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At this time, Jiraiya was still running around like a headless fly, searching for Orochimaru.

In this secret stronghold, Yuuji had found Orochimaru.

“As expected, Danzo sent you here… This is similar to what I expected.

Only you can make Danzo, that suspicious fellow, feel at ease.”

Orochimaru sneered and licked his tongue.

Looking at all the ninjas in Danzo’s faction, including the entire Root tribe, no one was more reliable than Yuuji in terms of strength or temperament.

This proved that Orochimaru had made the right choice.

He risked staying in this stronghold, waiting for Yuuji to come.

Kazue had Susanoo and Izanagi.

Not to mention seizing, Root had no way to start.

Although the cautious Kazue was conceited, she was not as arrogant as the other Uchiha clansmen, giving Orochimaru a chance.

Then there was no other way.

Orochimaru, who was seriously injured, could only turn his attention to Yuuji.

“If I had known that I shouldn’t have attacked Kazue from the beginning, I would never have thought that I would end up in this kind of situation.

Humph, humph, humph…”

Orochimaru slowly walked out, surrounded by more than ten people from the Iburi clan.

“Yuuji, aren’t you curious as to why I attacked Kazue”

“Not only do you covet that pair of eyes, but Danzo-sensei also wants to dig them out and put them on his body.

It’s just that none of you can do it.”

Yuuji sized up this huge cave, as well as the many people of the Iburi clan who had faces full of fear and hatred.

According to the memories of his previous life, the body of the Iburi clan was unstable due to the smoke-transformation secret technique, causing their clan to go extinct.

Orochimaru discovered the Iburi Clan and helped them stabilize their bodies, thus obtaining the loyalty of the clan.

However, this kind of loyalty had to be paid a price.

The clan would eventually be exterminated by Orochimaru, and all the blood of the clan would be taken away by Orochimaru for experiments.

The Iburi Clan, who had just escaped from the abyss and thought that they had found their savior, devoted themselves to Orochimaru and devoted themselves to him.

This was just falling into an even more desperate abyss.

The person who made a deal with the poisonous snake,

You are destined to be bitten by a poisonous snake, but since you have made your choice, there is no problem.

Just bear the consequences yourself.

Yuuji glanced at these guys who showed fear and hatred in their eyes and said indifferently.

Then, Yuuji directly threw a scroll to Orochimaru.

“This is the escape route that Danzo-sensei arranged for you.

He is very concerned about the life and death of you.

He is afraid that you will be killed…” Yuuji sneered.

Orochimaru threw out a snake, swallowed the scroll, and laughed in a low voice: “Thank you for your hard work, Mr.

Yuuji, but are you going to leave now”

“I don’t plan to leave.

It seems that we have thought of the same thing… Danzo-sensei asked me to help you escape, but I have never been an obedient person, so I have to turn around and kill you here.”


Godzilla Coat instantly appeared.

The thick chakra cloak turned into a thick armor.

Fierce Snake Step!

Two thick snakes suddenly attacked, tightly wrapping around Yuuji.

Orochimaru said in a hoarse voice: “Yuuji and I are indeed the same kind of people.

It was a mistake for me to look for Kazue from the beginning.

I should have looked for you directly…”


From Godzilla Coat, two Chakra claws suddenly stretched out, tearing the two snakes into pieces.

The next moment, Yuuji took a step forward, and the long tail behind him suddenly swung out.

Tail Whip!


Orochimaru was immediately sent flying by a single blow.

“Help Orochimaru-sama, kill him!”

The Iburi clan also fell into a riot, their eyes glowing with blood, and they all rushed over.

These people all turned into smoke and rolled over, looking for an opportunity to infiltrate.

Unfortunately, this was only to speed up their destruction.

Elemental essence conversion is very interesting, but compared to the Hozuki clan’s water transformation secret technique, the smoke transformation secret technique does not reveal anything that can make people’s eyes light up.

Yuuji looked at the smoke, and in the next moment, he directly activated the secret technique – the radiation world.

A large amount of thick fog rushed out and mixed with the smoke.

It also brought along a large amount of radiation clouds, brewing a strong aura of death, and tangled together with the whistling.

Before the Iburi clan could show their loyalty, they had already fallen into a terrible, unavoidable, deadly situation.

