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Chapter 733 Harsh Words


Suddenly, a blaring engine sound blasted into everyones ears.

They turned around and saw many cars rushing in from the broken gate of the Zi family.

Among them, there were several black armored cars and several Mercedes Benz cars.

Everyones attention was attracted.

“The Spirit Group.”

The eyes of all the Lyu family martial artists were fixed on them.

It was Su Long, the leader of the Spirit Group, who got off the first armored vehicle.

Being a Grand Master, he was weaker than many of the martial artists present.

But his voice was still very important, because he represented the government.

In the age of science and technology, the strength of the government was beyond doubt.

What was more, there were enough high-level martial artists serving the government.

Besides them, He Chen, the Elder of the He family, and several Grand Masters who were paying a visit to the Zi family came down from several Mercedes Benz cars.

After seeing them, everyone in the Lyu family became serious.

The man with a partially dark skin said faintly, “Are you here to cheer them up”

Since they were being questioned, He Chen and others changed their facial expressions.

They looked at the people on the side of the Zi family, feeling that the situation had become quite complicated.

They wanted to make friends with Zhang Hanyang and the others, but the Lyu family was too powerful.

“We are following group leader Su.”

“Ha ha.”

The aged man of the Lyu family sneered and looked at Su Long.

Finally, he fixed his eyes on the two people behind Su Long.

Divine Realm!

In the end, he didnt say anything.

He had noticed that there were also several Divine-Realm martial artists among the Zi family who were watching the battle above.

Boom boom boom!

There were thunderous blasts in the sky.

Su Long looked up at the sky and sighed, “So exciting.”

Then he waved to the people behind him, “Inform the relevant departments to start the rain bomb.”

Ordinary people would find it strange if there was only thunder and no rain.

Su Long passed a lot of orders while the two were fighting above.

“Since he can fight with the Elder of the Lyu family for such a long time, he surely isnt a nobody.”

“Hes holding Dragon Tooth.

Is he a disciple of Heavenly Knights Sect”

The two Divine-Realm martial artists behind Su Long were shocked when they saw Gai Xingkong and the others.

With the roar, the heavy rain fell slowly, and the lights flickered.

It looked like thunder, but it was actually the sparks of the two people fighting!

Above all the dark clouds…

Both Lyu Kong and Zhang Guangyou were extremely quick, and all kinds of moves were played at high speed.

The unfolded fan in Lyu Kongs right hand was also a divine weapon, but it wasnt better than Dragon Tooth.

Zhang Guangyous way of wielding his sword was very fierce, and his saber had a swallowing ability.

Lyu Kong noticed that every attack he made would be weakened to enhance his opponents saber moves.

Lyu Kong was stronger than Zhang Guang, but he couldnt defeat his opponent after having fought for a while, something that made Lyu Kong gradually angrier.

“Dont think that only your weapons have powerful capabilities.”

After the two fought each other, Lyu Kong retreated for several tens of meters and suddenly sneered.

“Drunk Butterfly!”

After the two fight each other, Lyu Kong retreated for several tens of meters and suddenly sneers, “Drunk Butterfly!”


“Illusions” Zhang Guangyou slightly frowned.

The butterfly in front of him was so illusory that it was hard to tell whether it was real or not.

He couldnt perceive it with his soul sense.

“Its true when you believe that its true.

You havent reached the Heaven Realm yet, and you dont know how powerful the high-level martial artists can be.

Ive studied this method for 50 years until I reached the Heaven Realm and finally understood it.

Youre the first person to witness its power, and itll be a worthy death for you,” Lyu Kong said calmly.

According to his expression, he must had come up with a plan.

That scene was completely invisible to the people watching the battle, but Lyu Kongs words were heard by all.

“Whats the name of that move”

“I cant sense it.

Is this Lyu Kongs secret skill”

“It must be so.

He has studied the moves for 50 years, and the power of his move is unquestionable.

Lyu Kongs opponent is in trouble… He will be killed if he cant block the move.”

A few comments were heard all over the Zi manor.

Zhang Guangyou frowned; his fighting spirit was boiling, and the saber in his right hand was shining faintly.

“One move to resist all kinds of magic!”

“Roaring Waves!”


Suddenly, a buzzing sound was heard.

For the first time, Zhang Guangyou had used his powerful secret skill.

Zhang Guangyou moved very slowly.

He held the saber with his right hand and drew a circle in the air, starting from his back.

Then the saber ended on the left side of his body; he was currently holding the saber with both hands.

He drew a circle again and slashed from the side.


The sound of waves surged out.

The immense energy of the first move was attacking Lyu Kong at an extremely fast speed, like the first wave, followed by the second, the third, the fourth… The continuous attacks were like a real ocean.

Soon after, Zhang Guangyou had already attacked Lyu Kong more than 30 times.

The first 20 attacks had no effect on the butterflies.

At this time, the butterflies were only ten meters away from Zhang Guangyou.

As he was making the 25th attack, the speed of thousands of butterflies was suddenly dropped.

When he was making the 30th move, all the butterflies stopped.

At the moment, they were only one meter away from Zhang Guangyou.

The 40th attack!

Thousands of butterflies seemed to move with the waves and retreated in unison.

When Zhuang Guangyou was making the 60th attack, those butterflies seemed to have integrated with the waves and began to attack Lyu Kong at a high speed.

