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Chapter 647 If I Become Emperor Qing in the Future

“Whats going on”

Zhang Han furrowed his brows slightly and was surprised.

His gaze followed Chen Changqing and then fell on Zhou Fei.

“Zhou Fei is actually Leng Xuefei!”

In an instant, Zhang Han came to that conclusion.

He was pretty sure that Zhou Fei was Leng Xuefei, the one that Chen Changqing had fallen in love with back then!

There were only a handful people that could stir Emperor Qings emotions.

If Zhang Han hadnt known the history between the two before, he wouldnt jump to that conclusion.

But now, the whole thing was obvious to him.

From Zhou Feis expression, he knew he had come to the right conclusion.

Zhou Fei followed Zi Yan and walked very casually towards Chen Changqing.

When she saw him, she was stunned at first, then became a little curious about him.

Since this newcomer was sitting next to her brother-in-law, she believed he must be one of his good friends.

The following moment, her face changed slightly.

“Somehow, I feel like I met him before!”

All at once, Zhou Fei thought of something.

She froze on the spot!

It was as if she had been petrified by some magic.

She looked right into Cheng Changqings eyes.

As if time had stopped, the two kept staring at each other and ignored everything else.

This sudden scene gradually made the whole restaurant pipe down.

The heavyweights in Hong Kong present, such as Patriarch Luo, Luo Shan and Patriarch Chu, all stared at the two with their widened eyes.

They didnt say anything, but they were startled deep inside.

“Whats happening”

“Why is Emperor Qing staring straight at Zhou Fei Did he fall in love with her at first sight”

“Impossible! The willpower of a great man like Emperor Qing must be terribly strong.

He is not supposed to behave like this!”

“What on earth is going on”

So many questions popped into their mind.

They couldnt be more aware that Emperor Qing was a God State Strong, the most powerful warrior at that time!

This young God State Strong would have a quite promising future!

But now a legend like him was staring at Zhou Fei blankly and silently.

Upon seeing the whole incident, everyone present felt a little confused.

But the two involved didnt realize that.

Neither of them spoke or moved.

They just kept staring at each other blankly.

Zi Yan was the second person who realized what happened.

After pondering for two seconds, she figured out the relationship between Zhou Fei and Cheng Changqing.

Exchanging a glance with Zhang Han, she saw the smirk on Zhang Hans face and immediately realized that her speculation was right.

“Zhou Fei… is Leng Xuefei, who was mentioned by Emperor Qing before!

She is the goddess that Emperor Qing admired so much when he was young!

Oh, my god!

Zi Yan now recalled the name Leng Xuefei.

She learned it from Zhou Fei a few years ago.

The latter had used the name Leng Xuefei before, but Zi Yan did not recall it for a while after several years.

Upon the thought, Zi Yan covered her mouth in surprise.

Then she quickly stepped aside, walked towards Zhang Han, and left the whole “stage” to Chen Changqing and Zhou Fei!

After that, the two on the “stage” were still staring at each other.

After another twenty seconds, Zhang Han shook his head helplessly.

“Why do you have no reaction at all”

So he patted Chen Changqing on the arm and whispered,

“Man, ask your beauty out and catch up with her.”

Chen Changqing came back to his senses, looked at Zhang Han, and grinned.

Then he scanned the people present, finally fixed his eyes on Zhou Fei, and walked towards her.

To be honest, Chen Changqings heart was pounding with excitement at that moment.

Even though he was a God State Strong and the mighty and famous Emperor Qing, he still felt nervous and excited in front of Zhou Fei!

Moreover, he didnt know how to express his feelings at all.

In fact, he truly wanted to hold Zhou Fei in his arms and give her a hug.

But he didnt.

He was afraid that a sudden hug might be rude and offend this beauty.

However, he didnt know that Zhou Fei was also longing for his hug.

She was wondering if the man in front of her would give her a warm hug.

If he did, she would not reject him!

From their eye contact just now, both of them actually felt something.

Chen Changqing walked closer to Zhou Fei, looked down at her, and greeted in a low voice,

“Long time no see!”

Finally, the great excitement in his heart was turned into a simple greeting.

“Yeah.” Zhou Fei, who was usually very outgoing, was a little flushed at the time, just like a shy girl.

She nodded her head delicately.


