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Chapter 114 - Power Flexing With Susanoo

In the territory of Uchiha.

Everyone’s jaws unconsciously raised a little.

They were talking excitedly.

On the surface, they deliberately wanted to lower their voices and share their joy.

But in reality, they wished that all of Ninja World knew what they were talking about.

As a result, only when someone entered the territory of Uchiha, whether it was the passing outsiders or the people who had just returned, they could always hear the volume of their voices suddenly rising.

“Have you heard Above the three tomoe Sharingan, there are actually even more powerful eyes! The blood limit of our clan has greater potential to dig!”

“W-what Is that really the case”

“Of course, idiot! Lady Kazue, our clan’s strongest genius awakened Mangekyou Sharingan on the battlefield.

She fought a head on battle!”

“So that’s how it is.

Mangekyou Sharingan can fight against Bijuu Then doesn’t that mean our clan has Kage-level”

The passers-by on the side discussed animatedly.

As long as someone passed by, they would immediately raise their voices.

When the other party revealed a shocked expression, they would cover their mouths and lower their voices with satisfaction.

Soon, everyone knew about Mangekyou Sharingan.

When Kazue was escorted back to the clan by several Uchiha elite Jonins, who were facing a great enemy.

The entire Uchiha clan almost exploded.

Hundreds of people, big and small, were watching, wanting to see the glory of Lady Kazue.

“This is Lady Kazue.

It is said that she is the strongest genius in our clan!”

“Hmph, not only a clan, it should be the strongest genius in the entire Konoha! Even Shiranui Yuuji would be overshadowed in front of Lady Kazue!”

“The Uchiha clan is indeed worthy of being the number one clan in Konoha!”

Seeing that Lady Kazue was so young, she had once again activated the legendary Mangekyou Sharingan.

The old illness that was engraved in the genes of the Uchiha clan had once again flared up.


Our Uchiha clan is the most awesome!

This surge of fanaticism and arrogance, Kazue also clearly sensed it, but her expression was calm.

Root originally did not intend to pay attention to it.

Senior Kazue,

Shisui walked up to her and said in a low voice, “Is there really no problem with our clan members acting like this”

Kazue glanced at him.

That’s right, Yuuji-san seems to be paying more attention to this little brat as well…

“There’s no need to care about these details.

Shisui, we won’t give up the power in our hands for some purpose.

This is the most foolish behavior.”

After saying this, Kazue went to attend the high-level meeting of Uchiha’s family.

Fugaku, Setsuna, the elders, and the captain of the garrison were all here.

“Welcome back, Kazue.

You’ve caused a big commotion.

All of Konoha is talking about you.” Fugaku was in a good mood and looked at Kazue with appreciation.

The main point was that he was looking into Kazue’s eyes.

Even though Kazue did not activate Sharingan, Fugaku could vaguely feel a special feeling in her normal state.

“Lord Clan Leader, there is nothing we can do about this.

After all, many clansmen saw the scene when I opened my eyes.

It can not be concealed.”

Kazue raised her eyebrows and looked at Fugaku in surprise.

Is it an illusion There seems to be some slight changes in Lord Fugaku’s eyes.

I have never noticed it before…

At this time, the old Setsuna said in a hoarse voice, “This is also something that can’t be helped.

For you to have these eyes and break the upper limit of the Three Tomoe, opening up a higher level path for our clan, it is natural for them to be excited.”

Mangekyou Sharingan can’t be concealed.

There was no need to talk about those Uchiha clansmen who followed Yuuji and Kazue to the battlefield.

Once they learned of the true existence of Mangekyou, their enemies, Jinchuriki and Rasa would also reveal this secret.

Moreover, Kazue had never intended to hide it from the beginning.

Izanagi’s eye technique allowed her to ignore all forms of spying and assassination before she completely lost her sight.

Setsuna continued, “You are now the strongest genius that Ninja World has set his eyes on.

You should shoulder the burden of our clan”

“No, Lord Elder, you are wrong about this.

I am not the strongest.

Even if I have these eyes, I will still be under that person.”

Kazue raised his head, and three tomoe appeared.


Many people frowned.

Mangekyou Sharingan was strong enough to fight against Bijuu.

Even so, he was still not a match for that Yuuji

“Many of you might not know this.

If Yuuji-san had not arrived in time, I would have been killed by the Bijuu.”

Kazue calmly looked at the people in front of her.

