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The City Lord, Si Nan, laughed out loud.

“Two months ago, I decided to come to the Lanting Courtyard, but someone from the Kings Domain came.

It took three City Lords two months to meet him in the Dragon Ice Land.”

“Kings Domain

“Is that located in the depths of the Ancient Mine”

Zhang Han pondered for a while.

It seemed that the Ancient Mine was more complicated than he had thought.

The two of them entered the room.

The man at the Heaven Peak Stage stood at the gate of the courtyard.

It seemed that he was the right-hand man of the City Lord.

The other maids greeted the two hurriedly, and then they tidied up the house and closed the door before leaving.

At this moment, the City Lord was horny and was anxious to take off his armor.

Zhang Han was shocked.

That was really an eye-opener.

“What should I do”

“My lord, I, I cant do it today.”


The City Lord, Si Nan, frowned, and a cold aura permeated the room.

“Its your honor to have me here.

How dare you say that you cant do it today”

It was no exaggeration to say that both the princesses and the servants lived and died according to Si Nans will.

Although he rarely did that, it didnt mean that he had a good temper.

Seeing that, Zhang Han quickly said, “Im pregnant.”

“What did you say”

The City Lord, Si Nan, was dumbstruck.

The cold aura dissipated in an instant, and Si Nan quickly approached him.

“Are you telling the truth”

“I dont dare to lie.”

“The last time I came to the Lanting Courtyard…” Si Nan showed a thoughtful look.


What he said made Zhang Hans heart skip a beat.

Could it be that Si Nan had done the math and realized that the date didnt match Wouldnt that be adding fuel to the fire

If Si Nan found out that Concubine Lan had cheated on him, Zhang Han would be doomed.

Zhang Han was already thinking of a way out, and the worst case scenario was to escape with serious injuries.

As long as he could escape from this mansion, he would be able to flee from the Dragon Scale City.

However, he didnt expect that Si Nan, who was calculating, looked delighted.

“Its been 260 days since I last came here.

The date was just right! Hahaha, Concubine Lan, I didnt expect that you would give me a surprise.

Let me feel it.”

Si Nan pressed his right hand on Zhang Hans shoulder before the latter could speak, and a tremendous amount of energy swept through Zhang Hans body.

Fortunately, Zhang Han was well prepared.

He stopped practicing the Athanasia Demon Gong, and his meridians were shrinking.

As for his dantian, it moved slightly towards the center.

Si Nan sensed that there was some energy there.

“Is it… my baby”


Suddenly, the City Lord, Si Nan, laughed wildly.

“Good, good, good!”

His laughter could be heard throughout the entire City Lords Mansion.

One could imagine how pleasantly surprised he was.

“Concubine Lan has done a great job! Its indeed inappropriate to do that today.

Someone! Bring three glasses of Holy Spirit Water here.

From now on, Concubine Lan is allowed to drink three glasses of it every day.”

Si Nans voice resounded through the nearby area.

This was his territory.

He never feared to do what he wanted.

Hearing an order, the man at the Heaven Peak Stage, who was standing in front of the gate, was astounded and pleasantly surprised at the same time.

He cupped his hands and said, “Congratulations, my lord!”

After that, he turned to look at the group of people who were sprinting here not far away and said to one of them, “Da Sada, get me three glasses of Holy Spirit Water.

“Concubine Lan is pregnant.

Therell be a celebration in the city in a few days!

“Hurry up!”

The faces of these people changed at this, and then they were overjoyed.

If their lord was pleased, they would benefit from it enormously.

Sure enough!

Si Nan opened the door with a broad smile on his face.

His voice was like thunder, spreading throughout the entire Dragon Scale City.

“My concubine is pregnant, and thats a joy Id like to share with you all.

Three days later, the Top-grade Crystal Palace will be open, and the whole city will be baptized.”

In no time, experts from all over the city voiced their delight.

“Congratulation, my lord.”


The whole city was suddenly on fire, and countless cheers rang out.

Using the Top-grade Crystal Palace to cover the entire city would consume a huge amount of energy.

