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Jiang Yanlan was very clear about the kind of force Heavenly Knights Sect was!

A super sect!

At the beginning, it was one of the top forces in Kun Xu World, but it was said that later it fought with the Wind Snow School for unknown reasons.

The Wind Snow School was ambitious and occupied five worldlets after many years of development.

Its Main Sect was in the highest position in the southeast of the Saint Serene World.

The two forces fought against each other and no one won the war.

Heavenly Knights Sect was still stable in the Kun Xu World in the central plains.

But every time there were relic explorations or disciples who came out to practice, the two sides would seize the opportunity to fight and never be merciful to each other.

The war was consuming and Wind Snow School was larger than Heavenly Knights Sect.

Though Heavenly Knights Sect was a hard bone to swallow for Wind Snow School, the latter would eventually win the protracted war, regardless of the cost.

After years of consumption, the overall strength of Heavenly Knights Sect had declined and it had lost its highest position in Kun Xu World.

However, Wind Snow School could still persist.

It wasnt until Zhang Shenwang of Heavenly Knights Sect and the leader of Wind Snow School went to fight in the mysterious place but didnt return that the crazy war subsided a little.

Even so, the two forces had been fighting each other for years and could not reconcile easily.

Some people had calculated that the two forces had been fighting for over 50 years and the new generation of disciples would even became sworn enemies.

No one knew the specific reasons and no one could change the current situation even if they knew it.

Now, the gate of the worldlet was about to open.

Jiang Yanlan believed that Heavenly Knights Sect would not be destroyed and perhaps the sub-sect of Wind Snow School in the Kun Xu World was likely to be in danger of destruction.

Many martial artists in the main world were focusing on the war between Heavenly Knights Sect and Wind Snow School, but Jiang Yanlan was more surprised that Zhang Hanyang was the Prince of the Heavenly Knights Sect.

“His grandfather is Zhang Shenwang, and his father is the Young Master of the Heavenly Knights Sect.”

“No wonder he is so talented and powerful.

His background is so amazing!”

Jiang Yanlan looked at Zhang Han in surprise because he had both; excellent strength and amazing support.

Just at this moment…

“Wow, Lanlan.

Why are you here” An excited voice came from a distance.


Jiang Yanlan turned around and grinned at the elated Instructor Liu.

“How dare you show up in front of me” Jiang Yanlan jumped up.

In the past two months, Jiang Yanlan had beaten Instructor Liu five times and Instructor Liu had fought back at the sixth time.

Jiang Yanlan saw that Instructor Liu was like a loach as he slid half a meter sideways at an unexpected angle, and then they heard a sound.


Jiang Yanlan felt that her ass had been spanked.

She was furious.

Just as she was about to fight back, she saw Zhang Han, Chen Changqing, Zi Yan, and Mengmeng passing by.

Instructor Liu walked over to them, picked up Mengmeng, and said repeatedly, “Mengmeng is so cute.

How can you be so beautiful”

Looking at Mengmeng in his arms, Jiang Yanlan dared not take any actions and her expressions froze.

She was almost spitting blood in anger.

Jiang Yanlans gritted her teeth as she watched Instructor Liu swagger away, but her face turned red when he saw the crowd laughing around.

In the following days, Jiang Yanlan went to Star-Moon Bar early every day and would wait to beat up Instructor Liu.

But, this guy seemed to have disappeared from the face of the earth after that small victory.

At this time, Jiang Yanlan was as furious as she would be as if facing an arch enemy when she saw Instructor Liu.

However, Chen Changqing noticed her abnormality and warned in a low voice, “Mengmeng and her friends are playing over there.”

Jiang Yanlans expression froze again.

“Ha ha.” Instructor Liu burst out laughing.

He felt so comfortable now.

But he forgot that Jiang Yanlan was at the Grand Master Peak stage.

“Okay.” Jiang Yanlan gave him a meaningful smile, “Lets go to the front mountain.”


Her body moved.

“No! Boss, help me!” Instructor Liu was shocked.

But he was immediately carried away by Jiang Yanlan to the front mountain and was no longer able to speak.

During the struggle, Instructor Liu hugged Jiang Yanlans long legs with both his arms.

Captain Jiang turned even more furious.

Soon there was a cry of pain from somewhere near the front mountain.

All the people sitting in the back mountain heard it very clearly.

“Well, is he ok” Wang Mings mouth quivered a little.

It sounded like Instructor Liu was almost beaten to death!

“Dont worry, shell control her force.” Chen Changqing smiled, “She has done this many times.”

“Ha.” Lei Tiannan shook his head slightly and said like an experienced man, “Maybe they will fall in love with each other after all these battles.”

He forgot that he was also single now.

The others, including Zhang Han, shook their heads and smiled.

They could also see that Jiang Yanlans attitude towards Instructor Liu was different because she didnt want to kill him.

It was true that Instructor Liu, who was specially treated by the famous Captain Jiang, was very special.

What made them notice the difference was that every time she beat him, her expression would be weird.

Eyes were the window of the heart and they were looking forward to seeing a special romance develop.

