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Chapter 636 Advice

Seeing this extremely dazzling red light, everyone at the far end of the beach gasped.

“Master is invincible!”

Zhao Fengs heart was racing, and his whole body was trembling.

He thought that if he advanced into the Grand Master Realm, he would then be able to see the gap between him and his Master.

However, it seemed that he not only had failed to see the gap, but he was also falling further and further behind his Master.

Zhao Feng then realized how powerful his Master was as a cultivator.

Gai Xingkong, the Warlord of Chan Clan, was the most shocked there because he and Zhao Feng were the only two that could feel how powerful Zhang Hans strike was.

It was unprecedentedly powerful.

It was, until now, the most powerful strike during tonights fight.

In everyones gaze, the huge illusion of a knife fell down from the sky, falling onto the water between Zhang Han and Chen Changqing!


The water in the middle of the North Sea was more than ten meters deeps.

And it seemed the illusion of the knife had totally divided the water into two halves.

A 100-feet long path was then revealed.

The illusion carried its own momentum and continued to slash downward, cutting a ten-meter-deep gully on the seabed.

Instructor Liu and the others were stunned by what they saw.

“Damn it, boss is going to cut the North Sea into two halves His power is so overwhelming! Thats really impressive!”

“Thats what they callcutting the water.

Its so formidable.

Thats the next level of Gu Donglais Water-cutting Saber!” Gai Xingkongs felt cold on his teeth as he exclaimed.

“That strike would be too much to take, even for me.

I didnt expect that Zhang Han would be so good at wielding the saber too.

If Guang You hears about this, he will be overjoyed!”

The Warlord of Chan Clan paused for a second when he heard that.

Then he said, “Im surprised at how many weapons he is able to use.

Where did he learn that impressive saber skill Every move of his was so unique and powerful!”

They wondered how Zhang Han knew so many skills.

They felt as if he had learned how to cultivate even while he was a newborn baby.

They had every reason to be astonished.

“It is a pity that it was water that he slashed on.

If he slashed Emperor Qing, the powerful man would have been in a panic, too,” Wang Zhanpeng nodded his head and said.

Other people also nodded and agreed with him.

However, out of a sudden, those people seemed to have felt something.

Everyone, besides Chen Changqing, had a change of expression on their faces.

“What kind of secret skill is that” the Warlord of Chan Clans pupils shrank.

The intensity of the strike stunned all of them, and it didnt seem to be over!

Chen Changqing then spoke out the thoughts in peoples minds.

He exclaimed in surprise, “He hasnt finished yet!”

Upon hearing that, Zhang Han smiled and said, “That was just a beginning.

Today is not your day to test my limits; it is my day to test yours.”

As Zhang Han spoke…


They saw the fresh gully filled with water again.

At the same time, a strong aura spread out between heaven and earth.

The surface of the water suddenly dropped down.

Something horrible was coming out of it.


Along with muffled sounds, a huge wave rose more than 100 feet above the sea.

Chen Changqing looked so tiny standing in front of the giant wave.

This was just the beginning.

The waves were surging, and people were clamoring.

Just then, Zhang Han said peacefully, “Chang Qing, the Divine Realm is no more than the beginning.

The world is far bigger than you could ever imagine.

Laying out a solid foundation for cultivation is the priority of all.

I can advance into the Divine Realm today if I want to.

Im here today to test your foundation.

Now, try your best!”


Zhang Hans words shocked many people.

He said he could advance into the Divine Realm today if he wanted to.

That sounded as easy as drinking water.

But before they could think about it, they were attracted by what was happening in front of them.


In an instant, the giant wave turned into thousands of sabers, approaching Chen Changqing from all directions.

“This…” Chen Changqing exclaimed with a grim look.

He was indeed very stressed when he was facing overwhelming water sabers.

He grabbed the unpredictable shadow sword tighter and said in a low voice, “Its very strong, but its not enough!”


Within a blink, Chen Changqing waved his soft sword 36 times.

36 swords Qi went outwards in all directions.


The sky grew unsteady as if it had been indiscriminately blown up by thousands of bombs.

The 36 streaks of sword Qi from Chen Changqing looked very aggressive.

They broke those water sabers one by one.

However, the water sabers were too numerous.

“I didnt expect that Changqing would use that move,” the Warlord of Chan Clan exclaimed.

