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Because the film had been finished for a long time, Zi Yan was free.

Zhang Han took the time to write out the story of the second and third films and gave it to Sun Ming to arrange someone to expand on the plot.

After many years, Zhang Han couldnt remember many details.

Sun Ming hired a lot of talented people, so Zhang Han didnt need to worry about it.

Even the one he was going to release was slightly changed in some details.

Zhang Han felt it was better than his original story.

Even he thought so, let alone others.

The 1.5 billion budget had been publicized for a long time, but the whole film actually cost less than 200 million yuan, and the director and staff were looking forward to its box office.

What was more, it only took them more than two months to finish the film quickly, which made people doubt their quality.

Even if their trailer shocked everyone at first, some people doubted the quality and wondered if it was just like the promotion of some stupid web games

They all had good CGI but poor quality.

Towards these doubts, there was no refutation from Purple Moon Entertainment Company.

In fact, they ignored any comments.

But anyway, they were satisfied with the effects of their publicity.

It was four oclock in the afternoon.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan were chatting in their panda car.

“Tomorrow is May day.

I want to participate in school activities.” Zi Yan said, sitting in the comfortable back seat.

“Do what you want.” Zhang Han replied casually.

He never refused Zi Yan and Mengmeng.

“But its said that the venue of the activity is in the front Louis square.” Zi Yans lips pursed slightly.

Her popularity peaked two months ago and it was inconvenient for her to go out now.

“What do you worry about when Im here Teacher Lu Guo told me that the activity is held in their school, not in the square.” Zhang Han chuckled.

“Is it Thats good.” Zi Yan said, “Eh When did you talk to Teacher Lu Guo It was me who always talked to her!”

“I was free the day before yesterday.

So I chatted with Teacher Lu in the morning and asked something about Mengmeng.” Zhang Hang replied.

Zi Yan held out her hand, “Your cell phone.

Let me see what you said!”

“Why” Zhang Han was surprised and then gave her his cell phone.

Sometime Zi Yan was like a little girl.

Zi Yan viewed a few messages in the cell phone, then suddenly looked to the right, “School is over! Ill pick up Mengmeng with you.”

As she said, Zi Yan opened the door and exited first, followed by Zhang Han.

At the gate, Zi Yan took Zhang Hans hand in his and entered the school with him.

“PaPa, MaMa!”

Mengmeng ran to them and raised her right hand.

Zhang Han knew that there was a little red flower in her hand.

The scene was so familiar to him.

He was right.

Mengmeng happily showed Zhang Han what was in her hand.

“Ive got a new little red flower.

Ill get another one tomorrow, and we all have one as long as we go to work.”

“Mengmeng is good.” Zi Yan smiled and touched her head, “How many little red flowers do we have”

“Well” Mengmeng was slightly surprised.

She looked down at her fingers and mumbled in a childish voice, “One, two, three… Many, many flowers.”

“With this one in your hand, we have 26 little red flowers.” Zi Yan said with a smile.

“Ha ha ha.” Mengmeng burst out laughing, but no one knew what she was thinking about.

She pulled PaPa and MaMa out of school, got into the car and went back to Mount New Moon.

Along the way, Zi Yan and Mengmeng were in high spirits.

They sang in a low voice and chatted.

Mengmeng also talked about her new knowledge every day.

Their life was very peaceful, but some small troubles always happened before they could notice them.


Zi Yans mobile phone rang.

When she took out her mobile phone answered it, her expression suddenly changed.

“Where are you I asked your brother-in-law to arrange for someone to pick you up.”

“Well, okay.

See you in the evening.”

After Ziyan hung up the phone, she looked at Zhang Han and said, “Shiya is at her school.

She plans to come tomorrow after the May Day holiday.

She just went out with her roommate and faced some problems.”

“Where is she” Zhang Han asked and took out his cell phone.

Although it was only an hours drive to Zi Shiyas University, distant water cannot quench present thirst.

“The third floor of Dingtian International.” Zi Yan replied.

Zhang Han made a phone call.

“Hello, Director Bi.

My wifes sister has some trouble in Shenzhen.

She is on the third floor of Dingtian International.

Okay, thank you.”

Of course, everyone wanted to help Zhang Han.

Zi Shiya and her roommates troubles were not a problem for Director Bi.

Less than two hours later, Director Bi personally drove a Hummer to bring Zi Shiya and her three classmates here.

Two of them were familiar with Zi Yan, and they had taken photos with Zi Yan before.

Another girl was a little nervous and felt very excited to meet Zi Yan.

For the first time, they came to Cold Immortal School, from the stone gate at the foot of the mountain to the hall on the first floor of the castle.

They had been admiring the scenery.

“My God, Shiya, your sister is so rich.”

“Sister Ziyan is a super star, and her husband is also very powerful.

How powerful was the one who just dropped us off He also calls her brother-in-law Mr.


At the gate of the castle, the girls were still talking.

“But I still like the food here.

Its the best Ive ever tasted!” The chubby girl said with a smile.