Chen Changqing swallowed hard.

He did that not because he was attracted by Zhou Feis appearance, but because he was… too nervous!

Although Chen Changqing, as Emperor Qing, had experienced all sorts of trials and tribulations, he was still a greenhorn in terms of a love relationship.

Despite his nervousness, he still tried to break the silence.

Embarrassed, he suggested gently with a smile, “May I ask you out”

Zhou Fei lowered her head and was in a chaotic state of mind, so she didnt hear what Chen Changqing was saying.

Feeling a wave of heat blowing on her face, she blushed, and her heart was beating fast.

“Oh, its him.

What… what should I do

What should I say What does he want to tell me”

Zhou Fei had been on an emotional roller coaster since she recognized Cheng Changqing.

After Chen Changqing finished speaking, he looked down at Zhou Fei carefully and awaited her response.

One second, two seconds… and then ten seconds passed.

“Ahem, ahem, Changqing.” Zhang Han couldnt help reminding again.

“What are you waiting for”

As a man who had had a similar experience, Zhang Han felt anxious upon seeing Changqings reaction.

It seemed that Zhang Han had forgotten that he had also experienced such embarrassment before.

Or maybe, he chose to forget that on purpose.

Chen Changqings eyes lit up when he heard Zhang Hans reminder.

Giving Zhou Fei no time to say anything, Chen Changqing grabbed Zhou Feis hand and quickly walked out.


Zhou Fei let out a gentle exclaim, but she didnt refuse him.

She followed him and ran out of the room.

Under everyones gaze, the figure of the two quickly disappeared into the night.

After they left, there was an uproar.

“Oh my god! He is so powerful that he succeeded in winning Zhou Feis love so easily” Instructor Liu was completely shocked.

“They… they should have known each other before!” Leng Yue hesitated.

She was a woman, and somehow, she had such a hunch.

“This… feels so dramatic,” Zhao Feng shook his head repeatedly and said.

“Life is like a drama.

Sometimes, this kind of dramatic scene will happen inadvertently.”

On the other hand, the seniors like Wang Zhanpeng and the other elders were smiling as they thought the whole thing was actually interesting.

They couldnt help but remember of those interesting things that happened when they were young.

“Oh, my god.

It never occurred to me that Feifei met her Mr.

Right so abruptly.” Zi Yans eyes were shining with excitement.

She added happily, “I was thinking about setting Feifei up someday! Now, all the trouble is solved.

Haha, she wont be single anymore.”

“Ha ha ha.” Zhang Han laughed brightly.

“Changqing used to be dull.

I didnt expect him to have such a story.

Its really shocking.”

While they were chatting, Mengmeng, who was next to them, blinked her big clear eyes and looked around.

Finally, she muttered, “Papa, when are we going to have dinner I am hungry.”

“Ah, sorry.

The dinner begins now!”

Zhang Han quickly turned back, and added all kinds of meat, vegetables, prawns to the hot pot.

He put aside his curiosity about the story between Chen Changqing and Zhou Fei.

The most important thing for him now was to feed his little princess.

So the people sharing the same table with Zhang Han were busy eating their dinner.

But the people at the other tables were still in heated discussions.

Patriarch Luo Chengwen looked at Luo Shan with confusion.

“Did you hear what they said just now Emperor Qing and Zhou Fei may have had a relationship!”

“Patriarch, I heard that,” Luo Shan replied with a nod.

Recently, he hung out a lot with Patriarch Luo.

The Luo Clan had two membership cards of the restaurant.

Patriarch Luo did not even bring his wife and son, but specially brought Luo Shan here.

Thus, it was obvious from this how much the patriarch cared about Luo Shan.

However, Luo Shan knew that his high position in the Luo Clan, only second to Patriarch Luo, was all because of Zhang Han.

His status had been promoted slowly over the years in the Saint Kindergarten.

However, since he received Zhang Hans daughter, Mengmeng as a member of the kindergarten, his promotion became increasingly fast in just a few months, which was even faster than his promotion speed in the past years.

“Terrifying.” Patriarch Luo spat out the word, and then fell silent.

He was not alone.

Patriarch Chu also shared the same sentiments.

Originally, Zhang Han was the big brother of Emperor Qing.

Now, the woman that Emperor Qing liked was Zi Yans agent and best friend.

