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Chapter 699 The Evolution of Dahei

On Monday, Mengmeng went to school again.

It was July and it was their last week before the summer vacation.

Mengmeng was very happy with the second trophy.

The number of little red flowers she gained was now 35, which motivated Mengmeng to study hard.

In the process of teaching, Lu Guo felt that the little girl was extraordinary.

Mengmeng had a good memory.

She learned everything quickly and her score always ranked first in the class.

On Monday, after sending Mengmeng to school, Zhang Han went back to Mount New Moon and when he got off, he saw Zhou Fei and Chen Changqing out on a walk.

When she saw Zhang Han, Zhou Fei sauntered over to him.

“Brother in law, when will the second film of Pirates of the Caribbean series start In order to accompany you, Elder Sister Yan has refused a lot of cooperation opportunities recently.

Now that your injury has healed and you can move freely, shall we make a new film”

“Well, Mengmeng is having her vacation break soon.

How can Brother Han have time to do something else” Chen Changqing shook his head slightly.

He understood Zhang Hans position in the family.

When Mengmeng was at home, Brother Han followed and took care of her most of the time.

When Mengmeng was hungry, he rushed to cook for her.

When Mengmeng was thirsty, he served her with water or squeezed juice for her.

If Mengmeng wanted to go out to play, he packed up and set off immediately.

It was better when Zi Yan was at home.

If Zi Yan was not there, Mengmeng would become the king of the mountain.

“And since the worldlet is about to appear.

Instructor Liu woke up yesterday and Captain Jiang went to visit him.

This… Instructor Liu was too glib and he was beaten again just after he was able to leave the bed.

In addition, I have just heard from Captain Jiang that there have been several violent fluctuations at the entrance of each worldlets in the past two days.

It is expected that after five days, they may be opened at any time.” Chen Changqing said without pause.

“I see.” Zhang Han nodded.

He was ready.

“I see.

Forget it.

Well make the new film when youre free.” Zhou Fei shrugged helplessly.

“This time…” Zhang Han looked at Zi Yan with a smile and said, “We can hold our own wedding ceremony after my parents come back.”

Zi Yan, who had been smiling, suddenly felt a little shy, “Its up to you.”

As the couple was about to show their love, they heard Zhou Feis voice next to them, “Kiss me.”

Zhou Fei put her arms around Chen Changqings neck and gave him a strong kiss on his face and then said triumphantly, “Now you two have no effect on us.”

Chen Changqings face was frozen, but the corners of his mouth were still curved upward.

He liked Zhou Fei, who was so broad-minded and frank.

Zi Yan blinked her beautiful big eyes and said with a smile, “You two just fell in love.

Take this time as a holiday to enjoy the world that only belongs to both of you.

It used to take half to one year to make a film, but now one month is enough.

Its reasonable to have longer holidays.”

“Hmph, Sister Yan, you just want to marry my brother-in-law as soon as possible.” Zhou Fei hummed and laughed.

“So what” Zi Yan rolled her eyes at Zhou Fei proudly, “Im proud that Im going to marry him and we have a lovely baby.

No, our baby is now a lovely girl, isnt she, Sweetheart”

“Yes, yes, yes.”


After chatting for a few minutes, Zhang Han thought of his real purpose and said, “Take your seat and have a rest.

Im going to give Dahei something useful.”

“Ill go with you and have a look.” Zi Yan replied.

“Well go with you too.” Zhou Fei took Chen Changqing by the hand.

When they passed by Thunder Yang Tree on the way to the back mountain, Zhang Han moved his right hand.

Four kinds of spiritual herbs in different shapes flew out of his Space Ring, floated to the medicine field and took root in it.

Zhang Han had obtained 13 kinds of holy objects in the northern ice field.

Two of them were given to Ji Wushuang and Shen Jiangshan, who came to help him, one was used to save the life of Instructor Liu; one was used to heal the wounds of Chen Changqing and the others and five were used to refine Halan Prince in the West.

Now, there were only four kinds of holy objects left in Zhang Hans hands.

With the improvement of his strength, he now consumed the holy objects at a faster pace.

The holy objects could be compared to diamonds.

Ordinary families could afford diamonds, but rich people had larger diamonds.

As for the wealthy and influential families, they could even treat the diamonds as toys to play with.

Nowadays, small sects were like ordinary families.

Though Zhang Hans financial resources, in terms of the speed at which he consumed treasures, was far less than that of the wealthy and influential families, they were enough for him to be regarded as a rich man.

Most importantly, it was about time.

It was very time consuming to accumulate resources and Zhang Han had returned to the world for less than one year.

Everyone would be shocked if he made the treasures in Mount New Moon public and announced that he had acquired them in one year.

“Dahei, come here.” When he reached the back mountain, Zhang Han waved to Dahei.

“Woof, woof, woof!”

Dahei cheered and ran toward Zhang Han as fast as it could.


Little Hei was the fastest.

It was the first to sit in front of Zhang Han and Zi Yan, raising its head, sticking out its tongue and wagging its tail on the grass.

As usual, Zhang Han and Zi Yan touched Little Heis head.

Zhou Fei also stretched out her hand, but Little Hei turned its head and left.

Compared with the other docile pet dogs, Little Hei was a little different.

Though Little Hei enjoyed the touch on its head and abdomen from its host and his family, it was very resistant to close contact with others.

“Coo, coo.”

Tiny Tot followed Dahei and Little Hei at a normal speed.

When it approached Zhang Han, it followed its two brothers and called out several times happily.

