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Chapter 89 – PaPa, he wants to give me a kiss.

Mengmeng hugged the little bear, jumping around happily.

Her cute little appearance caught the attention of the people in the dining room.

Suns mother, Sun Dongheng shook his head and laughed.

Liang Mengqi and the others also laughed softly.

It was just that Liang Mengqi looked at Zhang Li and her gaze was filled with suspicions.

‘Amongst the two of them, one of them is Mengmengs mother She doesnt look that good either.”

Liang Mengqi had mixed feelings in her heart.She thought that Mengmengs mother would be extremely beautiful, but now it seems that she was about the same as her.

Even though they were both beautiful girls, there was an inevitable drop in their hearts, and at the same time, they felt a lot more relaxed.

If she saw that Mengmengs mother was really much prettier than her, then Liang Mengqi would probably be jealous and lose hope again.

Seeing that Mengmeng really liked presents, Sun Ming also smiled quite happily and said:

“Its good that you like it, next time Uncle will bring a present for Mengmeng.”

“Mm, alright, thank you uncle.” Mengmeng replied happily.

In the Little Princesss heart, it seemed that since she had interacted with the PaPa, there had been more and more people who had sent her a present.

Mengmeng climbed onto the sofa with the white bear in her arms and happily played with the little white bear doll in her hands.

Even when Zhang Li and Zhou Fei, who were beside her, wanted to take a look, Mengmeng refused to let them.

Liang Mengqi sat on the table, her eyes staring at the other side.

After hesitating for a moment, she finally could not hold back the curiosity in his heart, got up and walked over.

She stood at the back of the sofa and adjusted her expression, maintaining her state of mind.

She looked at Mengmeng and smiled: “Good morning, Mengmeng.”

“Hmm, good morning, little sister.” Mengmeng turned to look at Liang Mengqi, stretching out a small arm and waving it downwards.

Liang Mengqis words attracted both Zhang Li and Zhou Feis attention.

After Liang Mengqi greeted them, she looked at the two of them, scanned them a few times, and laughed and asked: “I wonder who Mengmengs mother is”

The two of them shook their heads after saying this.

Zhang Li sized Liang Mengqi up a few times, then smiled and said: “I am Zhang Hans little sister, my name is Zhang Li.”

“I am Mengmengs aunt.” Zhou Fei gave a simple introduction.

At this time, Liang Mengqis gaze slightly froze, and she subconsciously said: “Oh, hello, my name is Liang Mengqi, Im the first member of the restaurant.”

Liang Mengqi said, and then looked around: “Yesterday I heard from Mengmeng that her mother was coming, why is she not here I have always been curious about what kind of beauty could give birth to such a cute and beautiful little princess like Mengmeng.

Liang Mengqis eyes shone with fighting spirit, as if she wanted to compete with Mengmengs mother to see who was prettier.


Only then did Mengmeng remember that Zi Yan was not by her side, and she spoke in her childish voice: “I was Mamaupstairs, why did I not come down Un, hmph, little big sis, just you wait, I will go and tell me to come down.”

After Mengmeng finished speaking, she carried the little white bear and ran up to the second floor.

Zhou Fei thought for a moment, then followed her.

When she reached the second floor, she just happened to see Mengmeng acting coquettishly in Zi Yans embrace.

“Elder Sister Yan, there are so many people down there.

There are more than ten in the restaurant and there are even twenty to thirty outside.

Business is booming! According to the price of the food, this restaurant is selling food for more than a million RMB per month.

Zhou Fei said in surprise.

In Zhou Feis opinion, opening a business for three hours a day with the turnover entering into a million, could simply be called a miracle.

“Yeah, there are quite a few people.” Zi Yan shook her head slightly, looked at Mengmeng, extended a finger and scratched her nose, and said: “Mengmeng, I wont go down now.

You can go down to play, and come up to accompany Mama when its time to eat.”

“Ugh …” “Oh, but, but little sister looks at Mama.” Mengmeng pouted.

The little princess knew that Mama was very beautiful, and she was the kind ofable to take it out.

Every time she heard someone praise Mama, she would be very happy, and she also felt that if Mama went down, she would definitely be shocked.

“What little sis.” Zhou Fei smiled lightly, and said: “Mengmeng, you should also call her Little Aunt.

Shes not much younger than us, and shes pretty pretty.”

“Oh.” Zi Yan muttered to herself.

“Hmm, Mama is the most beautiful, no one is as beautiful as Mama.” Mengmeng raised her small hand and said with a serious face.

“Puchi …” Zhou Fei could not help but laugh, and said: “What Mengmeng said is right, your mother, is beautiful.”

“Hmm hah, of course.” Mengmeng chuckled.

Zi Yan thought about it, but in the end, she didnt go downstairs.

Although she really wanted to see that so called “little sister”, even though she wanted to let that little big sister who said “I love you so much” to see what Mengmengs mothers face looked like, after thinking about it, she still gave up.

Mengmeng and Zhou Fei stayed upstairs for a few minutes, then returned to the first floor.

