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Chen Changqing sighed.

It gave Jiang Yanlan and others a very strong feeling.

As if the age of Emperor Qing was over in his sigh.

Mount Red Leaf, which had been devastated, was not as beautiful as before.

It seemed to echo Chen Changqings sigh.

But there was a new life waiting for Chen Changqing

He was ten times stronger than before, and now he could easily defeat Zhang Han.

But everyone present, including Chen Changqing himself, knew that the next era belonged to Merciless Zhang.

“Lets go back.” The Warlord of Chan Clan said.

“Okay.” Chen Changqing nodded.

Looking down at elder Lao on a rock, who once guarded Mount Red Leaf, he smiled, “Uncle Wang, our gambling is over.

Can you rest assured and come home this time”

“Hahaha! Elder and young master, Ive been living with you and admiring you for many years.

If theres anything I can do in the future, dont hesitate to inform me.

Good bye.”

The old man surnamed Wang laughed and turned to leave.

He was not a member of the Chen family, but a defeated martial artist of Emperor Qing.

They agreed that the defeated should serve the winner as a guardian, so he stayed in Mount Red Leaf for six years.

The Warlord of Chan Clan and Chen Changqing flew to Shang Jing City in the north.

“Wait a minute.

Emperor Qing, are you going to Hong Kong with Zhang Hanyang” Jiang Yanlan hurried to fly towards them under the astonished gaze of the other three captains.

“Yes, it was not easy for me to obtain this breakthrough, and I want to enjoy a long vacation.

Hong Kong will be my first destination.” Chen Changqing nodded.

“Well, Ill go with you.

I want to see Zhang Hanyangs lovely daughter.” Jiang Yanlan said.

Chen Changqing paused, looked at Jiang Yanlan and frowned slightly.

He pondered for three seconds and then said, “I hope you just want to see Mengmeng.”


Jiang Yanlan was stunned before she understood Chen Changqings words.

“He thinks Im going to seduce Zhang Hanyang”

“Its none of your business.” Jiang Yanlan snorted.

“Ha.” The Warlord of Chan Clan was amused, “Changqing, Captain Jiang is also noble, and she will not do what you think.”

“Okay.” Chen Changqing turned around calmly.

He was always the calm Emperor Qing in front of the other people, and only Zhang Han could turn him back into that little brother.

It was the same with Jiang Yanlan.

Somehow, she just felt a bit of pressure in the face of Zhang Han.

It was not that kind of pressure of strength, but of spirit.

Jiang Yanlan followed the Chens and flew to Shang Jing City on the north side.

The other three captains were left behind looking at each other along with Ye Tianlang.

“Damn it.

Did Lanlan fall in love with Zhang Hanyang” Captain Xuanwu shouted, “Lanlan never focused on Emperor Qing in his era as frequently as she focused on Zhang Hanyang.

She even went to Lin Hai City and Shang Jing to meet him.”

“Wow, what you said seemed to be true.” Azure Dragon tutted, “Is the flower of our National Security Agency going to be picked No, is it going to float to someone else But its not very good since Zhang Hanyang is married, and he seems to cherish Zi Yan and Mengmeng so much.

How could other women attract him”

“I agree with you.” Bai Hu said, “I remember hearing something in Hong Kong at the beginning.

Scorpion has once provoked Mengmeng to tears, and his force was soon destroyed by Zhang Hanyang, who was just at Peak Strength stage then.

Since he had been making rapid progress, Im afraid he was actually unlocking his own strength, otherwise he couldnt cultivate at such a high speed.”

“Yes, I also heard that Zhang Hanyang may be the reincarnation of an immortal.” Said Black Tortoise in a muffled voice.

“By the way.” White Tiger said, “There is an Instructor Liu in Mengmeng Security, and each time he and captain Jiang would sneer at each other.

Captain Jiang beat him up the night before yesterday.

Is there any special relationship between them According to Captain Jiangs temper, she would kill the person who provoked her rather than just beating him.

