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“Then lets go.”

Zhang Han looked at the cloth bag and found that there were a lot of treasures in it.

Besides 250 kg of Holy Spirit Water, there were over a hundred types of divine objects and over a thousand holy objects in it.

However, there were no top-grade crystals.

Zhang Han didnt ask but took the lead and went straight to the south.

Lord Liu, Si Nan, and Dong Chen, who was smiling, followed him.

In the face of Lord Liu, Dong Chen also felt a lot of pressure.

It was just that Lord Liu was not an enemy now, and he had something to ask of him.

He had nothing to be afraid of.

“With my strength, how long can I stay at most” Lord Liu asked.

“10 days at most.”

“We need your secret skill when we go out.

But when we leave here, what will happen if you disperse the secret skill” Lord Liu asked again.

“I dont know.

You can try,” Zhang Han replied.

Lord Lius expression changed slightly as he looked at Si Nan.

Si Nan left quickly.

Less than 10 minutes later, he came back with a Dark Warrior in his hand.

“This is the exit.”

Zhang Han waved his right hand and formed a magic formation with a trace of his Qi and blood, along with hundreds of crystal stones, to cover the skin of the three people.

When they came out of the Ancient Mine, they saw the clear sky.

Lord Lius spirit soared.

“Lord Liu, this is a worldlet.

Leave this place, and we can reach the main world, which is the secular world,” Si Nan said beside him.

“Zhang Hanyang, try to disperse the secret skill for him.”

Lord Liu glanced at Zhang Han and motioned for him to bring the Dark Warrior that Si Nan had caught beside him here for a test.

The Dark Warrior seemed to have noticed something.

Just now, he was looking at the sky here with a shocked face.

The next second, he looked at Si Nan and cried, “City Lord, dont kill me, dont kill me…”


Before he could finish his words, Zhang Han dispersed the formation made of his Qi and blood.

A wisp of pale-blue light brushed past and floated above the Dark Warrior, turning into a big net to cover him.

It seemed that in an instant, the net dissipated and the Dark Warrior disappeared without a trace, leaving only wisps of bloody mist.

“Well, well…”

Si Nans and Lord Lius pupils constricted.

Just now, they felt an amazing amount of pressure from that net.

If it were them, they might not necessarily be able to withstand it.

Seeing this result, they felt a chill run down their spines.

They knew very well that their lives were in Zhang Hans hands at this time.

Although they had this kind of consciousness before they came here, they didnt like it.

But the real world was too attractive to Lord Liu.

He even took the risk to come here.

“Zhang Hanyang, my life is in your hands.”

Lord Liu sighed softly.

“Actually, I can sense that even if you dont disperse your Qi and blood, with my current strength that hasnt even reached the Elixir Realm, Im most likely no match for you.”

“Its not most likely.

Its a hundred percent sure.”

Dong Chen felt more relaxed both physically and mentally.

He said with a smile, “But dont worry.

A gentleman makes money in a proper way.

As long as you two obediently offer the money, we wont hurt you.”

However, Lord Liu didnt even bother to look at Dong Chen as he heard him.

Usually, a martial artist like him would be slapped to death if he dared to speak to him in such a tone.

“Yep.” Zhang Han agreed with Dong Chens words and added after thinking for a while, “Wed better try not to resort to power.

If the secret skill is affected…”

“Thats why we spent so many resources!” Si Nans tone was a little harsh.

“Who are you trying to scare I came out to help you fight at that time, but you took 40% of my treasures away!

“I had fought for such a long time and Im fine.

I didnt see you remind me.

Whats your intention

“Could it be that you didnt care about my life at that time

“This brat is really evil-minded!”

All of a sudden, Si Nan felt a chill run down his spine.

He felt that Zhang Hanyang was too vicious.

Zhang Han glanced at Si Nan and chuckled.

“You were able to fight that day because you had me by your side.

As long as Im present, it doesnt matter if you fight.