However, the most important thing now was to face the coming worldlet.

Zhang Han thought about it for a while.

When he was about to say something, Mengmeng ran towards him from the back, “PaPa, come here.”

Mengmeng stopped five meters away and waved to Zhang Han.

“Im coming.” No matter what happened, Zhang Han would go and find her immediately as long as Mengmeng called him.

Zhang Han stood up and walked towards Mengmeng with a smile.

“PaPa, squat down.” Mengmeng raised her head, pursed her lips, and reminded Zhang Han.

“Okay.” Zhang Han caressed Mengmengs head with a smile and squatted down.

Mengmengs brought her head close to Zhang Hans face and he thought that the little princess would kiss him.

However, he heard Mengmeng ask in a low voice, “PaPa, how can you sit with other women and leave MaMa alone over there”


In an instant, all the people at the back table took a look in Zhang Hans direction.

They were all Wu Dao Grand Masters and God State Strongs.

However faint Mengmengs voice was, they could still hear her question clearly and feel her confusion and anger.

In their eyes, Mengmeng was asking, “Whats the matter with you You dare to sit and chat with other women.

Are you tired of living”

Of course, this was their own inference.

“Poof, hahaha…” Wang Ming almost coughed and turned back to hide his smile.

Everyone else was also laughing and thought it was funny.

Even Zhang Hans lips were twitching slightly.

The little princess was really domineering and sensitive in this respect.

Zhang Han still remembered that the last time the front desk attendant of the hotel came close to him, Mengmeng had waved her little hands to keep that girl away.

In her mind, PaPa only belonged to MaMa.

It showed Mengmengs possessiveness which meant that she cared about Zhang Han too much.

“Well.” Zhang Han was amused and whispered, “That aunt is here to work and not to chat.

We were just talking about work.”

“Really” Mengmeng blinked her big eyes and thought about it.

Two seconds later, she asked doubtfully, “Whats the work You dont even have any jobs.”

In her opinion, Papa was always with her and never went to work.

Only her MaMa went to work and usually came back late.

Papa had always been around her.

Zhang Han didnt know what to say.

He realized that Mengmeng was telling the truth.

After thinking about it, Zhang Han smiled softly and said, “PaPa doesnt work because I want to accompany Mengmeng.”

Zhang Han just wanted to give an explanation but Mengmeng was satisfied with it.

“Wow, PaPa is great, I love you!” Mengmeng cheered.

Mengmeng felt happy and proud as she kissed Zhang Han several times on the cheek.

“Ha ha ha.” Zhang Han laughed and clapped Mengmengs back, “Go and play with your friends.”

“Okay.” Mengmeng turned her head and ran back quickly.

A few children were running and playing around happily beside Dahei on the ground.

They found that no toys were as interesting as Dahei.

Zhang Han looked at Mengmeng running away and smiled as he shook his head.

He was proud to be able to give his daughter a carefree life and he had been working hard for it.

Although in the eyes of outsiders, Zhang Han was very relaxed every day but they didnt know that Zhang Han had been stretching the clouds above his soul sense sea, which was tiring and painful.

He had been doing such a high-intensity activity and had no time to rest.

But Zhang Han knew that it was something he had to go through before he reached the Innateness stage.

Building Base was the foundation of cultivation.

If Zhang Han had a good foundation, his road to the highest stage would be smoother.

Zhang Han was also ambitious and four thousand clouds were not enough for him.

Zhang Han returned to his seat and went on with his business.

He looked at Chen Changqing, pondered for a while and said, “Im going to a place.

Even martial artists at the Divine Realm stage will be in danger there.”

After hearing this, Chen Changqing laughed and said without hesitation, “Ill go with you.”

Wang Zhanpeng and the others were all moved.

In their eyes, Chen Changqing and Zhang Han were like biological brothers.

And Zhou Feis existence made them unable to be separated.

They all knew Zhou Fei and Zi Yan were like biological sisters.

“Well, if even those at the Divine Realm stage will be in danger then I cant join you, right” Wang Zhanpeng shook his head slightly.

“Yes, all of you dont have to follow us.

Im grateful if you can help me guard here.” Zhang Han replied.

“This is what we should do.

We are a family.” Wang Ming patted Zhang Han on the shoulder and said, “Take care of yourself if you are going to explore that place.

We will guard your house.”

“Okay.” Zhang Han smiled and took out his fathers gem.

He stabbed into it with a huge amount of soul sense and easily broke the layers of seals.


When he focused on the inside of the gem, he suddenly found that he seemed to be in a starry sky, and the beautiful earth was in front of him!

At the next moment, he saw everything suddenly move, indicating that he was falling towards the earth at a high speed.

He was able to see the outline of Hua nation that looked like a rooster, but his destination was Russia!

He continued to fall rapidly, toward the middle of a mountain range at the center of the northern ice sheet, where there was a lake.

He fell into the water and went down tens of meters till he finally reached the dark bottom of the lake, and saw a seal among three boulders.

Here was the entrance to the dark abyss!

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