen…”

Orochimaru laughed in a low voice.

The next moment, he opened his mouth wide, and his entire mouth widened to a ridiculous degree.

A wounded Alabaster Devilsnake crawled out from his mouth.

“This, is my true body! You are mine!”

Orochimaru was so excited that he couldn’t control himself.

He had spent so much effort and taken such a great risk, finally reaching this final step!

He was going to seize this young body with unlimited potential!

Orochimaru opened his mouth and impatiently swallowed Yuuji in one gulp!

Guji, Guji…

The Alabaster Devilsnake barely managed to swallow Yuuji.

From the outside, it looked like something was sliding into the stomach of the Alabaster Devilsnake.

The next moment.

“This is…”

Yuuji looked up.

It was incomparably empty.

There was only endless darkness in the sky.

The ground cracked, but upon closer inspection, the ground looked like scales on the skin of a snake.

In all directions, there was only endless emptiness, and there was no one or object.

In this space, consciousness and mind had become somewhat blurry and changed.

Yuuji wanted to move, but found that his body had been bound by a large amount of strange substances.

“Hmph, hmph, hmph… Welcome to my world, Yuuji.” In front of Yuuji, a bulge suddenly appeared on the ground.

Orochimaru came out from it.

He stuck out his long tongue, looked at Yuuji with infatuation, and slowly walked over.

“Finally, at this moment, you are too arrogant, actually giving me a chance… This is the undead reincarnation technique, I will devour your soul.

Come, give me your body, along with your talent, your bloodline, give it to me…”

Orochimaru grabbed Yuuji, with a hysterical desire to get what he wanted.

“Arrogant… Orochimaru, the one who is truly arrogant is you.”

Yuuji raised his head and calmly looked at Orochimaru.

Orochimaru’s heart skipped a beat.

Yuuji said lightly, “Although you’ve been hiding this technique from Danzo-sensei and using Root’s power to develop it, I’ve always been watching you in silence… If you seize your body, I won’t be surprised.”

“After all…”

A terrifying smile appeared on Yuuji’s face.

“You are not the first person to covet my body.

The last one to do this is still that Hiruko! His Chimera Technique can perfectly fuse with the Blood Limit realm…”


Orochimaru’s expression changed slightly.

That guy, Hiruko, a close friend of his childhood, could actually develop this kind of technique, a technique that perfectly fused with the Blood Limit Realm…

Hmph, Chimera Technique, it’s impossible for him to compare to my Corpse Reincarnation Technique!

This is not just a technique to seize the body, it’s also a forbidden technique for eternal life!

“So what Your body is mine, no one can save you!”

Orochimaru pounced on Yuuji.

He wanted to kill and devour Yuuji’s soul, and then replace Yuuji.

In this way, the Corpse Reincarnation Art would be completed, and he would inherit everything from Yuuji perfectly.

But unfortunately…


Yuuji said calmly.

Orochimaru held Yuuji’s soul tightly.

A part of him had already merged into Yuuji’s soul.

“It’s useless even if I summon that beast.

It’s too late…”


A strange sound spread throughout the empty and dead world.

Orochimaru’s fanatical whisper stopped abruptly.

In the next moment, this spiritual world that was supposed to be under his control, the world that was used for the reincarnation ceremony, suddenly squeezed in an indescribable behemoth.

The specific outline could not be seen.

Even if it was just a shadow, even if it just stood there, it had already caused the spiritual world to crack like a mirror.

“What is this, what is this!! This is the companion beast in your body But how can my spiritual world…”

Orochimaru let out a roar of disbelief.

The next moment, he planned to activate the Four Symbols Seal to stop Godzilla’s invasion.

Unfortunately, in the end, it was a mantis trying to stop a chariot.

With ease, this spiritual world had already been torn open by Godzilla.

Orochimaru also saw the appearance of this monster.

Fat belly, small hands… but the size is so big that it’s exaggerated!

Is this thing that interfered with my ceremony

“This kind of pressure, even Bijuu…”

Orochimaru’s body began to show signs of collapse.

His eyes were bloodshot.

In the next moment, Yuuji had broken through the restraints and stood in front of Orochimaru.

“What a pity, the ritual failed.

The spiritual space you created is so fragile that it can’t withstand a single blow.

I only moved a little, and you won’t be able to hold on.”

Yuuji slowly raised his head.

Behind him, the planet Godzilla stepped on the ground, accelerating the collapse of the world.

The spiritual world created by Orochimaru had a lot of loopholes.

In the original work, even Sasuke’s three tomoe Sharingan could not withstand it.

Not to mention facing Yuuji at this moment.

“Disappear, Orochimaru, this dead end was chosen by you yourself, and you are going to die soon.” Yuuji raised his hand and was about to destroy Orochimaru’s soul.

Orochimaru let out an unwilling roar.

He had thought of many kinds of situations, but he had never expected this kind of result…

He was going to face a monster that seemed to be even stronger than Bijuu!

“This kind of monster, Why would Ninja World have this kind of monster” Orochimaru’s face was full of fear.

Yuuji said lightly, “There’s nothing we can do about it.

I didn’t expect you to come and fight a monster like the Juub.”

He was about to be destroyed by Yuuji.

At this time, Godzilla, who was behind Yuuji, suddenly opened his mouth.


Orochimaru was sucked away and eaten.

Planet Godzilla fell asleep again.

“… Alright, although the process is different from what I predicted… Forget it, at least the result will be the same.

Orochimaru is really unlucky.”


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