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“Yes, it belongs to the sixth Elder.

You can borrow it.”

Zhang Guangyou nodded and his eyes shone as he said, “I havent seen you refining pills.

It is said that your success rate is nearly 100%, while the total success rate of the sixth Elder is only 20%.”

“Its nothing.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly, “Its just refining some low-level medicinal pellets.

Ive also caused the furnace to explode three times before because of the material used.

However, the success rate of high-level medicinal pellets are related to my strength and the highest success rate is 60%.

However, I dont know the specific rate yet.

I have to break into Innateness stage first.”

Zhang Han once tried refining high-level medicinal pellets and the success rate reached 60%.

Even for some aged alchemists who were at pass tribulation stage, the success rate was only 20%, which was still high, because their average success rate was about 3%.

The so-called high-level medicinal pellets referred to the medicinal pellets from the sixth level to the eighth level.

The third level to the sixth level were middle-level medicinal pellets and those below were low-level ones.

Although Zhang Guangyou did not understand this, he was surprised, “The success rate is very high.”

“Of course.”

Whatever he was good at, Zhang Han was not modest about it.

“Well, you surprise your father every day.”

Zhang Guangyou pretended to sigh, but he patted Zhang Han on the shoulder with a smile.

“Besides the alchemy furnace, do you need some other resources Is it necessary to use Thunder Yang Wood to refine Thunder Yang Pellet”

“Thats right.

In addition to the alchemy furnace, I need at most two kinds of fifth-stage spirit treasures and a dozen kinds of fourth-stage spirit treasures.

There are ten kinds of fourth-stage treasures in Mount New Moon.

If the materials are suitable, maybe I can refine the best Thunder Yang Pellet.”

“The best” Zhang Guangyou had a strange look on his face, “I heard the sixth Elder say that there are only low, middle and top grade pills.

He was lucky to refine a top-stage pill once, which was enough for him to show off for five or six years.

What do you think is the best”

“What surpasses the top grade is the best and we can absorb it perfectly.” Zhang Han replied with a chuckle.

“The best…” Zhang Guangyou was surprised, “This is the first time I heard of it, but it is said that Thunder Yang Pellet can promote anyone to Divine Realm.

Can ordinary people also make it”

“Its impossible for ordinary people to do that.”

“I said there should be restrictions, otherwise it would be too incredible.”

Zhang Guangyou laughed.

But before he finished speaking, Zhang Han added, “Maybe Obvious Strength is enough, which can be directly promoted to Divine Realm.

However, it may take some time to digest the medicinal pellet and it is impossible for someone to finish the process in one day, because he cant absorb the pellet all at once and needs continuous improvement and promotion with the help of Thunder Yang Pellet.”


Zhang Guangyou shook his head a moment later.

“When we broke through to Divine Realm, it was not easy for us to cultivate all the way.

I did not expect that there was such a method.

Ah, lets stop talking about it, or I will feel depressed.

Id better tell you something about Heavenly Knights Sect.”

“Okay.” Zhang Han smiled and did not say anything more.

“In Heavenly Knights Sect, the person with the highest combat effectiveness is the Grand Elder, who has been at the peak for many years.

In fact, there is a gap between Heaven Peak Stage and Heaven Realm, but it is not too big.

For example, only several people are likely to defeat Uncle Dong in the dozens of sects in Kun Xu World.

Those who cant defeat him but managed to escape are all the more mature guys.”

“In this respect, I feel that you are somewhat lacking.

I heard that in all the battles you took part in, you never gave in.

Its true that martial artists should fight, but you should only do what you can.

The invincible power is not of great use.”

Zhang Han shook his head and laughed, “Thats because I havent met the people who can frighten me.

My opponents were too weak.”

“No one has ever done it before, but that doesnt mean no one will not do it in the future.”

Zhang Guangyou continued, “Then there are the Elders.

Besides Uncle Dong, we have five Elders who are good at array skills.

Well, they were defeated by you last time and have not come out from seclusion till now.

The third Elder is stronger and he is proficient in many secret methods.

Besides, the fifth Elder is the former manager of Command Beast Peak and is skilled in training beasts.

The sixth Elder is mainly responsible for alchemy.

The last one is the eighth Elder, who is also powerful and likes to study music, go, calligraphy and painting, much like a scholar.”

“The protectors under the Elders are all at Earth Realm.

There are dozens of them, including the managers of each peak.

Heavenly Knights Sect has a strong foundation and was once the overlord.

But after decades of war, it is now only one of the top eight sects in Kun Xu World.