In her eyes, the most rotten and arrogant part of the clan was here.

“Is that so As expected of Konoha’s strongest genius, the youngest superior Ninja in history.” Fugaku praised.

With the past between him and Yuuji, he was able to speak these words calmly.

However, this immediately incurred the instinctive discontent of many clansmen.

Would Mangekyou Sharingan be inferior to that Nuclear Release

Setsuna slowly said, “That’s because Yuuji developed his own bloodline for three years.

Moreover, he used a bloodline forbidden technique.”


Kazue was speechless.

Forbidden technique She had followed Yuuji for such a long time.

Of course, she knew that this was a fart of a “forbidden technique”.

It was originally something that Yuuji threw out to scare people.

Those large-scale killing techniques, was originally a powerful ninjutsu.

As long as he had enough chakra, he could use them at will.

Considering the amount of chakra Yuuji had…

Kazue’s expression became increasingly strange.

These people hoped that Yuuji would be addicted to the false glory, desperately use forbidden techniques to maintain his status and honor, and then cripple himself.

But many years later, they will understand that they have all died, and Yuuji will still be alive and kicking, and will only live longer than them…

“The war has ended, and foreign enemies are no longer the most important enemies.

Our Uchiha clan has to be careful.

Against Kirigakure, we have lost too many clansmen.

Kazue, you have to shoulder the dignity of the Uchiha clan.”

Elder Setsuna said slowly, “You are very close to Yuuji, and he also helped you solve the blood disease.

He is someone you can use.

After all, he is Danzo’s disciple, and he is used as a tool in your hand to monitor Danzo’s movements.

When necessary…”

Fugaku frowned.

The three tomoe in Kazue’s eyes began to spin at an unknown time and began to fuse.

“Lord Setsuna, there are others.

There is one thing that you all have made a mistake.

That is I do not need you to tell me what to do.”



One rib bone after another appeared, and in a very short time, it turned into a skeleton giant.

The sudden burst of powerful deterrence made everyone present unable to raise their heads.

Everyone looked at the scene in front of them in horror.

They all stood up, unconsciously showing Sharingan.

But in front of the power of Mangekyou, all forms of Sharingan were firmly suppressed.

Numerous shocked eyes fell on this skeleton giant.


This was extremely destructive power.

It was as if this terrifying giant could kill everyone here with a casual slap.

When every Uchiha clansman saw this scene, they were shocked and revealed excitement.

“Is this Mangekyou Sharingan’s power Is this Mangekyou’s eye technique”

“Ordinary Sharingan is inclined to illusion and dynamic strength.

When it comes to Mangekyou, it actually has such a terrifying eye technique…”

Many people had fanatical expressions on their faces and were extremely excited.

There were even some experienced elders who frowned after being shocked and fell into silence.

It was troublesome.

To directly display her strength was the most obvious attitude in the Uchiha clan that believed in strength.

It seemed that wanting to take Kazue into the control of this clan was a failure.

Kazue was not that easy to compromise.

“I won’t waste my time on you, because there is something more worthy for me to pursue… I have become an existence that makes you all feel fear.

I am the only one who knows what I have experienced in this.”

Kazue rode on her Susanoo and looked at these people who were in a dilemma.

Only Fugaku, who had a calm expression, hesitated for a moment.

In the end, she looked at Setsuna, who had his head lowered and was silent.

“Elder Setsuna, after discovering my talent and continuously brainwashing me, you feel a great sense of accomplishment, right It hasn’t stopped for several years, but unfortunately, the speed of my growth has far exceeded the limit you can estimate.”

A huge skeletal hand suddenly grabbed over, tightly grasping Setsuna.

The shocking strength made Setsuna’s bones crack, and even the three tomoein his eyes unconsciously opened.

“No matter what, I am very grateful for the guidance Elder Setsuna gave me, but if you want to turn me into a tool in your hands to resist and kill the higher-ups of Konoha, you have the wrong idea.” Kazue sneered.

Setsuna gasped for breath and said in a hoarse voice, “Kazue, it seems that I still failed to stop you, causing you to be brainwashed by the little devil of Shiranui’s family…”

“Is that so Have you never thought that I was the one who wanted to do this If I was mediocre person, you would not have noticed me in the first place.

Only when I became a genius would you take the initiative to find me.

The more successful I am, the more I will prove your insight and stabilize your status and prestige… It’s just mutual use.