And I saw Captain Jiangs sweet smile watching the surveillance.

Its strange.”

“It sounds quite reasonable.

Captain Jiang is in her twenties and is likely to fall in love with someone.” Captain Azure Dragon smiled.

Ye Tianlang was about to leave when he heard their discussion.

He slightly narrowed his eyes and said, “Im going to leave soon.

Ill arrange your work before that.

Black Tortoise, lead a team to Lin Hai City, there may be some islanders making trouble recently.

White Tiger, go to the border defense of Xichuan province with your men as the martial arts world of Dylan is a bit noisy recently.

Go and kill all the troublemakers!”

He soon arranged the work of two detachments.

The Black Tortoise detachment was in charge of protecting the country, while the White Tiger detachment was in charge of killing their enemies.

Most of Captain White Tigers tasks were related to killing others.

“Azure Dragon, you stay in Shang Jing and arrange daily affairs.

As for Vermilion Bird…”

Ye Tianlang pondered and showed a sly smile two seconds later, “Let her go to guard Hong Kong.

Hong Kong and Shenzhen should be carefully guarded recently.

After all, Zhang Hanyang and Emperor Qing are there, and she should prevent them from hurting the flowers and grass.”


Ye Tianlang left Mount Red Leaf and flew to the east like a streak of light.

“What did he just say” The fat Black Tortoises face quivered.

The three of them looked at each other again.

Then their laughter spread in Mount Red Leaf.

“They will hurt the flowers and grass”

“What a good excuse.”

“Captain Jiang may be depressed enough to spit blood after hearing this.

I must bring this news to her word for word!” Black Tortoise clapped his hands and cheered.

“Lets talk about it tomorrow! Im looking forward to her reaction.” Azure Dragon replied with a smile.

Then the three of them left Mount Red Leaf.

The red leaves of the mountain had disappeared, and there would be a heap of rocks in this autumn.

This once blessed region was consumed by Chen Changqings breakthrough and completed its mission, which was also the significance of its existence.

But Chen Changqings wonderful life was just beginning.

The Warlord of Chan Clan, Chen Changqing and Jiang Yanlan were all flying fast in the sky.

On the way, the Warlord of Chan Clan raised a layer of energy barrier to prevent them from being seen by ordinary people.

Considering Jiang Yanlans speed, the Warlord of Chan Clan slowed down his pace.

As for Chen Changqing, he felt his meridians along the way, and the comfort brought by the improvement of his strength made him happy.

On the way, he said, “All eight drought demonic dragon.

Its unbelievable, Grandpa.

I feel that this method is just like the magic of immortals.

The transformation of power and the application of spiritual force are perfect, and its more than 100 times stronger than the previous method.”

“Really” The Warlord of Chan Clan slightly narrowed his eyes.

He didnt expect Chen Changqing to give such a high appraisal.

Chen Changqing never told lies, that was to say, the method named all eight drought demonic dragon was much better than the previous set cultivating methods.

“Its true, I can fully understand it.” Chen Changqing replied simply since Jiang Yanlan was here.

“Good, good.” The Warlord of Chan Clan was overjoyed.

Jiang Yanlan was confused.

“Zhang Hanyang gave you another set of cultivating methods, so that you could rebuild your martial arts foundation and reach the Divine Realm again”

Chen Changqing took a glance at her and nodded two seconds later, “Yes.”

“This…” Jiang Yanlan didnt know what to say.

She was thinking about something.

“Mengmeng Security has grown to such a large scale in half a year.

What if they are given another half a year”

“What if they are given one year, two years or three years”

“As one of the group leaders, is Instructor Liu learning a powerful cultivating method too”

“What if he becomes more powerful than I…”


“Will that idiot really beat my ass”

“How dare he do that”

At this moment, Jiang Yanlan suddenly felt a little upset, and her eyes seemed to bet burning.

The Chens didnt know what had happened to her.

“What does she mean”

They didnt understand womens minds at all, and they couldnt even guess it.

