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Chapter 674 Emperor Qing Went Mad

“Brother Han is still cultivating, what can I do”

Chen Changqing felt cold on his back.

He realized that he couldnt handle this matter.

The boat of curse must be making trouble here at this time.




It was like the sound of pieces of wood pressing against each other.

Chen Changqing remembered the model of the Black Pearl they made when making the movie Pirates of the Caribbean.

That ship, to ordinary people, was what this boat of curse was to him.

Chen Changqing was frightened now.

He couldnt breathe.

He was sure that the boat of curse was heading for this platform.

Looking from afar, the giant boat getting closer was like a mountain.

Within the visible range of the naked eye, except for the mountain under their feet, the rest of the place was surrounded by clouds.

The sun was still in the west corner, the same as the scene Zhang Han and Chen Changqing had seen when they had just arrived there, as if the sun had not moved at all.

Chen Changqing knew that this was just a mapping of a spatial node of the main continent.

The sun is 150 million kilometers away from the earth, one hundred times the diameter of the earth.

It left a different freeze-frame in every relic, but it didnt affect the nature of the sun at all.

It could be seen that the scene in this relic was illusory.

There were endless dangers hidden in the beautiful scenery.

The world of relics or secret places.

Facing the boat of curse, which was slowly approaching him, Chen Changqing didnt know what to do.

Vern and his followers were also stunned.

“What if it knocks us down We will fall to our death even if we restore our Heaven-Stage strength.”

“What can we do”


The word uttered by the last person was the truth.

When they were about to leave, they saw Cheng Changqing jump into the hole.

The Qi surrounding Chen Changqing was at the same level as that of Grand Master Peak, which was shocking.

“How could he restore his strength”

Vern and the others were in astonishment, and they knew it was very kind of Chen Changqing to spare their lives just now, since they were still in Russia.

They didnt know the truth.

Chen Changqing could maintain his strength at Grand Master Peak for three minutes, and he couldnt waste unnecessary time on them.

Happily, Chen Changqing intimidated Vern and his group by words, and now he was able to jump down with the rest of his strength and save Zhang Han.

Nevertheless, Chen Changqing felt a horrible pressure when he broke into the lightning barrier.


After Chen Changqing approached, hundreds of bolts of lightning seemed to turn into fierce beasts, showing sharp fangs and rushing to Chen Changqing instantly.


Chen Changqing was surprised and hurried to retreat.

He was able to resist 10 or 20 bolts of this kind of lightning, but hundreds of lightning bolts would kill him.

“What can I do”

Chen Changqing gritted his teeth and forced the remaining spiritual force into his throat.

He shouted as loudly as he could, “Brother Han! Get out of here!

“Brother Han! Run!

“The boat of curse is coming! Brother Han, come here!

“It is several hundred meters away! Be quick!

“Come here! Please!”

Standing at the edge of the hole, Chen Changqing stared at the boat of curse in fear while roaring will all his strength.

It was slowly approaching the platform.

Vern and the others fell into silence.

They had never seen Emperor Qing shouting in panic like this, which showed his concern about Zhang Han.

Zhang Hanyang, sitting in thousands of bolts of lighting, didnt answer Chen Changqings call.

Even his eyelashes didnt vibrate at all.

Obviously, he was at a critical moment of his cultivation and had thoroughly shielded himself from the outside world.

Before Zhang Han made this decision, he had considered the boat of curse.

He was familiar with curses and knew all the objects related to curses, like the ghosts and apparitions he had seen before, preferred being in dark.

There must be other dark things in this world, and the boat of curse was supposed to reside there.

Besides, the Yang lightning here was a curse killer, and the boat of curse didnt like to get close to the thunder spirits, which would consume its energy.

All the dark things the boat liked couldnt be found here.

Zhang Han didnt expect to see something that shouldnt have happened here.

Zhang Han would question the boat of curse if he saw it.

If it was really at the mercy of curse, it shouldnt have come here.

Yet, there were no absolutes in this world and Zhang Han sensed something unusual when he was still cultivating.

His ears moved but he didnt wake up.

“Brother Han!”

Looking at the boat of curse one hundred meters away, Chen Changqing made his last cry with the last of his spiritual force.

Then he looked at the boat helplessly.

Vern and his fellows didnt know what to say at this moment.

“How can we escape”

This was a problem they were facing.

“We cant escape,” Vern, the Ice Wolf Wang Vern sighed, “We all know how we came here.

The mountain is so narrow that it is easy for it to be broken by the boat.

If we cant fly, there is no way for us to escape, including running down the mountain.”