“You have learned so little in the past 50 years.” Zhuang Guangyou sneered.

Lyu Kongs face darkened.

Seeing Zhuang Guangyous continuous attacks, he waved his hand to dissipate his Drunk Butterfly.

“Endless Wind!”

“Endless Wind!”

None of the Divine-Realm warriors present could sense this attack; all of them were shocked.

“The Heaven Realm is so powerful and horrifying…”

“The two of them are both super powerful martial artists standing at the top of the world.

If this battle would have taken place on the ground, Im afraid they would destroy a large number of buildings.”

Even Chen Changqing was surprised.

“When can I reach the Heaven Realm”

Gai Xingkong felt excited and a little depressed at the same time.

“I have a long way to go to catch up with Guangyou.”

In the dining room, Rong Jiali sat still, paying close attention to the situation above.

“Dont worry,” Zhang Han smiled and said, “Lyu Kong is easy to handle.”

From the very beginning, he could tell that this battle would not end well.

If Lyu Kong fought to the death, his father might be seriously injured, but Lyu Kong would definitely die in the end.

However, did Lyu Kong dare to fight to the death

He dared not.

He had just reached the Heaven Realm, and he was unwilling to die.

“What a pity that I havent reached the Heaven Realm yet, otherwise…”

Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

Otherwise, her father wouldnt have fought with others.

“Ill soon be above the Innateness stage…”

A gleam flashed in Zhang Hans eyes.

The next thing he needed to do was to break through and become an Innateness martial artist.

That way Zhang Han wouldnt have to worry so much.

Zhang Guangyous domineering manner pleased Zhang Han.

It could be seen that Zhang Guangyous seven kinds of basic saber skills were excellent, and he was currently at the Earth Peak Stage.

With the help of the Dragon Tooth saber, it was no problem for him to fight against a nobody like Lyu Kong.

Boom boom boom!

The fierce battle in the air had entered the most intense stage.

Lyu Kongs various moves were extremely powerful.

With each blow, the wind and clouds surged, and the crazy energy seemed to have made a gap in the sky.

Zhang Guangyou fought more bravely than ever before, and occasionally gave a laugh or two.

His attack was very fierce and full of momentum.

Several Divine-Realm onlookers felt their blood boiling and they yearned to take part in such a battle.

Lyu Kong was astonished.

“Who are you” He looked at Zhuang Guangyou.

“Zhang Guangyou of the Heavenly Knights Sect.”

Everyone heard his thunder-like voice.

Lu Kong was stunned and then exclaimed in surprise, “Zhang Guangyou, the lord of battle.”

As soon as he said this, the two Divine-Realm martial artists behind Su Long were shocked.

“My God, Zhang Guangyou, the lord of battle has become a strong man at the Earth Peak Stage!”

“How many years has it been Its amazing!”


After knowing Zhang Guangyous identity, they were even more shocked.

The Heavenly Knights Sect was still powerful.


The two men made another terrible attack on each other, and then Lyu Kong retreated for hundreds of meters and nodded repeatedly, “Okay, Zhuang Guangyou, Ill keep it in mind.”

“What Do you want to trouble me later ” Zhang Guangyou also stopped attacking to look at Lyu Kong calmly.

His spiritual force had been almost consumed.

“So what Dont think that I cant do anything about you because youre a disciple of the Heavenly Knights Sect, Ill give you a chance.

Before dark the next day, you and the Zi family have to leave Singapore.

Otherwise, I will raze everything to the ground.”

Lyu Kong didnt want to fight anymore.

He didnt believe that Zhang Guangyou could turn to the top management of the Heavenly Knights Sect for help.

After all, the Wind Snow School was very difficult to dealt with for them.

If he knew that Zhang Guangyou was the Young Master of Heavenly Knights Sect, Lyu Kong wouldnt have expressed himself this way.

Zhuang Guangyou burst out laughing, “Good! Since you say so, I would like to tell you that before 12 oclock this evening, the Lyu family has to leave Singapore.

Otherwise the consequences will be at your own risk.

I have warned you in this way.

As for how to do it, you should consider it by yourself.”

With that, Zhang Guangyou no longer wanted to pay any more attention to him and turned around to land.

It was a little difficult for him to fight against a Heaven-Realm opponent.

“So arrogant!” Lyu Kong was angry and wanted to fight again, but he managed to calm himself down after thinking about it.

With a cold hum, he also retreated.

When he reached the ground, he got in the car directly.

“Go back!”

Under everyones gazes, the Lyu family slowly retreated, leaving the broken gate of the Zi family.

“Lets go back.” Zhang Guangyou looked at Su Long and the others, and then talked to Gai Xingkong.

Together with Chen Changqing, the three of them went directly back to the dining hall.


Su long, the leader of the Local Soul Group, felt a numbness in his scalp.

He had also heard the conversation between the two people in the sky before.

“Is this the beginning of the battle”

“Do people in the Heavenly Knights Sect want a conflict with our own martial arts world”

“What can we do”

“Alas, I hope it doesnt affect our other families.”

Su Long sighed slightly.

He didnt care much about the safety of the Lyu family, because Lyu Kong was a traitor and loved to tell lies.

Even if the whole Lyu family was destroyed, it would not have a great impact on the martial arts world.

But if the disciple of the Heavenly Knights Sect died, he felt that there might be endless trouble.

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