I had hoped that with my efforts, the situation could be overturned or our glory of that time could be restored.

However, it was not to be.

Wind Snow School came to look for trouble.

In the beginning, your grandfather did not choose to expand Heavenly Knights Sect.

He lived alone in Kun Xu World, but Wind Snow School chose to expand rapidly.

Now, the gap between us has been revealed.

Roughly speaking, Wind Snow School has more than 30 Heaven-Realm cultivators and nearly 100 Earth-Realm disciples.”

A trace of depression flashed through Zhang Guangyous eyes.

Seeing this, Zhang Han gave him a smile and said, “Dad, do you believe me”

“Well” Zhang Guangyou was stunned first, then nodded, “You are my son, of course I believe you.”

“Since you want to expand Heavenly Knights Sect, my prediction is correct.

Dont worry.

Im still observing Heavenly Knights Sect.

Its good, but there are still many problems.”

Zhang Han looked at the people playing at the side of the lawn, fixed his eyes on Mengmeng and said slowly, “When I reach the Innateness stage, I can repel Wind Snow School.

When I reach the Elixir stage, Wind Snow School can be destroyed easily.”

“Destroy them easily” Zhang Guangyou murmured, shook his head slightly, but did not say anything.

After sitting for a while, Zhang Guangyou left for the North Mountain to borrow the furnace from the sixth Elder.

For an alchemist, furnaces are like their lovers.

When he heard his request, the sixth Elder was not very happy.

It took Zhang Guangyou half an hour to persuade him to agree.

But he was still unsatisfied and said that Zhang Guangyous son could not be skillful enough to use the divine furnace.

Zhang Guangyou refuted this, but the sixth Elder did not believe it at all.

The success rate of more than 50% was too incredible.

The sixth Elder agreed to lend the furnace for the sake of Zhang Guangyou.

Dong Chen

It was very likely that he would be kicked out by the sixth Elder.

Last time when Dong Chen tried to learn how to practices alchemy, he blew up five furnaces.

This time the sixth Elder agreed because he thought that Zhang Han would not damage his furnace.

Instead of asking Zhang Guangyou to take the furnace away, he made an appointment with Zhang Guangyou to pick it up in advance when necessary.

In the same evening…

Lying on the big bed, Zhang Han discussed with Mengmeng, “Mengmeng, I have to go out tomorrow…”

As always, Zhang Han came back early every time.

Mengmeng was not so resistant about his going out, but was still a little reluctant to let him go.

The next day…

Dong Chen, Zhang Guangyou and Zhang Han once again flew near Wind Snow School.

Zhang Han started the array and entered into it.

The force on the other side was stronger than the last time.

There were two powerful Elders standing beside the Grand Elder of Wind Snow School and they were always among the Elders of the Main Sect.

After a glance, Zhang Han withdrew from the array.

“Why are you back so fast this time” Dong Chen said in confusion.

“Its not time yet.

Ill go again in three hours.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

“Just wait a moment.

How many treasures do they have this time” Dong Chen asked.

“According to the concentration, there are at least 20 kinds of divine objects.

It seems that they are determined to succeed this time.” Zhang Han sighed with emotion.

They were really rich and powerful and had consumed more than 30 kinds of divine objects.

“So many divine objects Is the Grand Elder of Wind Snow School willing to take them out” Dong Chen had some doubts.

“Did Zhang Han gauge them correctly What if the holy objects are regarded as divine objects The gap between them is large.”

“Are you sure of your assessment Your array skill is amazing, but your basic strength is still a little weak.

The Ancient cursed roc, Dahei, Little Hei, your father and us are all your helpers and you can use all the treasures in Heavenly Knights Sect besides three of your Thunder Yang treasures.

But all of these are not yours.”

Dong Chen frowned slightly and said, “Only your basic strength is yours, which is also the reason why I dont like you to live a leisurely life.

Your treasures, your spirit beasts and even your backers, are not your foundation.

Your personal strength is what is most important.

You are not at Divine Realm yet and your spiritual sense mind trick is not strong enough.

Is it possible that you have sensed them wrongly If the news is wrong, it will affect my next decision.”

He had a headache.

The decision-making in the war could not be wrong and a wrong message would affect his layout.

Originally, he thought that Wind Snow Schools energy had been consumed and he wanted to attack one of its sub-sects.

Without the consumption of divine objects, they could restrain more senior leaders of Wind Snow School and their protectors and elite disciples would have a great advantage in the war.

The main battlefield did not belong to the senior leaders, because it was difficult for them to kill each other.

The sect war had always been battles among all the disciples and they were the ones who were the casualties.

