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Edmund was deeply remorseful.

“Why did I challenge others Why did I go to Hong Kong for the so-called audition”

“It was unreasonable.”

He was so sure that Purple Moon Entertainment Company in Hong Kong would want him at that time.

Everyone in his position would think so, because he came from a big family in Hollywood while the other side was only a newly established company.

What was more was that the other side was going to shoot a epic magic film.

Given Edmunds identity, he should have been the guest of honor when he came to audition for the lead role.

He had never expected the situation that actually occurred.

He lost face and lots of money.

500 million dollars was more than 3 billion yuan.

Fortunately, they had strength in numbers.

The 500 million dollars was put together by many forces, hence the losses were also shared by them and any one of them could still afford it.

However, in addition to this sum of money in the bet, they also made a lot of follow-up investment, including buying the higher position of the box office income list.

Although most of the costs could have been offset by profits, there were still many remaining expenses.

Roughly speaking, Edmund lost nearly one billion dollars in this capital competition.

As for Purple Moon Entertainment Company, the 500 million dollars made from this gamble was enough to make up for their follow-up investments.

Combined with such a good publicity effect of the box office results, the box office collections of Purple Moon Entertainment Companys film in June would still be very high.

A lot of people were jealous of them.

Despite such a big loss, Edmunds family and many Hollywood giants were reluctant to admit defeat.

“Ring Av invited the chairman of Purple Moon Entertainment Company to meet at their headquarters on 1st of June.”

This piece of news spread quietly after Edmunds defeat.


Those words were like a stone toss that created a thousand ripples.

A lot of people realized that this might be Ring Av creating more trouble.

“They have always been very domineering.

How can they be willing to suffer losses”

When the news was spreading outside, there was a formal invitation letter on Sun Mings desk.

It was sent by someone from Ring Av who said that with the achievements of Pirates of the Caribbean, as chairman of Purple Moon Entertainment Company was qualified to attend such a party, and he should be very grateful and looking forward to such a party.

After the suited man finished speaking, Sun Ming pondered for two seconds.

“Ill make a call.”

It was noon, so Sun Ming called Zhang Han directly.

After being connected, Sun Ming directly spoke in the loudspeaker mode, “Chairman, right now the person from Ring Av is in front of me.

He wants to invite you to a party at their company…”

“I have no time for it.” Zhang Han replied and simply hung up.

When Zhang Han heard the word “chairman” and Sun Mings later words, he realized what was going on in Sun Mings office.

But he didnt care about his rivals..

“You heard it too.

Our chairman has no time.” Sun Ming shrugged and looked at the suited man with a darkened face.

The suited man felt that he couldnt sit there anymore.

As the worlds top film and television enterprise, their company had a good reputation in the entertainment circle worldwide.

However, Purple Moon Entertainment Company just treated him in such a way.

He suddenly understood that maybe it wasnt all Edmunds fault.

“These guys are so arrogant!”

“Do they still want to make a living in the movie circle”

Unfortunately, he didnt know that Edmund had thought the same way and was finally thrown out.


Sun, your company has just been established and you may not be clear that you will have to cooperate with us in Hollywood in the future.

I remember that last time, the LeBron film and television company in Indonesia was also tough, but they were finally banned by Hollywood.

Our partners are all over the world.

I think you should think about it clearly, this matter…”

Sun Ming waved impatiently, “I dont have to think about it.

Cant we make a movie without Hollywood Pirates of the Caribbean was our own work, but it still defeated your Green Man in Rage.

Dont be so arrogant.

If you continue to say stuff like this, you wont be allowed to enter the gate of Purple Moon Entertainment Company in the future.

Yong, its time for him to go back.”

Hearing this, Xu Yong walked over and looked coldly at the suited man, whose facial expression were changing, “Please.”

“You.” The suited man nodded heavily.

Seeing Sun Ming looking at his computer and ignoring him, he choked on his unfinished words and went out with a red face.

After he left, Sun Ming shook his head slightly and sighed, “Not everyone can accept your arrogance.”