“Are we going to be killed here with Zhang Hanyang” The yellow-haired man was nervous.

The platform fell into a dead silence.

No one wanted to be killed here.

“Theres no way, and we can only rely on our luck.

We will be safe if it hits the mountain and destroys the suppression of the mountain.

But we will die if we cant break the mountain suppression!” the aged man said slowly.

Everyone felt his heart in his throat and could hear his own heart beating.

The giant boat of curse approached them.

They gradually held their breath, as if their hearts stopped beating and felt the suffocating pressure.

Everyone, including Chen Changqing, slowly raised their head.

They were all shocked by the boat of curse ten meters above them, which blocked the sky.

What was their feeling now

It was a fear of the unknown.

They thought they were strong enough, but they were still too small for some other more mysterious things, just like ants.

They knew that if the ship wanted to kill them, all it needed to do was to land vertically.

Luckily, the boat of curse didnt land in a hurry.

When it reached a place above the hole…

Crack! Crack…

In the loud buzz, the stern of the boat was raised slowly, and the bow was down.

Obviously, it was ready to rush into the hole!

“No!” Chen Changqing stared at the boat and black light began gathering in his hand.

Then he rushed towards the boat with an unpredictable shadow sword.

Chen Changqing made his first attack before he reached the boat, which shocked the other martial artists.

They didnt expect Chen Changqing to be still so powerful at this moment.

Still, the first wave of attack disappeared before it reached the boat head, as if it were swallowed by a bottomless pit.

The boat of curse didnt care about Chen Changqings moves at all.

Only a little black mist around the boat floated towards Chen Changqing and beat him into the air the moment they touched each other.


Chen Changqing vomited out a mouthful of blood.

His spirit immediately withered down, and he looked hopelessly away from the direction of the mountain.

That giant boat began to crash into the hole.

The width of the hull was smaller than the diameter of the pit, but the bow suddenly enlarged during the collision.




Vern let out a low hiss.

Suddenly, his skin changed and bristles came out of it.

He was getting bigger and bigger, and gradually became a wolf more than three meters tall.

The wolf was white and looked powerful, and the same was true of his other two clansmen.

After finishing the transformation, they jumped out in an instant.

The others were showing their supernatural power, too.

They couldnt hide anything at this critical moment, otherwise, they would fall to their death even if they were at Heaven Stage.

They had no choice but to hope that boat of curse would shatter the laws of repression in the mountains.


All of a sudden, like an explosion or a volcanic eruption, the huge mountain top was smashed to pieces.

Rocks were flying, and a cloud of ash filled the whole area.

As they fell, they could see that the mountain was devoured by the boat of curse.

With the roar, the boat of curse descended and was finally covered with dust and fog.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

It was the last scene they saw.

All the people here, including Chen Changqing, were suppressed by the mountains rules.

After Chen Changqing made a move, the methods Zhang Han taught him disappeared.

Now he had no strength and was suppressed to the level of Heaven Stage.

The free fall movement was very exciting.

Even if these people were martial artists, the real free landing gave them cold on their backs.

Chen Changqing and the others were now bungee jumping from the mountain top, but they were not wearing safety ropes.

It was a critical moment.

Everyone turned pale, including Chen Changqing, who was still thinking about what had happened.

“Brother Han.

How can he survive”

The others only cared about their own lives.

“My strength is still suppressed by the mountain!”

That aged man was frightened to found he couldnt control his body at all.

When the others were about to say something…



From the clouds above, a huge rock flew towards them quickly.

It was so fast that no one could react at all.

The boulder slapped the oldest warrior face to face on the mountain.


Vern was shocked, not knowing the reason.

“The boulder also falls freely, but why is it so fast”

They looked up and suddenly found that thousands of pieces of rubble were falling from above.

At this time, the mountain seemed to become a magnet, and those rocks fell after a period of time like iron slag.

“What is going on”

They didnt know the reason, but they felt that they were someones targets now.

“Ill be killed,” Vern said in a hoarse voice.


Just when they had closed their eyes in despair, ready to meet death…

A louder sound came out.

They felt the whole mountain trembling.

Yet, the repression from the mountains continued.

“We are done!”

Once again, Vern despaired and looked at the boulder that was getting closer and closer.

He roared, “Ah ah ah ah ah!”

He thought they were his last words.

While roaring, he closed his eyes.

“Ah ah ah!”

He made seven to eight roars.

“Why hasnt it come”

He was suddenly stunned, and another huge stone was right in front of him.

Why hadnt it hit him

“What is going on”

He was afraid to open his eyes.

He was also afraid that when he opened his eyes, the boulder would fall.

