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Seeing Zhang Hans expression, Chen Changqing was aware that those who had attacked Mount Now Moon were likely to be hiding ahead.

“They thought it would be safe to hide in the remote mountains, but what they did was totally within Brother Hans expectations.”

Chen Changqing shook his head inwardly, “You cowards live in hiding.

Since you are determined to make choices, you have to pay the price.”

Chen Changqings eyes gradually went cold.

Yet if Zhang Han defeated the enemy, the group pf people in the rear would have caused a lot of trouble and might have even succeeded.

Chen Changqing did not consider that they would show mercy at an important time.

He, therefore, did not deem that Brother Han would be merciful as well.

The remote mountain in front of him was pitch dark in the shade of the night.

Still, on the top of the mountain where a faint beam of light shone, stood three villas surrounded by attractive scenery.

From here a golf course and a horse track could be seen.

The members of the Li family were in these villas.

“Why does thisKill mark appear”

“Arent we about to be chased by Merciless Zhang”

“Why did the wretch show up at the last moment Damn it.

Were going to win and definitely succeed in destroying the so-called Cold Immortal School as long as we march up this mountain.

What a pity! I have no idea when well have such a precious chance next time!”

“Ha! Since he has killed so many Western Grand Masters, the forces supporting those dead people will absolutely destroy Merciless Zhangs party as long as the worldlet opens!”

“If there is another opportunity, well obviously be the first to…”


Before they finished speaking, an earth-shattering boom rang out from the side.


“Go out to take a look quickly!”

They moved and ran out of the villa, but what they saw made their faces turn as pale as ash.

The villa on their right had been smashed into pieces, and a more-than-50-meter-long handprint appeared on the ground clearly.

“Oh my God!”

“Its… its him.

Here he is!”


As they looked up into the sky, they caught sight of two men.

One of them was Emperor Qing, and the other… was Zhang Hanyang, the last person they wanted to see.

Just as they were about to escape, a huge light-colored palm fell.


Those who ran out, as well as the people in the villas, all died.

As the second handprint came into being, several people ran out of the third villa.

Yet, as soon as they got out of the gate, a handprint fell.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The luxurious manor on the top of the mountain no longer existed after merely a minute, leaving a mess of rubble.

“Lets go to the next place.”

Zhang Han looked to the front right, finding another group of people not far away.

“Brother Han, your hunting skill is indeed awesome.”

Chen Changqing was a little dumbfounded because he had not expected Brother Han to lock onto the enemy in such a direct way.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Just 10 minutes after the two of them left, 50 to 60 figures quickly came to the top of the mountain.

Looking at the big mess, they were all stunned.

“Isnt this Wang Kais manor How is it destroyed Call him and ask!” the leading middle-aged man with a thin face said in a deep voice.

Affiliated with the National Security Agency and led by a protector, they were dispatched to assess the situation in a hurry after the related departments felt the strong turmoil.

They did not expect the situation to be so serious.

Soon, the phone was connected.

After talking for a while, the person who made the phone call answered, “Protector Hu, I learned the news that Wang Kai had asked someone to entertain the Li family from Hong Kong here.”

“The Li family” The protectors eyes narrowed.

He hurriedly took out his mobile phone and asked a few questions after getting through.


The man staggered, almost falling.

“Whats wrong, Protector”

“Its, its Merciless Zhang from Hong Kong!” Protector Hu put on a serious look, “Merciless Zhang actually found the manor less than one day after the members of the Li family returned from Mount New Moon.

My God…”

The others were speechless.

Even Wang Kai was still waiting for news.

He was eager to figure out who destroyed his manor and ask the man for compensation!

Nevertheless, learning that it was Zhang Hanyang who made trouble, he did not dare to speak out his grievances.

Just as Protector Hu was reporting, rumbling sounds were heard!

They felt undercurrents from the distance.

“The He family must be doomed!”

“I think that Merciless Zhang will retaliate upon those forces one by one, which may suffer great losses.”

“You havent gotten to the point.

The way he found these people matters the most.”

“Is it the mark that led him there Tracking them from a thousand miles away”

“Stop talking nonsense.

Lets go to have a look!”

Following Protect Hus order, only a few people among them left to survey the site, while the rest all headed for the place where the undercurrents surged.

