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The first point was that he needed to set up Heaven-Earth Formation after he went back to Xiangjiang.

And the second point was that he would practice the Heavenly Demon Skin every night.

Given the vast amount of resources, he could sort of practicing Heavenly Demon Skin successfully.

As long as he succeeded and got the supernatural power, he could thus gain a foothold.

And the third point was that it would take Dong Chen and his men some to practice their techniques.

“There are far more important things.

Mengmeng is about to go to school.

And Zi Yan and I have to hold a wedding, well, a grand wedding.”

“It looks like well be quite busy lately.” Dong Chen came over to say something and turned away.

Zhang Han and Zhang Guangyou walked towards where Mengmeng was.

During this period, Zhang Han was pondering on these things in his mind.

When they got close to them, Mengmeng saw Zhang Guangyou and pouted her lips.



Whats wrong, my granddaughter” Zhang Guangyou laughed at the situation and squatted down to hold Mengmeng in his arms.

To his surprise, Mengmeng turned around and ran away a few steps before turning back with a face of displeasure.

“Grandpa, I dont like you at all now.”

“Huh Why” Zhang Guangyou was stunned.

Zhang Han came to his senses upon hearing Mengmengs words and grinned.

Zi Yan and Rong Jiali also covered their mouths and laughed lightly as well.

Zhang Guangyou took two steps forward and asked with amusement, “Why dont you like Grandpa anymore”

Mengmeng said with a serious face, “Because, Grandpa, you are always looking for PaPa.

And I have to play with PaPa.

and I dont like it you when you, you come and take PaPa away from me.”

If anybody wanted to take her PaPa away from her, she surely wouldnt agree.

“I didnt.

Why should I take your PaPa away from you Then I will ask your PaPa to play with you later, okay”

“Well… Okay.

Finger promise.” As Mengmeng, who was easily coaxed, heard Zhang Guangyou say so, she stopped pouting and extended her little hand to make finger promise with her grandfather.

“Hahaha.” Zhang Guangyou laughed cheerfully and stretched out his hand to make finger promise with Mengmeng.

Mengmeng said earnestly, “Lets finger promise and neither of us should change our minds for a hundred years.” She looked up at Zhang Guangyou after finishing her words.

“Grandpa, why didnt you say so”

“Ah, I forgot it.

What about starting over”


“Lets finger promise and neither of us should change our minds for a hundred years.” This time, they both spoke at the same time.

Thus, Mengmeng didnt criticize her grandpa anymore.

“Whoa, whoa… Hahaha…” Dahei was stunned at this scene and thought, “Its a game for children.

This old man is so childish!”

“Coo, Coo.”

“I agree!”

Zhang Guangyou, who seemed to have sensed their thoughts, glared at them.

There were a few more who were laughing in secret on the side.

“Mengmeng, were going home tomorrow,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“Oh, okay.”

Mengmeng didnt care where she would play.

With PaPa, MaMa, and Big Heihei along with others, she could have fun.

It was just that its been a long time since they had been back to the big castle.

And Mengmeng missed it a bit.

They kept having fun until the day turned dark.

Rong Jiali went to prepare dinner.

Then they started to enjoy delicious food.

While Dahei and others enjoyed roasted meat in shreds.

They were having such a happy life.

In the night, after putting Zi Yan and Mengmeng to sleep, Zhang Han came to Heaven Lake once again.

“My feet are in pain all the time, which are going through the process of being ruined and reorganized over and over again.

I didnt expect that the practicing of this skin layer is an integral process, making layering cultivation unviable.”

Zhang Han was absorbing energy while refining the cortex of his feet.

Sizzle! Sizzle! And sounds kept emitting from his feet.

If outsiders heard his words, they probably would think that Zhang Hans feet were like being roasted.

It was just that the lingering qi and blood on his body as well as the strands of mysterious energy were imperceptible.

And even Zhang Han had only felt a hint of it.

“I will stick to the plan.

With so many resources, such as Bipedal feet, legs, torso, arms, neck, head, I can practice Heavenly Demon Skin successfully.

Although the process is painful, thats how the path of refining the body is.

If I want a strong body, I have to undergo great pain.”

“I should be able to end the refinement of my feet tonight and start the refinement of my legs.”

Zhang Hans breath slowly subsided.

As he was quickly absorbing energy and refining the foot skin, gradually, the foot skin formed shapes.

And strands of energy began to spread over the legs.

It was a slow process, which could take almost two days.

At dawn, Zhang Han returned to his residence, carefully went to bed, and slept soundly with physical and mental exhaustion.

He and Zi Yan didnt get up until Mengmeng woke up.

Zi Yan stretched her waist and held Mengmengs little hand to do the wash-up.

Zhang Han got dressed and cleaned up all the bedding.

And only after the two of them finished cleaning up did the three of them leave the room.

At this time, Rong Jiali had gotten the breakfast prepared again, which made Zhang Han somewhat eager to do the cooking.

He preferred to cook for Mengmeng, thinking that after he went back to Xiangjiang, he would have to cook by himself anyway.

After they finished breakfast, it was almost eight oclock.

“Lets go.

Were going home.”

Zi Yan had missed the castle which belonged to the three of them for a long time.

And she was very happy that she could go back there now.

Mengmeng was even more up-lifted.

She used to dislike going out much before.

But now she was particularly fond of traveling.

Waving her two little arms, she ran on the ground happily.

“We are going home.

PaPa, Mama, you guys should hurry up.”

“We are coming.”

Zhang Han laughed and quickly followed, leading the way with Mengmeng in front.

