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Chapter 703 The Grand Gathering

“Its three oclock in the afternoon.

Lets go to the bazaar and then well have dinner in Yindu Restaurant.

The special roast lamb legs and lamb ribs there were said to be delicious.

Tomorrow, well go to Mountain Nan scenic area and ride horses there.

How about the plan”

In the villa, Zi Yan looked at Zhang Han and talked about their itinerary.

It took her two days to make the plan.

They didnt have much time.

They arrived in Shang Jing today, and tomorrow was the only free day for them.

The Heavenly Treasure School would be opened the day after tomorrow, and they could spend the whole day there.

When the gathering was finished in the afternoon, they would take the flight to Hong Kong as soon as possible.

The gate of the worldlet was going to open, and it was not the proper time for Zhang Han to relax.

Zi Yan was slightly worried about the opening of the gate of the small world.

She was going to see Zhang Hans parents with her daughter, which made Zi Yan nervous.

Though Zhang Han had told her that both his parents were easy-going, Zi Yan couldnt remain calm.

Zhang Han always agreed with Zi Yan—Mengmengs mother.

So he nodded.

“All right, well follow your plan.”

“Are we going out to have fun” Mengmeng cheered in Zhang Hans arms, her eyes lit up.

“Of course, we are here to have fun.” Zi Yan smiled in a good mood.

She walked towards Mengmeng, stretched out both hands, and pinched the girls pink cheeks.

“Great, lets go out! PaPa, we are going to have fun.” Mengmeng almost began to dance.

Zhang Hans feeling of happiness was rocketing when he saw Mengmengs smile.

He stood up and said, “Its settled.

Lets go now.”

“Lets go!” Mengmeng jumped down to the ground from Zhang Hans arms and bounced to the door.

Zhao Feng put down the luggage and followed the family of three.

They saw some people in the yard.

Zhao Feng asked, “We are out for fun.

Anyone with us”

Except for Ji Wushuang and Mo Chengfeng, who chose to stay here, and the Warlord of Chan Clan, who went to visit an old friend, all the other friends of Zhang Han, including Wang Ming and his family, went out of their room to join them.

They had been to Lin Hai City, Shang Jing City, and Ice City before, but it was the first time for them to go to the core city in northwest China.

“Where are we going” Zhou Fei asked while walking out of her villa with Chen Changqing.

“We dont have much time left today.

Lets visit the bazaar first and buy something special.

Then we can go to have roast lamb ribs and lamb legs in Yindu Restaurant.

Tomorrow, we will go to Mountain Nan scenic area for horse riding and sightseeing.

Tonight… Help yourself to search for your destination tonight on the Internet.

Look at you two…” Zi Yan scanned Zhou Fei and Chen Changqing with her big eyes.

“Youve reached the stage of cohabitation.

Do you still want to go out and play” thought Zi Yan.


Zhou Feis face turned red and her lips curled up.

“We are in a pure love relationship now.”

“Yes, yes, I didnt mean anything else.” Zi Yan showed an expression of approval.

Chen Changqing forced a smile.

“Lets go.

Its getting dark now.”

Bazaar means fair, and visiting the bazaar was the same as going to the fair for the local people.

Located in Cloud Sea City, the International Bazaar was the largest bazaar in the world, which was known as the Window of Central Asia.

They drove all the way to the bazaar.

Before they entered it, they saw an endless stream of people and countless shops.

“So many people here.” Mengmeng marveled at it and stretched out her arms towards Zhang Han.

Seeing this, Zhang Han held Mengmeng in his arms, and then put her on his shoulders with both hands.

“Im so tall now.” Mengmeng laughed.

Zi Yan pursed her lips, remembering that she had been sitting there.

After parking the car outside the bazaar, everyone got off and began to have a good look at a wide range of goods.

It was getting dark, and the light turned dim when the surrounding scenery started to blur.

The buildings in the light became more charming.

There were many attractive goods here, and Mengmeng picked out a small vase, a small hat, and a rattle drum.

Zi Yan chose two musical instruments.

Zhou Fei, Chen Changqing, and Wang Ya also bought something.

They called it a small shopping spree.

“Its over six oclock.

Lets go for dinner first.

Ive reserved the seats.” Zi Yan checked the time and said, “Changqing, would Elder Chen like to have dinner with us”

“Ill ask him.

But he may be busy now.” Chen Changqing called his grandfather.

The Warlord of Chan Clan was still chatting with his old friend, and he couldnt get back immediately.

According to Zhao Feng, Ji Wushuang wouldnt have dinner with them, either.

The group of people left for Yindu Restaurant.

Outside the restaurant, they saw the person sitting in the front passenger seat of a Lamborghini in the parking lot opening the door.

Instructor Liu got out of the car.

“Boss.” He sounded painful.

Seeing his blue eyes, everyone knew what had happened.

“He must have been beaten up again.”

They guessed right.

The drivers door opened and Jiang Yanlan got out of the car with a satisfied look.

Although he was beaten again, Instructor Lius eyes were not as blue as before, and he successfully got on Jiang Yanlans car, which was obviously quite different from what had happened to him before.

Everyone was attracted by the change.