But when you leave the worldlet, I dont have time to lead the way for you.”

His implication was that without him, the two of them could kill themselves if they made a move.

“Well, I get it.”

Lord Liu nodded solemnly.

He breathed a sigh of relief inwardly.

As long as Zhang Hanyang didnt have the intention to kill him, he didnt care about anyone else.

At this point, his cultivation was very close to the Elixir Realm.

In this world, there were only a few people who could threaten him.

Moreover, he just wanted to see the real world and had no intention of taking action.

“Lets go.”

Zhang Han took the lead to fly to the exit.

In the beginning, they didnt speak for an hour.

Si Nan and Lord Liu surveyed their surroundings.

It was the first time that Lord Liu had seen such a blue sky.

Si Nan had already seen it.

All of a sudden, he realized that the real world was so charming.

It was not like the Ancient Mine world, where the sky was grey.

“Why is it like this” Suddenly, Lord Liu spoke.

His eyes were blurred, and his tone was a little low.

“The real world makes me feel that our world is like a cage, dark and devoid of sunlight.

Even if we go out, we will be killed by heaven and earth.

Why is that Zhang Hanyang, can you tell me”

“The suppression of heaven and earth is a rule.

It follows the rule of a certain will.

Although it is so powerful that it cant be resisted, there are still some loopholes in it.

Otherwise, you cant get out at all,” Zhang Han replied flatly.

“Rule” Lord Liu looked up at the sky and did not speak for a long time.

After a while, Lord Liu asked, “Can we break it”


Not to mention your poor cultivation, even people a hundred or even a thousand times stronger than you may not be able to break this rule.”

Lord Liu was also a local moneybag.

At least for Zhang Han now, he was a local moneybag.

To break through the level of the Heavenly Demon Meridians, he still needed to rely on him.

Therefore, Zhang Han was willing to answer Lord Lius questions.

“No So our Dark Shadow Clan wont have a chance to go out in this life” Lord Liu suddenly felt a little aggrieved.

“Some people always like to say that when God closes a window for you, maybe he will open another door for you.

If we take the real world as a window, then the martial arts resources will be the other door.

There is no doubt that there are loads of resources in the Ancient Mine, and even the people from the Kunlun Immortal World will go in to explore it,” Zhang Han said.

“Theres no point in having so many resources.

In the Dark Shadow Continent, oh, Id better say it in your way… In the Ancient Mine world, the peripheral continent, and the Beast Land, the one with the highest cultivation is just like Si Nan, which is half a step to the Elixir Realm, right In the Kings Domain, there are Giants, which are close to the level of the Yuan Ying Realm.

It should be easier for the Saint Warriors of our Dark Shadow Clan to break through this level.

At least thats true for some talented people.

Nonetheless, no one has made a breakthrough for thousands of years.

Now, I think this world is too harsh on our Dark Shadow Clan.”

Lord Liu sighed with emotion.

“Thats true.” Zhang Han spread out his hands.

“As the favorite of the Saint Warrior Planet, if the Dark Shadow Clan did not suffer this kind of suppression, there would certainly be some powerful ones who had passed the tribulation.

But whats going on this Saint Warrior Planet”

Zhang Han couldnt understand it either.

“But even so, we, the Dark Shadow Clan, will not give in.

If the heavens go against me, then I will go against the heavens!”

Lord Lius tone was extremely calm.

It was as if he was the center of the entire world at this moment.

He was somewhat domineering.

“Is the Kings Domain something equivalent to the Kunlun Immortal Realm There should be more resources there, right” Zhang Han asked casually.


Lord Liu nodded.

“Ive heard Si Nan talk about the division of your world.

The so-called Heaven-grade Treasures are basically flowers and plants on the roadside in the Kings Domain.

There are many holy objects but fewer divine objects.

Of course, we name them from the first-tier to the sixth-tier, and there are fewer sixth-tier treasures.

Only extremely rare things can be used by us.”


“Let me tell you something about the Kings Domain.