“He had to perform the Thirty-six Swords, which meant that he is under lots of pressure from Zhang Han.”

“I can feel the great power contained in that move,” said Gai Xingkong, gaze locked on the 36 streaks of sword Qi.

The intensity of the power made his heart tremble.

There was one thing that the Warlord of Chan Clan didnt tell other people: the Thirty-six Swords was Changqings trump card.

He had concluded in his mind that Zhang Han would definitely be the winner today.

The young man would win the fight quickly and perfectly, which was a shocking indication of his formidable power.

Zhang Han had barely reached the Divine Realm yet and Chen Changqing was already in the God Realm Medium-stage.

It was unbelievable that Zhang Han could withstand Chen Changqings attacks for so long.

“Changqing has begun to play his trump card… Zhang Han had really impressed me, but I think theres still a gap between them,” said the Warlord of Chan Clan.

“What a pity…” Gai Xingkong sighed as well.

He admitted that Zhang Han was very talented, but he also insisted that Zhang Han would fail today.

“He could only win this fight if Emperor Qing wanted him to.

I think he has already been impressive enough…”

As Gai Xingkong thought about it, he looked at Zhang Han and smiled.

Then he thought to himself, “The young guy is already impressive enough.

The younger generation will surpass the older.”

Those onlookers were now in a complicated mood.

They saw the overwhelming power rising.

They saw the sword Qi and water sabers consuming each other.

On the road in front of the gate on the other side of Beihai Park, three cars pulled over.

The leading one was a customized Volkswagen Beetle with a low chassis.

The captain of the Vermilion Bird Detachment, Vermilion Bird was sitting inside, along with the fat Captain Black Tortoise.

“Ive been busy for a whole day.

Im really tired.

There are tens of thousands of martial artists here and they created 19 criminal cases, which was still one less than the number we expected,” Black Tortoise shook his head and said.

“I have to eat more trepang in Beimu restaurant to make up for my hard work.

I havent eaten or drunk anything since this morning.”

“Humph, I havent eaten anything, either.

Im starving,” Jiang Yanlan snorted and blinked his eyes.

“Our Boss, Tianlang, once told us that Zhang Hanyangs spiritual sense mind trick was extremely powerful.

He is already so powerful before he advanced into the next realm, god knows how formidable he will be if he made it into the next realm.”

“Him Ha!” Black Tortoise curled his lips and said, “Hes an old evil goblin! Lanlan, listen to me, maybe hes an ancient spirit that has possessed a young mans body.

You stay away from him, or maybe he will eat you alive.

He is now supported by the Warlord of Chan Clan, Gai Xingkong, and Emperor Qing.

Even Tianlang doesnt want to mess with him.”

“Hmm” Jiang Yanlan seemed angry and said, “Who are you callingLanlan How dare you Do you want me to beat you”


“Hiss!” seeing the flames of anger in Jiang Yanlans blue eyes, Black Tortoise was startled.

“No, no, no! Im no ones opponent! Its just… a slip of the tongue! Please dont be mad at me…” he kept apologizing because he knew how scary Jiang Yanlan could be when she was angry.

“Humph!” The flames of anger in her eyes went out as she snorted.

Then she hit the gas heavily.

The car rushed away like it was flying.


The car rushed quickly on the road to the edge of the North Sea.

An Audi A8L was following behind.

Inside the car, Azure Dragon shook his head and said, “Black Tortoise mustve made Vermilion Bird mad, again.”

Azure Dragon then stepped on the gas.

White Tiger was driving behind him, and he also stepped on the gas and tried to catch up with the other.

“Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!”

The three cars ran fast on the road in the dark like three ghosts.

Fortunately, no one saw them.

If someone saw them, he might think, “Why are you driving so quickly Whats the rush”

But the four people in the cars were all martial artists at the Grand Master Peak.

They had used their spiritual sense mind trick to feel what was happening around.

Therefore, there was no chance that they would have car accidents.

Should anything happen, they would be able to stop the cars at once by using their own power.

The modified Beetle was leading the way, and…


The sound of tires rubbing against the ground resounded.

Ordinary drivers would just crash into the beetle because of the momentum of the high speed, but Azure Dragon and White Tiger pulled over immediately.

The three cars had arrived at the edge of the North Sea.

They got out of their cars after that.

Then they looked at each other, only to see each others faces changing.

