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As the number of people around her increased, Mengmeng suddenly realized that those whom she was familiar with were all martial artists.

“Im going to cultivate”

Mengmeng blinked her eyes rapidly and then moved closer to Zhang Han.

“Daddy, I want to fly! I want to go up to the sky and see what its like!”

While speaking, Mengmeng stretched out her little arms.

Zhang Han shook his head with a smile and grabbed onto Mengmengs small hand.

“Lets go!”


The both of them then rose into the air.

Seeing this, Zhang Guangyou burst out laughing and followed suit.

However, when he was only 10 meters above ground, his face turned red and he was suppressed.


He raised his brows in surprise.

“Zhang Han this fella… he wants to fly around but doesnt want anyone to follow.”

The No-fly Zone was still in place, but it did not affect Zhang Han at all.

“Wow, Daddy, youre so awesome!”

Initially, Mengmeng sat on the small boat and her whole person was stunned.

But now, her eyes were widened as she looked down at the south island of Xiangjiang, the surrounding sea area, the few seagulls flying in the air not far away, and the shadows of fishes swimming in the water at the seaside.

Looking down at the ground from the sky above, Mengmeng felt that everything was too beautiful that it felt surreal.

“Can we go a little higher”

“A little higher!”

“A little higher!”

“This is so high! The south island has become a sesame seed.

We cant even see the top of the mountains.

Daddy, fly a little lower, Im getting dizzy.”


After flying for a full hour, Mengmeng finally felt the adrenaline rush.

“Do you want to go to the bottom of the sea”

Zhang Han said with a smile.

“We can go into the sea too” Mengmengs eyes lit up, and her expression was full of awe.

Her father was so powerful!

“Of course we can.”

Zhang Han brought Mengmeng down rapidly and even deliberately dispersed the energy cover.

The feeling of zero gravity was exhilarating.

They dropped directly from the sky into the sea.

Mengmeng looked just like Zi Yan when she first experienced this.

She was in awe, and very excited.

“This is so beautiful!”

Mengmeng did not blink her big eyes.

She looked left and right, up and down.

After looking one whole round, she was finally willing to blink her eyes.

“Lets go and take a spin.”

Zhang Han led Mengmeng deeper into the sea slowly.

The coastal area was very beautiful, but when they arrived at the deep sea area…

When she looked down, it was pitch black.

The surrounding seawater was suddenly filled with dead silence, which felt a little depressing.

“A shark! Daddy, run!”

Mengmeng was frightened when she saw the big shark nearby.

“Why do we have to run We can ride sharks across the sea.”

Seeing the shark staring at them in a daze, Zhang Han waved his hand.

And there was a loud bang.

The big shark shook its head.

“Isnt he the one who beat me up before

“Whats going on Is he here to stir up trouble again

“Am I seeing things Thats a different girl with him! What a playboy!”

“Come here.”

Zhang Han waved his hand at the shark but who would have thought that the big shark would turn around and escape.

“I cant put up a fight with him, but at least I can run!”

And that was really the case.

While it tried its best to swim forward, its body moved backwards instead.

Feeling helpless, it could only swim forward and let the two people ride on its body.

However, it was not exactlyriding.

Instead, Zhang Han used his power to float on its fins.

They braved the wind and the billows.

After another two hours of sightseeing, Zhang Han and Mengmeng finally returned back to Mount New Moon.

At that moment, Zhang Guangyou and the others were sitting at the pavilion and chatting.

At the magic paradise, there were a lot of children having the time of their lives.

The Zi family and the Wang family resided on Mount New Moon.

Between the two families, they had quite a handful of children who also played with Mengmeng several times.

“I want to play over there too.”

When Mengmeng saw the magic paradise, she wanted to run towards it.

“Daddy, can Dahei and the others play together with us”


“Dahei, Little Hei, Tiny Tot, lets go!”

Mengmeng waved her hand to call the Powerful Hei Trio, and they changed back to their usual appearance before happily following Mengmeng to the magic paradise.

It was not exciting at all!

The Underwater Passage, Frog-crossing River… none of the games were challenging to Dahei or Little Hei.

However, they were still very willing to accompany Mengmeng.


As soon as Mengmeng jumped onto the first wooden board, Dahei released his hand, and Mengmeng immediately fell down.

“Ah! Dahei!”

The little girl swam back to the shore and was dripping wet.

With her hands resting on the side of her waists, she stared at Dahei with dissatisfaction.

“Oh, oh, oh!”

Dahei was very naughty, and its body grew much bigger to about 10 meters tall.

It also jumped down from the boat and landed onto the lake in front of Mengmeng.


It created a huge wave that sprang several meters high.

The water then fell back down all at once on Mengmeng and drenched her.

“Dahei, youre looking for trouble!”

Mengmeng was enraged.

She jumped into the water and spread open her palms that were now full of water.

She looked like she was prepared for a water fight.

However, she was no match for Dahei.

When it opened its palm, it had a vast amount of water at hand.

Eventually, a group of friends nearby saw what was happening.

“Dahei is bullying Mengmeng.

Lets quickly go and help her.”

“Go and beat Dahei!”


They ran towards them like a swarm of bees.

More than 20 people engaged in a water fight with Dahei.

There were lots of screaming and shouting.

However, there were even more peals of laughter.

They were all having fun.

When it was time for lunch, Mengmengs hair was still dripping with water, and her footsteps were wet.

She ran up to Zhang Han and said, “Daddy, water.”


Zhang Han snapped his fingers casually and separated the traces of water from Mengmengs body.

“Thats amazing! Daddy, I want to cultivate! I want to learn powerful magical skills!”

Mengmengs eyes were glowing with excitement, and she was looking forward to cultivation.