“It seems that the instructors way of being beaten is getting smoother and smoother.” Zhao Feng couldnt help murmuring.

“Well, Uncle Liu, how did your eyes turn blue” asked Mengmeng in confusion.

She approached Instructor Liu to have a closer look at his eyes.

“Well, Uncle Liu needs to refine the make-up.”

It was a harsh question, but it was not difficult for Instructor Liu.

Zi Yan, Zhou Fei, and Wang Ya were amused by him, and they made great efforts to remain calm.

After all, Instructor had just been beaten, and it was improper for them to laugh at him.

Everyone around was used to this scene.

As they all knew, the relationship between Instructor Liu and Jiang Yanlan was a little suspicious.

While Jiang Yanlan liked to beat Instructor Liu, Instructor Liu was willing to be beaten.

“Lets go for dinner.” Zhang Han took a glance at them and then went to the restaurant with Mengmengs hand in his.

His daughter was hungry, and he had no time to talk nonsense with them here.

As a restaurant with a history of nearly 100 years in Cloud Sea City, Yindu Restaurant was famous and carried the memories of many local residents.

Most importantly, the food here tasted good.

Otherwise, it couldnt attract customers merely with its long history.

The restaurant had a total of five floors.

The first floor was in the style of food stalls, with scattered seats arranged intensively, which was very noisy.

The large room Zi Yan had booked was on the third floor, and the service charge was nothing to her.

After being warmly welcomed into the restaurant by the waiter, Zi Yan showed her mobile phone number.

Soon, a beautiful woman in a Cheongsam and a small round hat came to guide them to the third floor.

When everyone was seated, they started ordering.

In addition to the roast lamb ribs and legs, they ordered the special pepper chicken, meatball soup, chowder soup, fried rice noodles, thin skin steamed buns, and so on.

In order to taste all kinds of delicious food, they ordered much more than they could eat and planned to pack the remaining food after dinner.

For all the dishes here, including the special roast lamb ribs, their ingredients were not as good as those on Zhang Hans mountain.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan had talked about this and decided to let Mengmeng experience the local customs, characteristics, and, of course, the delicious food during their travel.

Dishes were soon served one after another and everyone enjoyed themselves at the table.

After dinner, they went back to their villa.

Mengmeng had been playing outside for a long time, but she didnt feel tired.

After watching two episodes of cartoons in the villa, she went to bed at nine oclock to listen to PaPas story and then fell asleep.

At seven oclock the next morning, Zi Yan and Mengmeng got up and dressed up.

Although it was hot outside, they wore trousers in order to ride the horses today.

Before going out, Zi Yan packed two coats.

“Its very hot here, but its said that the temperature is lower in Mountain Nan scenic area.

Wed better take one more coat.”

As Zi Yan said, when they came to the scenic area, the temperature dropped significantly.

The scenic area with fresh air was away from the pollution and noise of the city.

What a wonderful place!

When it was time to ride the horses, Zhang Han took Mengmeng and Zi Yan for a long ride respectively.

They had a simple and happy afternoon.

A day flew by.

Finally came the day of the opening of Heavenly Treasure School.

At eight oclock in the morning, Zi Yan helped Zhang Han with his tie after breakfast.

“Go early and return early.”

Mengmeng pouted and said, “PaPa, come back early.

Otherwise, Mengmeng will miss you.”

“Ill be back in the afternoon.

Mengmeng, be obedient to your mom at home.”

“Okay, Im always a good girl.”

When Zhang Han went out of the door, he saw Ji Wushuang, Chen Changqing, Jiang Yanlan, and others waiting for him.

Gai Xingkong, who had just arrived in the morning, was also in the crowd.

This large group of people formed a force that no one dared to underestimate.

Zhao Feng followed Zhang Han, while Instructor Liu remained in the villa area.

Cloud Mountain was not far from here, and the space door for Mengmeng was enough to keep her safe.

After the group of people got on the car, Zhao Feng began to drive with Jiang Yanlan sitting in the front passenger seat.

Zhang Han and Chen Changqing were in the back seat.

“Our eldest brother came with me.

He heard that many monster-like martial artists are here, and even the weakest of them is in the Divine Realm.

He hasnt heard of any master in the Earth Realm, so he guessed there shouldnt be anyone at that level,” Jiang Yanlan said after the car started.

“No one is above the Earth Realm”

Jiang Yanlans words reminded Zhang Han of Yue Wuwei.

“That guy is not just in the Earth Realm.”

As he got to know more about the martial arts world, Zhang Han found that the systematical classification of Qi Refining, Building Base, Innateness, and Elixir, which he was familiar with, was not recognized here.

And few people here had heard about it.

Yue Wuwei had shown his attitude, tone, and strength to Zhang Han, and they were all unique.

Zhang Han knew Yue Wuwei was not an ordinary martial artist like the others.

“He may be at the peak of the Innateness Stage, or even at the Elixir Stage.”

Zhang Han slightly narrowed his eyes.

Anyone at the Elixir Stage could be the most powerful martial artist in this world, but Zhang Han was not sure enough.

Yue Wuwei was the second person he couldnt see through after his return to the world.

The first one was Zi Yan.

“Is Yue Wuwei and No Action Immortal the same person”

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