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“Yes, yes, yes!”

Liang Hao was also already very close to Zhang Guangyou now, so he knew his temperament.

At this moment, he said with a smile, “I have been trying for half a year.”

“Still no result after trying for half a year Is it that one of you is not fertile”

Zhang Guangyou gave Liang Hao a scrutinizing look.

Liang Hao was so nervous that he broke out in a cold sweat.

How embarrassing this was!

“Dad! Why do you keep urging us”

Quite distressed, Zhang Li said, “We are still quite young.

Why rush us Besides, you already have Mengmeng to spend time with.

Isnt that enough for you”

“Mengmeng is not your child.

Its not the same.

Dont expect that you can gloss this over with me.

Anyway, once born, your child will be surnamed Liang.” Zhang Guangyou waved his hand and said, “Well, if you have something to say, hurry up and say it.”

“Were going to visit the Kings Domain.”

“Dont even think about it.

Come to ask for my approval again when you have a baby.”


Zhang Li curled her lips and made to protest, but Liang Hao took her hand and said, “Dad has a point.

Lets go home, go home…”

After a prolonged persuasion, Liang Hao finally managed to drag Zhang Li out of there.

The couple truly did not know how to handle Zhang Guangyou, especially Liang Hao.

Although he was perfectly healthy, his father-in-law still frequently looked at him in a strange way.

Well, he felt rather drained.

Zhang Li was the one who didnt want to have a child for the time being.

So why blame him

Having seen the mischievous Chen Chuan, Zhang Li decided not to have a baby before she had had enough fun.

Liang Hao also felt helpless about it.

His younger sister had the same idea as Zhang Li.

She didnt want a child for now, but Zhao Feng never pestered her with the baby thing as Zhang Guangyou did.

“What are you looking at Focus on your practice,” Zhang Guangyou said to Chen Chuan.

“Got it, Grandpa Zhang.”

Chen Chuan began to practice in a haste.

He did not dare to cut any corners.

As for Mengmeng, she only practiced for a short while every morning.

It was just about half an hour.

After all, she had learned everything she needed to know in the past five years.

If she wanted to go further, she would be engaged in the martial arts cultivation, which Zhang Han did not allow Zhang Guangyou to teach Mengmeng.

Zhang Guangyou had no choice.

Mengmeng listened to no one but Zhang Han.

Well, maybe she was really Zhang Hans lover in the previous life.

“Daddy, what are we having for breakfast”

Mengmeng bounced back to the third floor of the castle.

She seemed to smell the fragrance of the kitchen and ran over.

Before her body arrived, she came over and asked with a smile, “Hey, mom, you also went to the kitchen”

“Like I havent cooked for you.” Zi Yan turned her head and involuntarily rolled her eyes.

Although five years had passed, time didnt seem to have touched Zi Yan at all.

She was still as beautiful as she was, only that she looked slightly more mature and attractive.

Now, she was wearing a chef uniform, which accented her alluring figure.

To be more precise, her delicate face was pretty much the same as it was five years ago, only her temperament became more sophisticated.

“Hee hee, daddy has always been cooking.

Mom, youre always helping him.

Dont try to fool me.”

“Hahaha,” Zhang Han laughed, then, turned to look at Mengmeng and remarked, “You and your mother are my two treasures.

You two are too precious to do the cooking, arent you”

“My daddy is the best in the world.” Mengmeng said proudly, “Youre unique.

I cant find anyone like you!”

“Hear, hear.

Stop flattering your father.

Dont you see that gleeful smile on his face” Zi Yan pursed her red lips and said, “Go wash your hands.

Breakfast will soon be served.”


Mengmeng hopped out of the kitchen in high spirits and went to her bedroom to change and wash her hands.

This little girl was about to finish primary school.

She was already 11 years old after all.

She had shared the same room with Zhang Han and Zi Yan since she was born.

It was not until last year, that was when she was ten years old, that she moved to her own bedroom.

It was a big one decorated like a room for a princess.

Even so, she still liked spending evenings with Zhang Han and Zi Yan and wouldnt go back to her room until nine oclock.