The fog was mixed with killing intent.

Soon, the Iburi clansmen screamed in pain.

“It’s this power again.

What is going on”

“Isn’t this Kirigakure’s technique Why is it like this”

“Orochimaru-sama, save me…”

The bodies of the Iburis, who were already extremely unstable and had not dispersed due to Orochimaru, collapsed under the crazy attacks of the radiation particles.

Some people lost their self-consciousness on the spot and turned into smoke.

There were also half human and half smoke, and they died miserably.

The entire cave seemed to have been massacred.

“Get out here, Orochimaru.

There’s no point in using these trash to stall for time.

Or do you think I’ll hold back against these enemies who attacked me”

Yuuji stood where he was, looking at the dissipating smoke, listening to the painful wails and malicious curses, his face expressionless.

Soon, the entire clan was dead, only broken corpses, silently telling the traces of their existence.

The Iburi clan had been exterminated.

The moment the last puff of smoke dissipated.


Orochimaru’s figure grew crazily, like a snake, constantly winding and reaching for Yuuji’s neck at an exaggerated speed.


A part of Godzilla Coat was suddenly pierced through.

In the next moment, Orochimaru stretched out his other hand, and spread his fingers.

His fingertips burned with different attributes of chakra, and he ruthlessly smashed toward Yuuji’s stomach.


“This is… Five Elements Seal” Yuuji was startled, and a strange expression appeared on his face.

Orochimaru, this guy… really thought of him as Jinchuriki, and wanted to disrupt the power that Godzilla had leaked out

Alright, it was indeed a bit useful.

The Chakra outer layer of his body became obscure for a moment, and the five elements seal was like a nail that nailed onto Yuuji’s body, causing five fine partitions to appear on his chakra outer layer.

But… it wasn’t of much use.

Yuuji sneered, and under Orochimaru’s unsightly gaze, he raised his hand and ruthlessly grabbed it.

With a loud bang, half of Orochimaru’s body was torn in half.

“Damn it, what’s going on with the companion beast in your body You can’t even interfere with it in this way…”

Orochimaru’s figure shrank, and his new body emerged from his old shell.

Along with the dripping mucus, it was disgusting.

“In front of my power, you are powerless.

Orochimaru, just be obedient and let me kill you.

As long as you fight me, it will be a slow suicide.

No matter how many bodies you have, I will destroy them… Huh”

Yuuji slowly walked towards Orochimaru.

At this time, his movements suddenly stopped, and he revealed a surprised expression.

Because he found that the radiation particles that he had invaded and destroyed Orochimaru’s body… had weakened.

Under the circumstances that Orochimaru did not use any Chakra, he was weakened.

“Could it be” Yuuji looked ahead with a strange expression.

Orochimaru was forced to shed another layer of skin, abandon his old body, and his whole body was covered with wet mucus.

“You discovered it.

In order to deal with your Nuclear Release secret technique, I made thorough preparations… These mucus are the protective liquid that I specially made, which can weaken your radiation attack.”

Orochimaru laughed in a low voice, his eyes full of fear.

“Seriously Good fellow…”

At this moment, Yuuji stared at Orochimaru, who was in front of him, and was shocked.

This is… Ninja World Anti-Radiation Coat

Biology Master – Mechanical Engineering Master – Physics Master – Orochimaru… Did you really research it

Orochimaru said in a hoarse voice, “Yuuji’s power is really hard to deal with.

It directly involves the microscopic level.

I dissected many hostile and village Ninjas to find a way to resist radiation… Even so, it can only be temporarily weakened and can not be completely blocked.”

“… Orochimaru, you’re really amazing.

I really understand why Danzo-sensei couldn’t bear to kill you and insisted on working with you.”

Yuuji directly called out.

Even in the previous world, there were anti-radiation drugs that were commonly used in medicine like anti-radiation.

But for Orochimaru to actually research this thing, it was already very awesome.

Such an awesome person had to die.

Yuuji directly made a hand seal.

Nuclear Release – White Hot Light!


A terrifying white hot line suddenly shot out, turning into an unparalleled high temperature ray that rumbled towards Orochimaru.

Orochimaru had already retreated to dodge at the first possible moment.


The huge cave began to collapse.

