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Chapter 742 Little Heis Fangs


As the yacht drew closer, it made waves that lapped at the shore.

“Here we are.”

Zi Yan held Mengmengs hand and looked at the gate of Heavenly Knights Sect with her big beautiful eyes.

She saw the huge double dragon motif, the enormous gate and the three characters Heavenly Knights Sect carved onto it.

It was really overwhelming.

When they were near their destination, Zi Yan put on a thin pink coat for Mengmeng and now they were similarly dressed in blue jeans, white sports shoes, white short sleeves, a pink coat and a pink cap.

Zi Yan and Mengmeng walked hand in hand, stepping out in style in this girlish trend.

“PaPa, PaPa, come on, were going to get off the boat.”

Mengmeng was very happy, waving her right hand and calling out to her PaPa.

At this time, Dong Chen was asking Zhang Han about his cultivation.

“I think your skill is more suitable…”

“Im coming!”


A figure and a breeze swept by and Zhang Han left directly.

He left Dong Chen, who had a stern look on his face.

When the family of three walked out hand in hand, Dahei was very excited and wanted to look around instantly.

It was probably thinking that this was the first time that it had been away from home.

Little Hei was still quite calm and followed behind Zhang Han quietly.

Tiny Tot waddled along, its gait totally resembling that of a penguin.

Zhang Guangyou and Rong Jiali followed them from the side and the large group slowly got off the boat.

“Oh! PaPa, this place is so big.” Mengmeng said when she saw the huge gate.

“Yes, this is a big mountain.” Zhang Han laughed.

“Lets go.” Mengmeng quickly walked down the steps to the shore and ran to the main gate.

“Woo Woo woo woo”

Dahei looked at Little Hei and Tiny Tot, pointing to the front gate.

It was so large!

Even the Elders of the Wang family was shocked.

Zhang Guangyou was used to the view, but he was still excited each time he looked at the magnificent gate.

Looking at the group from a distance, Jiang Bing and others were discussing about them.

“They are coming! Young Master is back.”

“Young Lord is also very handsome.

Is that his wife and daughter next to him They are so beautiful.

The people following him are all martial artists and there are many Grand Masters among them.

It seems that Young Lord lives a good life outside.”

“Why is there a gorilla behind them It seems to be close to Divine Realm That dog is about to reach Grand Master Late-stage Its unbelievable.

They are about to catch up with the strongest spirit beasts in our sect.

But the penguin behind them is ordinary and not good-looking.”

The First Elders ears were very good and when he heard this, he immediately glared at that guy.

“You are uglier than it!”

“This is the divine beast that will protect the sect in the future.

Do you understand”

Jiang Bing and his men came over, still deep in discussion.

“Young Master, Madame.”

“Grand Elder.”

After saying hello, Jiang Bing looked at Zhang Han and said with a smile, “Hello, Young Lord.


Is she your daughter Shes so lovely.”


Mengmeng did not expect a strange elder brother to say hello to her.

Although she had received many praises, she was still pleased and waved her hand.

“Nice to meet you.”

Although they were unfamiliar with each other, they all smiled at Mengmengs greeting.

There was an old man at the back of the crowd, who had been staring intently at Dahei and Little Hei all the time, as if he was appreciating two beauties who had just finished bathing.


Dahei was confused.

“Why are you staring at us, old man”

Seeing where the mans eyes were staring, Zhang Guangyou could not help laughing out loud.


Sure enough, the old man ran to them at full speed.

He looked at Dahei carefully and touched Daheis fur.

He could not put down his hand.

He seemed to like Dahei so much that he could not bear to part with it.

“Woo Woo woo woo”

Dahei took two steps to the side.

Its facial expression was a little disgusted as it waved to that old man to go away.

“Wow, amazing.

Its going to reach Divine Realm, right”

The aged man liked Dahei very much.

“Well, Han.” Zhang Guangyou said, “This is the fifth Elder who guards the North Mountain and often teaches disciples in Command Beast Peak.”

“I see.” Zhang Han nodded and glanced at the aged man.

The Grand Elders face was thin, he had deep-set eyes, his face was always emotionless and he had white beard and long hair.

The fifth Elder had short strands of wispy white hair.

He was a little bald, his face was oval and his appearance was quite distinctive, making him easy to be remembered.

“Lets go up the mountain first.

It will take us about two hours to walk to our residence.” Zhang Guangyou smiled.

So they went up the mountain and crossed the wide gate.

There were many mountain roads in it, which were all pure natural roads because of the flat terrain.

Jiang Bing and the others were puzzled, not knowing why they did not just fly there directly.

After chatting with Zhao Feng and his men, they realized what was going on and then took a look at Mengmeng.

It was true.

It was not good for Mengmeng, who was so young, to come into contact with the martial arts world too early, so they all walked up the mountain.

The fifth Elder stared at Dahei all the way.

He liked this giant beast, but he was not so interested in Little Hei.

After a while, he began to hold on to Zhang Guangyou and muttered to him behind the group.

Zhang Han also heard him saying that he wanted to invite Dahei to Command Beast Peak.

“No! Thats my granddaughters playmate.” Zhang Guangyou refused directly, even without Zhang Hans warning.

Out at the front, Mengmeng who was holding Zhang Han and Zi Yans hands, asked, “PaPa, are we going to climb the mountain”

It was flat at close range, but the radian of the mountain could still be seen from a distance.

The mountain was covered with a variety of trees like bamboo, willow, poplar and some other unknown beautiful trees, as well as all kinds of flowers and herbs.

The visual impact was quite strong, after all, such beautiful scenery was rare.