She asked Zi Shiya to bring her to Hong Kong because she was so fond of delicious food.

Seeing them approaching, Zhao Feng opened the door.

Zi Yan, Zhang Han and Mengmeng were sitting on the sofa on one side.

“Sister! Sister in law!” Zi Shiya ran to them.

“Sister Zi Yan.

Brother in law.” The other girls greeted them politely.

“Nice to meet you.

Ill go to talk with him.” Zhang Han replied and went outside of the castle.

Director Bi was still in his car, and Zhang Han wanted to thank him for helping the girls and sending them here.

“Sit down please.

Shiya, help your roommates with the fruit on the tea table.

You are welcome and please just regard me as your sister.” Zi Yan said with a smile.

“Well, youre welcome.” Mengmeng put down the toy, pouted her little mouth and said, “I planted all the fruits with PaPa.

They are delicious.

Hurry up and eat, elder sisters.”

Mengmeng was not selfish at all, and she liked to share delicious food with her guests.

Zi Shiyas roommates liked Mengmeng so much.

When Zhang Han was about to leave the room, he heard Zi Shiyas complaint.

“Elder sister, we wanted to come back tomorrow, but Xiao Mei met a liar while driving before we were able to go out for fun.

The liar called someone to help him.

They are a gang…”

Then Zhang Han went out.

It could be imagined that the gang was soon destroyed by Director Bi.

With a single instruction, Director Bi called in a large number of police to take them away.

At the level of Director Bi, there was no need to deal with some things by himself.

But this time it was Zhang Han who called him, and he quickly put down the matter in his hand and personally took someone to solve the problem.

It was overkill to some extent.


Zhang.” When Director Bi saw Zhang Han coming, he got out of the car in a hurry.

“Well, thank you so much this time.

Would you like to come in and have a drink” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“No, Ill go back and solve some things later.” Director Bi looked around again and said with a smile, “The scenery here is really charming.

When I just went up the mountain, I saw Emperor Qing and a girl walking.

Did he find a girlfriend here”

“Why are you asking about this” Zhang Han was amused.

“No, no.

Im just a little curious.” Director Bi repeatedly waved his hand.

“She is not his girlfriend yet.” Zhang Han satisfied his curiosity, “But it may be so in the future.”

“Well, congratulations to Emperor Qing.” Director Bi shook his head and said, “By the way, three C-level relics were found in Glansey last week.

Did you hear about this, Mr.


‘I”I didnt know.”

“The three remains appeared at different times of the day, and the man with a straw hat appeared again.

He had made a breakthrough in the Divine Realm and killed hundreds of martial artists.

I heard again yesterday that the entrance of the original worldlet has fluctuated.

It is said that it is a sign of the opening of the gate of the small world, and I dont know whether it is true or not.

If it is true, then the worldlet here in Hua nation will soon be opened, too!” Said Director Bi slowly.

When talking about the straw-hat man, he looked serious.

After all, he was an evil devil with amazing strength.

Although his main body was killed by Gai Xingkong last time, Gai Xingkong managed to do this with the help of another God State Strong.

Besides, the straw-hat man at that time had just broken into the Divine Realm, and now it seemed that he had reached a higher level.

“Will it be opened soon” Zhang Han didnt care about the straw hat man.

He only cared about the time when the gate of the small world was opened.

He knew for sure that for this kind of stable worldlet, there would be a period of buffer with wave formation before its gate was opened.

He had planned to explore some relics before entering the worldlet, but there were few relics found in Hua nation recently.

When the gate of the small world was opened, Zhang Han knew that he would face strong enemies.

“Perhaps I will give up the ten thousand pieces of cloud at the critical moment.”

Zhang Han made up his mind.

Thunder Yang Wood on the top of thunder yang tree would mature in about two months.

Zhang Han was not sure if he could gather ten thousand thunderclouds in this period, and he couldnt afford any accidents.

If necessary, he would also consider breaking through the Innateness stage directly.

They chatted for a while, and then Director Bi left.

Zhang Han went back to the hall to chat with the girls.

In the evening, they had Korean barbecue in the big restaurant.

The ingredients were droolworthy Kobe steaks and some mutton chops with high calorie levels.

Generally speaking, it was better to eat less dinner, and Zi Yan used to do the same.

But now…

Her three meals a day were very rich, and she had eaten a lot for dinner.

What was important was that she only liked the dishes made by Zhang Han now.

She joked that if she went to other places to shoot movies, she would not be able to tolerate it because she would not be able to eat the food from home for a long time.

At nine oclock in the evening, the family of three returned to the third floor bedroom for a rest.

Zi Shiya and her roommates were put up at a side villa.

It was a quiet night.

The next morning, Zi Yan got up early.

They would gather at school at eight.

So she and Mengmeng began to dress themselves at 6:30 in the morning.

Even if they were going to work, they would be the most beautiful workers.

All three members of the family wore sportswear, and Zi Yan and Mengmeng also wore caps.

“Lets go.

Lets work.” Mengmeng raised her little hands and cheered, as if it was fun to work.