He didnt want to see his own bloody scene.

“Ah ah!”

Vern roared again until he was out of breath.

Suddenly, a weak voice came from his side.

“Commander, what are you doing”


Vern opened his eyes.


He narrowed his eyes in astonishment.

He was not at the entrance of the deep pit and entrance of the secret place.

“Ha ha ha, Im alive!” He burst out laughing as if he went mad.

The other two of his clansmen, and all the rest of the Divine-Realm martial artists, were ten meters in front of him.

“We are saved! We are alive!”

“We are out! We are not doomed to be killed!”

“We are so lucky!”

Their words confused the hundreds of Ice Wolf Clan members and the other Grand Masters present who had been waiting for them.

All the onlookers felt cold on their back and saw astonishment in each other eyes.

“What happened inside They seemed to have met a big crisis, all of them.”

“More than a dozen Divine-Realm martial artists! They seem to be reborn.

What on earth did they encounter”

“Perhaps… Wait! I remember many martial artists at Grand Master Peak were in it! Where are Master One Eye, Master Ollie, and the others”

They had many questions but now none of them dared to speak.

Usually, these Masters in front of them were moody, not shocked and excited as they were now.

The members of the Ice Wolf Clan, who knew their leader well, went to him and asked, “Commander, what happened”

“Alas,” Vern, who looked depressed, suddenly sighed and replied, “There, there…”

Everyone cocked up their ears.

He went on to say, “It was terrible.

Were lucky to be back alive.

It seems that besides One Eye and Ollie, two others have also died there.”

Only six of the ten martial artists at the Divine Realm came back.

The news stunned all the onlookers.

Just at this moment…


A roar sounded, and all of a sudden, all the people in the audience were stunned.

Even a few people were injured by the shockwave, which made their ears bleed.

Swish, swish, swish!

All the people on the scene turned their gaze to the other side.

The Qi and strong wind surrounding Emperor Qing were very wild and his eyes were dark, giving them a mysterious feeling.


The unpredictable shadow sword in his right hand seemed to interpret its owners mood, and suddenly sent out a faint buzz.

It sounded sad.


All of a sudden, Chen Changqings figure moved and swayed slightly.

Then he came to the pit and fell into it.

When he dropped a few hundred meters, he saw only a large area of soil, and the original wave of light had no longer existed.

“Its impossible!” Chen Changqing roared and waved the Demon Dancing Sword at high speed.

The horrible energy he released scared the other martial artists.

“He is so strong!” Vern couldnt believe what he had seen.

Vern knew he couldnt defeat Chen Changqing alone then.


The other Divine Realm Masters looked at each other.

They had planned to rob Emperor Qing of the treasure he took, but now they realized that Emperor Qing was probably the most powerful one at the level of the Divine Realm.

No one could force him to do anything unless they were at critical moments.

Besides, they didnt know what the others were thinking about and had to give up the idea.

Most importantly, the guy in that pit was mad now.

Anyone who approached him would be killed!



A constant muffle came from below.

It lasted about a minute, and the whole pit was further deepened by Chen Changqing, thousands of kilometers, with his sword.

He found nothing in it.

“Stop doing that,” Vern said, “The dead are gone and the world in that cave is finished.

Zhang Hanyang couldnt have survived that boats attack.”

“Its impossible!” Chen Changqing suddenly turned his head.

His eyes were cold, but he didnt say anything to Vern.

He flew out of the pit and then into the ice field.

“Where is he going” The other onlookers were confused.

Vern thought about it and said, “Ill go to have a look.”

He began following Chen Changqing.

Three of the other Divine Realm Masters followed Vern for about ten minutes and came to a canyon.

The pool had disappeared.

“No, how can it be No! No!”

Chen Changqing looked at the calm snow surface sadly.

After a minute, he looked up at the sky and roared.

He waved the sword in his right hand.

Boom, boom, boom, boom!

Chen Changqings attacks had continuously made deep holes on the ground here.

100 meters, 200 meters, 300 meters… until nearly several kilometers.

Yet there was still no trace of the cave, as if the road he and Zhang Han had just covered disappeared!

Vern and his fellows were moved.

They hadnt experienced this kind of pure brotherhood in a long time.

Looking at Emperor Qing, who had attacked the ground for half an hour, Vern sighed again.

“The relic world is extremely dangerous.

Even if we have reached the Divine Realm, there are still too many crises.

This world is not ordinary, and we are ordinary.”

With these words, Vern turned around and left quickly.

He couldnt help sighing with emotion as when he got the strength of the Divine Realm.

He had greater awe of heaven and earth.

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