So they pretended not to see her, but they all sped up.

Jiang Yanlan realized what had happened before, so she sped up and followed them to the Chen family.

They landed directly in the direction of the parking lot.

The previous row of Rolls-Royce Phantoms had been sent back by the Chen family.

The Chen familys service in all aspects was up to standard, and Zhang Han didnt need to worry about it.

At the parking lot, Chen Changqing led the way to the villa arranged for Zhang Han.

He knocked on the door and walked in, only to find that there were many people sitting in the hall.

There were Wang Zhanpeng, Wang Zhanzong, Wang Ming, Rong Jiaxin, Zhao Feng, Zhang Han and his family.

They knew that Chen Changqing would come back here after breaking through today, so they all came to wait for him.

When they came into the room, Zhang Han let go Mengmeng, turned to look at Chen Changqing, chuckled and said, “Youre back”

“Yes.” Chen Changqing shook his head and smiled, “Brother Han, you really gave me a great opportunity.”

“Its my pleasure.” Zhang Han slightly shook his head.

Although it was not so difficult for Chen Changqing to defeat Zhang Han now, the others still felt that Zhang Han was the real elder brother.

The famous Emperor Qing was still also a little brother in front of him.

“Zhang Han, the Chen family…” The Warlord of Chan Clan wanted to say something seriously.

Zhang Han shook his hand to stop him.

“Dont be so courteous, elder Chen, since we have lived in the Chen family for so many days.

And I wanted to help Changqing this time, this has nothing to do with you.”


The Warlord of Chan Clan was confused.

“I want to beat this guy!”

“Why dont you let me be happy before you leave”

The others, including elder Wang, were all amused by Zhang Han.

Now they were completely adapted to Zhang Hans transcendent and immortal attitude.

He didnt care about the status of the Warlord of Chan Clan, but only cared about the people he paid attention to.

He was always indifferent to other affairs.

Because of his relationship with Chen Changqing, Zhang Han was very polite to the Warlord of Chan Clan, but he didnt want to listen to elder Chens endless thanks.

“Hahaha.” Seeing Grandpas embarrassed expression, Chen Changqing laughed and went to sit on the sofa beside Zhang Han.

The Warlord of Chan Clans lips moved as if he had muttered several times.

Instead of going to Zhang Han, he sat down beside Wang Zhanpeng and others, and finally enjoyed the feeling of being valued.

Instructor Liu kept looking at Jiang Yanlan.

They wanted to fight each other.

“Hey, isnt this the famous Lanlan Why are you here” Instructor Liu took the lead and said in a strange tone.

“You.” Jiang Yanlan almost couldnt resist beating him, but she was soon stopped by Zhang Han and Chen Changqings gaze.

“Im here to visit Mengmeng.” Jiang Yanlan stepped to Zi Yans side, sat down and said with a smile, “I was attracted by Mengmeng the first time I saw her, but you didnt see me.

I heard that you are going to return to Hong Kong, so Im here to see her off.”

“Huh” Hearing her name, Mengmeng raised her head and waved her hand at Jiang Yanlan, “Hello, elder sister.”

“Hello, Mengmeng, you are so lovely and as beautiful as your mother.” Jiang Yanlan said with a smile.

“Well, my MaMa is super beautiful and my PaPa is super handsome.” Said Mengmeng proudly.

“Am I beautiful” Asked Jiang Yanlan.


“Yes.” Instructor Liu nodded without hesitation.

Jiang Yanlan was surprised.

She didnt know what to say for the moment.

However, Instructor Liu soon added, “But she is not beautiful inside.”

“Huh Who are you talking about I think you are the worst and deserve to be punished.” Jiang Yanlan couldnt help but want to beat him.

With a sad expression, Instructor Liu ran directly to the middle of Zhang Han and Chen Changqing.

“Boss, you dont know how miserable it was that I was beaten by her the day before yesterday.

Both my eyes were dark and now my arms and legs were still hurting.