Don’t make yourself sound as noble as you say.”

Kazue slowly increased her strength, as if she would crush Setsuna to death at any moment.

“Yuuji is different from a shady guy like you.

Although he also has his own goal, from the beginning, he was the one who changed my fate.

The only reason I can live until now is because of him.

If you want to compete with him, you are still a lot weaker.

Do you really think that someone like Danzo can take a fancy to him purely because of his talent”


Muscles began to grow rapidly on the skeleton.

“Enough, Kazue.

No matter what, we are all on the same side.

There is no need to make such a ruckus,” Fugaku said indifferently.

Only he remained calm and composed throughout the entire process.

It was as if the power that Kazue displayed could not truly move him.

Kazue looked at Fugaku in confusion, then released his hand and threw Setsuna to the ground.

“Just now, you wanted to use Izanagi, right If you used it, you would be courting death.

You should have already heard that my eye technique is Izanagi.

Unless I commit suicide, no one can kill me, and no one knows how to deal with Izanagi better than me.”

Kazue looked down at the scene with an expressionless face.

The only response to her was the attitude of fanaticism and silence.

This is very Uchiha, the more powerful, the more unwilling to compromise, coupled with these terrifying eyes, the more he can get support and trust.

This was the temperament of this clan.

“I’m very busy.

If there’s nothing else, this meeting will end here.

Lord Clan Chief, sorry to disturb you.”

Kazue smiled and turned to leave.

The entire conference room fell into an unprecedented silence.

The person who did this last time was the guy called Uchiha Madara.

“Kazue has the demeanor of that person.

This way, I can be at ease… Only with my own will can I know what I want.” Setsuna returned to his seat and calmly tidied up his clothes as he spoke in a low voice.

Fugaku glanced at the old man.

It could only be said that as expected of a radical who had inherited that will, he could really go all out and say such words.

“That power just now was Mangekyou Sharingan, but Kazue, who has grasped this power, is not a match for Yuuji…”

“How strong is that Yuuji exactly”

“According to the description of our clansmen, he is indeed very astonishing.

He is not someone that Mangekyou Sharingan can contend against, but the future is uncertain.”

Many people discussed in low voices.

“Then, this matter is settled.

Some people should keep their thoughts to themselves.

She has already shown mercy today… Kazue is a genius of our Uchiha clan.

This point will not change.”

Fugaku ended the meeting.

By the time he left the venue, Shisui and Itachi had already been waiting for a long time.

“Lord Clan Chief, it seems that the meeting was not going well.

Senior Kazue’s expression is not very good,” Shisui said.

“En, there is no other way.

There are always some people who want to test Mangekyou’s strength.”

Fugaku kicked his hands and sat on the tatami.

A pair of Mangekyou caused the dark tides in the clan to surge.

This was only because Kazue had Yuuji to recite the book and indirectly associated it with Konoha’s higher-ups that he was able to suppress the effects of these eyes.

But if he, the clan leader, were to expose that he had a pair of Mangekyou…

Fugaku thought silently.

It seemed that the decision to hide this power was right.

Yuuji, who knew Akatsuki’s real situation, was also helping him hide this news.

Even Danzo did not tell him.

In addition, he used the fragments of fate that Mangekyou Sharingan saw before, the giant claw that tore up fate…

“Shiranui Yuuji…” Fugaku was deep in thought.

When he raised his head again, he saw the book in Shisui’s hand.

With a glance, Fugaku knew that this book had been flipped through countless times, and the paper had been severely damaged.

“Shisui, this book is…”

“Lord Clan Leader, this is the reason why I came to find you.

I still don’t understand Senior Yuuji’s deep meaning.”

Shisui handed over the book with a solemn face.

Fugaku glanced at it and was struck by lightning – “Sow postpartum depression care.”

“Chief, senior Yuuji said that I must study this book carefully and say that I can definitely use it… I made countless notes and notes and increased my knowledge, but I still don’t understand what senior Yuuji means.” Shisui said in a low voice, as if afraid to be heard by others.

Even the young Itachi was nervous at this time, looking forward to it.

“… Shisui, you…”

Fugaku opened it and looked at the densely written notes on every page.

He felt that his eyes were about to go blind.

From the selection and rearing of sows, to how to care for the piglets when they are born, to how to entertain the sows after giving birth…

At this level, if he was not a ninja, Shisui would definitely become a great pig master and sell all the pork to Ninja World.