Youll be there as a guest in the future.

From today on, you, Zhang Hanyang, will be the distinguished guest of me, Lord Liu.

Perhaps you can also be the distinguished guest of Lord Nan Shan,” said Lord Liu.

As soon as he said that, Si Nan showed a shocked expression and muttered in surprise, “The distinguished guest of Lord Nan Shan What…”

He looked at Zhang Han again, but there was no more dissatisfaction on his face.

He was a little cautious.

At a glance, Zhang Han knew that Lord Nan Shan was probably one of the 13 magnates.

Sure enough.

“My elder brother is Lord Nan Shan.

In the Kings Domain, anyone in the Last-Stage of the Elixir Realm can be called lord, but each of them can only use one word in the title.

For example, I, Lord Liu, only have one wordLiu, and thats the case even if Im at the peak of the Elixir Realm.

Only when I reach the same realm as those Giants will I be allowed to have two words in my title.

The four Giants, Lord Nan Shan, Lord Bei Huai, Lord Dong Kui, and Lord Xi Mu are in the east, south, west, and north directions of the Kings Domain.

In a relatively peripheral area, the Kings Domain has 13 regions.

12 lords own regions relatively large in size, but they usually dont care about anything.

Even if some forces in a certain region fight together, they wont intervene.

What Im talking about is based on the permanent residences of those Giants.

The only exception is Lord Qing Lan.

She is the only woman among the 13 magnates.

She is a little unique, and she is also the Palace Master of the Black White Palace.”

Lord Liu sighed and added, “The Black White Palace was built for her by an old man.

He brought some martial artists from the Outer Domain into the Kings Domain.

At first, they were not recognized, but the old man was very powerful.

At that time, there were also 13 magnates, but Lord Qing Lan was not on the list.

However, one of the Giants was killed by the old man, which shocked the world.

He asked Lord Qing Lan to be the Palace Master of the Black White Palace.

After he left, Lord Qing Lan took action twice.

Unexpectedly, her strength ranked in the top three among the 13 magnates.

Later, we learned of her legend.

Shes the child of a senior Giant and someone from the Kunlun Immortal Realm.

She has the bloodline of the Dark Shadow Clan.

Since then, she has been accepted by the Kings Domain.

Her Black White Palace has many disciples, which can be regarded as an anomaly in the Kings Domain.

There are many Light Gates in the Ancient Mine.

The Black White Palace suppresses 10 Light Gates, which also allows the whole Black White Palace to be recognized by the Kings Domain.

However, in the Black White Palace, one can only be granted the title of the lord with the bloodline of the Dark Shadow Clan.

“Hence, so far, there is only one Giant in the Black White Palace, and there is no Real King.

But in terms of strength, the Black White Palace is first-class among the sects in the Kings Domain.

“Zhang Hanyang, I welcome you very much, and I also hope that you can go to the Kings Domain as a guest.

I can go out with my life in your hands, but the Giants wont do that unless we find a balance.”

Lord Lius eyes were a little bright.

While inquiring about Zhang Hans expression, he said, “The reason why I talked about the Black White Palace is that I have an idea.

I wonder if you are interested in it.”

“Say it.”

Zhang Han nodded.

Although his guess was almost accurate, he had to let the other side talk.

“According to the example of the Black White Palace, the martial artists from your world improve their cultivation very quickly in the Kings Domain.

I think its better to send some people who are close to you to cultivate in the Kings Domain.

This is the condition.

We will not only offer resources, but we will also pay you.

The price is that you will bring our men to the real world.

I have also heard that in the Main World, there are many ancient relics, which are the treasures of the world, as well as many dangerous forbidden areas, secret places, and so on.

For example, the Kunlun Immortal Realm.

If there is a chance, we also want to explore them one by one.”

Lord Liu spoke out his thoughts.

It was nothing more than a little trick to make everyone rest assured.

“You control our lives, but we also have your men here.

Only in this way could we feel balanced inside.”

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