There was no servant in this large castle.

For the family of three, it kind of seemed vast and deserted.

Yet, the furniture and domestic appliances they had were quite luxurious.

These years, Zi Yan had not been idle, either.

She had taught Mengmeng how to swim.

There was a private swimming pool on the third floor, which was exclusive to the family of three.

Zi Yan had also taught her how to play golf, ride horses, ski, play surfing, and all kinds of other sports.

Mengmeng also loved bungee jumping.

Every year, she took several trips to Macao and did bungee jumping in the highest bungee jumping spot in Asia.

As for Zi Yan, of course, she also had a busy life.

In the first year, she not only ran the company but also gave classes to some artists.

In the second year, she shot two micro-film on the theme of promoting public welfare establishments.

In the third year, she held ten concerts and had a full house for every performance.

In the fourth year, she and Zhang Han shot Pirates of the Caribbean III and IV.

In the fifth year, they went to North America and had a good harvest on that years Oscar Awards Ceremony.

Holy King John entertained them in person.

In June, Zi Yans schedule chart was finally empty.

She could spend the time however she wanted to.

Zhang Han also looked slightly different than he was five years ago.

His face was still masculine.

He now appeared to be more mature.

Of course, Mengmeng was the one who had changed the most.

She was nearly five feet tall and quite slim.

She was no longer a budding beauty but a thoroughly attractive cutie.

Every time she went shopping with her classmates, she would turn quite a few heads.

There was a saying that there are all kinds of fish in the sea.

For once or twice, Mengmeng did run into some unscrupulous men not afraid of violating the criminal law who wanted to abuse her.

That day, when Mengmeng and her classmates passed by a deserted alley, some men revealed their lewd side.

Just as the bunch of hooligans was about to approach Mengmeng…


A womans sneer came from above.

They looked up only to see a pretty woman in a black robe overlooking them.

But why could she suspend in the air

Just as they wanted to speak, their world went black…

For this kind of man, Mu Xue had no compassion at all.

If they wanted to repent, they would have to do it in their next life.

But these were just some small interludes in life.

In todays worldlets, the Heavenly Knights Sect was the strongest and the only force acknowledged by the Kings Domain in the Ancient Mine.

Their members could visit Dragon Scale City at any time.

However, the Heavenly Knights Sect did not seek expansion as feverishly as the old Wind Snow School did and occupied the Kun Xu World.

The Luo Fu Sword Sect had also grown stronger.

Sect Leader Mu, in particular, seemed to have surmounted the Heaven Peak Stage and become a master half a step away from the Elixir Realm three years ago.

The most inconceivable one was the Shuiyun Sect.

This former second-rate sect had quickly become one of the top sects in the Mystical Martial World.

It was also attributed to the news that Sect Leader Jiang seemed to have made a breakthrough as well.

Even so, the worldlets were still not as thriving as they used to be.

The number of members and the overall strength of the worldlets had diminished considerably.

Fortunately, the new generation of martial artists had already emerged in the secular world.

It was said that people with outstanding aptitude had appeared in various places.

Zhang Han was the only one who knew these things.

At present, there were more than 20 elders in the Heavenly Knights Sect.

However, Zhang Han was still most familiar with Dong Chen, First Elder who specialized in formations, Third Elder who was a taciturn man of action, and Sixth Elder who excelled at refining elixirs.

As to Fifth Elder and Seventh Elder, since they were not good at words and a little introverted, they were not as close to Zhang Han as the formers.

There was one thing that the formers had in common—being brazen-faced.

After they went to Mount New Moon, they lived there for two years on end.

Now, the training field of the disciples of the Heavenly Knights Sect had been relocated.

They became scarce on the Hidden Dragon Land in the Ancient Mine, for the Light Gate in the Kings Domain and the mountain range in the west were the places they visited most frequently.

Now, lets hark back to the subject.

Mengmeng returned to her room.

Her bedroom was connected to the cloakroom, which was a room of about 100 square meters, filled with a wide range of clothes, shoes, hats, and accessories.