Fugaku had just felt the strength and aggressiveness that Kazue showed, and now he looked at Shisui’s face of innocence and stupidity.

How to say it, they were both geniuses of the Uchiha clan, but why is the gap so big

Fugaku pondered for a moment, returned the book, and said seriously, “I think it would be better for you to ask Yuuji yourself.”

“So that’s how it is.

Is that what the clan elder thinks as well” Shisui nodded solemnly and left in a hurry with the book in hand.

Fugaku felt his head ache even more as he hurriedly took a sip of tea to calm himself down.

“Father, why does Shisui worship Yuuji so much” Itachi said in a clear and crisp voice.

“Adoration… power and wisdom.

I don’t know if what Shisui did is right or wrong.” Fugaku said.

Kazue and Shisui, the two strongest geniuses, were both close to Yuuji… He only hoped that his genius son would not be like this.

Otherwise, it would be terrible if the three strongest geniuses of his age all ran to that guy.

When Kazue first found Yuuji.

Yuuji was in a very busy state.

He was searching for a suitable house in the whole village, and began to do crazy things.

As for the money to buy land… Of course he didn’t have it, but he used his military achievements to exchange for land.

This made Sandaime Hokage very happy, waving a large sum of money and casually picking.

The military achievements that Yuuji accumulated were very astonishing.

Originally, Sandaime Hokage planned to reward him with two forbidden arts, but Yuuji only chose one spiritualization technique, and the remaining military achievements were not needed.

Now, Yuuji took the initiative to solve the problem and frantically circled around.

“Here, here, here, these two streets, I want them all.”

Yuuji pointed at the huge map of Konoha.

This made people feel confused and puzzled.

Exchanging military achievements for land This kind of behavior was too extravagant.

However, since it was Lord Sandaime Hokage’s approval, then there would be no problem.

“Dou, from now on, these places belong to our family.” Yuuji gestured at the map.

“So powerful…” Dou’s eyes lit up.

At this time, Kazue found him and told him what had happened just now.

“Yes, it’s just as I thought.

Those guys will risk their lives to tie your strength to the Uchiha clan.

This is very normal.”

Yuuji said casually.

“However, Fugaku is too calm…” Kazue hesitated for a moment.

Yuuji nodded.

“Of course, because he has the same eyes as you.”

Kazue’s eyelids twitched.

She suddenly remembered that back then, Yuuji and Fugaku had stayed behind to stop Kirigakure’s Bijuudama…

“So it turned out that he had already activated Mangekyou Sharingan since then…”

“What you did just now was correct, not just the Uchiha family.

In many things, the more you retreat, the more confidence you will give the other party’s progress.

The best way is to cut off their claws from the very beginning.”

Yuuji praised.

With power, one could obtain dignity and status.

This was the simplest truth, and naturally, there was no reason to be easily bound or even controlled by the weak.

“By the way, I will think of a way to send them to the Ninja Academy.

He needs to get to know some new friends,”

Yuuji said.

At this time, he remembered that Itachi was one year younger than Dou… After a while, he would arrange them to be in the same period.

In any case, the knowledge in the Ninja School was really limited, and most of it still had to be personally taught by Yuuji.

It was nothing to enter the school a few months later.

“Dou, Yuuji-san has high hopes for you.

Don’t let him down.” Kazue patted Dou’s head, which could be considered as encouragement.

That night, Shisui went around and found a new residence to visit.

That serious look made Yuuji take a deep breath.

“Shisui, you’re such a good and honest person” Yuuji flipped through the book in his hand and looked at him sincerely.

“Of course, Senior Yuuji.

I sincerely hope to receive your help… Moreover, Senior Kazue is also on your side.

There is no reason for me to not trust you.”

Shisui also responded to Yuuji with a face full of respect.

“… Alright, what do you want to know”

“Senior Kazue’s Mangekyou Sharingan has caused a great stir, and the people in the clan are divided seriously.

Therefore, I want to know the way to made them unite and achieve peace between the Uchiha clan and the village.” Shisui said respectfully.

“Peace So you want to ask this question.

I understand this.

No one understands peace better than me.”

Yuuji waved his hand.

“The path I pursue is to bring unprecedented, permanent peace to this chaotic world.

Shisui, I think highly of you.

You don’t even know how much energy is hidden in your body.”


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