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Chapter 91 – So it turned out that the boss had a great background!

“Oh yeah, are you the bosss sister” Zhao Feng wiped away the table and turned to look at Zhang Li with a smile.

“My brothers surname is Zhang, and mine is also Zhang.

What do you think” Zhang Li replied.

“Where is your hometown” Zhao Feng had always been curious about Zhang Han, and had never asked him about it on several occasions.

It was because he felt that the boss rarely chatted with people, and might not even pay attention to him, and this beauty in front of him was Zhang Hans younger sister.

She could tell a lot of news about Zhang Han, so Zhao Feng asked.

“Shang Jing.” Zhang Li replied simply.

“Shang Jing “The capital of China, the most complicated place in the mainland.” Zhao Feng smiled slightly and said: “Then the boss must be mighty in Shang Jing, right”

Hearing that, Zhang Li sized Zhao Feng up from head to toe and did not reply.

Although she did not say it, one of them said something.

Only that Zhou Fei, who was sitting at the table, laughed without raising her head, and snorted: “Heh, not only is he powerful, let me tell you this.

My brother-in-law was previously one of the great young masters of the Shang Jing.

He was the eldest young master of the Zhang Family, his identity is not just for show.

I also heard that my brother-in-law was extremely arrogant in the past, and was almost unstoppable in the Shang Jing, although he is considered to be the lowest ranked of the Four Young Masters, the other three young masters did not dare to provoke him because he would truly beaten up!”

Zhou Fei said all of these in one go and all the information she received was from Zi Yans friends.

That person had said that Zhang Han had been an extreme powerful person in the past, and he had also mentioned his miserable life after his downfall.

It was just that she now treated Zhang Han like an idol and did not choose to talk about the period of Zhang Hans downfall.

After Zhang Li heard this, she rolled her eyes.

As for Zhao Feng, he shook his head and laughed.

Mengmengs aunt in front of him, , had directly called him a little brother, but she was not that old yet.

Zhao Feng, on the other hand, did not have any other thoughts as he was already used it that people treating him like an ordinary person in this restaurant.

However, Zhou Feis last few words made Zhao Feng suddenly understand and say:

“So the boss is one of the Four Young Masters of Shang Jing.

But with the bosss power, no one would dare to provoke him.”

What a joke, with the bosss skill, even he, who was in the top three of the special forces fighting strength, had been defeated in one move.

But Zhang Lis next sentence, instead, gave Zhao Feng goosebumps.

“My brother isnt that great either.” Zhang Li pursed her lips and laughed, then said: “Back then, my brother fought with Shang Jings number one young master, Liu Tiannan, and in the end, he was injured.

After that, my brother even brought five bodyguards with him.”

“Puff …” “Cough, cough, cough …” Zhao Feng almost failed to catch his breath and coughed a few times.

After calming himself down, Zhao Feng muttered with a somewhat weak voice, “Crouching tigers and hidden dragons, Shang Jing is a city that owns undiscovered talents…”

Zhang Hans impressiveness already made Zhao Feng feel like he was a primary school student in front of him.

However, right now, he was hearing about someone even stronger than the boss, how could this not shock Zhao Feng

The current Zhang Han was a monster who had cultivated for five hundred years.

Although it was just the Qi Refining Stage, it was not something that ordinary people could compare with.

These words also caused Zhao Feng to misunderstand profoundly.

Just by thinking about it, he felt that it was terrifying: even stronger than the boss, wouldnt that mean he had to go to heaven

After hearing this news, Zhao Feng did not want to ask any further.

As they chatted, Zhang Han carried the Little Princess and walked down.

Behind him was the elegant Zi Yan.

Because she was going to the Mount New Moon, Zi Yan combed her hair and tied up her hair with a braid.

Zhao Feng was stunned when he saw Zi Yan.

He slightly frowned.

He felt that Zi Yan was extremely familiar as if he could easily say her name.

But because he was so muddleheaded right now, he couldnt say it out.

This feeling was somewhat uncomfortable.

Suddenly, Zhao Fengs mind lit up, he turned and looked at the two photos of Zi Yan that were newly changed on the wall, his eyes slowly opened wide, and shouted:

“Zi Yan This… is the landlady Zi Yan ”

“Whats so surprising about that” Zhang Li glanced at Zhao Feng and said.

“Yes, yes, yes.” Zhao Feng reacted and shook his head with a wry smile.

Why did his mind become so weak after meeting Zhang Han Where did Zhao Feng who was able to maintain his calm despite being pressured by Tai Shan in the past

So he put down the cloth in his hand, walked to the front, smiled at Zhang Han then looked at Zi Yan and said: “Hello landlord, I never thought that Miss Zi Yan was the landlord here.”

“Hello.” Zi Yan gently nodded her head.

“Hmm hmph, Mengmeng already said that my mom is very beautiful”.

Mengmeng said while pouting in Zhang Hans embrace.