“How are you going to let Dahei absorb that drop of blood” Chen Changqing frowned and said, “Its hard to do this with its strength.

Normally, it will be seriously injured if it swallows the blood directly.”

“Will it hurt” Zi Yan was worried.


Dahei scratched its head, stared at Zhang Han and immediately began to roll on the ground, “Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.”

“I dont want to get hurt.

Im afraid of pain.”

“It wont hurt.”

Zhang Han was amused and shook his head, “Ive learned a method called Suppressing Mountains, so…”

Zhang Han stretched out his right hand and the drop of blood, which was classified as a divine object according to its Qi, floated ten centimeters above his palm.

Although it was a fifth-stage spirit treasure in terms of classification, sometimes there were big gaps between spirit treasures.

For example, although Thunder Yang Tree, Thunder Yang Flower and Thunder Yang Grass were all at fifth-stage spirit treasures, Thunder Yang Tree was at the highest level, as it could give birth to Thunder Yang Wood, refine it into Thunder Yang Pill and help martial artists to advance to the perfect Innateness stage.

Thunder Yang Tree was even better than many useless sixth-level spirit treasures.

Practicality was very important for spirit treasures.

Useful things, such as water spirit stone, was favored by martial artists even if they were only at the first level.

As for high-level treasures that were not practical, they could only be used as decorations.

Zhang Han closed his eyes as soon as the blood appeared.

He did not open his mouth, but his low murmurs spread through the area.

Buzz, buzz, buzz!

Although there was no wind, Zhang Hans clothes began to flutter, with a kind of profound and mysterious Qi.


All of a sudden…

The drop of blood burned.

It was constantly heated at first, but suddenly it seemed to change into ice and turned into red ice in an instant.

Then the ice began to melt.

At this time, the blood floated to the top of Daheis head.

The water it melted into was actually extremely pure liquid energy, which slowly flowed into Daheis body.


Daheis body was no longer deformed, but gradually grew larger and reached a height of five meters.

Drops of ice in the form of flames turned into water, constantly scouring Daheis body.

Dahei felt as comfortable as if he was having a sauna.

It could finally enjoy a gentle upgrade.

Dahei felt its internal strength and physical defense ability were growing rapidly.

It was lying on the ground and rapidly growing taller.

5.1 meters, 5.3 meters, 5.5 meters…

The circulation of energy stopped.


That drop of blood turned into flames again, solidified into ice and then melted into massive pure energy, which continuously improved Daheis strength by an irrigation like method.

5.7 meters, 6 meters, 6.5 meters, 7 meters…

At the same time, Daheis Qi was also upgraded.

Grand Master Middle-stage, Grand Master Late-stage… Daheis level of cultivation continued to grow.

That drop of blood repeatedly turned into flames, condensed into ice and melted.

When the seventh cycle ended…

Daheis height was now at 10 meters.

Some readers may think that 10 meters did not seem very high.

Think about it, the height of one floor is almost three meters, so ten meters is equal to the height of three floors.

What Dahei to Zhang Han now was what Zhang Han appeared to a chick.

This was a qualitative leap, but Dahei was still closing its eyes and enjoying the wonderful feeling of strength promotion

Its cultivation level had been upgraded to Grand Master Peak, very close to Divine Realm.

Zhang Han stopped his movements and that drop of blood became a lot thinner.


Zhang Han flicked the remaining blood into Daheis forehead with his right finger.

“When youve absorbed the last energy, youll be at the stage of Innateness.” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“Woo, Woo, woo, woo, woo! Woo, woo, woo, wheeze, wheeze…”

Dahei jumped and danced about happily.

Little Hei was also cheering and jumping around Dahei happily.

Although Little Hei was not jealous, Zhang Han liked to take care of everyone.

He looked at Little Hei and said, “Now you have reached the Middle-Stage by eating gems.

Its powerful.

Ill give you a small gift after I advance to the stage of Innateness.

As for Tiny Tot… even though you gave holy objects to everyone else except me, I will do the same for you.”

Zi Yan was surprised at Zhang Hans words and then burst out laughing.


Dahei was unhappy when he heard Zhang Hans words and it immediately stood up to help its youngest brother.

“Woo, woo, woo, woo.” It pointed at Tiny Tot.

“Hurry up, brother, be sensible!”

Seeing Daheis movement, Tiny Tot finally understood what it should do.

“Coo, coo.”

It vomited out a kind of fourth-level spiritual herb and gave it to Zhang Han.

Zhang Han was amused, “Its okay.

Take it back.”

Tiny Tot did not understand Zhang Hans words.

Finally, Zhang Han gave up trying to coax it and took the herb.

With a wave of his hand, the herb at holy-object level flew into the herb garden.

“Go to the mountain nearby and get used to your power.” Zhang Han told Dahei.


Dahei waved its hand and ran to the side mountain with Little Hei and Tiny Tot.

Looking at Daheis huge back, Chen Changqing sighed, “Dahei reached Divine Realm so easily and a lot of human beings will envy it.

Brother Han, you are really powerful.”

Zhang Han smiled, “Its because of its hard work that Dahei obtained this opportunity.”

Zhang Han still remembered the scene when Dahei was struggling to climb to the top of the mountain.

Zhang Han gave it the opportunity and Dahei grasped it.

Therefore, Dahei was different from ordinary beasts and martial artists.

“What will it evolve into in the future” Chen Changqing asked curiously.

Zhang Hans answer consisted of two simple words.

“King Kong,” Zhang Han said.

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