Therefore, when Dong Chen heard the news, he suddenly lost his confidence.

He could not see it with his own eyes, nor could he gauge the specific situation.

He believed in Zhang Han, but he doubted Zhang Hans judgment.

Zhang Guangyou frowned at Dong Chens words.

He thought that the actual situation should be as what Zhang Han had said.

If they wanted to refine sixth-level treasures, how could they not consume a lot of fifth-level treasures

Zhang Han looked calm.

When he heard that, he sighed, “I do not want to make you more depressed.”


Dong Chens eyes narrowed slightly.

“What did he mean”

Even Zhang Guangyou was confused.

“My father has accumulated 721 clouds above his soul sense sea.

How many do you have, Uncle Dong” Zhang Han asked calmly.

Hearing this, Dong Chen kept silent for two seconds and then replied, “756.

But in the process of reaching Divine Realm, the third Elder has the most clouds, 799.

Your grandfather, Zhang Shenwang, had 725 clouds.

He is invincible in Divine Realm.

I think you should know the meaning of this.

The honor of Zhang Shenwang is not easy to come by.”

At last, he fixed his eyes on Zhang Han.

“You have soul sense only when you are a Grand Master.

If it doesnt have any effect on your breakthrough to Divine Realm and it will become a powerful assistant.

If it has an impact, you need to pay more to make up for it.

So what do you want to express Your soul sense sea hasnt appeared yet and there cant be any clouds.”

“Its just that you are not experienced enough.” Zhang Han decided not to be modest.

All of a sudden, his eyes shone as brightly as diamonds.

Nine thousand clouds vibrated and a very strong soul sense covered the area of ten meters.


Dong Chen was shocked.

It was the first time for him to feel that… The young man was too strong.

“Why do I feel as if this power is almost the same as mine” Zhang Guangyou said nervously.

“Have you opened your soul sense sea” Dong Chen was shocked and said, “The energy is so magnificent and it is incredible even if there are some changes in your brain.

What is this situation”

“Youre right.”

Zhang Han retracted his soul sense, looked at the direction of Wind Snow School and replied faintly, “When I was a Grand Master, I used the secret method to open up my soul sense sea and tried to advance the rain.

In Mount He Snow in the northeast, Uncle Gai and I entered a relic and got a chance there.

It was an ancient relic with a spirit beast at the Elixir stage sleeping in it.

If that black bull comes out, Im afraid that it can bring down this mountain with one move.

So the Heaven Peak Stage is just a beginning for you.

Dont doubt my words.

In my eyes, you are only temporarily stronger than me.”

Dong Chens expression changed slightly.

Zhang Guangyou raised his eyebrows helplessly and felt tired.

He sighed, “Han, dont talk to Uncle Dong like this.”

“Im telling the truth.”

Zhang Han was calm.

He shook his head slightly and looked at Dong Chen, whose face was stiff.

“If I dont tell him the truth, hell probably look down on me all the time.”

Zhang Han said, “My soul sense has not yet taken shape, so can you sense how many clouds I have above my soul sense sea”


Zhang Hans words immediately attracted their attention.

Zhang Guangyou glanced at Dong Chen and found that he was not very happy.

It was good that he did not hit Zhang Han on the spot after being provoked, but it did not mean that he was not angry.

After thinking about it for a while, Zhang Guangyou could no longer stand the uncomfortable pause.

He guessed, “You are almost as powerful as me, so there should be a lot of them.

I guess you have more than 900 clouds.

Your grandfathers soul sense is aggressive, dazzling and blazing, but the energy of his clouds is weaker than yours.

I think you have about 905 clouds.”

Zhang Guangyou did not understand it at all.

He just guessed a number.

Even Dong Chen thought about it, but he did not make a guess.

He just thought that 900 was too much for Zhang Han.

But they did not expect that Zhang Han would give such a fantastic number.

“Add a zero after it.”

“What do you mean Add a zero after 905, isnt that 9050” Zhang Guangyou froze, “Is it true”

In this regard, Dong Chen was also very skeptical.

“9000 thunderclouds are not my limit, but I can show you some secrets of my soul sense now.”

Zhang Han waved his right hand.

In a flash, Dong Chen and Zhang Guangyou felt as if they were in the middle of the starry sky, with dense clouds above them, covering the whole heaven and earth, making them feel extremely depressed.


The vision was fleeting.

The expressions on both Dong Chen and Zhang Guangyous faces changed completely.

“Its true! Nine thousand, nine thousand clouds, what does that mean My God, you have ten times more clouds than your grandfather! How can it be true” Dong Chen was stunned.