In this way, they would be more closely connected!

The close relationship between Zhang Hanyang and Emperor Qing exerted a lot of pressure on those patriarchs.

The pressure was too terrifying to withstand by them.

On the other side, Chen Changqing took Zhou Feis hand and ran out quickly.

Of course, they ran at the speed of ordinary people.

They ran out of the restaurant, went up all the way, passed the castle, and finally came to the thunder yang tree.

After the long run, Zhou Fei became tired and was gasping.

Even Emperor Qing gasped for a few seconds, not because he was tired, but because he wanted to calm down.

Without knowing how to start the conversation, they both looked up at the moon in the sky.

The weather tonight was also very pleasant.

It was cloudless and the moonlight was gentle, which was perfect for a date.

Especially in this beautiful Mount New Moon, the atmosphere was romantic.


After a full minute, Chen Changqing let out a long breath.

He fixed his attention on Zhou Fei, smiled, and said, “Back then, I said I was going to look for you.

I was planning to spend a few more days with Brother Han, and then find you with my best efforts.

But I didnt expect to meet you here.”

“Yes, you… I didnt know that you would suddenly come here.

You have not changed much in appearance, but I almost failed to recognize you,” Zhou Fei replied, biting her lip.

“Well, its been more than ten years since we met last,” Chen Changqing slowly said.

Now that the conversation had started, he couldnt hold back anymore.

“In fact, I have been to where you used to live several times over these years, but I didnt see you.

I sent people to find your whereabouts, but they didnt get any useful information.

I was determined that I would find you at all costs even if I had to search the whole Hua nation, but now I dont have to do that.

The gods have arranged our meeting like this.

I want to say thank you to Brother Han.

Without him, I wouldnt have met you so soon.”

Zhou Fei was touched by his sincerity.

Initially, she had felt bitter and blamed Chen Changqing for she thought he had broken his promise, but now all the bitter feelings were all gone.

As they were chatting, Zhou Fei felt much more relaxed.

All of a sudden, an idea came to her mind and she decided to play a joke on him.

Then she looked right into Chen Changqings eyes and said sadly, “But, but you showed up too late, I…”



Chen Changqing, who had always been calm and composed, had a sudden change of expression on his face, as if even his heart had stopped beating.

But Zhou Feis following words made him let out a sigh of relief.

“No men chased after me.

Ive been single for so many years.

Thus, I dont want to have a boyfriend anymore,” Zhou Fei said with a smirk.

“Phew… You are single after all these years Then, all the men in the world must be blind!” Chen Changqing said sentimentally.

“Xuefei, you are very beautiful now, so much like the one in my memory.”

“Oh, my name is Zhou Fei now.

You can call me Feifei instead of Xuefei, which sounds weird,” Zhou Fei replied.

As they just met after so many years, they were both very nervous and excited.

But as the conversation went on, their tension dissipated a lot.

Although they were excited, they were aware that after such a long time, they would change and both of them needed more time to get a better understanding of each other.

Gradually, the conversation between the two became more and more casual, as if they were old friends.

“Is your name Zhou Fei at that time But you only told me your name was Leng Xuefei,” Chen Changqing asked with confusion.

“Because the name Leng Xuefei was given by the senior dean.

My adoptive parents changed my name to Zhou Fei when we met.

Later, my adoptive parents died of illness but they gave me enough money to go to school.

They made me feel warm in the world,” Zhou Fei said sadly.

Chen Changqing was silent for a while.

After a pause, he added eagerly, “Dont worry.

Youll enjoy a kinder world in the future.”

Detecting that the atmosphere was a little depressed, Chen Changqing turned his attention to the area behind the mountain where he saw the enticing sea of flowers.

The corners of his mouth curved into a smile.

He asked, “Do you still remember my promise at that time”

“Are you referring to… that promise” Zhou Fei was slightly startled, and then her eyes lit up.

“Yes! Now, Im going to fulfill my promise!”

Chen Changqing looked determined and happy.

However, there was a sudden extraordinary change in his aura, as if at the moment, he was the emperor that could dominate the heaven and earth!

His eyes were shining brightly.

As he raised his hands, he said in a leisurely tone, “I promised that if I became the Emperor Qing in the future, I would make a sea of flowers bloom only for you!”

Swoosh! Swoosh!

