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As for Zi Yan, she just sat at a side with a smile and did not say anything.

She simply watched quietly.

Mengmeng had grown up a lot.

If she wanted to cultivate, then let her be.

It was sufficient to just give some reminders.

The little girl was kind-hearted and would not take advantage of her skills to overstep the line.

Zi Yan was very confident about this.

“Youre right to say that the earth is just a part of the universe.”

Zhang Han caressed Mengmengs head and said with a smile, “A cultivators realm is divided into stages such as Qi Refining, Building Base, Innateness, Elixir, Yuan Ying, God Transformation, Shadow Refining, Integration, Mastery, Pass Tribulation, and Martial Artist.

As Ive mentioned earlier, Obvious Strength, Inward Strength, and Peak Strength are just passing phases and are not considered as stages.

Qi Strength Master and Qi Refining stages are similar, and Wu Dao Grand Master Stage is similar to Foundation Stage.

Warriors in the Divine Realm, Earth Realm, Heaven Realm are similar to the cultivator in the Innateness Stage.

In this world, there are no cultivators in the Elixir stage.”

“This world is the Main World and it has several subsidiary spaces, such as the worldlet.

We once went to your grandfathers house, and that is the worldlet, and also a sect.

The Heavenly Knights Sect and worldlet are connected to the Ancient Mine, where the Dark Shadow Clan is.

Those batches of black people who came as guests not long ago are from there.

There are Kings Domain in the Ancient Mine and in the Kings Domain, there are cultivators at the Elixir Stage.

Our Main World is also connected to the Kunlun Immortal World.

There are also Elixir Stage cultivators in the Kunlun Mountain Range.

The cultivators in the Kings Domain and Kunlun Immortal World are quite capable, but they are also facing trouble as the Bone Demon exists in the world behind the Light Gate.”

“This is so complicated!”

Mengmeng was getting a headache from all this information.

“Alright then, I wont bombard you with so much information, for youll find out about them slowly in the future.

Aunty Jiang and Aunty Xue are also the daughters of the heads of the sects in the worldlet.

Oh, by the way, Dahei and Little Hei are both also at the Heaven Peak Stage.

Tiny Tot is an ancient cursed roc, not a real penguin.

He has just got enlightened once and is not very capable yet.

He is your mothers spiritual pet.

In the future, we have to rely on him to travel through the universe and Star Sea.”

“What Dahei, Little Hei, and Tiny Tot too Everyone here is a cultivator Why am I not one” Mengmeng suddenly pouted.

“Well, arent you going to become one soon”

“I can also cultivate” Mengmeng seemed to finally realize what was going on, and her eyes lit up.

“Of course! If not why would I be telling you all these” Amused, Zhang Han said with a smile, “You are my daughter.

Today, your father is invincible in this world.

You will definitely be more outstanding than me in the future.”

“Yes! Im going to be better than Dad.” Mengmeng nodded her head repeatedly.

“Then I can protect Daddy and Mommy.”

“Okay, go back first.”

Zhang Han steered the boat to descend rapidly.

When they returned back to Mount New Moon, they moved according to the route of the formation.

When they arrived at the back mountain…

Mengmeng looked at Dahei, who was snoring, and said, “Daddy, Dahei, Little Hei, and Tiny Tot are all so powerful! I want to watch them in action!”

“Lets go.”

Zhang Han grabbed onto Zi Yan and Mengmengs hands and jumped down.

He landed steadily.


“Little Hei!”

“Tiny Tot!”

“Come here!”

Mengmeng shouted loudly.

“Whoo… oh”


“Koo-chee, Koo-chee.”

Dahei lifted its head in a daze.

“I think Im dreaming.

Is my little host calling me”

It was her! Dahei shook its head and ran over with its four limbs at full speed.

Little Hei was the fastest.

It dashed towards Mengmeng and sat down in front of her.

It kept panting and shaking its tongue and tail.

It looked extremely excited.

As usual, Tiny Tot followed suit.

He ran towards Mengmeng and flapped its wings.

“You guys…you guys are also very powerful, right” Mengmeng looked at them intensely.

They still looked the same as before.

She could not tell how powerful they were.

If the Beast King in the Western Mountains of the Ancient Mine heard these words, he would probably burst into tears.

How could they not be powerful

One was the King Kong, and the other was the Black Dog King.

These two guys were demons! They specifically ate meat only and one was even more greedy than the other.

There were about eight to ten Beast Kings that died in their hands.

How little Beast Kings were there on the outskirts of the western mountain range

There were only a few of them.


Dahei scratched its head and looked at its Master and Mistress in confusion.

What did she mean

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

However, Little Hei suddenly realized what was going on.

That was because he had seen the magic paradise the night before.

He was extremely smart and knew that its Master was going to bring its Little Master to cultivate.

All of a sudden, Little Hei sprang into action and was more than ten times faster than before.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

He broke through the sound barrier instantly.

Double-speed… triple-speed… when he was at triple-speed of the sound barrier, he was going at a speed of 1km/second, which was crazy fast.

Mengmeng could not even catch Little Heis figure and could only see a few black lines.

Other than that, there was a deafening buzzing sound.


Mengmeng was shocked and did not know what to do.

She grabbed onto Zhang Hans hand.


Little Hei stopped and sat back in front of Mengmeng panting and with its tongue and tail wagging.

Then, he sprang into action again as fast as lightning.

During the second time, Mengmeng finally digested what had happened.

“Oh my god, Little Hei, why… why are you so fast”

She was a little confused.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!”

“So what if hes fast Hes still the second eldest! Watch me, the eldest!”

Dahei also knew what was going on.

Its face froze suddenly, and its gaze was deep.

Just as Mengmeng was trying hard to catch Little Heis figure.

