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Long Ye drew back the long needle and looked coldly to the left.

“Heavenly Knights Sects lackey finally cant help but take his action Yun Feiyang, you are the number one among the younger generation of Heavenly Knights Sect.

Let me see how strong you are.”

He had already seen this happening.

Chen Changqing was no match for him, so the people from Heavenly Knights Sect would save him.

After all, he was one of Zhang Hanyangs men.

Therefore, from the beginning, Long Ye was ready to fight Yun Feiyang.

Although Yun Feiyang had reached the Earth Realm, Long Ye was not at all afraid of him!

“Is that so”

Yun Feiyang sneered and took the lead to leap to the air.

There were more than 20 people in the Heavenly Knights Sect, all of whom were emitting murderous intent.

“Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!”

There were about 50 people in the Wind Snow School.

Seeing this, they couldnt sit still anymore.

With a hop, they also rose into the air.

A great battle seemed to be about to take place.

At that, the tens of thousands of martial artists on the ground were frightened.

“What the f*ck, are theyre going to gang on each other”

“Heavenly Knights Sect and Wind Snow School are fighting God, its not safe here.

Lets get out of here!”

“Run! A lot of people will be killed in the aftermath of their war.

Hurry up and run!”

At this moment, the crowd was in chaos.

Fortunately, most of them were martial artists, and no stampede occurred.

The spectating martial artists who had practically formed a circle around the combatants retreated quickly.


When had Long Ye ever cared about the humble ants below at all

When they retreated, Long Ye took the lead in charging forward.

“Your opponent is Emperor Qing.

You kill him, and leave Yun Feiyang to us.”

A protector of the Wind Snow School said in a low voice, “Emperor Qing and Zhang Hanyang are very close.

Kill Emperor Qing and make Zhang Hanyang have a taste of pain first!”


Long Ye paused for a second, feeling a little upset, but he didnt say anything.

He looked to the right and rested his eyes at Chen Changqing, who was taking pills at the back.

“Then Ill kill you first before I kill Yun Feiyang!”


Long Ye went straight toward Chen Changqing.

But how could Yun Feiyang allow him to do that

He wanted to step forward to shield Chen Changqing.

However, as the Wind Snow School way outnumbered the Heavenly Knights Sect, two of their protectors immediately came at Yun Feiyang.

The war was on the verge of breaking out.

There were not many members of Heavenly Knights Sect on the scene, but their fighting capacity was quite high.

Although Wind Snow School outnumbered them, most of their members were merely in the God Realm.

So, when the two sides fought, the Wind Snow School gained the upper hand but did not manage to crush the opposite side.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Countless roars were echoing in this area, and the energy fluctuations were spreading in all directions.

The scene really shocked the martial artists who were watching the battle from all sides.

They didnt expect to see such a thrilling battle today.


Eventually, the people of Heavenly Knights Sect failed to stop Long Ye.

He broke through the defense line and rushed straight to Chen Changqing at the rear.


Yun Feiyang let out a terrified cry during the fight.

Although Chen Changqing was no match for Long Ye in a face-to-face battle, he should have no problem escaping.

“Lets go!”

Warlord of Chan Clan and the people of Heavenly Knights Sect fought against the enemies together.

He had just reached the Earth stage, so his combat capability was indeed strong.

He could hold down several people by himself, but Chen Changqing couldnt fight against Long Ye alone.


Chen Changqing knew that as long as he could escape, the people of Heavenly Knights Sect could advance or retreat at ease.

So, without any hesitation, he flew straight to the south.

“Hahaha, you want to escape”

Long Ye jeered and threw strikes at Chen Changqing one after another.

But to his surprise, Chen Changqing was very good at escaping.

When the strikes were launched, he was already hundreds of meters away, which made Long Ye frown slightly.

“Older Martial Brother Long, let me help you!”

Shi Fenghou shouted.

He looked at Chen Changqings back and said with a sneer, “Want to run from me”


His speed instantly overtook the sound speed.

In what felt like less than one second, he already came to the front of Chen Changqing.

“Have you asked me, Shi Fenghou, for my approval before you run away”

Chen Changqings face darkened when realizing that it was a pincer attack.

The hardest thing to deal with Shi Fenghou was his speed.