This was Sun Mings speaking style.

In the same situation, Ah Hu and the others would have said, “You are in the wrong place!”

Everyones way of expression was different but the meaning was the same.

Sun Ming knew what kind of attitude Zhang Han, his boss, would show because Zhang Han didnt care about it at all.

He accompanied Zi Yan and Mengmeng every day and had no time or interest in managing other things.

Sun Ming still remembered that after the establishment of the company, Zhang Han had never come to the company alone to ask about anything.

As they all knew, he didnt care at all, and would not feel depressed even if the company went bankrupt.

Every time he came to the company, he only came to accompany Zi Yan.

“We can beat Hollywood movies.” Sun Ming chuckled proudly and felt satisfied when considering the strength and influence of Hollywood.

He didnt care about other nobodies.

As for Zhang Han…

Zhang Hans family of three had gone to Macao not far away.

The city was not big and there were no spacious streets or traffic lights.

However, every time a pedestrian stepped on the zebra crossing, all the vehicles would stop and let him or her cross the road leisurely.

This was the result of the integration of Chinese and Western culture over 400 years.

The streets and alleys of Macao were all in different styles, but they didnt seem to be too attractive for Mengmeng.

They played from morning till night.

When they went home on a yacht, Mengmeng seemed to only remember the pedestrians who could cross the road safely without traffic lights.

In terms of scenic spots and historic sites, Mengmeng was deeply impressed by the Song City of Xihang and the lofty Forbidden City of Shang Jing.

After the Childrens Day, Mengmeng started going to kindergarten again.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan were now very relaxed.

Originally, Zi Yans film production cycle used to be from half-a-year to a year, but now she had made such an excellent film in less than three months.

Zi Yan couldnt help but exclaim that her husband was so powerful.

Because of Zi Yans first kissing scene, many people rushed to her and Zhang Hans Weibo and asked, “Whats your relation”

Zi Yan was amused by their comments and hot discussions.

Instead of logging on to her account with 50 million fans, she took Zhang Hans mobile phone and logged on to his account, only to find that the number of Zhang Hans fans exceeded 80 million.

Zi Yan left a suspense for the curious fans, “Take a guess.”

Then she posted a picture of the shadow beside the street lamp in the night.

It could be seen that it was a man and a woman holding hands.

The woman had long hair and a slim figure, while the man was taller.

This news shocked all the fans.

“Damn it.

Whats that”

“Is Hanyang her boyfriend Oh, no, Will I get any chances (Favored 0.5 million times.)”

“How shameless the one above me is.

(Favored 1.01 million times.)”

There were all kinds of comments.

Some guru even said, “Zi Yan is 1.75 meter tall, while the shadow on the ground in the photo is 1.83 meter long, which shows that the angle of the light is 37.6°.

The man beside her is 1.84 meter tall and symmetrical.

According to the heights of Zi Yan and Hanyang on the stage of Chinese New Voice, I conclude that this person is Hanyang.

What do you think about it (6.21 million favored) ”

There were various kinds of responses to him.

“Im reading it on my cell phone.”

“Im reading it with my eyes.”

“Im reading it in the toilet.”


Zhang Han liked to see Zi Yans occasional pranks.

It was proven that a husband and wife could always be as happy as Zhang Han and Zi Yan were.

With his strength, Zhang Han didnt really care about anything else and remained calm most of the time, so there were fewer troubles for him.

For most men, who were not as powerful as Zhang Han, they would face the trivial problems and pressures of other things every day.

They could also feel happy by taking responsibility and acting as a real man.”

A successful man was charming, like Zhang Han, he didnt use any special means but all the members of the security group and his friends followed him wholeheartedly.

June was bound to be an unsettling month.

In the entertainment circle, many cinemas were full because of the box office battle and lots of people chose to go to the cinema in June to enjoy the well-known film.

So the box office income was still rising.

Until the end of June…

The total global box office income of Pirates of the Caribbean reached 4.9 billion dollars, breaking all kinds of records and becoming the highest in the global box office history.

