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“Young Lord, Young Master once told me that he was worried about you and your sister when the gate of the small world closed, for you were not a martial artist at that time.

To my surprise, you have almost reached the Divine Realm Stage in less than six years.

How awesome you are.” Wang Xiaowu smiled and said in a casual tone.

Obviously, he was a free and easy person and was not too bothered about trifling matters.

“You are giving me too much credit.” Zhang Han responded freely.

“Youre indeed a talent since it took you merely six years to reach the Grand Master Peak.” Another man with a long face said with a smile, “We spent nearly twenty years trying to break through to the Divine Realm Stage.

Though most of us are under thirty, we started cultivating at a very young age.”

“Thats right.” A man with a flattop haircut who was standing behind said, “Elder Brother Xiaowu is the most formidable, ranking first among the disciples on Ziye Peak.

Tutored by the third elder, he also occupies the third position among the younger generation.

Hes so powerful that all the people of the sect know him.”


Zhang Han glanced at Wang Xiaowu again.

Judging from his expression, all the people present thought he was amazed.

Even Wang Xiaowu waved his hand modestly, “In fact, those monsters are the most incredible.”

“They… do amaze us.

How awesome they are.” The others also sighed with emotion.

Zhang Han glanced at them and chuckled.

“It seems that the talents from the Heavenly Knights Sect are competent.”

Compared with the other martial artists in this world, they were capable masters.

However, there would always be someone superior to them.

Men of talent appeared in succession in the Cultivation World and no one could be considered as the top expert.

Moreover, talents still needed to grow unceasingly in order to enforce their strength.

“Young Lord will be a big shot in the future, occupying a place in the Heavenly Knights Sect with his strength.” Wang Xiaowu laughed but still hesitated.

After pondering for three seconds, he said, “Young Lord, I have to remind you of something because I get along well with Young Master.

I hope you dont mind.”

“Just go ahead.”

“Since Young Master isnt here, you have the authority and well take orders from you.

However, our Heavenly Knights Sect advocates the principle of strength first.

Although we own numerous resources, you cannot take them unscrupulously.

After all, Grand Elder and the other elders are the meritorious heroes who struggled to seize power together with Young Master.” Wang Xiaowu said slowly.

He actually gave him a warning, which silenced the others present.

They all wanted to see what kind of person Zhang Han was.

“Oh.” Zhang Han chuckled and said, “In fact, I have a certain number of spirit treasures, so I wont take anything from the Heavenly Knights Sect.

Besides, I wont come over again anytime soon, for I have to live outside to accompany my daughter.”

“Hahaha.” Wang Xiaowu burst out laughing and said, “Even so, as Young Lord, you deserve to be provided with sufficient resources.

I mean that even Young Master has to show regard for the feelings of others.

Thats all.”

After saying that, Wang Xiaowu became a little curious again, “Young Lord, do you have a daughter”


“Youre married.

I finally figured out why Young Master told me that he was holding his granddaughter over the telephone.

Young Master must be overjoyed.”

“Of course.” Zhang Han smiled.

His smile, the softness, pride and indulgence in his eyes, was solely for Mengmeng.

“After we leave later…” Wang Xiaowu looked at the other people and said, “You should go to those sects as planned to learn about their recent situation and the Wind Snow Schools plans for the other worldlets.

If theres any trouble, youd better inform me at once.”

“Senior Brother, are you going to Hong Kong as well”

“I intend to join in the fun.

Furthermore, now that Grand Elder also came over, I think some matters of the utmost concern will occur.” Wang Xiaowu said and then kept silent.

As for Zhang Han, he was certain that what would happen would meet his expectations.

Perhaps the forces in the worldlet that supported the Li family, the He family, the Gu Family, and the Mystical Fog Sect were targeting the two divine objects on Mount New Moon.

Among them, the most powerful one was the Wind Snow School.

How could the disciples of this sect refuse to pocket the two divine objects

However, they were likely to get into trouble once they went there in the face of Grand Elder from the Heavenly Knights Sect.

“Theres an exit in front of us, which is in the center of the lake.”

Wang Xiaowu said while looking ahead, “There are many exits in the worldlet and they always change their locations.

Except for the one appearing on Mount Jianfeng, the other exits always show up randomly.”


Zhang Han followed them to the lake and saw seven people flying over from a distance.

Wang Xiaowu glanced at them several times and said,

“Theyre men of the Red Peak Sect.

Leave them alone and lets go ahead.”

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

He took the lead to speed up.

As he came to the east side of the lake and entered the water, a burst of energy started fluctuating at a depth of ten meters.

The other people ducked into the lake at the same time and found that the image before them had changed all of a sudden.

Only the village appeared on the lake.

In the meantime, appropriative ships were coming and going, providing the island with various materials.

“Lets go to Sanmen City first.

Its 11:50 now.

If we book the latest flight, well arrive in Hong Kong before nightfall.” Wang Xiaowu looked at his watch.

Watches were commonly used in the worldlet, for it was not a closed world but depended on the mainland.

Some science and technology products that were also sold outside the worldlet, were available inside, though in small quantities.

The worldlet was dotted with villages and towns as well, but most of the forces appearing here were from sects.

Generally speaking, such sects cultivated many small sects outside the worldlet, which would make it more convenient for them to come out.

The Heavenly Knights Sect, however, did not do so.

It was only on friendly terms with two sects.

As such, it often took them a long time to go out.

That was to say, they needed to queue to buy tickets.

“Ill call to make arrangements.”

Though they did not have serviceable connections, Zhang Han did.