Zi Yan could not help laughing when she saw this.

In fact, the Labor Day activities held in Saint Kindergarten did not provide children with any physical work.

They just wanted children to experience life.

If the students were asked to work for a day, there would be a bunch of students crying and refusing to work next May Day.

“Lets go.” Zhang Han held Meng Meng up, kissed her, and then put her on the ground.

The family of three enjoyed themselves and went to the kindergarten in the panda car.

“Hello, uncle Zhang.

Hello, aunt Zi!”

Martin, Stefen and others came to greet them.

“Hello.” Zhang Han replied to each of them patiently.

It was obvious which parent was the most popular in the crowd.

To the surprise of many adults, Mengmengs star mother was not as popular as her father.

Looking at the children calling “uncle Zhang” carefully, some parents felt a little jealous.

“Why didnt anyone come to say hello when I came”

“Naughty kids.”

“Happy Labor Day, everyone.

Im very happy that all the students and parents can participate in the activities held by our kindergarten.

Thank you.

Now, please follow me.

Well go to the stadium, and the area has been allocated.”

After the introduction, Lu Guo took the lead to the new stadium not far to the right.

Many potted plants were placed on the runway in front of the flower beds.

After the teachers assigned the tasks, the adults and children were busy working.

Mengmeng tried to hold up a flowerpot, but it couldnt be moved at all.

She muttered as she tried.

“Well, there is a lot of earth in it.

Its heavy.

Dont be tired.

Let dad hold it.”

Zhang Han quickly squatted down.

“Well, PaPa, take it slowly.

Its heavy.” Mengmeng said seriously.

“Okay.” Zhang Han smiled and nodded his head.

Zhang Han reached out his hands, held up a pot of flowers and took the lead to the direction of the back flower bed.

Mengmeng followed him happily.

Zi Yan, holding a big spade and a small spade, was waiting for Zhang Han to put down the flowerpot.

Mengmeng asked curiously, “Well, what are we going to do We should do it five times to get a little red flower.”

“Dig a hole here first.” Zhang Han pointed to a piece of land on the flower bed.

Mengmeng picked up the small spade and dug a hole with Zi Yan.

Zhang Han took out the flowers and a small piece of soil from the potted plant.

“Put the flowers in the pit, pour in some water, and then fill in the soil.” As Zhang Han said, he directed Mengmengs movements.

All three members of the family participated in the movement, which was very interesting.

This was also a very simple thing, but some parents didnt understand it.

They stood by and observed for several minutes before they understood it and started to work.

After everyone planted their flowers, Zhang Han looked around and smiled, not knowing how many of the flowers could survive.

Some naughty children even broke up the flowers and put them in the soil.

Zhang Han immediately felt his daughters incomparable cleverness!

Mengmeng and the other children were proud to see the flowers they planted.

Everyone was full of enthusiasm to receive the little red flowers.

Mengmeng, who was obsessed with the little red flower, was overjoyed.

After work, everyone went to wash their hands one after another, and this ended todays activity.

They arrived here at eight oclock in the morning and were busy until nine thirty.

It took them one and a half hours.

Just at the beginning of the day, after lunch at eleven oclock, Zhang Han took his wife and daughter out to sea on a yacht.

Having a pretty wife and a lovely daughter beside him, he looked like a winner in life.

Maybe for ordinary people, this situation was like the peak of life, but the life of Zhang Han and his family was just beginning.

From the return of Zhang Han, their road was bound to be long and wonderful.

While Zhang Han and his family were playing, today was a day full of expectation for the entertainment circle.

Holidays were just one reason.

The next day was the time when Pirates of the Caribbean, the so-called “big production” of Purple Moon Entertainment would compete with Green Man in Rage made by Ring Av.

Both of them would premier at midnight.

The box office and movie reviews after the first day would show the merits and demerits of the two works.

Too many people were ready to make fun of Purple Moon Entertainment Company.

“Tonight, I can experience the big movie made by Purple Moon Entertainment Company with 1.5 billion yuan in less than two months!”

“Hahaha, do you still need to think If you go to watch it, Im sure youll soon fall asleep.”

“Yes, after today, everyone will laugh at Purple Moon Entertainment Company.

They have great energy and can pass the examination and file so quickly, but they forget that the most important thing is the quality of the film and TV series.”

“Green Man in Rage, with a cost of five hundred million yuan, may dominate the box office in May and even rank at the top of the annual box office list.”


All the people in the entertainment circle were not optimistic about the film made by Purple Moon Entertainment Company.

But because of the trailer and the participance of Zi Yan and Hanyang, many fans were looking forward to the film and believed it could surpass Green Man in Rage.

“The movie which involves our goddess and tycoon Hanyang must be watched and supported as much as possible tonight!”

“Its said that the reason why Green Man in Rage is shown in advance is that they want to bully the movie by Purple Moon Entertainment Company.

Originally I wanted to see Green Man in Rage first, but after thinking about it, I decided to support my goddess first!”

There were many people like this, and this fan effect was very important in the Hua nation market.

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