“Hahaha …” Zhao Feng laughed and said: “Thats right, what Mengmeng said was the truth.

Your mother is super beautiful, and Mengmeng is also super beautiful.”

“Hehehe, Mengmeng is also super pretty, just like Mama.” Mengmeng smiled happily.

After greeting, Zhang Han carried Mengmeng and walked out.

Zi Yan followed behind like a little wife, in her hand was a bag containing the remote control aircraft that Mengmeng had prepared, as well as a few items that Zi Yan had developed, such as a parasol, a hat, cloth, etc.

There was an old saying: There cant be a woman in the house!

Zhang Han had never thought about things like hats and umbrellas.

Although the temperature and humidity in Mount New Moon were the most comfortable, it would still affect the whiteness of ones skin exposed to sunlight for too long.

“Oh, boss, the fish seedlings and other things will be here soon.

Should I go and bring them directly to the Mount New Moon later” Zhao Feng saw that Zhang Han was about to leave the dining hall, so he quickly said this.


Zhang Han only left a one-word reply, then pushed the door and went.

Besides the panda car, Zi Yan carried Mengmeng in her arms.

Zhang Li and Zhou Fei looked at each other, finding curiosity in each others eyes towards the Mount New Moon.

They wanted to go as well, but they felt that there were some electric light bulbs.

After discussing for a while in the morning, they decided to give up on the electric light bulbs.

“When are you going to the Mount New Moon” Zhang Li looked at Zhao Feng and asked.

“About an hour later.”

“Then well go together.” Zhou Fei said with a smile.

“But …” Zhang Li suddenly hesitated and said: “We are all going, who is looking at the dining hall”

“This …” Zhou Fei was slightly stunned; she did not expect this question.

“Ill call someone over to look at the restaurant later.” Zhao Feng shook his head and laughed, efficiently resolving the problem.

Not long after, Zhang Lis Maserati GT was driven over by the technical master.

After getting the keys and procedures ready, the car belonged to Zhang Li, and half an hour later, two of Zhao Fengs subordinates arrived at the dining hall.

These two people were the subordinates of Zhao Fengs faction.

Although the leader of Yonghe Society was Tang Zhan, the few generals under Tang Zhan all had their faction, and each of them had their loyal subordinates.

Zhao Feng had the least number of subordinates, but the people inside were all relatively average, just a little wild.

“Brother Feng, were here!”

The two casually greeted each other after entering the room.

Seeing this, Zhang Li and Zhou Fei looked at Zhao Feng strangely.

Zhou Fei only felt that Zhao Feng was not an ordinary person, but Zhang Li had rather high standards.

Looking at this scene, Zhou Fei already had a faint feeling that he had some connections with the underground powers.

However, the two of them did not say anything.

Zhang Li drove the new Maserati to bring Zhou Fei to the carriage to pick up the fish seedlings.

Afterward, they headed to Mount New Moon.

On the other side.

When Zhang Han drove the car to the foot of Mount New Moon, he parked the car, and the family of three walked up the mountain.

Just then, Zi Yan and Mengmeng held hands and led the way, while the bag went straight to Zhang Hans hands, he casually followed behind.

“Hmm, Little Black, where are you Mengmeng is here to play with you.”

Passing through the forest, Mengmeng could not wait any longer and called out.

A soft voice resounded within the territory.

“Ao, ao, ao …” From the back of the mountain came a small, cheerful cry of Little Black.

The moment the cry fell, one could see Little Black running over quickly from underneath the thunder yang tree at the top of the mountain.

Its speed was extremely fast, and the fur that matched black and gold fluttered in the wind, giving it an imposing air.

“Im coming.” Mengmeng also happily ran over, taking small steps.

Little Black arrived very quickly, and when Mengmeng saw that they were very close, she was a little too anxious.

She didnt manage to hit Little Black with her little foot and tripped over it, but in the end…


Mengmeng fell forward onto the ground.

Because it was all grass, even if she landed on the ground, it would not hurt.

“Eh” Mengmeng felt the grass beneath her and stretched out her soft and tender little palm.

She dubiously patted the grass, and saw Little Black running towards her with her clear and large eyes, and said in a baby voice, “Thats not right, its not, ugh, its not Little Blacks stomach.”

After Mengmeng finished speaking, she crawled up.

At this time, Little Black was already in front of her, so Mengmeng pounced forward with her mouth pouting.

“Awoo …”

Little Blacks body hastily flipped, its stomach moving upwards, and steadily caught Mengmeng.

Mengmeng was satisfied with this, she smilingly patted its stomach, stood up, and ran to the top of the mountain with Little Black.

Seeing Mengmengs appearance, Zi Yan smiled and shook her head, then looked around at her surroundings.

Her gaze was filled with amazement: “The scenery here is great, I didnt even see clearly last night.”

Zhang Han stood beside Zi Yan, looked around, and said softly: “This place will be even more beautiful in the future.”


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