Chen Changqing had no chance to defeat Long Ye.

And now, Shi Fenghou also came to help Long Ye.

It was a dead-end no matter how he looked at it.


The wings on Shi Fenghous back that looked real shook slightly.

Suddenly, a jet of blue light in the shape of a butterfly flew toward Chen Changqing.

Chen Changqing held up the long sword in his hand and made another secret skill of swordsmanship to break Shi Fenghous move.

At this moment, Long Ye caught up with him from behind.

He took out the long needle again and threw it forward with the help of his mystic art.

Shi Fenghous attack was a mere bluff.

The real killing move was his wings.

He turned into a jet of light and rushed rapidly to Chen Changqing.

There was a wolf in the front and a tiger in the back.

It seemed that Chen Changqing was in a dire situation.

On his right and left sides, there were four God Realm disciples of the Wind Snow School respectively.

That put Chen Changqing under a ton of pressure and even caused him to feel a little despair.

“Am I, Chen Changqing, really going to die here today”

He slowly closed his eyes, and his mind was a little confused.

For some reason, he suddenly recalled a remark.

“Looking for survival in a desperate situation will make a person grow up considerably.”

Zhang Han had told him that before.

When he thought of it, Chen Changqings flustered mind became resolute again.

“Even if the situation is difficult, I, Chen Changqing, will rise above it with my sword!”


His sword started shining, and he shot a Sword Qi more than 50 meters long at the killer move cast by Long Ye from behind.

He then turned around to face Shi Fenghou, who had already stood in front of him.

There was no time to think.

A hint of cruelty was revealed in Chen Changqings eyes.

Even if at the cost of being seriously injured, he had to put Shi Fenghou out of the action.

Otherwise, he had zero chance to escape at all!

Just as he decided to exchange his injuries for his enemys own, Shi Fenghou seemed to have seen through his thoughts.

“You think you can hurt me by yourself, Emperor Qing”

Shi Fenghou laughed out loud.

Then, his wings vibrated, extending from three meters to five meters.

As though they had turned into blades, the wings cut at Chen Changqing horizontally.

It could be foreseen that if Chen Changqing didnt dodge, he would be cut in half at the waist.

Just as he made to duck to the side, Long Ye, who was behind him, cast another spell to block Chen Changqings way of retreat.

This made Chen Changqings face paled slightly.

If he didnt dodge, he would be injured.

But if he did, he would be injured all the same!

“What do I do”

Right at this moment when Chen Changqing did not know what choice to make—

“What are you boasting about”


Suddenly, a golden light wrapped around Shi Fenghou.


The sudden change that occurred right before Shi Fenghou was about to succeed caused his expression to alter.

His wings moved upwards to block the golden light.

“Ye Longyuan!”

Shi Fenghous voice was furious.

“Do you want to die”

“Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!”

Long Ye and the others all looked to the right, only to see Ye Longyuan, who was wearing a golden armor, slowly approaching.


Ye Longyuan laughed wildly.

“Its nothing to be proud of when so many of your men are beating so few of your enemies.

Shi Fenghou, I dont like your pretentious look.

Im going to beat you now! What can you do about that”

Seeing this scene, Yun Feiyang, Warlord of Chan Clan, and others in the distance sort of breathed a sigh of relief.

As for the disciples of the Wind Snow School, they gritted their teeth in wrath.

No one had expected that Ye Longyuan would be crazy enough to intervene at this moment.


Chen Changqing knew the opportunity was here.

For whatever reason it was, he felt that he owed Ye Longyuan a favor.

He quickly broke through the encirclement and flew south rapidly.

This place was not far from Xiangjiang.

As long as he was in Brother Hans territory, he would be safe.

Moreover, if the other party dared to chase him that far…

He looked at the group of Long Ye and his men with cold eyes and said, “Im afraid you havent experienced the fear of being at the mercy of Brother Han yet, have you”

“Ill kill you after Older Martial Brother Long kills Emperor Qing!”

Seeing that Chen Changqing was going to flee, Shi Fenghou frowned and chased after him.

Long Yes face turned gloomy.

Ignoring Ye Longyuan, he led his men to chase after Chen Changqing.

In just two seconds, Shi Fenghou appeared in front of Chen Changqing again.