He maintained a sound relationship with the Chen Clan, the Gai Clan in the northeast, the Rong Clan in Lin Hai, the National Security Agency, which all cherished great power.

“Xiaofeng, please help me book flights from Sanmen City.

We plan to return to Hong Kong…”


Wang Xiaowu glanced at Zhang Han in surprise.

Judging from his tone, he seemed to be leading a fulfilling life in the secular world!

So, they went straight to Sanmen Airport.

When they reached their destination, a private plane was waiting for them.

“Ill go over and take a look.

Just take your time.”

Wang Xiaowu waved to the others, who left after greeting the two of them.

Warmly welcomed by the five people, Wang Xiaowu and Zhang Han got on the plane.

The plane took off slowly and headed for Hong Kong.

Wang Xiaowu chatted with Zhang Han in the beginning, but he found that Zhang Han was a man of few words.

He, therefore, fell silent and closed his eyes to rest.

As for Zhang Han, he looked out of the window.

The sky was very bright, with only a few thin clouds floating by.

The mountains, the land and the world held no attraction for Zhang Han.

Scenes, from childhood to primary school, to junior high school… until now, flashed across Zhang Hans mind.

Although they had gone through ups and downs, they would eventually reunite.

“Whatever it is, Im back.”

A feeling of excitement stirred within Zhang Han and he had a hard time staying calm.

He even felt that time passed a little slowly.

Time passed by.

Finally, at nearly four oclock, the plane arrived at New Moon Bay and slowly landed at the companys airport.

He was close to them.

Zhang Han saw a large group of people standing at the edge of the airport.

He was getting closer to them!

In front of the crowd stood two people and Zhang Han felt a tremor in his mind when he saw them.

Eventually, the plane cruised to a stop and the door opened.

After the ramp was lowered, Zhang Han walked down slowly.

“PaPa!” Mengmeng let out an extremely happy cry.

She stretched out her small arms and wriggled in Zi Yans arms, intending to throw herself into Zhang Hans arms, but Zi Yan held her tightly.

After Zi Yan whispered a few words in the little girls ear, she stopped and looked around curiously with her big eyes.

Zhang Han glanced at Mengmeng with a smile and then fixed his eyes on the two figures in front of them.

For a moment, Zhang Hans heart skipped a beat.

“Dad, Mom.” He called them in a low voice.

These two words seemed to be extraordinarily heavy at this point.

“My son.”

Zhang Guangyou laughed, strode over and reached out his strong arms.

As they approached, Zhang Guangyou took the lead in hugging Zhang Han.

“Good boy, youve suffered a lot these years.

I wont leave you again.” Zhang Guangyou patted Zhang Han on the back and said in a trembling voice.

“I didnt have a rough time.”

Zhang Hans eyes turned a little red.

“Han, let me hug you.”

Rong Jiali could not wait but pushed Zhang Guangyou away, holding Zhang Han, who was taller than her.

“Youre a real man now.

Ive missed you so much these years…”

As was known to all, women were made of water, so Rong Jiali did not hide her tears.

Zhang Li, Zhou Fei, Rong Jiaxin, Zi Yan, Zhao Feng, Instructor Liu and some others behind shared the same feelings with them and their eyes turned red as well.


Wang Xiaowu, who was standing behind them, smiled with emotion.

Only their son could make Young Master and his wife so happy.

“Alright, alright.

Mom, were all back.

Its great that were reunited.”

He was so emotional at the very beginning.

But at this time, Zhang Han patted Rong Jiali on the back with a smile and said, “I thought that I would introduce my wife and daughter to you when you came back, but I didnt expect you would come over on your own.”

“How do we keep calm You should be waiting for us here.” Rong Jialis hand reached under the bamboo hat to wipe away her tears.

“Im worried about you.”

Zhang Han walked over with Zi Yan, “Come on, Dad and Mom, let me introduce them to you.

This beautiful lady is Zi Yan, my gentle and virtuous wife.

This is Mengmeng, the most lovely and beautiful little princess.”

While speaking, Zhang Han held Mengmeng in his arms and kissed her little pink cheek gently.

“My PaPa is also the most handsome man! Mua, mua, mua.

PaPa, I miss you so much!”

Mengmeng was so delighted that she danced in Zhang Hans arms.


Zhang Han burst into laughter as if he was embracing the whole world.

“Congratulations on your reunion, Young Master and Young Masters wife.” Wang Xiaowu approached Zhang Guangyou and greeted him with a smile.

“Thanks.” Zhang Guangyou nodded in response.

He could not stop himself from smiling because he was overjoyed!

“Lets go back first and catch up.” Rong Jiaxin said with a smile.

“Lets get in the car.”

Zhang Han walked to the stretch Rolls-Royce nearby with Mengmeng in his arms.

In addition to Zhao Feng who was driving, Rong Jiali, Zhang Guangyou, Zhang Li, Zhang Han, Zi Yan and Mengmeng were in the car.

Mengmeng stayed in Zhang Hans arms with a satisfied expression all the time, refusing to leave him.

“Mom, why are you wearing that hat” Zhan Han asked after the motorcade set off.

“Your mother is a little unwell and needs to wear it for some time.” Zhang Guangyou replied helplessly.


Zhang Han frowned slightly, reached out his left hand and pressed Rong Jialis right hand.

Three seconds later, Zhang Hans eyes darkened.

He looked at his father and said, “The Wind Snow School”

Actually, many things were left unsaid.

Zhang Guangyou nodded and said, “Youre right.”

“Got it.” Zhang Han replied and did not say anything else.

However, Zhang Guangyou and Rong Jiali could clearly see the coldness flashing across Zhang Hans eyes!

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