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“If there is the Grand Master List, you will definitely be ranked first.

But those below the Divine Realm are all on the list of martial artists from all over the world.

Most people are only concerned about the top ones on the list.

The Divine List is different.

There are only 50 people on it.

Every one of them is one of the best people in the Divine Realm.”

Lu Xiong said with some emotion, “It seems that the 50th one has reached the God Realm Peak-stage.

There are five worldlets and hundreds of sects.

Getting the title of Immortal King not only means that he will definitely reach the Heaven Peak Stage but also indicates that he will gain a great reputation.

Even if he comes from a small sect, its new disciples will increase due to his reputation.

It will also be an opportunity to develop into a big sect.

The previous battle circle is big, but now the competition is much less.

It is estimated that next month, these experts on the list will have to fight one after another.”

“Oh.” Zhang Han nodded.

“What if Yan Chen, the number one, doesnt show up”

“No, the rule of the challenge is that those who launch a challenge but dont show up will be canceled from the Divine List in ten days.

If the man wants to challenge again, there will be three rounds.

In the first round, he can choose from the 40th to the 50th on the Divine List.

In the second round, he can choose from the 20th to the 40th on the Divine List.

In the third round, he can choose from the top 20 in the Divine List.

It is impossible for any of them to challenge the strong ones in the top 20 directly.

Therefore, the most tiring ones are the 10 people who are ranked from the 40th to the 50th.

According to the rules, those who reach the God Realm Peak-stage in the Divine Realm Middle-stage can launch a challenge.

However, there was a large number of people in the God Realm Late-stage, and many people at the God Realm Peak-stage are not on the list, so the rankings of the last 10 will change very quickly.”

Lu Xiong thought for a while and explained,

“For the baseless challenge, they will first build their prestige.

The first ones to challenge them basically fight at outrance.

Its a life-or-death struggle.”

“You know a lot.” Zhang Han looked at Lu Xiong and said with a smile.

“I often talk to our White Moon Pavilions disciples, and most of the news came from our group chat.

It sounds funny.” Lu Xiong thought of something funny.

He touched his beard and said with a smile, “After all, its modern technology.

We also play cell phones.

More interestingly, our administrator added an ordinary college student into the group chat by mistake.

However, he got along well with us.

When he found the truth, he was stunned.

Two disciples in the group who guided him several times.

Now, it seems that he is going to reach the Peak Strength.

Sometimes, a persons opportunity arises in a moment.”

“The current ranking on the Divine List is still relatively unreal.

After some time, there will be a real ranking.

Lets not talk about it.

I have something else to do.”

“Okay, take care.

Rest assured.” Lu Xiong waved his hand.

After watching Zhang Han drive away, he turned back to the kindergarten.

Zhang Han swept in all directions with his soul sense and felt the situation within a radius of ten miles.

There were many martial artists.

With a slight sense, he could find that the topics they were talking about were also around the Divine List, without exceptions.

“I didnt expect that the number one on the Divine List would be won by Yan Chen from the Lihun Sect.

Hes f*cking awesome.”

“My friend saw him taking action.

He was extremely strong.

He was at the God Realm Peak-stage and killed an Earthly City Middle-stage expert.

He only used two moves in total.

Oh my god, no one could defeat him in the Divine Realm.

I think hes most likely to become the Immortal King this time.

Perhaps we can call him Immortal King in advance right now.”

“Some sects are really strong.

As for the Lihun Sect in the Witch Hidden World, in addition to the perverted Yan Chen, there is also Devil Incarnate Ye Longyuan.

That guy has a bad temper and will lose his temper at any time.

It seems that he has not lost much except that he suffered a loss while fighting with Zhang Hanyang.

Now he is only ranked 15th.

He will probably fight many rounds.

Our Hong Kong doesnt have much arrangement this time.

I plan to go to the mainland for a tour and have a chance to watch their fights, especially the powerful Yan Chen.”

“The first is Yan Chen, the second is Hu Yu, and the third is Long Ye.

I think it is possible for the three of them.

As for the others, I have to observe them carefully.

I feel that they are not as good as the top three.

There is also Shi Fenghou in the Wind Snow School, who is known as the Little Roc King.

He is aggressive.

Long Ye is also from the Wind Snow School.

There are many talents in a powerful sect.

Hu Yu is from the Shadowless Sect of the Kun Xu World, isnt he Logically speaking, there should be disciples of the Heavenly Knights Sect in the Kun Xu World.

However, not long ago, Yun Feiyan turned out.

He is very powerful, but he is at the Earth Realm and wont be on the Divine List.

Among the disciples at the Divine Realm, there are no outstanding people but Jiang Bing, who is ranked 36th.”

“Alas, back then, we had Emperor Qing in the north and Merciless Zhang in the south in the secular world.

Now, they have all been surpassed.

Emperor Qing was ranked the 18th, and he was powerful.

Merciless Zhang… had no ranking.

I feel that he should have reached the Divine Realm.

Could it be that he cant keep up with others after the breakthrough”

“It can only be said that the level of the previous martial arts world is too low.

Now is the time for the rise of the heroes.

The struggle for the Immortal King is accompanied by too many battles.

For people like us who are weak, we should watch more, which was beneficial to our cultivation.

Its really a golden age for martial arts.

As for Zhang Hanyang, its a pity, but we can do nothing about it.”