Yet, the violent shockwaves only lasted for half a minute before they gradually calmed down.

“The people of the He family probably lost heavily.”

They increasingly accelerated and finally reached a small hill after 20 minutes.

“What The buildings here are intact Did we come to the right place” Protect Hu was stunned.

“Protector, Protector, look over there.” Someone pointed to the right with his body shivering.

They saw a more-than-20-meter-deep pit in the canyon, and on the edge of the pit, there was a broken barbecue grill.


The group of people was dumbfounded and quickly reported the situation to their superiors.

Zhang Han and Chen Changqing had already boarded the plane and headed for Jiang City at this time.

About two hours later, this private plane landed at the airport of Jiang City.

The two of them concealed themselves at the airport, and then quickly soared into the air, heading for the southern suburbs.

The Sanyue Sect was located on the Spirit Jade Mountain range.

Shi Fenghou was cultivating in the blessed region on the back hills.

More than a dozen disciples of the Wind Snow School, who had gone to Hong Kong, gathered together in the manor nearby.

“Ive heard that a mark, sayingown, shows up on Fenghous forehead once a month because he owed Zhang Hanyang something, probably crystal stones.

Now, the markskill on our wrists may be the same as Fenghous, which will disappear in a day, wont they”

“I think so.

I didnt expect Zhang Hanyang to show up at the last minute and that he would have a good command of incantation.

If he is promoted, he will be a threat to us.

Ill report the details to out sect after the gate of the worldlet opens, trying to kill as many men of Zhang Hanyangs party as possible.

The most important thing is that we should take the two divine objects.”

“Thats right.

I think many elders in the sect will be willing to take action.”

Just as the discussion was in full swing, a cold voice suddenly rang out, “Really”


These people looked at the sky at the same time, only to see that Emperor Qing and Zhang Hanyang were floating in mid-air and staring at them coldly.


The dozen or so people were all startled.

They did not expect that they would have come over so soon.

“In which way do you want to die” Zhang Han asked flatly.


These people felt somewhat shocked and angry, but precisely, they were overwhelmed by dread!

How could they face the two most awesome talents from Hua nation alone

Did they have a death wish

“We are the disciples of the Wind Snow School, which is one of the strongest sects in the world! Zhang Hanyang, I advise you to think twice!”

“Ive encountered so many sects that are much more powerful than the Wind Snow School,” Zhang Han said as he posed to take action.

They thought Zhang Han was bragging or speaking in anger.

Nonetheless, they were helpless since they were clear that they were no match for him.

Under such a circumstance, some of them appeared to be tough outwardly and said in the name of the Sanyue Sect and Shi Fenghou, “Emperor Qing, Zhang Hanyang, stop being so arrogant! The Sanyue Sect is affiliated with the Wind Snow School, and Shi Fenghou, the talent of our Wind Snow School, is also here.

Youd better behave yourself!”

“Oh.” Zhang Han glanced at the blessed region and said coldly, “Get out.”


The sound, like a clap of heavenly thunder, suddenly exploded in the cultivators abode.


Shi Fenghou, who was operating his techniques, trembled.

He immediately opened his eyes in rage.


Then his pupils contracted sharply as if he had discovered something.

Two wings, which looked like substances, emerged on his back.

In the twinkling of an eye, he flew out of the abode, heading for the West.

In the meantime, he turned his head and said, “Emperor Qing, Zhang Hanyang! Itll be the time for our decisive battle as I break through to the Divine Realm!”

Shi Fenghou significantly glanced at Zhang Han.

Then he left without looking back as fast as he moved.

Little Roc Shi Fenghou, who was well-known in the worldlet, actually fled without fighting against his opponent!

Even the head of the Sanyue Sect, who came over later, was a little confused.

Then he glanced at Zhang Han and said slowly, “Zhang Hanyang, Emperor Qing, you two are very powerful and are also regarded as famous talents.

But you may as well behave yourself.

Ill protect these people.

If you want to battle with them, youd better choose another battlefield!”

“Lets go.”

Zhang Han glanced at Chen Changqing.

After finishing speaking, he took the lead to fly backward.

The two of them took action without any hesitation as if they really evacuated.

“A wise man submits to the circumstances.