Every year, a large number of those objects would be taken out to make room for the new ones.

Good thing was that Mengmeng didnt have allodoxaphobia.

She quickly changed her clothes, washed her hands, and went down to the dining hall.

The table was already loaded with food.

There were Mengmengs favorite milk-flavored steamed buns, milk, boiled eggs, mixed congee, sandwiches, fried steak, steamed dumplings made by Zi Yan, and two dishes of green vegetables.

It was a very sumptuous breakfast.

“Daddy, were just one week away from graduation.

Im going to junior high school.

Muen and the others came to me earlier to discuss whether we could dine out together to celebrate.

I thought it would be okay so I said yes.

Each student has to pay 500 yuan.

Its totally voluntary.

Five hundred yuan for each.

There are 56 students in my class, so the whole sum would be 28,000 yuan.

Weve planned to dine in a restaurant and go visit some places.

Im not sure if that could cover our expenses.

You know, well be out for a whole day and have lunch and dinner together.”

Mengmeng did the calculation while eating.

“Thats probably the case.” Zi Yan nodded slightly and said, “It should be enough, but I guess you cant go to those really fancy restaurants.

Also, youd better pick the places you want to go to wisely.

Otherwise, you would be unable to afford the trip.”

“Gee, being the class monitor is really not an easy job.”

Mengmeng sighed like an adult.

Then, she continued, “Ive been the class monitor for six years on end.

When I go to junior high school, I would definitely not take the job anymore.

Daddy, as you know, the time we went to Ma Feis house, we did everything we could to help him, but it came to nothing.

In the second semester in second grade, his mother and father separated.

After that, his grades finally picked up.

If nothing else, he will rank among the top five in the class this time and get into a great junior high.”


Dont be class monitor again.

You should enjoy your life and let others do the heavy lifting for a change, shouldnt you” Zhang Han echoed.


Mengmeng said merrily, “Daddy knows me well.

Ill give you a kiss.”

She blew Zhang Han a kiss.


Zhang Han simmered with laughter.

“Mummy, have you forgotten something”

Mengmeng reminded her again, “Since I have to pay 500 yuan, I wont have any allowance left!”

“Ah, speaking of which, here, take this card, so that you wont be short of money when youre out with your friends…” Zhang Han put out a bank card.

There were always a dozen bank cards sitting in his pocket, and the deposit on each card was quite sizable.

But he didnt know the exact sum.


Zi Yan rolled her eyes at Zhang Han again.

“Put it away.

Havent we made a deal on this Why are you singing a different tune again”

“Daddy, put it away.

Since we share the same surname, we are no match for Mummy even if we team up.

Stop singing a different tune.” Mengmeng urged Zhang Han to give up instead.

“You little brat.”

Zi Yan didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

She took out 1,000 yuan from her purse and said, “Here, your allowance for this week.

I dont want your father to give you a bank card because I want you to learn how to manage your asset.

If you can do this, you will be able to manage other things in the future.”

“Hmm, I see.”

Mengmeng shook her head and made a face at Zi Yan.

“What if this isnt enough How about you give her some more” Zhang Han was still a little worried.

If the class found that they could not cover their expenses, Mengmeng would be embarrassed.

“Therefore, you have to plan it out beforehand according to the budget.” Zi Yan smiled.

“I believe that Mengmeng can do this.

My daughter is very brilliant, just like her mother.”

“Hahaha.” Mengmeng playfully stuck out her tongue and said, “Of course.

If my mother is not smart, how can she find such a wonderful husband”


Zhang Han laughed out loud.

Mengmeng was really getting more and more cunning.

Zhang Han had heard that when he was not home, Mengmeng often gave others a headache.

Still, he had to go to the Ancient Mine from time to time.

he had also been to the Boundless Sea twice along with, Wu Ming and Chen Changqing.

The journeys were quite rewarding.

As for the upcoming celebration Mengmengs class would hold, Zhang Han did not think it was a big deal.

Every time the little girl went out, Mu Xue would follow her for her own safety.

Thinking of this, Zhang Han felt he had nothing to worry about.

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