At the backside, Rong Jiali, Rong Jiaxin, and Zhang Guangyou were chatting quietly.

And by the time they arrived at the front gate, the yacht had been ready.

Zhao Feng and others were all sitting up there, including Dong Chen, three elders, and other three peak heads.

Seeing that it was almost time, Zhang Guangyou nodded his head and said, “Lets go.”

Hence, the yacht started.

And after a short while, a token appeared in Dong Chens hand and light dazzled around the yacht, triggering the Heaven-Earth Formation.

Then various waves of fluctuations flickered up.

And the yacht slowly dissipated on the Huanshan River.

When the yacht reappeared, everyone saw the same small lake.

“Eh PaPa, how did we get here so fast” Seeing the disembarkation, Mengmeng was a little confused.

Hadnt it taken them a long time before they had arrived at the destination last time It didnt take them long this time.

Mengmeng wondered whether they were fooling her.

Zhang Han laughed softly.

“Because we had taken a long detour last time, and we took a shirt-cut this time.”

“Okay… ” Mengmeng responded.

And after getting off the yacht, there was a convoy of cars on the roadside ahead, which was not far away from them.

They got into the cars and headed to Sanmen City, which was not far away.

And the private jet was ready.

They boarded the jet and the jet took off, which was a simple process.

This was one of the benefits of having power.

If you wanted to travel, someone surely would make the proper arrangements for you in advance.

By noon, the plane slowly landed at the Mengmeng Groups airport.

The Third Elder couldnt help but lament, “Its getting so prosperous nowadays.

There are all kinds of tall buildings.”

Dong Chen gave him a light glance.

“You havent been out for more than ten years.

What a fuss.”

“Your words sound that you always come out.

We should have come out at about the same time, right”

“I was out a month or so before.”

“How shameless of you to show off the thirty more days”



Among the several elders, Dong Chen knew Third Elder earlier and spoke to him very casually.

They were at the back of the plane and got off the plane with the crowd.

Many people were picking them up, including Zi Qiang, his men, and members of the security group.

The security group was headed by Ah Hu, who had been having an intimate relationship with Liu Jiaran and hadnt gone with them this time.

It turned out…


As Ah Hu shook hands with Zhao Feng, the latter purposely leaked aura and a little bit of pressure.

As a result, Ah Hu regretted it so much.


Ah Hu thought, “What the hell They went inside for a while.

How come they all are at Grand Master Late-Stage What on earth did I miss”

In response, Instructor Liu pouted his mouth and smiled.

Suddenly, there was an extra war hammer in his right hand.

The hammer had a strong aura with its top side forming a curved tip that resembled an ivory shape.

And at the bottom side, there was a huge hammer base that looked not only fierce but also very beautiful.

“Pa!” Instructor Liu stretched out his hand, clapped it twice hard, and sighed lightly, “Hey, the sacred artifact is just like this.

There is nothing special about it.

After all, everyone gets one.”

As he said, he retrieved the giant hammer.

Ah Hus eyes were going red…

At this time, Zhao Feng stopped discouraging him, smiled, and said, “Only Instructor Liu has one.

We dont have one yet.”


Seeing Instructor Lius appearance, Zhang Guangyou felt that this treasure wasnt given away in vain.

“This security group is quite interesting,” Zhang Guangyou said as he walked next to Dong Chen and others.


It feels like theyre all with great potentials as well.” Third Elder nodded.

“Its quite impressive to have these forces in the world.

Young Master, youve given birth to a good son.

Hes better than you…”

“Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Please dont say that.”

Zhang Guangyou felt that he had gotten a headache.

It was fine for him to hear comments like this occasionally.

However, he didnt feel so after hearing such comments this frequently.

He felt a little sad as well as a little helpless.

After getting into the car, Zhang Guangyou directly left them behind and went to the front to coax his granddaughter.

After more than ten minutes, they reached Mount New Moon.

First Elder and Third Elder as well as the other three peak heads were all impressed by what they saw.


Dahei, Little Hei, and Tiny Tot were even more cheerful.

However, they probably couldnt enjoy the delicious meat of those spirit beasts in the future.

However, they felt quite comfortable while staying in their house.

Dahei and the others had taken here as where their house was.

They were finally back here.

In the evening, Zhang Han went to the dining hall ahead of time to prepare food, cooking a table of delicious food for Mengmeng, including tempting grilled pigs feet, steak meat, foie gras, mushrooms, and so on.

They enjoyed the food with content.

And when it was time to go to bed, the three of them went to the big bedroom on the third floor.

Mengmeng flopped on the big bed and rolled there pretty happily.

Zi Yan also plopped down beside her, relaxing all over and exclaiming, “Wow! Our home is the most comfortable place!”

Mengmeng took the opportunity to say, “Yeah.

Our big bed is the most comfortable place.

Mama, I dont want to sleep in a cot today.”


Then youll sleep in the big bed.” Zi Yan turned over and pinched Mengmengs tiny nose.


The two of them played on the bed.

And soon, Zhang Han also took off his clothes and went to bed to have some fun.

After that, they lay down in the bed and fell asleep slowly along with Zhang Hans bedtime story.

In the early hours of the morning, when Zi Yan and Mengmeng were both sleeping soundly, Zhang Han gently moved Zi Yans arms and long legs on his body to a different position.

Then he got up and walked out of the castle through the window.

Under the bright light in the evening, thunder yang tree looked somewhat mysterious.

And its surrounding seemed to be overflowing with a light veil, looking overwhelmingly beautiful.

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