“Nine thousand Nine thousand!” Zhang Guangyou was already confused.

Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

It seemed that they needed a long time to calm down.

He did not mind disclosing the secret of the nine thousand clouds to someone close to him.

Moreover, Zhang Hans trump cards were his soul sense sea at Innateness stage, his Taiyi Wood Thunder and his Ten Inches Dantian.

For the next ten minutes, there was silence.


Dong Chen sighed, feeling very depressed.

He felt like he was talking nonsense and this young man was so weird.

“I was wrong before.

You have such strong soul sense and you can gauge those treasures correctly.

This also shows that after you reach Divine Realm, your soul sense will reach Heaven Realm.

As long as the resources are provided, you can also reach Heaven Realm without any difficulties.”

Dong Chen said, with a glimmer of hope in his eyes, “Good boy, no wonder you dare to talk to me like that.

You are full of confidence.


When you reach Heaven Realm and master the method to break the Heaven-earth Formation, Wind Snow School will lose to Heavenly Knights Sect in the end.”

“Ha…” Zhang Guangyou was about to laugh.

“Shut up!” Dong Chens angry voice sounded in Zhang Guangyous mind.

Zhang Guangyou was confused.

“I just want to laugh, isnt it OK Does Dong Chen want to vent his anger on me”

“Hide.” Dong Chens face was grim and he turned his gaze to the left.

Zhang Guangyous face also changed.

They saw 13 people flying toward Wind Snow School and quickly entering it.

“They called in a dozen martial artists at Earth Peak Stage again” Dong Chen frowned, “Im afraid they are planning to attack Heavenly Knights Sect.”

“You think too much.” Zhang Han sneered and waved his right hand.

When the array appeared, he hid in it and moved forward.

He was going to cultivate.

Only then did Zhang Guangyou smile and sigh, “Uncle Dong, dont mind his words.

He is still young.”

“No.” Dong Chen shook his head slightly, “Hes right.

Heaven Peak Stage is just the beginning and his understanding of cultivation is better than us.

Even the Elixir stage is nothing in his eyes.

He knows about the ancient demonic beast, array, alchemy and incantation well.

He has taught Chen Changqing, Gai XingKong and even the Warlord of Chan Clan.

He… I cant see through him, so Ive tried many times to stimulate him.”

“He knew what I meant, so he took the initiative to share his secret to assure us.”

Dong Chen smiled, “Do you really think I like to pick at his faults Do you really think that your son was infuriated by me before he told us his secret This slippery young man is very clever and he always knows what is in my mind.

Its a good start for him to say these things to me face-to-face.

which means he is beginning to accept Heavenly Knights Sects.

He was actually telling us how talented he is by showing us his soul sense just now.

When he mentioned the black bull at Elixir stage, he was telling us that Wind Snow School amounts to nothing and reminding me not to be irrational when making plans.

This interesting boy always has some hidden meaning in his words.

Maybe the other Elders cant understand the elder.

Oh, you either.

You are far worse than your son.”

Zhang Guangyou was again confused.

“Why are you starting to slander me again”


Zhang Guangyou snorted, “It doesnt matter.

Cant my son be my backer in the future”

“Fine.” Dong Chen nodded with a smile.

“Now that you slandered me, Ill take revenge.”

Zhang Guangyou said casually, “I heard that Uncle Dong likes to eat spirit beasts recently Many disciples of Command Beast Peak have come to me to complain.”

“Im clearing up a messy situation caused by your son.”

Zhang Guangyou almost choked when he heard that.

“What do you mean by that” Zhang Guangyou felt this was strange.

He didnt know what Dahei had done.

After hearing Dong Chens story, Zhang Guangyou was at a loss whether to laugh or to cry.

“The three spirit beasts my son keeps are just three little demons.

They are really special.”

“Let them eat whatever they like, it doesnt matter.” Dong Chen replied with a smile, “Theres a roc after all.”

“Well, I heard from my son that the gorilla will become King Kong in the future.”

“What are you talking about” Dong Chens eyes widened, “King… Kong”

Before his question was over, a whisper came from his side.

“Lets go.” Zhang Han appeared 20 meters away from them and his face was a little pale.

“Whats the matter” Zhang Guangyou was shocked when he sensed Zhang Hans disordered Qi.

“Im fine.

Most of them are poisons.

Ill go back and refine them for a few days.”

Zhang Han had a terrible headache.

But… he found that there were now 9700 thunder clouds above his soul sense sea.

He smiled.

All their efforts were worth it.

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