“Elder sister, uh, I wont let her down.

Oh, shes here, shes in a hurry.” Mengmeng whined.

Liang Mengqi heard and nodded, then laughed: “Then next time when theres a chance, lets do it again.”

After she finished speaking, she nodded towards Zhou Fei, then turned back and gracefully returned to her seat.

Seeing this, Zhang Han did not care at all.

He did not know that this was a battle between women, even if he knew, Zhang Han would not care about such trivial matters.

The fragrant rice had already been prepared, and Zhang Han was about to start todays Egg-Fried Rice.

Just as he was about to do it, another wave of guests arrived.

Wang Qiang brought Wu Liying and walked in.

This time, Wang Qiang was holding onto a four or five-year-old little boy.

The boys hair was short and his eyes were very black and very bright.

He was slightly thin and had a very delicate appearance.

When the three of them walked in, the people lining up at the entrance looked over in confusion.

Wang Qiang and the other two calmly walked to the furthest members table and sat down.

“Another three members F * * k me! Rich people! ”

The people standing in line outside immediately began discussing.

“Aiya, how many members are there Let me check.

Four, three, three.

Oh my god, the top ten membership cards have all been sold ”

“I wonder if that child counts.”

“Ill go check the notice board.” One of the good ones got up and ran over.

After he saw the words, he glared at them and ran back, shouting on the way: “Its true, its true! The top ten membership cards have all been sold.

The next members will each get 10 million!”

“I say, isnt this speed a bit too fast “There are so many rich people, no, there are so many rich people eating in this restaurant, casually spending one million to buy a member.

Sigh, if there were any robbers, then theres no need to rob the bank and the members here are taken away, thats good!”

“Stop dreaming, what era is this A bandit”


Not only the people outside the restaurant were also surprised.

“Theres a new member.” Liang Mengqi whispered.

“Thats right, the members are selling it too quickly.” Zhao Dahu sighed lightly and said: “Aiyaya, I worked so hard for five years and only managed to save three million.

But boss, youve only opened the restaurant for two days and youve already sold ten million of your membership cards.”

“Get lost!” Yu Qingqing stared at Zhao Dahu, and said: “Can you not make me feel disgusted

Zhao Dahu shook his body, and did not say anything else.

On the other hand, the little friend who was following Wang Qiang, suddenly saw Mengmeng playing on the sofa after entering the room, causing him to be unable to sit still, but he did not stand up.

He only looked with anticipation, wishing that he could go and play with Mengmeng.

Finally, under his gaze, two minutes later, Mengmeng also noticed a little friend coming into the dining hall.


Mengmeng was startled for a moment, then put down the little white bear in her hand, jumped off the sofa, and ran over, standing in front of the little boy, and carefully sized him up.

“Wah, wh-whats your name” Mengmeng asked as blinking her large, clear eyes.

“My name is Li Zhiwen, what about you” The little boy replied timidly.

Her expression looked very bashful, just like the Mengmeng she had first met with.

“Im called, Zhang Yu Meng, hmph, PaPa, Mama and the rest all call me Mengmeng.” Mengmeng pouted.

“Then can I also call you Mengmeng” The little boy whispered.

“Oh, sure.” Mengmeng answered straightforwardly.

“Hehehe.” The little boy laughed happily.

He got down from the chair and stood in front of Mengmeng, looking a little shy.

With a slightly flushed face, he said: “Mengmeng, youre so beautiful.

“Is that so “Cluck, cluck, cluck …” Mengmeng said happily: “Then you, you also look good.”

The interaction between the two children became the focus of the audience.

The friendship of a child comes so quickly.

As one grows older, the number of friends becomes fewer and fewer, because as one grows older, people tend to hide their inner thoughts more and more.

To him, Mengmeng was more beautiful than all of the little girls in his own district.

Un, she was more than ten times more beautiful than all of the little girls.

The little boy was a little bashful.

He clasped his hands together, looked at Mengmeng, and said with a very low voice.

“Mengmeng, youre so pretty, me … I want to give you a kiss.

“Eh” Mengmeng was startled, but did not know how to reply.

Thus, her gaze turned towards Zhang Han who was raising a pot of fried Egg-Fried Rice in the kitchen, and she shouted out, “PaPa, PaPa, oh, he, he wants to kiss me.”

Clank, clank, clank, clank …

The item in Zhang Hans hand directly dropped onto the stove as his eyes slowly widened and his heart jumped.

After returning from his past life, his heart, which had always been calm, finally felt like it was his first time to ride a roller coaster.

“No way!”

Zhang Han screamed, he did not even care about the frying pan anymore, he did not even take off his apron anymore, directly walking out with big strides.

Picking up Mengmeng, he looked at the little boy vigilantly, then rushed to the second floor.

“Zhao Feng, help me take out the Egg-Fried Rice.

You can eat now.” Zhang Han left a message and went upstairs.

Everyone on the first floor looked at each other, dumbfounded.


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