All of a sudden, she felt as if a big mountain was rising in front of them.


Mengmeng slowly lifted her head and looked at Dahei, who was getting bigger and bigger.

The little girls mouth dropped wide open.

He was 30 meters tall!

Dahei had already reached the embryonic form of King Kong.

Zhang Han was certain that if Dahei reached the Elixir stage, it would evolve into a type of King Kong.


Mengmeng felt like her worlds perspective had changed.

She felt like she understood a little, yet she also felt like she did not.

The sudden overload of information was too confusing.

However, no matter how much Zhang Han had said, it was nothing as shocking as the scene in front of her.

“Dahei… you… you can become so big”

Mengmeng was stunned when she saw that she was not even as big as Daheis foot.

“Tiny Tot is an ancient cursed roc.

Its potential is currently the highest.

Show your true form.” Zhang Han waved his hand at Tiny Tot.

However, who would have thought that the Tiny Tot would not pay him any attention.

After glancing at Zhang Han, he mumbled something and did not say anything else.

“Return to your original appearance for Mengmeng.”

Zi Yan could not help laughing and caressed Tiny Tots head.

“Koo-chee, Koo-chee.”


Tiny Tot suddenly changed into a figure that resembled a cartoon whale that was about two meters long and floated in front of Mengmeng.

“Ancient cursed roc… Tiny Tot, youre not a penguin…”


Tiny Tots voice changed slightly and was no longer young and tender.

Instead, it was an extremely ethereal voice.

“Hahaha, Mengmeng, what do you think”

Suddenly, a burst of loud laughter came from the side.

It was Zhang Guangyou.

He was holding onto Rong Jialis hands as the couple floated two meters while stepping onto the void and walking over leisurely.

Mengmeng was dizzy as she watched them and felt like she was in a dream.

Mengmeng exclaimed in shock, “Grandpa, you can fly too”

“Of course, who do you think I am” Zhang Guangyou caressed his stubble.

Although his appearance did not change much, he had already become a grandfather and Mengmeng had already grown up a little.

Zhang Guangyou then tried to find a way to grow his beard and now looked more or less powerful.

Zhang Guangyou said proudly, “You can fly as long youre in the Divine Realm.

Its amazing, isnt it But your grandfather can kill a Divine Realm expert just by blowing a mouth of air.

Now do you know how powerful I am”

“Youre so powerful!”

Zhang Guangyou became even more pleased with himself, “Of course! In this heaven and earth, your Grandpa is also a famous character.”

“That doesnt add up…” Mengmeng suddenly showed a suspicious look.

“Grandpa, are you as powerful as Daddy”


Zhang Guangyou snorted and said, “Your father I can send him flying with just one slap.

Ask him if you dont believe me.”

“Eh” Mengmeng was dumbfounded and turned to look at Zhang Han.

This question put Zhang Han in an awkward and difficult position.

“Alright then, youre my father, youre stronger.”

“Thats true.”

Zhang Han nodded and admitted it.

When he saw that his distracted father still wanted to continue, he wanted to jump in and say something.

However, he narrowed his eyes instead all of a sudden and kept his lips shut.

“Youre so shameless!”

A peal of sinister laughter rang across the skies.

Zhang Guangyous face darkened, and Dong Chen quickly flew towards them from a low altitude of three meters.

“Mengmeng, dont be fooled by your Grandpa! He is your Daddys father, so your Daddy wont fight back and win him.

If you want to talk about pure power, even 10 Grandpas wont be a match for your father!”

“Uncle Dong, why are you so idle” Zhang Guangyou said with a fake and sarcastic smile.

“I dont think I am.

I simply cant stand looking at some people fooling around with a little girl who is so young and ignorant.” Dong Chen did not give him face at all.

He stroked his beard and gave Zhang Guangyou a contemptuous look.

“Humph!” Zhang Guangyou snorted and ignored him.

Not long after, several people from the security group arrived.

They all flew over from one to two meters above ground.

All of them knew that their boss was going to start teaching Mengmeng how to cultivate.

Just the day before, the whole Mount New Moon still seemed to be like an ordinary secular family, but today, the atmosphere had changed completely.

The magic paradise was a new starting point for Mount New Moon.

“Mengmeng is about to start her cultivation! Congratulations! Why dont we celebrate with a feast of spirit beasts today” Zhao Feng said with a smile.

“Very well, inform the kitchen later.” Xu Yong said, “Wang Long that guy is now a Wu Dao Grand Master, and he loves eating spirit beasts.”

“Hey Mengmeng.”

Mu Xue walked in the air just as if she was walking down a flight of stairs and landed in front of Mengmeng.

“Aunty Xue is also very powerful.

When you start cultivating in the future, Ill spar with you.”

“But… but I dont know anything! How am I supposed to win you”

Mengmeng and Mu Xue once competed with one another, but even after using all her skills, Mengmeng did not even touch one of Mu Xues hairs.

“You have me too, Ill play with you when Im free,” said Jiang Yanlan with a smile.

Without exception, the whole of Mount New Moon liked Mengmeng very much.

More than 90% of the reason was because of how cute and beautiful Mengmeng was.

There were also a very small handful of people whose reason was because of Zhang Han.

“Ha! My granddaughter is about to cultivate as well!”

Zi Qiang pulled Xu Xinyu and they both ran over quickly.

At that moment, Mengmeng then realized that her Grandpa was very agile and moving extremely quickly.

“Mengmeng, Grandpa is already a Heaven-stage Master.” Zi Qiang said with a smile, “With your Daddy teaching you how to cultivate, you will be extremely fast as well.

By the time you surpass me, Ill give you a present.”

“Grandma is a little stupid.

Ive only reached the Peak Strength stage.

When the time comes, I might be able to practice with you too,” Xu Xinyu smiled and said.

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