The peach blossoms and chrysanthemums from the sea of flowers flew over one after another.

The countless petals slowly lit up like fireflies, or the twinkling stars in the sky!

The flowers flying over were suddenly divided into two, then two into four… In short, they were increasing exponentially.

Gradually, the petals covered the whole area of the Mount New Moon!

Zhou Fei felt like in a dream.

Her eyes gradually dilated when the scene became more attractive.

All she could see were petals, bright and beautiful petals.

With the movement of Chen Changqings hands, the petals kept flying toward Zhou Fei like butterflies.

From afar, one could see that they were surrounded by a huge romantic storm of petals.

As he was summoning the petals, Chen Changqing told Zhou Fei his innermost thoughts.

“The reason why my Taoist name is called Emperor Qing is because of you.

And also because of that promise, there is Emperor Qing in this world! This is a unique name I created because of you.”

At this point, the flying petals in the sky gathered again and finally became a moderate garland.

He gently put it on Zhou Feis head and said, “I know that after so many years, we may change, but my feelings for you will never change.

Now I hope we can get to know each other again.

You wont refuse me, will you”

“I… I… I…” Lost in a daze, Zhou Fei stumbled over her words.

It was safe to say that if Chen Changqing was experienced, she would agree even if he kissed her now.

What Zhou Fei worried most was that people would change.

Thus, Chen Changqings words got rid of her worry and even made her feel warm.

“By the way,” Chen Changqing suddenly asked, “Im more powerful than Zhang Han now, and youre Zi Yans agent.

Due to our relationship, I can make you live a queen-like life at will.

Are you willing to accept my help”

“Hum” Zhou Fei was taken aback and soon realized his meaning.

Without hesitation, she shook her head and said, “No, I am not.

I have to be Yans agent.”

“But being an agent is hard.

Despite your hard work, the result may be fruitless.”

“You…” Zhou Feis mind became much clearer.

She stepped back a little bit and questioned, “Arent you the brother of my brother-in-law Why did you say that”

“Yes, Im Hans brother.”

Chen Changqing breathed a sigh of relief.

“We grew up together.

Just now, your thoughts were a little messy, so I asked you that and wanted to know your innermost thoughts.

Well, what I want to say is…”

According to his usual character, he would not confess too much, but now, he poured out all his thoughts.

“I want you to be my girlfriend, but I dont want anything to affect the relationship between you and my sister-in-law, as well as me and Brother Han.”

“Oh” Zhou Fei was not pleased to hear that.

“What Do you think Im a gold-digger now You and Han are good brothers.

I and Yan are also good friends!”

“No, no, no, thats not what I mean…”

“Then what do you mean”

“I… I just want you to know more about my thoughts.”

“So, you still have that thought!”

“No, I didnt.

I just wanted to know you more.”

“Look, you are still thinking like that!”

“I… I just lost my mind… Please forgive me!”

Even though he was the mighty Emperor Qing, in the face of the woman he loved, he became a helpless man…

Looking at Chen Changqing who was at a loss and almost broke out in a cold sweat, Zhou Fei burst out laughing.

“Hum! I am impressed after youve just done such romantic things in our first meeting.

But you spoiled it so quickly.

Compared with my brother-in-law, you still have a lot to learn!”

“Er, I… I dont have any experience.” Chen Changqing smiled with obvious embarrassment on his face.

“All right! I didnt mean to blame you.

I know what youre thinking.

We havent seen each other for so long, so at least we should get to know each other.

And, I am telling you, I enjoy being single.

If you want to be my boyfriend, you have to be superior to your other competitors!” Zhou Fei grumbled.

“Didnt you just say that no one was going after you”

“Huh I mean theres no one trying so hard to go after me!”

“In the future, there wont be anyone who dares to go after you, because Ill fight them off.” Chen Changqings words seemed naive, but that was his true meaning.

Actually, he didnt have to take any action.

As long as his competitors knew his name, they would give in at once.

When Zhou Fei heard his words, she couldnt help laughing.

Just at that moment, the sound of dogs came into their ears.

“Howl, howl, howl!”


The two slowly looked up, only to find that Dahei, standing on the branch of the thunder yang tree, was clapping its hands with a smile and Little Hei was looking at them.

“Hum The two were watching us all this time”

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