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Zhang Han felt a little dizzy.

He almost burst into laughter before glancing at Zi Yan.

Zi Yan was also smiling.

It must be because she was afraid that Mengmeng would cry if she didnt see her PaPa when she woke up.

Mengmeng was a fast learner and echoed Zi Yans words.

“So cute.”

Zhang Han was amused.

He walked toward her quickly, squatted and looking serious, said, “Im sorry…”

Mengmeng was a little confused and looked at Zi Yan, then she remembered what she was supposed to say.

She turned to Zhang Han and asked, “Humph, why”

“I shouldnt have gone out to play when Mengmeng was sleeping.”


“I dont know.”

“You know it.”

“What should I know”

“What were you doing just now”

“Oh, its all your grandfathers fault.

He insisted on talking to your father.

When we see him, we have to punish him, right”

“Yes.” Mengmeng believed him immediately and answered seriously, “Next time I see grandpa, I will tell him not to take my PaPa out, or I wont like him.”

“Yes, or you wont talk to him.” Zhang Han smiled and said, “Lets go, my little princess.”

“Lets go.” Mengmeng jumped into Zhang Hans arms happily.

Zi Yan could not help laughing.

At the same time, she felt that ever since Zhang Han met his parents and was reunited with his family, he seemed to be more… cheerful.

He was happy and so was Zi Yan.

The family of three played on the lawn.

Zhang Guangyou and Rong Jiali were busy with something.

Zhang Li and Zhou Fei went to the outer ring to watch the battle, which also gave the family of three some free time.

Oh, no, there were still three guys around, including Dahei, Little Hei and Tiny Tot.

In nearly a year, both Dahei and Little Hei had entered the Divine Realm.

If such a speed was revealed, it would frighten many people in the martial arts world.

However, in the small world, they were not that surprised and there were also many people who had obtained great opportunities.

As long as they had enough resources, it would not be difficult for them to quickly cultivate into a martial artist at the Divine Realm.

However, ordinary people would not be so willing to give others so many natural precious materials, unlike Zhang Han.

They cherished their lives and preferred to keep the natural precious materials for themselves in case they might need them in the future.

The three of them enjoyed themselves.

The Demons Curse began to reveal its ferocious fangs as it scattered in various directions.

Nestled within a wide range of mountains in the northwest, Seven Harmony World was the place with the best scenery and spiritual Qi in the whole Seven Harmony World, which belonged to the Luo Fu Sword sect.

On a peak, Leader Mu and his wife were in a yard.

It was like an open-air hot spring and lotuses could be seen everywhere in the pond.

There was a faint mist floating above the water, which was the rich spiritual Qi.

Wearing a bathrobe, Mu Xue was lying under the water and cultivating with her eyes closed.

After several days of preparation, her Qi and whole being had been adjusted to the best condition and she was ready to break through to the Divine Realm.

Leader Mu was also very generous.

He used hundreds of middle-level crystal stones and dozens of divine objects.

They were all fifth-stage spirit treasures, but the gap between them was also very big.

Most of the treasures in the worldlet sects were at the fifth stage and Zhang Han had not seen any treasures at the sixth stage, like the thunder yang tree.

As time passed, Mu Xues mother looked a little nervous.

“The fluctuation has lasted for six hours.

Why are there no results yet”

“Dont worry.” Leader Mu shook his head slightly and said, “She is saving up her strength and waiting for the final moment to break through.

She will most likely reach the God Realm Late-stage.

Breaking through to the Divine Realm is a big leap.

After absorbing some divine object or pure energy, she will be able to reach the peak stage of the Divine Realm in a few days.

After slowing down and stabilizing her cultivation base, she will not be far from breaking through to the Earth Realm stage.

Only when she reaches the Earth Realm stage will she be able to stop.

What she will consume is the foundation that she has accumulated for a long time at Grand Master Peak.”

“I know, but… Can Xue bear it Im just worried if she will be injured.

Even if she breaks through to the God Realm Late-stage, she still needs an overall balance.” Mu Xues mother sighed.

“She can do it.

It is starting!”

Leader Mus eyes narrowed.

The spiritual Qi formed waves and converged into Mu Xues body.

Her face emitted a green glow.

As time went by, the spiritual Qi became more and more intense and the Qi that surrounded Mu Xue finally broke through to the Divine Realm.

Early-Stage, Middle-Stage… When Mu Xues rising Qi was about to be stabilized, a trace of a struggle flashed across her face.