Wherever White Hot Light attacked, all matter began to melt, turning from a solid state into liquid and flowing.

The huge rock fell, melting and evaporating the moment it touched White Hot Light.

When Orochimaru escaped from the cave in a sorry state, the terrible White Hot Light attacked him directly.


Orochimaru bit his thumb, used the Psychic Spell, and summoned the strongest defensive ninjutsu he could take out.

Triple Rashomon!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Three huge ghostly gates suddenly appeared on the ground and faced White Hot Light head-on.


Ear-piercing explosions rang out one after another.

A few seconds later, the first Rashomon was pierced through, and the demon’s face began to twist and deform.

“The Rashomon technique is really useful.” Yuuji stopped attacking and looked up into the distance.

A broken door and two complete doors stood upright.

If Yuuji maintained White Hot Light, it would not be a problem for him to melt through all three doors.

However, that would be too silly.

“Hehehe, as expected of Lord Yuuji.

To actually be able to do this…”

Orochimaru panted slightly.

His body, which had been repeatedly modified by the cell activation technique and the Great Serpent Flow Technique, felt a little tired.

He was not in his peak state.

Now, he had to face Yuuji’s attack.

“This kind of movement will definitely attract the attention of the pursuers.

We have to end this quickly…” Orochimaru looked at the horrifying appearance of melting, and the greed on his face became more and more obvious.

Whether it was the anti-radiation liquid from before or the Rashomon against White Hot Light, it was essentially nothing.

As long as he could seize Yuuji’s body, all the Ninjutsu would be his.

In the distance, Anbu had already noticed the movement and looked in a certain direction.

“The attack that hit the sky just now…”

“It can’t be wrong, it’s Lord Yuuji’s forbidden technique, White Hot Light! To be able to force him to use this level of forbidden technique…”

“It can only be Orochimaru, immediately report to the Hokage! Everyone else, follow me to help Lord Yuuji.

No matter what, we must stop a dangerous ninja like Orochimaru!”

The captain of the Anbu branch shouted, and brought his people to speed up.

Even if they had no confidence in stopping Orochimaru, as long as Yuuji was here, it was enough.

They only needed to support Yuuji, stall for time, and wait for the powerful ninjas in the village to arrive.

In the distance, Jiraiya sensed the movement and immediately changed his direction, shuttling back and forth rapidly.

“Orochimaru, you bastard!” Jiraiya gritted his teeth.

He wanted to catch that guy and beat him up.

Then, he asked him why he did this kind of thing!


Yuuji looked up at Orochimaru, no longer hesitating, and also began to activate Summoning Technique.

“Summoning Technique I’ve never heard of this guy signing a powerful contract…”

Orochimaru’s heart sank.

Looking at Yuuji’s decisive and confident actions, he had a bad feeling.

How powerful was a Summoned Beast that Yuuji could summon

With a bang, white smoke appeared.

Orochimaru’s solemn gaze suddenly froze.

Looking at the familiar figure, his face stiffened.

“Isn’t this guy…”


Hiruko looked at the scene in front of him with a confused face, looking left and right, revealing a deep sense of loss.

“Hey, isn’t that Orochimaru Why are you fighting with this guy Hmph, anyway, I’m no longer a mediocre person.

I’m a powerful ninja, so let me solve it…”

“Ah, sorry, Senior Hiruko.

Wrong summon.

I didn’t want to call you.”

The next moment, with a bang, Hiruko, who was ready to go all out and teach Orochimaru a lesson, disappeared again, with deep resentment and anger.

“… I found something interesting.

Hiruko, who has been missing since his defection, was actually killed by you… Even Danzo didn’t know about it.”

Orochimaru let out a strange laugh, and his gaze became incomparably terrifying.

“This time, it should be right…”

Yuuji activated Summoning Technique once again, sensing another psychic tactic to summon him.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A coffin suddenly emerged from the ground and stood on the spot with a bang.

A huge “Ao” character was engraved on the coffin board, and it was extremely eye-catching.

“What is this Could it be Edo Tensei Danzo even taught him this kind of skill”

Orochimaru felt a burst of fear, and he did not dare to hesitate.

He activated Summoning Technique again, and the huge Ten-Thousand Snake was summoned from the dragon hole.