It was far exceeding the second film by 2.1 billion dollars, but if the cost of 3.2 billion dollars was deducted, it should still be second.

But no one knew if the former No.1 film really deserved the position.

Even if these 3.2 billion were removed, the box office income of Pirates of the Caribbean was still in the top five in the global film history.

The 3.2 billion dollars was a large sum of money, but with the help of Liu Qingfeng, all the big families including the Luo family in Hong Kong, the Zi family in Singapore, and all the related families to the Chamber of Commerce, Zhang Han could easily afford 10 billion dollars.

The cooperation of so many forces was amazing and it was not something that ordinary people could fight against.

Edmund and his men regretted as soon as they knew about it, but it was too late and they lost a lot of money.

Zhang Han also knew about these numbers because Zhao Feng told him and he had a discussion with Liu Qingfeng, who was invited to the castle for dinner.

But the box office income still surprised Zhang Han.

In Zhang Hans previous life, the box office income of the top movie was less than one billion dollars, and it had won many nominations at the Oscars.

Now, Zhang Han felt that he could replace the word “nomination” with “award”.

At the beginning of this month, Ring Av gave up on Green Man in Rage, which cost them too much.

As a top company, they were already planning to promote the next film.

Although Pirates of the Caribbean won a great victory, the foundations of Purple Moon Entertainment Company was still weaker than that of Ring Av.

Purple Moon Entertainment Company became popular because of this movie and its status rose.

As one of the contracted actors, Sun Dongheng also became popular.

He began a weekly Internet broadcast and attracted nearly ten million people each time.

Undoubtedly, he became the big brother in the Internet broadcast circle.

Zhang Hans recent daily activities were to send and pick up Mengmeng and to accompany Zi Yan.

He often inquired about whether there were any relics found, but no new relic had appeared all over the world.

Before this, there would often be news of new C-level or D-level relics.

However, a whole month later, he felt as if the worlds relics were all hidden.

“Something special is going to happen.”

Zhang Han vaguely felt something and he was looking forward to it while feeling some pressure at the same time.

July 30, Sunday.

At two oclock in the afternoon, Mengmeng, Martin, Li Muen, Wang Yihan and Stefen were playing happily in the nursery area.

Zi Yan was accompanying the parents on one side.

Li Kai, who liked to flatter Zhang Han, had learned to keep quiet because on the way here, he saw a large group of people in high positions, such as Patriarch Chu, Patriarch Luo, and Liu Qingfeng, who made him tremble.

“So scary!”

After thinking about it, Li Kai felt that he should not show too much enthusiasm or these famous people might dislike him.

Zi Yan was receiving them with cold drinks, fruits, and some snacks on the table.

Generally speaking, the guests would just taste them but now they couldnt help enjoying the fruits, which were different from those bought from the market.


It was not the first time that they had tasted the fruits here but they couldnt resist the temptation of the fruits and thus looked forward to visiting Zhang Han with their children.

Zhang Han was on the other side.

On the table sat Zhang Han, Chen Changqing, Lei Tiannan, Wang Zhanpeng, Jiang Yanlan, and Wang Ming.

There were only six people but the atmosphere was heavy.

Because they received a piece of news.

The gates of the worldlet were shaking violently!

“The news is true.

At 3:5:19 yesterday morning, Kun Lun Maze Crater was suddenly covered by fog and the fog was then lifted up which later divided into five parts as they fell at the entrance of the worldlet.

All the gates fluctuated violently and lasted for a whole hour.

Ye Tianlang said that the worldlet would open in a month!”


Wang Zhanpeng, Wang Ming, and Lei Tiannan gasped in astonishment.


Zhang Hans eyes lit up as he murmured to himself, “Finally it has come.”

He had guessed right and the worldlet would appear soon.

He was looking forward to it because he was going to meet his parents.

But he was afraid at the same time because he didnt know if his parents were still alive or not in the worldlet.

If they were dead then he would destroy the whole worldlet.