A massive amount of spiritual Qi constantly compressed into her body.

Gradually, she was about to break through to the God Realm Late-stage.

However, at this moment, something happened.

Mu Xues face darkened.

At the same time, a faint ethereal voice could be heard.

“At compound interest.”

“At compound interest.”


The voice seemed to form countless echoes, which made Mu Xues face turn more and more pale.

She seemed to see something terrible and she could not stop shaking.

Leader Mu clenched his teeth and spat out a word, “Curse.”

“Ah” Mu Xues mother was startled.


With a wave of Leader Mus right hand, a divine object for dispelling curses appeared.

It was a 10cm grass.

A soft light appeared, covering Mu Xues face.

But the black fog was very cunning and quickly escaped into Mu Xues eyes.


Mu Xues body trembled for ten seconds before she regained her composure.

She slowly opened her eyes and stood up.

There was a look of fear and confusion in her eyes.

What was conspicuous was the mark “owe” that appeared on her forehead.

“Mom and Dad, I broke through.”

Mu Xue felt the Qi circulating in her body and then she came about.

She was confused, “When I just broke through, I felt like I had a nightmare.”

“This…” Mu Xues mother hesitated and did not know whether to say it or not.

Anyway, Mu Xue would see that mark when she looked in the mirror.

“Why are you not even trying to erase that mark”

She touched Leader Mus arm.


Leader Mu raised his hand and took out a spiritual herb, trying to work with the array to remove the mark on Mu Xues forehead.

However, all his efforts were in vain, which made Leader Mus face turn blue gradually.

Mu Xue also noticed that something was amiss and turned quickly to look at the pool, looking at her reflection in the water.

An angry scream rang out.

“Ah, ah, Zhang Hanyang!”

“Zhang Hanyang Ill go and kill him!” Leader Mu was about to leave as his face darkened.

But before he got out of the yard, Mu Xue turned her head.

“Dont go! I will go by myself.

When I have stabilized, I will press him to the ground and beat him severely with my own hands.”

She was so angry that she wanted to avenge herself, so Leader Mu stopped.

On the other side, Ye Longyuan did not make too much noise.

After breaking through, he was frightened and angry.

He was alone and did not say much.

Instead, he liked to plan ahead.

For example, he would find a chance to kill Zhang Hanyang after his cultivation had stabilized.

So did Shi Fenghou.

Behind him stood the seventh Elder of Wind Snow School.

“You said you had been cursed by Zhang Hanyang Is the mark revealed for one day a month”

“Yes, besides me, there are Ye Longyuan and Mu Xue.

I will kill Zhang Hanyang before they do.”

“Kill him Hehe.” The seventh Elder seemed to be sniggering at himself and said, “The treasure house of our sect has suffered heavy losses.

This time, you have only a few holy objects for breakthrough.

Fortunately, you are highly talented and have a good bloodline, which helped you to break through to the God Realm Late-stage.

Do you know why there are fewer resources Its because of Zhang Hanyang.” The seventh Elder wanted to kill Zhang Hanyang, “For our sect, the sub-sects in the other four worldlets were all destroyed and the culprit is Zhang Hanyang! He is just at Grand Master Peak.

Even if he breaks through the Divine Realm, I can beat him to death with one slap.

He even knows how to break the Heaven-earth Formation.

He will only create endless problems.

If you want to kill him, its good.

Everyone in the Wind Snow School wants to kill him.

Its up to you whether you can do it.

Go and find other people to practice with and fight for the honor of Wind Snow School.

As for Zhang Hanyang, well wait for the opportunity.”

Hearing this whole speech, Shi Fenghous pupils shrank until they resembled needle points.

Zhang Hanyang had done so many things during his period of seclusion.

It was an exaggeration to say that all the four sub-sects were completely eliminated.

All the people, including the Grand Elder of Wind Snow School, thought that it was Zhang Hanyang who broke the Heaven-earth Formation.

However the one who assassinated the ten protectors and destroyed the sub-sects could not be him.

He had the strength at Grand Master Peak, which was not fake.

Even if he broke through, his combat effectiveness would not be very good.

But they did not know that, sometimes, the most incredible doubts might be true.

These people went out to make trouble as soon as they broke through.

The frequent appearances of the Divine Realm martial artists gave the martial arts world an illusion.

It was as if the golden age of martial arts was coming!

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