Youre not allowed to act presumptuously in our Sanyue sect.” The sect leader muttered to himself with a sense of pride welling up in his mind.

Powerful as Merciless Zhang and Emperor Qing were, they had to retreat in the face of his sect!

Yet Zhang Han seemed to hear his murmur.

He paused for a little while, turned his face, and then said coldly, “Enjoy the last few seconds.”

After finishing his words, Zhang Han and Chen Changqing moved and left quickly.

“What did he say”

The people from the Wind Snow School, the sect leader, and the disciples who rushed over were all in confusion.


The mountain where their Sanyue Sect was located seemed to shake.


In an instant, the whole world was turned upside down, and the part above the mountainside vanished completely.

“What is this move” Chen Changqing could not help but ask as he perceived the airflow behind him.

“Its a destructive formation with a holy object as its node,” Zhang Han explained.

“Oh, I wondered why you had the spare time to chat with them.” Chen Changqing shook his head with a smile and said, “Why dont you save Shi Fenghous life The Little Roc is powerful, and the Heavenly Knights Sect will have one less enemy in the future if you do so.”

“His jack-of-all-trades skills are insignificant.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly and said, “Youre right.

Relatively speaking, he is counted as a talent and will be more powerful if he breaks through the Divine Realm Stage.

But Ill get more kicks than halfpence if I dont kill him.

Besides, he owes me 20,000 crystal stones, and the Wind Snow School wont exchange these crystal stones for his life until his strength is increased to a high level.”

“What 20,000 crystal stones” Chen Changqing was stunned all of a sudden.

His mouth trembled slightly, “Are you rearing pigs”

“Really Maybe.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

Zhang Han did not care how he understood.

“Are we going to find Yun Fan and his companions next” Chen Changqing looked to the north.

Yun Fan and his men got the news in advance and returned to the south suburb of Dong City.

According to this order, Chen Changqing knew that he would go to Dong City, then to Xihang, and finally to the Heavenly Elixir Sect with Zhang Han.

If they moved fast, they would all be killed overnight.

In fact, what chiefly surprised Chen Changqing was the group of people from the Heavenly Elixir Sect, who had gone crazy, and he figured out why they attacked Mount New Moon at that moment rather than focusing on refining pills.

“Brother Han, youve done the right thing.

All those scoundrels should be killed!”

The two of them got on the plane again.

Chen Changqing pondered quietly as he looked at the scenery outside the window.

He thought that Zhang Han, the decisive man, was more adapted to living in the martial arts world than he was.

“Brother Han is still formidable.” Chen Changqing sighed with emotion.

About an hour later, they arrived at Dong City and came to Yun Fans hiding place.

“Just leave it to me.” Chen Changqing looked at the top of the mountain ahead and said.

“Well.” Zhang Han gave a response.


Upon hearing his words, Chen Changqing took action, simply giving a slap.

Several thatched cottages by the lake at the foot of the mountain were smashed by this slap.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

A dozen people inside had been furious, but they became shocked when they ran out.

“Zhang Hanyang, Emperor Qing”

Yun Fan frowned and was a little alert.

After he waved his hand to give a sign to the people beside him, they gradually stepped back for a dozen meters.

“What do you want to do coming here Are you going to revenge Or do you think I will follow you”

“Hahaha.” Chen Changqing burst into laughter.

After stopping laughing, he put on a cold expression, with the unpredictable shadow sword in his right hand all of a sudden.

He said while walking forward, “Ive heard that you, Yun Fan, showed great arrogance as we fought at the front, didnt you”

“So what Ive already shown my admiration to you at your most critical moment,” Yun Fan replied.

“Okay.” Chen Changqing snorted and said, “I wont cause trouble for the Cold Battle Sect but just kill you.

I apparently am showing mercy to you.”

“You!” Yun Fan took on an angry look.

Chen Changqing did not offer him any chance to speak.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The two men engaged in a fierce battle.

Yun Fan had thought that Emperor Qing, who had just broken through the Divine Realm Stage, would have been equally matched, and he would have been able to come and go at will.

Yet, he did not expect that he was at a disadvantage within five moves.

Yun Fans scalp tingled with his thoughts at that moment.