Can you teach me some unique methods to defeat her Otherwise, I will be ashamed”


Even the Warlord of Chan Clan turned his gaze to Instructor Liu.

He was amused by the young man.

“How interesting life is.”

Almost everyone here liked the character of Instructor Liu very much.

They were all waiting for Zhang Hans answer.

Under everyones gaze, Zhang Han looked at Jiang Yanlan seriously.

Jiang Yanlan felt a little nervous.

Zhang Hanyang was very kind to his man.

However, Zhang Hans following words stunned her first, and then she couldnt help laughing.

Because Zhang Han looked at Instructor Liu and said, “Arent you very good at being beaten”

“What” Instructor Liu was in confusion.

Zhang Han gave a reasonable answer, “I remember the first time I saw Instructor Liu, he was beaten by Dahei with his legs and his hands.

Now he is beaten by Captain Jiang, and he should be able to bear it.

Look, he can still jump now.”

“Ha ha.” Zi Yan burst out laughing.

“Ha ha ha!” Jiang Yanlan was amused and clapped her hands.

“You deserve it.” The attitude of Zhang Li and Leng Yue was very clear.

The others also laughed, and even Mengmeng was very gregarious and began giggling.

Only the corner of Instructor Lius mouth was shaking.

“Well, dont think about changing your cultivating method until you are at the peak.

Now you cant bear the change.” Zhang Han then gave a positive reply to Instructor Liu.

The method they were cultivating now was not the top one.

It was not that Zhang Han was reluctant to teach them, nor that he didnt have it.

It was that their meridians and even dantian couldnt bear the higher-level method.

Not everyone could learn higher-level methods.

It required the cultivators to have a foundation and change their cultivating methods before or at the Innateness stage.

Now it was too early for Instructor Liu to do so.

They kept talking and laughing.

At noon, Jiang Yanlan and the group of people had lunch together.

She really came to see Mengmeng and gave her a third-stage spirit treasure as a gift.

Just after one oclock in the afternoon, they got into the Chens motorcade and went to the International Airport.

Many big families in Shang Jing got the news for the first time.

They all sighed with relief.

“That man finally left the city.”

“Grandpa, Im going to Hong Kong with brother Han.

Please call me if you need anything.” Chen Changqing waved to elder Chen.

“Go ahead, go ahead, and have a good time with your brother Han.

Study hard, not only to improve your strength, but also to form a family.” The Warlord of Chan Clan said.

With the contact with Mengmeng for a long time, he liked children more and more.

He wanted to see if Changqings children were also talented.

“Farewell.” Zhang Han looked at the Warlord of Chan Clan, Patriarch Chen and his man.

“Good bye, everyone.” Zi Yan smiled politely and waved her hand.

“Goodbye, everyone.” Mengmeng waved her hands and said goodbye carefully.

“Goodbye, Mr.


Please come to the Chen family to be a guest again the next time you have a chance to go back to Shang Jing.” Patriarch Chen and other senior members of the Chen family responded warmly and politely.

They saw Zhang Han get on the plane with his men.

Zhao Feng and his fellows were the last to get on the plane.

Instructor Liu gave Jiang Yanlan a kiss from afar.

“The next time I see you, your… will be beaten.”

Instructor Liu didnt want to say “ass” in front of so many people.

Jiang Yanlan wanted to beat Instructor Liu right now after hearing his words.

He was provoking her again.

“The next time Ill kill you.” Jiang Yanlan pointed at Instructor Liu.

However, Instructor Liu got on the plane without seeing her action.

Jiang Yanlan felt helpless.

It made her uncomfortable!

Hearing their quarrel, the elders at present smiled without saying anything.

“Good luck to them.”

The apparent enemy was likely to develop into a lover in the future.

However, no one could say clearly what will happen in the future.

It was their own business how they developed their relationship.

Under the gaze of the Warlord of Chan Clan, core members of the Chen family and Jiang Yanlan…

In front of them, the plane slowly moved forward, accelerated, lifted off and disappeared.

They went back to Hong Kong!

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