This speed of his made Chen Changqings hair stand on end.

“You cant escape from me!”

As soon as those words came out—


Another ray of golden light hit him in the face.

“Ye Longyuan!”

Shi Fenghou was provoked and rushed to fight Ye Longyuan instead.

Long Ye and Chen Changqing started a chasing game.

The speed of the two was more or less the same.

Every time Long Ye caught up with Chen Changqing, he cast a couple of secret skills and harmed Chen Changqing, but he couldnt get him killed.

The four God Realm disciples, who followed him, surrounded Chen Changqing from both sides and kept throwing their blows at the target.

Yet, their attacks couldnt do any harm to Chen Changqing.

As a result, the two sides seemed to have drawn a tie.

Long Ye tried his best to chase after Chen Changqing.

The four disciples following him kept helping him by their means, but they still couldnt catch Chen Changqing.

Every time Chen Changqing was about to escape, Shi Fenghou appeared in front of Chen Changqing again.

But when they exchanged two moves, Ye Longyuan arrived and cast a few fierce strikes.

Then, the furious Shi Fenghou turned to fight against Ye Longyuan again.

Ye Longyuan was like a golden knot.

Shi Fenghou couldnt harm him at all.

Meanwhile, the strikes that Ye Longyuan launched always missed Shi Fenghou.

The battle between the two seemed to be destined to be a tie.

In this way, the two groups of people continued to move toward the south while battling.

However, it was not that there would never be a winner.

Chen Changqings injury was more serious than his opponents, and his speed was much slower.

Even his right arm and left leg were cut so deep that his bones could be seen.

His whole body was covered with blood.

And every time the chase started, thick bloody mist scattered in the air.

“Older Martial Brother Long, ahead is Shenzhen.

If we arrive in Xiangjiang, well be in Zhang Hanyangs territory.

The elder said that we couldnt go to Xiangjiang to provoke him.

But judging by Emperor Qings injury, he will not be able to fight when he gets to Shen Zhen.

He will die for sure!”

A disciple reminded him.

Although the disciple made that remark, he was also worried that Emperor Qing would flee to Xiangjiang.

No one knew how many members of the Heavenly Knights Sect were in Xiangjiang.

If they were ambushed, they would die for sure.

At this time, Chen Changqing also heard the conversation going on behind.

He was very weak.

He had only managed to make it to this point with his teeth gritted.

Hearing this, he felt rather bitter.

“I cant even make it to Shenzhen.

Im afraid that after two more chases, I wont be able to take it anymore.”

“Turns out that Ive underestimated the enemy.

Im not well-prepared.

I havent even mastered the Vanishing Art that Brother Han taught me.

Ive learned just a little of it.

So now I cant escape.”

Zhang Han had taught him several escape moves.

By far, he only learned the Vanishing Art, and he had merely achieved the primary level.

Since he knew that no one in the God Realm was his match, and he didnt have the time to learn other methods, so he never cared to learn more.

This was the real reason why he couldnt escape today.

“It hasnt been long since I made the breakthrough.

My foundation is far inferior to Long Yes.”

Chen Changqing also knew his shortcoming.

When facing the weak, his shortcoming could be said to be neglectable.

But when facing a stronger person, the teeny-tiny shortcoming would be infinitely magnified and become a fatal weakness.

“If my blood power reaches sixty percent, maybe I can defeat Long Ye.

I wonder if there will be a chance in the future.”

Chen Changqings heart sank and made several attacks again.

Facing Long Yes strikes, he was injured again He kept bleeding, and his consciousness was a little blurred.

When Zhou Feis image crossed his mind, he felt adrenalized.

“No, I cant die! Shes still waiting for me!”

“Vanish, vanish, vanish…”

As Chen Changqing tried his best to escape, he once again began to ponder over the Vanishing Art.

Finally, when the next attack came, his figure suddenly turned into an illusion.


He sped up a little bit.


Shi Fenghou knitted his brows and said, “You still dare to comprehend new moves at this juncture Hahaha, its no help.

Youll die today!”


Shi Fenghou, who was much faster than Chen Changqing, easily caught up with him.

Looking at Emperor Qing, whose mind was becoming fuzzy, he raised the knife in his hand.

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