It stretched half its body, and the 40-meter-tall Manda stood tall like a mountain, spitting letters.

This was the strongest Summoned Beast that Orochimaru could summon.

“Orochimaru, I’ll kill you! It wasn’t easy for me to get a good night’s sleep, and I was even disturbed by you… Remember to sacrifice fifty humans to appease my anger.”

As soon as Manda appeared, he immediately vented his dissatisfaction, his irritable and difficult to get along with personality, which made his reputation stinky in the Dragon Cave.

If not for necessary, Orochimaru would not be willing to summon this guy.

“Fifty people I have fifty people, why would I need to secretly kidnap the Ninjas in the village”

Orochimaru’s face was ugly, and he coldly said: “That will have to wait until the matter is done.

That little devil is very difficult to deal with, be careful.”

Manda stared with the huge snake eyes, looking at Yuuji.

The main point was to look at the coffin next to Yuuji.

To be able to make Orochimaru treat him so seriously, even if he was a little brat, he could not be underestimated…

And what was in that coffin…


The lid of the coffin opened and slammed into the ground with a bang.

A strange figure stepped out of the coffin.

He wore a strange mask with a long tail behind him.

“It’s not an undead from Edo Tensei, but a living body.” Orochimaru breathed a sigh of relief and observed, “Ao character, mask, living body… Could it be that spell…”

“Orochimaru, your doomsday is here… Ninja Summoning Technique- Kumenjuu!!”

[ Ao] was a spirit beast that had fused with Hashirama’s cells.

It possessed an unimaginably powerful vitality and the ability to activate God Tree’s bloodline – Mokuton.


Ao’s spirit beast immediately rushed towards Orochimaru.

“Such a small thing is not enough for me to swallow in one bite.”

Manda opened its mouth wide and directly bit down.


Its giant mouth closed with a loud bang, as if it had closed the entire world, and was about to crush the tiny Ao spirit-beast.

However, the strength of Ao’s spirit-beast was beyond imagination.

He used his head to block the upper jaw, and his legs stepped on the lower jaw.

He managed to hold on!

As for why he did not raise his hands above his head to support himself, the reason was very simple.

His hands were too short, and he could not reach it…

“Why is this little thing so powerful…” Manda were shocked.

It was like a human biting a beetle, but his teeth were broken, and he could not bite down.

At this time, the spirit beast, Ao, suddenly raised its head and let out a hissing sound.

Mokuton, the art of cutting!

A row of tough wooden strips suddenly drilled out, accompanied by bursts of puchi, and nailed into the mouth of the snake.

The snake raised its head and let out an angry roar.

“He can actually activate Mokuton… Yuuji, how many things have you researched behind my back”

Orochimaru’s eyes were bloodshot.

The first time Yuuji came into contact with Hashirama’s cells, he was clearly in his laboratory.

However, how long had it been A Summoned Beast that could activate Mokuton had been created by this guy

And from the looks of this creature…

It’s a man-made creature made from the life tissues of a companion beast, combined with Hashirama’s cells.

It’s really a genius creation.

Strength, speed, vitality, chakra, control, and Ninjutsu are all impeccable.

It can take into account the length of both…

Orochimaru’s mentality was somewhat unstable, and he actually had a faint feeling of jealousy.

Not to mention anything else, if he could cultivate such a body, he would not hesitate to use the Corpse Reincarnation Technique to seize it!

This kind of Summoned Beast… He also wanted it!

What was even worse was that although Orochimaru had never learned Kumen Sowaka’s technique, he still remembered some of the introduction information of this technique.

The complete Kumenjuu was clearly trying to create nine different Intermediary Spirit Beasts!

The Intermediary Spirit Beast of Ao had already fused with Hashirama’s cells, so what about the other eight

They must have fused with eight types of rare blood inheritance!!

Nine types of Summoned Beasts that control different blood restrictions in their hands, the power that erupted in an instant…

“Yuuji, you always bring me surprises.

I can’t wait to take everything from you.”

Orochimaru looked at him, suppressing the discomfort in his heart.

This was the first time that someone could make him, a genius, feel unhappy in terms of scientific research and innovation.

If it wasn’t for the fact that he took a fancy to this young body with unlimited potential, he might be able to regard Yuuji as a person who is exploring the unknown road, a… parallel person..


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