“Emperor Qing, Zhang Hanyang, listen to me…”


After they exchanged 10 moves, Yun Fan disappeared, with only a cloud of blood scattering in the sky.

Then, Chen Changqing fixed his eyes on the dozen or so people behind him.


“Spare my life!”

If there were medicines for regret in the world, lots of people would have bought it tonight.

The news of the demise of the five forces, including the Li family, the He family, the disciples of the Wind Snow School, the Sanyue Sect, and Yun Fans party, spread from the National Security Agency.

Suddenly, a storm emerged, sweeping and blowing in all directions.

Those who heard the news were all dumbfounded, “What did you say Did Merciless Zhang come back Didnt he die”

“Oh my God! Is this true Nearly three hundred Grand Masters and nine experts at the Divine Realm Stage fought against Emperor Qing and his men in the morning.

At the most critical moment, it was Merciless Zhang who turned the tide single-handedly and annihilated the opponents.

Only the Man in Bamboo Hat and Luo Disi escaped.

How can a common person do such a thing”

“Not only them but also other forces launched attacks on Mount New Moon.

Now, five forces are all bearing the anger from Merciless Zhang and Emperor Qing.

If the rumor is true, the Mystical Fog Sect and the Heavenly Elixir Sect are also involved! These two forces are large in scale, so I dont know whether Emperor Qing and Merciless Zhang can suppress them!”

“Zhang Hanyang, the merciless man of his generation, is too horrible.”

“Will the entire martial arts world be ruled by Merciless Zhang after tonight”

“Maybe its true.

Since Emperor Qing called him Brother Han, Zhang Hanyang has dominated an era and no one can defeat him!”

“Hiss! According to your analysis, their next destination is likely to be Xihang.

Lets go! Lets go to the Mystical Fog Sect and perhaps we can witness the battle!”

After he finished his words, many people began to move.

Of course, compared with the whole martial arts world, these people were not in large numbers.

Only a minority of martial artists in Xihang, who got the news late at night, left for the Mystical Fog Sect.

As the top sect of Xihang, the Mystical Fog Sect certainly received the news.

“Will Merciless Zhang and Emperor Qing come here”

Xiang Qitian immediately could not sit still.

In just five minutes, the elders, protectors, and other seniors of the Mystical Fog Sect gathered together.

“What shall we do”

This was a problem that they found extremely troublesome to deal with.

“They have already destroyed the Li family, the He family, the Sanyue Sect, killed more than a dozen members of the Wind Snow School, Yun Fan, and a dozen disciples of the Cold Battle Sect.

Now, only our sect and the Heavenly Elixir Sect havent been attacked yet, so they will definitely come here!”

“Erm… how do we face the two strongest talents respectively from the north and south”

“Furthermore, Emperor Qing had been promoted.

Sect Master, wed better flee as soon as possible.”

“Where shall we go” Xiang Qitians face darkened as he slammed on the armrest.

The chair was torn apart because it could no longer withstand the force of his blow.

He stood up and pointed at his wrist, saying, “Since the mark cannot be removed, theyll absolutely find us even if we run all the way to the ends of the earth.”

“What should we do” One of the elders sighed, “Why dont we go to the Heavenly Elixir Sect”

“But the Heavenly Elixir Sect is accessible to everyone, while our Mystical Fog Sect has at least a Mountain-protection Array!”

Xiang Qitian clenched his fists and took out a formation flag with his right hand.

“The Stone Ground Formation, activate!”


The whole mountain gate was surrounded by fog, and the Mountain-protection Array was activated simultaneously.

The hundreds of martial artists who were looking on from a distance were all startled.

“I wonder whether the Mountain-protection Array, which the Mystical Fog Sect is proud of, can stop Emperor Qing and Zhang Hanyang once it has been activated!”

Xiang Qitian and his companions also thought about this problem.

Xiang Qitian walked back and forth and finally said firmly after going round three times, “The Stone Ground Formation is able to hold them off for at least five hours.

If they really come here, we will rush to the Heavenly Elixir Sect after dawn!”


The instant he finished speaking, a loud thud was heard from the Mystical Fog Sect.

The Mountain-protection Array was broken by unknown energy, leaving a hole.

A large area was exposed in the vast white mist.

What was going on

Xiang Qitian was in confusion.

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