For the little princesss question, Zhang Han smiled and answered, “Yes, we are going to climb the mountain.

When you are tired, Dad will carry you.”

“Okay.” Mengmeng replied happily.

After walking up for more than ten minutes, Mengmeng slipped into Zhang Hans arms.

After staying for half an hour in Zhang Hans arms, she came down and walked for more than ten minutes.

She was very happy.

In this way, after two hours of climbing, the group reached the middle of the mountain.

In front of them was a small mountain about twice the area of Mount New Moon.

Compared with the whole Heavenly Knights Sect, it was like a small dirt hill only.

There were many buildings on the mountain which resembled the residences of the ancient kings and lords, but with a retro style.

“This is where your mother and I usually live.

There are so many rooms that we can all live in it.” Zhang Guangyou said with a smile.

Rong Jiali looked at Mengmeng and said with a smile, “Granddaughter, grandma will arrange for you a most beautiful house with the best scenery.”

“Well, thank you, grandma.” Mengmeng thanked her very politely.

Mengmeng was obedient, clever and beautiful, often endearing herself to others.

Walking into the gate, they saw a small platform inside.

In front of it, there was a large cloistered pool.

There were three roads leading to the mountain and four pavilions in the middle of the pool.

What made Mengmeng feel strange was that there seemed to be no way to go to the pavilion

From the straight road in the center, through the second gate, there was a square and a hall.

Through the hall, they arrived at the top of the mountain and saw the clean and tidy building area at the back and a lawn.

At the end of the lawn was a forest leading to the mountain and the trees there were denser.

From the foot of the mountain to this place, they did not meet or see too many people and buildings, because Zhang Guangyou specially chose this route for them.

“How large it is.” Mengmeng looked ahead and felt that this was a really huge place.

The main reason was the panoramic view.

From here, they could see many buildings on the right side and a huge expanse of the lawn, which gave them a feeling of openness.

“Lets go.” Zhang Guangyou patted Zhang Han on the shoulder with a smile.

When they came to the courtyard, they began to choose their residences.

There was a round house with many rooms, which were enough for Zhao Feng and his men to live.

There was a single courtyard on the side and the house area there was quite large, about 1000 square meters.

This was for Zhang Hans family of three, while Zhang Guangyou and Rong Jiali lived in the small house next door.

Zhao Feng took Zhang Hans luggage to his residence and then went back to his own residence with Instructor Liu.

Instructor Liu had been looking around excitedly.

“Hey, were here at the Heavenly Knights Sect.

Its really big here.

Did you see that younger martial sister just now She is pure and beautiful, but I think my Lanlan is better than her.

Ah, Lanlan will be at Divine Realm the next time I see her.

When can I defeat her If I want to pursue her, I have to defeat her first.”

While he was speaking, Instructor Liu seemed to be a little depressed.

Zhao Feng and all the others laughed.

“Dont show off, will you Dont you know why Captain Jiang managed to beat you up You know that she has already fallen in love with you, but its hard for you to defeat her.

How long has she been cultivating You are still a green horn now and you cant even resist her attack until two or three years later.” Elder Meng said with a smile.

They thought the relationship between Instructor Liu and Jiang Yanlan was very interesting.

While talking, they also returned to their own rooms.

Each room was large and of the same design.

Zhang Li, as arranged by Zhang Guangyou, was in the second bedroom, was looking at Liang Hao with a defensive expression.

It made Liang Hao laugh bitterly.

After settling all the people down, Zhang Guangyou asked someone to prepare lunch and treated the guests to good wine and dishes.

They had lunch in the middle of the yard.

Because Zhang Han and others had just arrived, they had a meal together as a welcome for the guests.

On the way up the mountain, Dong Chen, the Grand Elder, went back to his own residence.

The fifth Elder sat with them for a while, and reminded Zhang Guangyou to feed Dahei before he left.

Zhang Guangyou ordered someone to roast two geese weighing more than 15 kilograms, but he was totally wrong about their food intake.

As a result…

“Woo Woo woo woo”

Soon after eating the two geese, Dahei looked at Little Hei, made a gesture with its palm and called out twice.

“Brother, they are not enough to stuff my teeth.”

“Hiss hiss hiss, hiss hiss hiss…”

Xiao Hei sat on the ground, sniffed around and its ears stood up.

After listening for five seconds, its eyes lit up.

“Woo woo, woo woo woo.”

“Woo, woo, woo!”


By exchanging information, they knew that there seemed to be food at the top of the mountain and Little Hei could hear their calls.


With a wave of its hand, Dahei began running quickly on the grassland with Little Hei.

It was only after taking two steps forward that they remembered that Tiny Tot was behind them.

Dahei picked Tiny Tot up, put it on its shoulder and then continued to run on four legs.

They galloped all the way to the top of the mountain and then went toward the north.

After crossing a stream, they finally saw something different next to a hill.

A bull with black skin and silver horns was drinking water and relaxing there.

Judging from its Qi, it was also close to Grand Master Middle-stage.

In its own territory, it did not have a high sense of self-defense.


Dahei roared in a low voice.

It motioned Little Hei to go first.


In an instant, a dark shadow flashed by.


Little Hei gnawed at the bulls neck with its sharp fangs, but its teeth only broke the skin and did not go deep into the flesh.


The bull went crazy and started to shake its head.

It saw a huge fist.

Bang, bang, bang!

Dahei killed it directly with three punches.


Dahei put the bull on its shoulder and then happily carried it back to the South Mountain.

Silence then reigned over the site.

But half an hour later, a man in a green robe with a sword came from upstream.

“Uh Wheres my black bull”

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