One could well imagine how excited Si Nan was for he paid a hefty price for it.

The corner of Zhang Hans mouth trembled when he saw the scene in front of him.

This matter seemed to have gotten out of hand.

How was he supposed to end this

While Zhang Han was deep in thought, a group of more than 30 people, all at the Heaven Peak Stage, came to the Lanting Courtyard and knelt down on one knee.

“Congratulations, my lord and Concubine Lan!”

“Go to the Lingxi City and the White Lotus City to invite those two fellows to come to the Dragon Scale City three days later.

Once my son grows up, hell unquestionably be able to turn the world upside down!”

There was a cold light in the depths of Si Nans eyes.

However, when he turned around, his face looked calm again.

He suddenly frowned and said, “I dont know if its a son or a daughter.

Concubine Lan, have you been having bad morning sickness lately”

“Y-yes, I guess.”

“Then youre most likely pregnant with a boy! Haha, good, good.

Concubine Lan has done a great deed.

Drink these glasses of water quickly.”

Si Nan took the Holy Spirit Water from his man and handed it to “Concubine Lan”.

Zhang Han took the water and drank all the three glasses up without hesitation.

The glass was not small, and the Holy Spirit Water was pure energy.

It was sold outside by the gram.

Zhang Han directly drank three glasses of it.

Wisps of energy began to spread out and were temporarily hidden in Zhang Hans acupoints.

These three glasses of Holy Spirit Water were enough to light up 10 acupoints.

Zhang Han narrowed his eyes slightly.

It seemed that this trip was worth it.

Three days later, there would be a banquet held by Lord of Dragon Scale City.

There were only three days left.

“Concubine Lan, go back to your room and take a rest.”

Si Nan added, smiling, “Is there anything you want to eat recently Beast King meat If you need anything, let me know as soon as possible.”

“An opportunity!”

There was a trace of doubt on Zhang Hans face as he said, “I dont know why, but Ive been keen on energy stuff recently.

It seems that the closer I get to them, the more peaceful I feel.”

Zhang Han walked to an orchid plant, which was a fourth-grade fire orchid.

“Oh Ill get someone to bring some over.”

Si Nan waved his hand and was about to give an order.

A subordinate in the yard said, “Congratulations, my lord.

Concubine He of Lord of Lingxi City liked to get close to places full of energy just before she gave birth to the child.

Lord of Lingxi City built a house in the center of the spirit crystal mine so that it would be convenient for her to go there.

After the child—the third son, was born, he cultivated at a rather fast speed.

At the age of 10, he surpassed his two brothers.

Now Concubine Lan behaves this way shortly after shes pregnant.


He curried favor with the City Lord.

Si Nan felt good about it.

He laughed and said, “Yes, yes, Concubine Lan, come with me.

Lets go to pick a place.”

After that, Si Nan took the lead to go out, followed by a group of his men, who behaved as if they were firm executors of his orders.

During this period, Zhang Han stole several glances at the person who spoke before.

“Hes genuinely good at flattering others.”

Initially, Zhang Han felt that three days were not enough, but now he no longer needed to do advance scouting.

“This is the Holy Hall, the place where the Holy Spirit Water is.

The herb garden is in the back yard.”

With a calm face, Si Nan walked into the Holy Hall, which was like a manor in the mountain.

It was tightly guarded.

From the gate to the top of the hill, Zhang Han saw five people at the Heaven Peak Stage, and the ones with the lousiest cultivation were in the Earth Realm.

There was a small palace at the top of the hill, and there were quite a few rocks with mist hovering around them on its left side.

One could even feel extremely rich energy here.

“This is the Holy Spirit Water.”

It was like a hot spring, surrounded by many pools.

In the center of the spring, there was a two-meter-wide circle.

No one knew how deep it was.

Streams of milk-like Holy Spirit Water were in it.

That was a huge amount.

Zhang Hans eyes lit up.

“The Holy Spirit Water is a sixth-grade treasure in the Top-grade Crystal Palace and herb garden.