Soon, their eyes were fixed on the center of the North Sea.

It was already dark and the vision was vague, but they could still tell that the dark clouds were rolling.

Judging by the thunder, a storm was on its way.

They all knew that there were two big shots fighting there!

“Isnt that where the Warlord of Chan Clan lives” Azure Dragons mouth was trembling.

“Is the Warlord of Chan Clan fighting with someone”

“The power is so overwhelming.

The fight must be very intense.

I dont think its a sparring match.

Could it be a feud between the masters of their clan” Captain Xuanwu asked in confusion.

“In any case, the Warlord of Chan Clan must be fighting with someone.

The fluctuation of power is so strong.

We should inform our boss as soon as we can!” said White Tiger hastily.

Jiang Yanlan took out her phone and dialed Ye Tianlangs number.

Then she said, “Oops! Theres a strong fluctuation coming from the center of the North Sea.

Thats where the master of the Chen Clan lives! Some people are having a fierce fight there!”

After that, Ye Tianlang immediately hung up the phone.

He was coming right away!

“Lets go and have a look!” Azure Dragon said hastily and made a move.

He was skimming over the churning surface of the sea.

The other three also hurried to catch up with him.

The four of them quickly flew forward.

Halfway there…


Another figure flew across the sky at an unbelievable speed.

“Damn, Tianlang has already arrived” Black Tortoise asked in surprise.

He was startled and almost fell into the sea.

“He was in the restaurant waiting for us to join him at dinner,” Jiang Yanlan said as her gaze skimmed over Black Tortoise.

Then two flaming lotuses emerged under her feet.

She was flying even faster, darting towards Ye Tianlang like a shooting star.

Azure Dragon laughed out loud when he saw this.

His body was then bathed in blue light, and his speed grew several times faster.

Captain White Tigers moves were simpler.

He stepped on the sea surface and splashed many waves.

By doing that, he was running forward quickly too.

“Theyre all so fast!” said Black Tortoise as his big body trembled.

After he thought it for a second, he suddenly dived into the sea.

It turned out his underwater speed was unbelievably fast.

Quick as a flash, Ye Tianlang became the first one to have arrived.

When he saw the two men fighting fiercely in mid-air, he hesitated and murmured, “Its them”

The overwhelming energy fluctuation just now made him think that it was a fight between the Warlord of Chan Clan and another powerhouse.

It had never occurred to him that it was Emperor Qing and Zhang Hanyang!

He wondered why their fight would be so intense.

Ye Tianlang raised his eyebrows and looked at the Warlord of Chan Clan.

The man was standing on the other side of the island.

He moved his body and came to Ye Tianlangs side.

“Youre here.” The Warlord of Chan Clan cast a glance at Ye Tianlang.

“I have to be here.

The fluctuations are too strong to be ignored.

I thought it was you, and I didnt expect it to be them,” said Ye Tianlan as he looked at the two that were still fighting.

“Theyve been fighting for at least ten minutes,” said Gai Xingkong.

He had heard of Ye Tianlang before, but they had never met in person.

The moment he saw Ye Tianlang.

He felt that Ye Tianlang looked like a beggar, or a handsome beggar so to speak.

Gai Xingkong also knew it clearly that this sloppy guy was one of the most powerful martial artists in this world.

Ye Tianlang was a little surprised when he heard what Gai Xingkong said, so he asked, “Theyve been fighting for more than ten minutes.

How come theres no winner Is Emperor Qing deliberately doing this”

“See for yourself,” the Warlord of Chan Clan simply said these four words.

At that moment, Jiang Yanlan and Azure Dragon had arrived.

The four people were all stunned when they realized who the two fighters were.


“Isnt that Zhang Hanyang and Emperor Qing Why are they fighting again” asked Jiang Yanlan in a daze.


Black Tortoise rose to the surface.

He was also startled when he saw what was happening.

He exclaimed, “The strong fluctuation is from them Gosh! How powerful are they”

“It seems that Emperor Qing has reached the Divine Realm Medium-stage, but Zhang Hanyang seems not to be in the Divine Realm yet.

How come they are fighting neck and neck with each other” Azure Dragon asked.

He looked so confused.

“How could Zhang Hanyang be so powerful No!” White Tiger narrowed his eyes and said with certainty.

“Emperor Qing is very powerful.