All kinds of topics were being discussed.

In Hong Kong, there were still many people who mentioned the words “Zhang Hanyang” and “Merciless Zhang”.

They all sighed with emotion.

But if they said a few words, they would talk about the Divine List again.

This was the most important thing that attracted them.

“Divine List…”

Zhang Han withdrew his soul sense and smiled faintly.

He only wanted to watch the fun.

He had to give consideration to his little brother Chen Changqing, who participated in the fights.

After thinking for a while, Zhang Han dialed Chen Changqings number.

After the call was connected, he went straight to the point.

“Do you feel the pressure”

“Why” Chen Changqings calm but heroic voice came from the phone.

“Thats good.

Im going to teach you some secret skills if youre under pressure.” Zhang Han smiled.

“Secret skills Well, Ill learn from you when I get back.

With the skills within my grasp, I can be ranked on the Divine List.”

“Which place do you plan to take in the competition”

“Second place.” Chen Changqing replied quickly, “Ill keep the first place for you.”

“No, I hope you have a great time.”

“Okay, thats enough.

Ill make a phone call with Feifei and tell her that the competition will start.”


Zhang Han hung up the phone and didnt know what to say.

Chen Changqing was making a phone call before the battle.

If his opponent saw it, he would be angry because of his indifference.

As a matter of fact, there were more than a thousand people standing on a plain.

Chen Changqing and a middle-aged man were floating in the air.

Seeing that Chen Changqing talked over the telephone casually, the middle-aged man was so angry that his hands were trembling.

“Emperor Qing, how dare you take such liberties!”

Obviously, this was a battle of anger.

Not only here, but also in other places, there were all kinds of battles.

In addition to the competition for the Divine List, there were also endless battles.

Zhang Han also watched these things casually.

When he logged onto the Safety-Force Center app, almost every page of the forum was posted in one second.

The top news was the ranking of the Divine List.

Zhang Han controlled the car with his mind and clicked on the ranking.

First place: Yan Chen, the Lihun Sect, Witch Hidden Realm.

Second place: Hu Yu, the Shadowless Sect, Kun Xu World.

Third place: Long Ye, the Wind Snow School, Saint Serene World.

Fourth place: Su Beimu, the Light Cliff, Seven Harmony World.

11th place: Shi Fenghou, the Wind Snow School, Saint Serene World.

12th place: Ding Jiuming, the Luo Fu Sword Sect, Seven Harmony World.

15th place: Ye Longyuan, the Lihun Sect, Witch Hidden Realm.

18th place: Emperor Qing of the Chens, the secular world.

36th place: Jiang Bing, the Heavenly Knights Sect, Kun Xu World

Glancing at the list, he didnt know anybody.

However, it was just the beginning.

Zhang Han felt that when the Divine List was settled, at least half of the talents on the list would die.

In addition to Chen Changqing, there was only one person on the list of 50 people who came from the secular world and ranked 49th.

As the first generation of candidates of the Divine Realm, he had to face a lot of challenges, but he didnt know how many days he could hold on.

After looking through for a while, Zhang Han arrived at the company.

Some of the employees didnt know Zhang Han, the big boss behind the scenes.

He had also been stopped in front of his own company.

At that time, the lobby manager, who rushed to the scene, was frightened.

This kind of thing could be serious or trivial.

It depended on the bosss temper.

Fortunately, Zhang Han didnt care about these things.

After that, the lobby manager secretly took a few photos of Zhang Han and trained all the new employees.

The content was “Who is our big boss” It was an interesting thing in Mengmeng Group.

Therefore, when he came again, Zhang Han was given a warm reception.

Without any obstruction, he went all the way to Zi Yans office.

Zhou Fei and her were looking at the world map on the big screen with a distressed face.

Sun Ming and the other three high-level officials, who were sitting next to them, also had a serious look on their faces.



Sun Ming and others got up to say hello.

Zhang Han nodded, walked to Zi Yan, and said with a smile,

“What are you studying”

“Im choosing the address of Pirates of the Caribbean II.

Its so difficult to choose.” Zi Yan was a little confused.

“Well shoot fast.

Should we choose the previous address or go to other places with good scenery If we choose other places, it will be a little distant, and Mengmeng cant stand it.

If we choose the original address, it wont match the script.”

“Then lets have another look.

I think…”

When Zhang Han was about to give some advice, his eyes suddenly stopped for a second, and then he smiled and said, “There are many islands nearby.

You choose as you like.

Ill sit next to you for a while.”

“Go ahead.”

They began to study it again.

In fact, they also wanted to go to other seas.

They could have fun while making a movie.

But now, it was not the time for Mengmeng to have a holiday, so Zi Yan felt that her father was definitely unwilling to do so.

“Lets see if there are any suitable islands nearby.”

In the end, they looked at the map carefully.

In this way, the original site could also be used, which saved them a lot of money, although they were not short of money.

Zhang Han came to the chair on the far side and sat down.

He lowered his head slightly, and his pupils seemed to swirl into a whirlpool.

“Can they hardly retain their composure”

A cold smile inadvertently appeared on Zhang Hans face.

He had sensed that about one mile to the north of Mount New Moon, 16 martial artists of the Heaven Realm were approaching quickly.

It was obvious that those people belonged to the other sects from the Eight Sects Alliance.

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