It has been nurtured for many years.

Normally, itll take a year to produce a drop of it.

When I arrived at the Dragon Scale City, the Holy Spirit Pool was empty, so I consumed hundreds of sixth-grade treasures to nurture it.

Sixth-grade treasures can only be found in the Kings Domain.”

“How do you feel”

Si Nan gazed at Zhang Han.

“I feel peaceful inside.”

“Haha, from now on, Concubine Lan can freely enter and leave the Holy Hall, the Top-grade Crystal Palace, and the herb garden.”

Si Nans voice spread throughout the entire City Lords Mansion.

That made the other hundreds of concubines in the backyard feel different.

In the future, they were unable to compete with Concubine Lan.

How could it be her

The lord had not been to her place for a long time.

It seemed that he had almost forgotten that woman.

Yet she was pregnant

With a single move, she turned the tables and achieved an unmatched status.

This group of concubines was so jealous that they were about to bite their teeth to pieces.

Nonetheless, there was nothing they could do!

They couldnt get pregnant anyhow.

“Concubine Lan, lets go to the herb garden.”

Si Nan led the way to the herb garden.

After glancing at it, Zhang Han said with a smile, “I feel more at ease now.”

There were 15 kinds of sixth-grade spirit treasures, hundreds of fifth-grade spirit treasures, and thousands of fourth-grade spirit treasures.

What a dazzling scene!

This was the real herb garden.

Compared with it, the number of herbs in the field on Mount New Moon was pitifully small.

“A living rich family of herbs,” Zhang Han muttered inside.


Si Nan laughed with his head held high, feeling even happier.

That was because the better Concubine Lans reaction was, the more talented the child she was going to give birth to.

That was a good thing.

“Lets go take a look at the Top-grade Crystal Palace.”

Si Nan led the team to the Top-grade Crystal Palace.

This time, they walked under the palace for 10 minutes.

About 1,000 meters deep, they saw glittering crystal stones.

Top-grade crystal stones!

In the core area of the crystal stone vein:

In this huge round room, the walls were full of crystal stones.

The spiritual Qi was almost liquid.

Oh no, it was already liquid.

Wisps of essence energy turned into drops of liquid and slipped away through a channel.

This was the process of nourishing the Holy Spirit Water.

“There are 8,700 top-grade crystal stones here, and they form a cycle with the other two places.

The consumption is relatively slow, which is equal to the rate at which the top-grade crystal stones are produced.

The crystal stones are rich in energy.

How do you feel”

“Im so relaxed.”

“Thats good.

Its getting late.

Concubine Lan, go back and take a rest.

Ill accompany you tomorrow.

If you need anything, just tell Gu Ri directly.

Ling Mo left the city today.

Hes been in your Lanting Courtyard before…”

“He heard that Im pregnant, so he went out of the city to hunt some fierce beasts,” Zhang Han replied.


Si Nan smiled faintly.

In his opinion, Ling Mo was flattering him, but he was used to this.

Every City Lord had many men like Ling Mo.

“Go back and rest.”

With a wave of Si Nans hand, everyone returned to the Lanting Courtyard.

Si Nan didnt enter the room but left directly to find another concubine to demonstrate his manly power.


Zhang Han sat on the gauze bed and breathed a sigh of relief.

Luckily, Si Nan didnt have much vigilance, for what just happened was beyond his expectation.

He would be on his guard the next time, and it wouldnt be so easy for Zhang Han to fake it.

“I cant do anything today.

Ill refine that energy first.”

Zhang Han slowly closed his eyes.

He began to refine the three glasses of Holy Spirit Water hidden in his acupoints.

During the whole night, three acupoints were lit up, and there was still more than half of the energy left.

Zhang Han guessed that it was possible to light up 10 acupoints.

When the wisps of black light in the air dissipated, it meant that the day broke in the Ancient Mine.

“Its time to go back to work.”

Zhang Han smiled lightly.

He didnt expect that his identity would help him achieve his goal faster accidentally.

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