At the same time, there was also some pressure.

In front of the worldlet, he was still not powerful enough…

“Its still not enough.” Zhang Han sighed silently.

“Must I break into the Divine Realm stage now”

There were only four thousand thunderclouds above his soul sense sea and he needed six thousand more to accumulate ten thousand clouds.

“Maybe… Theres another way.” Zhang Han thought as he looked at the Space Ring in his hand.

There was a gem left by his father in it which recorded a secret place that couldnt be explored before he reached the Divine Realm stage.

Now Zhang Han had no other choice.

Of course, that was what he expected.

If there were no relics or space for promotion, he would go and explore the secret place that his father left behind.

The Wind Snow School was also very concerned about that secret place.

He would go before the gate of the worldlet was open.

The more dangerous the place was, the more likely a treasure would appear.

So these were all in Zhang Hans plan.

Everyone else fell silent when they heard the news.

They were all shocked.

Wang Ming sighed, “Its time for me to really explore the worldlet.”

“The return of the worldlet will disturb the order of the world.

We will have to go through this period after all.” Wang Zhanpeng shook his head slightly, “But the worldlet is not very terrible, so dont worry too much.”

What Wang Zhanpeng didnt say was that as long as Zhang Han was still the prince of Heavenly Knights Sect, it wouldnt be easy for him to get into trouble.

“However terrible it might be, Ill always protect all of you.” Wang Zhanpeng made up his mind.

Chen Changqing didnt care about it and calmly said, “No matter if its the worldlet or the relics, they have nothing to do with me.

I only know that I will tear up all our enemies.”

Emperor Qing was confident in himself and his brother Han.

Perhaps he had never said these kinds of arrogant words before but ever since he learned All Eight Drought Demonic Dragon taught by Zhang Han, he had become more self-confident.

Chen Changqing felt that this world was under his feet and he had opened up a new chapter of cultivation!

In fact, it was just the beginning of the benefits brought by the All Eight Drought Demonic Dragon.

“In any case, the National Security Agency will be busy after the worldlet appears.

Zhang Hanyang, I think you should consider joining the senior management of the National Security Agency.

Otherwise, they wont challenge the Wind Snow School for you, a small director.” Jiang Yanlan said in a deep voice.

Taking a look at Zi Yan and Mengmeng, she tried to persuade Zhang Han, “Just think about your family.

You should protect your beautiful wife and lovely daughter.

Its the best option if you join the senior management of the National Security Agency.”

She didnt know that Zhang Han was the Prince of Heavenly Knights Sect, or she would be shocked senseless.

Lei Tiannan heard her words and forced a smile, “Captain Jiang, Im also here as a director.

I feel so embarrassed now.”

“Im telling you the truth.

When youre as powerful as him then you can also join the senior management of National Security Agency.” Jiang Yanlan glanced at Lei Tiannan.

“All right.” Lei Tiannan smiled and then looked at Zhang Han, “Im in Hong Kong, and Ill help you because we are friends.

However, if the other side is beyond our imagination then I wont risk my life.”

“Okay.” Zhang Han smiled.

He didnt care about it but he would like to thank Lei Tiannan for telling him the truth in advance, which was better than breaking the promise half the way in.

Jiang Yanlan kept asking Zhang Han after seeing his relaxed expression, “How about it Zhang Hanyang, Youd better take it into consideration.

You have a lot of potential but there are even more powerful people in the worldlet and those at the Earth Realm stage are only the backbone.

Besides, there are also countless strong people at the Heaven Realm stage…”

“Thank you, Captain Jiang, but he wont change his mind.” Chen Changqing shook his head.

Knowing that Jiang Yanlan would keep the secret, Chen Changqing told her, “Brother Han is the Prince of the Heavenly Knights Sect and his father is the Young Master of the Heavenly Knights Sect while his grandfather is Zhang Shenwang of the Heavenly Knights Sect.

There is no use joining you.”

“Ah” Jiang Yanlan frowned in astonishment.

“The Prince of Heavenly Knights Sect”

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