“No need to rush, well start in a few days.

Meanwhile, Ill take you to the martial arts world to have a look.”

Zhang Han had planned to take Mengmeng to have a look around first, and then cultivating her upon return.

“Then lets go in the afternoon”

“Okay, lets make it a holiday trip” Zhang Han looked over at Zi Yan.

When Zi Yan nodded, Mengmeng was beyond excited and the corners of her lips shot up to the sky.

“Lets go eat!”

While sitting at the dining table in a restaurant, Zhang Guangyou felt bored.

Seeing that everyone was almost done eating, he looked at Mengmeng and said, “Mengmeng, Grandpa is also very powerful now.

Do you want to cultivate with me”

Since he had nothing to do, Zhang Guangyou was very happy to tease Mengmeng.

The little girl was very witty now.

Although Zhang Guangyou always got turned down, he became braver after each attempt.

As expected, after hearing her Grandpas words, Mengmengs face froze for a moment, and she revealed a trace of hesitation, doubt, and a trace of light flashed across her eyes.

The genes of a good actor.

Eventually, Mengmeng sighed like an old man.

“Hmm… Grandpa, you taught me martial arts, but it took me four years to learn.

Oh, no, it was three years and nine months, and then there was nothing left to learn.

Ive been sitting around for so long and feeling at a loss.

Looking at the big picture, it seems that Grandpas strength is very worrying.”


Zhang Guangyou immediately rebutted, “There is no place in this world that I cant go.”

“In this world, wow, thats amazing.” Mengmeng clapped her hands.

However, judging from the tone of her voice, Zhang Guangyou felt that she did not mean it.

“You little girl, do you not like Grandpa anymore”

Hearing this, Mengmeng became lost in thought.

Two seconds later, she put on a stern expression and asked, “Grandpa, how did you know”


Zhang Guangyou could not win her in an argument.

The corners of his mouth twitched a few times and he glared at Zhang Han.

“Grandpa, its not good for you to stare all the time.

Thats what the experts say.”

“Which expert”

“A lot of experts.”

“What did they say” Zhang Guangyou caressed his stubble and felt that he was going to win.

“They said that your eyes will get tired from all this staring.”


What he had said seemed to make sense, and it made Zhang Guangyou speechless.

“Im full already.

Daddy, shall we set off this afternoon” Mengmeng could not wait for the trip.

“Shall we set off” Zhang Han smiled.

“Lets go!”

Mengmeng responded in a crisp voice.

This was what Zhang Han liked to see.

After returning to the castle, Zi Yan put on a pair of denim jeans, a short-sleeved shirt, and a cardigan.

She then grabbed a cap, face mask and sunglasses before heading to Mengmengs room.

After getting herself dressed up, she did the same for Mengmeng.

“Where are we going”

Mengmeng asked out of curiosity.

“Lets stroll around the streets of Hua nation first.”

That was Zhang Hans plan.

If they happened to chance upon any martial artists gathering, he would take Mengmeng there to see what it was like.

A new generation of martial artists was now replacing the older generation.

In Hua nations martial arts scene, young martial arts experts were rising one after another and gathering like a storm.

Of course, the so-called competition was based on each of their Qi strength levels.

Five years had passed.

Most of those in the martial arts world had gone to the Kunlun Immortal World.

The focus of the sects in the worldlet was still on the Ancient Mine.

The Kunlun Immortal World allowed the secular martial arts world to develop and when these young warriors become more mature, it would then be time for the cultivators from the Kunlun Immortal World to reap the fruits, taking in disciples.

Names such as Zhang Hanyang, Immortal King Chen, Heavenly Knights Sect had seemed to become things of the past.

After five years of disappearance, only a few people in the martial arts world would mention them.

Those who knew them were mostly cultivating in isolation and rarely go around places.

Not everyone could cultivate leisurely.

It was normal for them to enter isolated cultivation for a year or so.

However, there were also some high-class social circles.

During their gatherings, they would be sentimental about the golden age of the martial arts world from five to six years ago.

They rarely showed up, thus allowing the new generation of martial artists to become a legend one by one.

At Jianglang Mountain in Jiang Province.

This place was just by the river.

The water was clear and the mountains were beautiful.

At the top of the mountains, there were five small towering peaks, and they were also termed as the Five Fingers Peak by the locals.

In fact, they were just five gigantic stones that were shaped like stalagmites that shot into the sky, as if they were chopped by an ax.

In fact, it was true.

This was caused by Chen Changqing.

During a fight with humans, he turned a complete mountain into such a state.

As for how the government explained this formation, it was their business.

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

At that moment, many shadows were racing among the grasses and trees.

All of them were agile with excellent skills.

They gathered on Jianglang Mountain one after another.

No one went to the five giant stones as an exciting and thrilling battle was going to unfold there later.

More and more people gathered and they started talking to each other.

All of a sudden, on the other side of the river at the foot of the mountain, they saw a woman in a ponytail, wearing a cap and a pair of sunglasses.

She was holding a little girls hand with a man.

Without a doubt, it was Zhang Han and his family.

They cross the river with one reed.

“Daddy, is there going to be a fight here later”

Mengmeng looked around at her surroundings and also overheard some news.

However, she was not sure about the extent of the fight.


Zhang Han nodded.

Just when Mengmeng was about to ask another question, a group of five people, which consisted of four men and one woman appeared by their side.

They were led by a man in his early 20s whose inch-long hair was yellow.

He turned to look at them and said, “This is not an ordinary fight.

This is a duel between the best martial artists.

I saw that you guys have just crossed the river with one reed, and youre also playing in the scene, so how could you say something so disrespectful And also because were here, if An He, the King of Storms, heard you, you will be in trouble.”

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