A Grand Master would never be able to fight neck and neck with one in the Divine Realm.

Im sure Emperor Qing is deliberately doing this.

He isnt trying his best!”

“But… look at these powerful energy fluctuations.

Does it look like that they arent trying their best” Jiang Yanlan retorted.

She then looked in the direction of the fight and said, “Their strikes are definitely at the Divine Realm level, but it seems that they havent used any secret methods to fight yet.”

As they discussed it, the fight grew more intense.

The two mens swords and knives clashed and sparkled.

They were giving out overwhelming pressure.

Their dazzling moves made people feel that their eyes couldnt keep up with the speed.

As they fought, they left a few afterimages behind, which looked as if there were ten people fighting at the same time.

The dense clashing sound and the intensity of the fight were almost frightening.

The high-intensity fight lasted for five minutes.

After Emperor Qing retreated nearly 100 meters, the fight finally slowed down.

“Brother Han, I didnt expect your blade to be so powerful.

Even with my strength at the God Realm Medium-stage, and with the unpredictable shadow sword in my hand, I still failed to take you down.

Many people will be shocked if they heard about this,” Chen Changqing exclaimed while they were fighting.

“Changqing, you wield your sword too softly,” Zhang Han said as he waved his sword and moved forward.

“The sword is the king of all weapons.

It should be noble and elegant.

The movements should be flexible, graceful and agile.

The sword skill should be neat and clear, like a flying dragon.

Your swordsmanship should be unconventional and unpredictable.

However, the saber is the boldest among all weapons.

It is brave, mighty and powerful.

You should be aggressive when you use a saber and you should be flexible when you use a sword.

I want to follow my heart to make my moves, that was why I chose to use a sword.

There are thousands of weapons in this world, and Ive studied both sabers and swords.

Your sword skills are too soft.

It should be more aggressive.”

Chen Changqing raised his eyebrows when he heard that.

He waved out a few more sword Qi and asked, “My sword is the King of Soft Swords.

It has a strange and unpredictable intent.

The blade contained lots of changes which I can control with my mind.

If it grows too aggressive, it will resemble your Water-Cutting Skill too much.”

He was confused.

The combination of Yin and Yang was the right path, but sometimes, it was difficult to maintain a balance when it came to a specific move.

“Youre wrong,” Zhang Han shook his head and said.

“To be frank, your swordsmanship is even lower than the beginner level because youve chosen the wrong way.”

“Beginner level” Chen Changqing asked.

He was speechless for quite a while and then he argued, “Your skill is sophisticated, and mine has its own merits.”

“Youre wrong again,” Zhang Han sighed and continued.

“Those merits are of no help if youre in the wrong way.

If you keep going this way, you will have more difficulties than other people.

Now hand me the unpredictable shadow sword, Ill teach you a move.”

Zhang Han stopped as he said that.

The purpose of the fight today was to guide Chen Changqing.

After all, he was Chen Changqings big brother.

Chen Changqings realm was slightly higher, but Zhang Han felt like teaching him anyway.

Moreover, Zhang Han knew it clearly that he would break through the Innateness soon, and that would make Chen Changqing his real little brother.

All the people present were stunned after they heard Zhang Hans words.

Without much hesitation, Chen Changqing threw the unpredictable shadow sword to Zhang Han.

Zhang Han then threw the Roaring Flame Blade to Chen Changqing.

“Your sword is no more than ordinary,” said Zhang Han after he checked the sword carefully.

His eyes suddenly turned cold.

His aura seemed to be a little vague at that moment, as if he was hiding in the void.

“The name of this move isDark Shadow Demonic Lotus.”

Zhang Hans body trembled and divided into two duplicates.

Then the two duplicates turned into four… within a blink, 32 new duplicates had been created.

They were surrounding Chen Changqings and made different moves.

They were wielding, thrusting, and stabbing.

All kinds of moves were combined together.

Suddenly, a profound aura spread out.

With the help of the unpredictable shadow sword, Zhang Han performed a stunning move.

A dark lotus flower suddenly descended from the sky above and bloomed upside down.

It looked like a picture in a dream.

It was like a lotus flower of death, beautiful yet murderous.

Everyone could feel that this lotus was formed by dense Sword Qi.

Chen Changqing raised his head in a daze.

“Cracking…” the cracking sound resounded in his mind, because his understanding of swordsmanship had been crushed.

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